Chapter 47

       A few days later, Li Zhenruo received a call from Yue Zijia asking him to have dinner together.

       During this time, Li Zhenruo has been keeping in touch with Yue Zijia, and on social networks, has been calling her jiejie1sister sweetly.

       Li Zhenran saw him lying on his office sofa with his cell phone sending messages, and said with a cold face, “You should stop.”

       Li Zhenruo turned her head to look at him, “I helped you spy on the adulterous affair between Li Zhentai and Yue Zijia, what do you have to be unhappy about.”

       Li Zhenran crossed his long leg, “Are you spying on her or is she spying on you?”

       Li Zhenruo grabbed the phone and said, “Everyone is testing each other and getting what they need.”

       “Is it necessary?” Li Zhenran asked him.

       Li Zhenruo was silent for a moment and asked Li Zhenran, “Do you know why I have to know?”

       After asking this question, he carefully paid attention to Li Zhenran’s expression.

       However, Li Zhenran showed no expression. He said, “I don’t know. No matter what you want to do, just remember who your master is.”

       Li Zhenruo pouted.

       Li Zhenran said coldly, “Do you have something to say?”

       Li Zhenruo said quickly, “How dare I?”

       He turned over and stood from the sofa, walked behind Li Zhenran’s office chair, put his hands on Li Zhenran’s shoulders, bent down and pressed his face to his face, “You are the only master in my life.”

       This sentence was true, Li Zhenruo thought that all his lifetime, he could never think of becoming else’s pet one day.

       Li Zhenran smiled, raised his hand and touched his face.

       Li Zhenruo said, “Can I have dinner with Yue Zijia?”

       Li Zhenran replied, “No.”

       When Li Zhenruo heard Li Zhenran refused without even thinking about it, he cursed in his heart: Childish! You just want me to beg you!

       Then, he walked from behind Li Zhenran to face him, sitting on his lap, wrapping his arms around his neck and saying, “Master—”

       Li Zhenran leaned back slightly and did not speak.

       Li Zhenruo reached out towards his legs. Anyway, things that could be solved with the lower body were not a problem. While touching, he said, “Look at me now, it’s useless for women.”

       Li Zhenran said, “You think I didn’t see you that day digging your face into Miss Yu’s chest?”

       Li Zhenran’s provocation aroused up Li Zhenruo, and he was short of breath. He said, “It’s not the same, I just think the soft touch feels good.”

       Li Zhenran leaned into his ear and whispered, “So you like soft ones?”

       The heat of Li Zhenran’s breath scratched his ears, so Li Zhenruo could not help shrinking his neck, bit his lip and said, “Rascal.”

       Li Zhenran suddenly grabbed Li Zhenruo’s waist and made him stand up, made him turn around to lie on the table, then got up himself and spanked Li Zhenruo’s ass, reaching out to unzip his pants.

       At this moment, Hua Yibang suddenly opened the office door and said, “Zhenran, Manager Luo has already—” waiting for you outside…

       Halfway through his words, he consciously went out and closed the door of the office.

       Manager Luo was still waiting for Li Zhenran to summon him. When he saw Hua Yibang’s strange reaction, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

       Without changing his expression, Hua Yibang responded, “It’s nothing, wait a moment.”

       Li Zhenruo was startled, and quickly got up and buttoned his pants, and said angrily, “You dare to not let Hua Yibang knock on the door first when he comes in? Are you not afraid of being impotent if he keep coming in a few more times2Li Zhenruo was referring to being hard but being interrupted again and again without any release!”

       Li Zhenran said calmly, “I won’t, will you?”

       Li Zhenruo was too lazy to pay attention to him, and he had devoted himself to such a degree that even if Li Zhenran didn’t agree with him, he didn’t care. After tidying up, he turned around and took out a thousand yuan in Li Zhenran’s pocket and put it in his bag, then left with his phone in hand.

       Li Zhenran didn’t stop him, but after Li Zhenruo left, he pressed the pager and asked Hua Yibang to invite Manager Luo in.

       Li Zhenruo and Yue Zijia made an appointment. They didn’t eat dinner at any restaurant but went to a club. Yue Zijia has a wide range of contacts. Not only did she invite Li Zhenruo to this meal, but she also invited many young people to sing after eating, saying that the young people came out to get together.

       The price for eating in this club was not cheap, Li Zhenruo thought that Yue Zijia was relying on Li Zhentai to support her behind her back. Otherwise, with her current family background, how could she afford all of this? She also invited so many people.

       The so-called friends she invited were ones she always played outside with, and they all called out Zijia jie affectionately. It was the first time they met Li Zhenruo, but they quickly became familiar with each other. Li Zhenruo was naturally not afraid of strangers, talking and laughing with a group of people, singing and drinking.

       Especially with Yue Zijia, after drinking a few glasses of red wine, the two sat in the corner and chatted. Yue Zijia put one hand on Li Zhenruo’s shoulder and said, “Jason, you and I really hit it off at first sight. It’s rare to meet such a person.”

       Li Zhenruo said, “I also like you a lot, jiejie.”

       Yue Zijia smiled and patted his face, “We should get together more when we have time.”

       Li Zhenruo heard the words and said, “I’m afraid your boyfriend will be jealous.”

       Yue Zijia said, “Where is my boyfriend? What makes you think so?”

       Li Zhenruo said in surprise, “The man you were with when we first met was not your boyfriend?”

       Yue Zijia was stunned for a while, but after recalling it for a while, she couldn’t remember who the man Li Zhenruo was talking about. She smiled bitterly and said, “No, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

       Li Zhenruo took her hand and said, “Zijia jie, you mustn’t be too picky, if you meet the right man, why not consider it.”

       Yue Zijia smiled and asked him, “What about you?”

       “I—” Before Li Zhenruo finished speaking, his phone suddenly rang. He took it out and saw that Li Zhenran was calling. He didn’t avoid Yue Zijia and answered the phone directly.

       Li Zhenran finished his company’s business and called Li Zhenruo, asking him where he was.

       Li Zhenruo said, “I’m drinking with Zijia jie.”

       Li Zhenran glanced at the time, “I’ll pick you up?”

       Li Zhenruo began to pout, “Two more hours later, okay?”

       Li Zhenran was silent for a while and said, “I’ll give you an hour.”

       “Okay!” Li Zhenruo was very content.

       He hung up the phone, and Yue Zijia asked him, “Did your parents call? They urged you to go home so early?”

       Li Zhenruo smiled and did not deny it.

       Yue Zijia put one hand on her face and asked, “I heard that Luo Fei is your cousin?”

       Li Zhenruo pretended to be surprised, “How do you know?”

       Naturally, Li Jianglin told Li Zhentai, and Li Zhentai told Yue Zijia. In fact, Yue Zijia’s determination to get closer to Li Zhenruo, was probably what Li Zhentai’s intended.

       Now the Li family brothers were suspecting that the assistant beside Li Zhenran was his little lover. Li Zhentai hoped to get some evidence so that he could put it in front of Li Jianglin.

       Yue Zijia smiled and took a sip of red wine, “This circle is so big, what’s there to hide from others?”

       Li Zhenruo seemed a little embarrassed and ruffled his hair.

       At this time, someone brought a wine glass to toast Yue Zijia.

       Yue Zijia pulled Li Zhenruo and said, “My little brother is here. If you want to drink with me, drink with my little brother first!”

       Li Zhenruo knew that Yue Zijia wanted to make him drunk, but he wasn’t afraid at all about it. He was not as useless as his brothers. In the Li family, Li Zhenruo had always been the best drinker.

       And he had a good alcohol tolerance, even if he drank to unconsciousness, he just sleeps with his head covered, and it was really difficult to hear any information from his mouth.

       So Li Zhenruo smiled and picked up the glass and said, “I’ll toast for my jiejie.”

       The young man who came to toast said, “Okay, then come and drink.”

       Li Zhenruo clinked him with a glass of wine and drank it.

       As soon as the first one started, naturally, there was no way to easily back away easily. After that, a group of people started to toast each other. Not only Li Zhenruo drink a lot, but even Yue Zijia couldn’t escape, and later drank a lot.

       Li Zhenruo didn’t continue to fish for Yue Zijia’s information, this was not a matter to be finished in one or two days. He should let Yue Zijia think that he was an honest child and then talk slowly.

       Unknowingly, an hour had passed, Li Zhenruo heard the phone ringing. He took a look and found that Li Zhenran was calling. The surrounding environment was too noisy, so Li Zhenruo went into the bathroom with his mobile phone, closed the door and leaned against the door to answer the phone.

       Li Zhenran’s voice rang in his ears, “Time is up, I’ve already come.”

       Li Zhenruo felt a little itchy at his tailbone, so he stretched out a hand and scratched across the pants, he said, “You come here, I also want to go back too.”

       Li Zhenran said “Um” and hung up the phone.

       Li Zhenruo still felt itchy on his tailbone, he heard that they were still dancing outside like a madman, so he hid in the bathroom and didn’t want to go out. He scratched his tailbone with his fingers, and after a while, he felt something break through the skin and protrude. It was not painful, but it was itchy.

       His fingers scratched something fluffy this time.

       He inexplicably grabbed it, Li Zhenruo was stunned. What did he grab? Did he seem to have caught a cat’s tail? This is not true, is it?

       Li Zhenruo hurriedly ran to the front of the mirror, turned around and stood on tiptoe to look behind his buttocks. Sure enough, he saw a fluffy cat’s tail, like a big caterpillar, which pierced his pants and stretched out.

       Li Zhenruo was dumbfounded.

       Because he had been in the bathroom and couldn’t go out, someone walked to the bathroom door and knocked on the door, “Who’s in there? How come you’re not out yet?” This person was also quite drunk judging from the way he sounded.

       Li Zhenruo really drank a lot at night. Although his brain was half awake, his reaction was slow for half a beat. He was a little flustered for a while, and he didn’t know what to do, so he could only take out his mobile phone and call Li Zhenran.

       Li Zhenran had already walked to the door of the private room according to the location of the collar. As soon as he answered the phone, he heard his cat say incoherently, “Ge! Master! What should I do?! My tail is out!”

       “Tail?” Li Zhenran couldn’t help but be slightly startled.

       Li Zhenruo said, “Yeah, a big tail!”

       Li Zhenran thought about it for a while, and thought it might be what he thought, and said, “Wait a minute, I’ll be there soon.”

       He immediately hung up the phone, knocked on the private room door and pushed it open.

       A group of young people were already drinking too much inside, and almost no one noticed that someone pushed the door in. Only Yue Zijia was a little more sober. She didn’t expect Li Zhenran to find it directly, so she stood up in a daze, “Zhenran?”

       Li Zhenran said, “Is my assistant here?”

       A drunk girl suddenly pounced on Li Zhenran with a bottle of wine, “Who are you, handsome? Let’s have a drink!”

       Li Zhenran politely pulled her hand away and asked Yue Zijia, “Where is he?”

       Yue Zijia reacted at this time, smiled and said, “It seems that he had gone to the bathroom. You can come and sit for a while, and wait for him to come out.”

       Li Zhenran didn’t respond to her, went directly to the bathroom door and knocked on the door, and said inside, “I’m here.”

       The door opened a crack, Li Zhenruo let Li Zhenran in, then closed the door tightly, turned around to show him behind him, “Look.”

       Li Zhenran frowned slightly, reached out and grabbed his tail.

       Li Zhenruo was still nervous, “What should I do?”

       Li Zhenran said, “You try to restart once.”

       “Restart?” Li Zhenruo was at a loss.

       Li Zhenran explained to him clearly, “Return to the original form and then become a human being.”

       “Right,” Li Zhenruo looked at him, “You are so smart!”

       Li Zhenran didn’t look good when he heard the compliment, “You drank a lot.” This sentence was a declarative sentence, and he was not happy.

       Li Zhenruo couldn’t hear it at this time. His attention was still on his tail. In front of Li Zhenran, he first turned into a cat, and then stretched his body into a human shape.

       Clothes were scattered all over the place, Li Zhenran looked at the naked boy kneeling on the ground with his body curled up, and he couldn’t help raising a hand and gently rubbing his lips with some interest.

       Li Zhenruo still stretched out his hand to touch his tailbones, but he still touched his fluffy tail. He immediately raised his head to look at Li Zhenran, “It’s still there, what should I do?”

       Li Zhenran said solemnly, “Get up and look in the mirror.”

       Li Zhenruo heard the words, hesitantly got up and walked in front of the mirror, and was horrified to find that it wasn’t just the tail, this time even the cat’s ears appeared!

       He was startled and frightened. He raised his hands and pinched his ears, and he was at a loss. His cheeks burned with alcohol, and his brain continued to crash. He could only turn around and grab Li Zhenran’s hand and ask him, “Why don’t I become a cat and you take me back?”

       Li Zhenran said, “Yes, but how do you explain to them that you are missing and there is an extra cat in the bathroom?”

       Li Zhenruo said frantically, “Then what?”

       Li Zhenran reached out and pressed his lips, “Don’t yell, put on your pants first.”

       Li Zhenruo heard the words, squatted down and picked up his pants. He sat on the toilet lid and put them on with difficulty, and finally tried to pull the tail out of the hole above the buttocks, and the fur was flailing side to side.

       Afterwards, Li Zhenran wrapped his upper body with his coat, carefully wrapped his tail together, then carried him in his arms, and covered Li Zhenruo’s head with his coat, saying, “Don’t move, I’ll take you away.”

       How could Li Zhenruo still dare to move? He obediently put his face in Li Zhenran’s arms, pretending to be drunk.

       When they came out of the bathroom, Yue Zijia saw that Li Zhenran had carried the person out. She hurriedly stepped forward and asked, “What’s the matter? Drunk?”

       Li Zhenran nodded, “He drank too much, I’ll take him back.”

       Of course, Yue Zijia couldn’t stop Li Zhenran, she just said, “Be careful on the road, I’ll walk you out.”

       Li Zhenran let her go to the door and said to her, “No need to walk us out, you guys have fun.”

       Yue Zijia nodded with a smile, and said, “Be careful on the road.”

       Li Zhenruo lay in Li Zhenran’s arms and pretended to be dead all the way until he felt that Li Zhenran carried him into the car, then he tore off the coat covering him, and in a panic reached out to touch the top of his head, and found that the cat’s ears were still there.

       Li Zhenran got into the driver’s seat and started the car.

       Li Zhenruo rushed over from the back seat and said, “What should I do?”

       Li Zhenran seemed impatient, “What to do?”

       Li Zhenruo said, “Ears! And tails!”

       Li Zhenran glanced at him from the rearview mirror and said, “Go back to sleep, you will lose your ears when you wake up.”

       Li Zhenruo thought it made sense and said, “Then I’m going to sleep!”

       Li Zhenran waved his hand and told him to go to sleep.

       Li Zhenruo then lay down in the back seat. Of course, he didn’t forget to transform himself into a cat before falling asleep. After all, he would have to go home with Li Zhenran later.

       Later, when Li Zhenran returned home, he found that his cat had slept to death. Li Zhenran thought it was very interesting, so he grabbed one leg and dragged him out.

       Wang Ma just opened the door to let him in. She saw that Li Zhenran was carrying the cat by his leg, but the cat didn’t respond at all, she was startled and said, “Oh, what’s the matter?”

       Li Zhenran raised the cat a little higher and said to Wang Ma, “It’s drunk.”

       “Drunk?” Wang Ma looked surprised, “Why do you give it a drink? Are you torturing it?”

       Li Zhenran said indifferently, “It’s him who wants to drink, it’s fine.” After that, he carried Li Zhenruo upstairs.

The author has something to say:

This chapter was not originally intended to be written, just to satisfy your desire to see cat ears and cat tails…



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