Chapter 76

       You Bo had been staying at home since his face was injured and hadn’t gone anywhere. The injury wasn’t serious, but it was too bad that everyone who saw him asked if he was scratched by a woman, and You Bo was very bothered about this.

       He found a few women to accompany him at home, and all his work was handled in his study at home. Today, he suddenly got tired of seeing a few women, and suddenly remembered the little white face that he saw next to Li Zhenran a few days ago. He didn’t even know Li Zhenruo’s name, so he asked someone to find a beautiful boy for him.

       You Bo used was already fierce-looking, but now with scars added on his face, he looked even more fierce.

       The boy closed his eyes tightly without saying a word on the bed.

       You Bo was upset and gave him a slap to open his eyes, and slapped him if he dared to blink.

       Later on, when You Bo was having enough fun, he turned over and got off the boy and lay down and went to sleep in a short while.

       He didn’t know how long he had fallen asleep this time and began to have nightmares repeatedly as if a large stone was pressed on his chest, and he couldn’t even breathe smoothly. You Bo struggled to wake up and saw that something crouched on his chest in the dark, his eyes lit up at him.

       He widened his eyes in astonishment, and when he realized that it was a cat, he couldn’t help screaming.

       You Bo wasn’t fully awake yet. He waved his hand to knock out the cat squatting on his chest, but his arm missed, and nothing was hit.

       When he looked more closely, he saw that the cat on his chest had disappeared, and only a sense of oppression reminded him that there really seemed to be something crouching there just now.

       You Bo felt like he had a phobia of cats. He didn’t even dare to get up to look for the cat. He just yelled and called his people in. He said, “You guys give me a good search, is there a cat hidden in this house.”

       Several of the men looked at each other, thinking that something was wrong with You Bo’s mind, and someone said, “How could there be a cat? Did you have a nightmare?”

       You Bo threw the pillow to the ground angrily, “I told you to look for it! What are you talking about?”

       A few people turned on the lights and searched every corner of the room looking for the cat You Bo was talking about, but they found nothing.

       Someone walked to the window and opened the curtains, saw a gap in the window, and asked, “Boss, did you keep the window open at night? Did it run out of the window?”

       You Bo himself didn’t know. He stretched out his hand and pinched his forehead. He always felt that the cat was a bit strange. Although it was very dark just now and he couldn’t see clearly, he always felt that the cat was the one who scratched his face last time. It appeared and disappears inexplicably.

       He shuddered and said, “I want to change rooms!”

       Although he changed rooms, You Bo still didn’t sleep well that night. He had several nightmares one after another. The most terrifying dream was that a cat squatted on the windowsill and looked at him. As soon as he sat up, the cat immediately rushed over to his face, and he woke up.

       A few days later, You Bo received a call from Li Zhenran and asked him out to chat.

       At first, You Bo didn’t care and planned to reject it outright. Later, Li Zhenran said to him, “Do you not want that line of smuggling cars in the South China Sea anymore?”

       You Bo was taken aback and asked, “What did you say?”

       Li Zhenran laughed, “Boss You, come out and talk.”

       Li Jianglin’s condition improved slowly, and it seemed to be getting worse.

       Li Zhentai sat beside the bed and read to him one by one the proposal for the acquisition of four furniture factories that You Bo gave him.

       Li Jianglin was lying on the bed with his eyes closed, his lips were dry and peeling due to the fever, and his face was abnormally flushed. No one knew whether he heard what Li Zhentai said.

       After Li Zhentai read everything, he put the plan aside and said to Li Jianglin, “Dad, I think this cooperation project is very valuable, what do you think?”

       Li Jianglin opened his eyes weakly and glanced at him. Li Zhentai put the guarantee contract in front of Li Jianglin and handed him a pen, “Dad, this is the guarantee contract, you should sign it first.”

       Li Jianglin held the pen in his hand, but he didn’t move. Li Zhentai sat beside the bed and put the water glass with the straw in front of him and gave him a drink.

       Then Li Zhentai said, “This is an investment, and it also helped the third child solve the problem. When the cooperation is successful, the third child does not need to hide in Tibet and can come back to visit you. I will also call the second child back and let him know to not get mad at you, okay?”

       Li Jianglin blinked his eyes, seemingly unable to read the specifics of the contract.

       Li Zhentai said thoughtfully, “I’ll read it to you.”

       Li Jianglin was probably bored, he shook his head, clenched the pen tightly and signed his name at the end of the contract with a trembling hand, then he closed his eyes and lay back, the pen dropped to the ground.

       Li Zhentai read the signature on the contract with satisfaction, and said to Li Jianglin, “Dad, you have a good rest. I will ask Dr. Liu to come and prescribe some fever reducing medicine for you.”

       After that, Li Zhentai took the contract and went out.

       He walked outside the room and called the nurses and doctors in to take care of Li Jianglin. He noticed that Zhu Kai was sitting on the armrest of the sofa, looking down at his phone.

       Zhu Kai noticed Li Zhentai coming out, he raised his head to look at him, saw the contract in his hand, and said, “Succeeded in the deception? Congratulations?”

       Li Zhentai didn’t hide it, and walked to Zhu Kai with a smile, “Don’t you hate him? I’m taking revenge for you.”

       Zhu Kai glanced at him inexplicably, “Who told you that I hate him?”

       Li Zhentai said, “If you didn’t hate him, why did you help me get a blood sample for the paternity test between him and the fourth child? You knew the consequences would be devastating for him.”

       Zhu Kai said, “Not wanting him to have a good time is not the same as hating him. But you, now he has only one son left by his side, and Yunlin is also handed over to you. Yet you are still screwing your old man and your family’s own stuff like this. Don’t you think there is something wrong with your brain?”

       Li Zhentai looked a little angry for a moment, “He hasn’t made a will until this day, and who knows who will get Yunlin in the end? Do you believe that he will give Yunlin to me? He is waiting for the second child to change his mind!”

       Yunlin’s largest share was tightly held in Li Jianglin’s hands, and the three brothers didn’t have as many as Li Jianglin combined. If Li Jianglin’s will had given all the shares in his hands to Li Zhenran, this would really be the last time Li Zhentai would be able to own Yunlin.

       Zhu Kai suddenly stepped onto the sofa, hugged his knees and asked Li Zhentai, “Is he going to die soon?”

       When Li Zhentai heard the words, he softened his expression and said, “What are you talking about, Dad will live a long life.” After that, he picked up the coat hanging behind the door, “I want to go back to the company and prepare for tomorrow’s board of directors.”

       Zhu Kai shrank beside the sofa and didn’t move. After Li Zhentai opened the door and went out, he saw Wang Ma standing in the dining room.

       Wang Ma stared at them with tears coming out. Finally, she hurried to the sofa to pick up the phone and called Li Zhenran.

       Unfortunately, the phone didn’t get through, so she hurriedly made another call, this time to her son.

       While waiting for the call to be connected, she kept muttering in a low voice, “You children, how can you do this?” As she spoke, Zhu Kai saw tears falling from her eyes.

       The Yunlin board meeting.

       Li Zhentai was in high spirits, stood in front of the full-length mirror in the restroom in the office, and tidied up his tie.

       Outside, his assistant Gao Qi was helping him organize today’s meeting materials.

       The so-called You Bo’s company was basically a shell company that Li Zhentai asked Yue Zijia to open with You Bo in her name, intending to borrow funds from Yunlin’s guarantee. If there was still enough time, Li Zhentai even wanted to slowly scoop up Yunlin and filled it all into his own company.

       Until now, he believed that Li Jianglin would not leave Yunlin’s matter to him. Instead of waiting apprehensively to receive the verdict, it’s better to make a decision as soon as possible and really plan for himself.

       But things were easier than he had planned. He didn’t expect Li Jianglin to be so ill that he had even skipped the steps they had taken to dig out a perfect plan.

       Li Zhentai took a deep breath and said to Gao Qi, “Prepare for a meeting.” Then he walked towards the conference room first.

       Since he was now the acting chairman of the company, he should be the last to arrive at the board meeting. The secretary of the board of directors helped him open the door of the conference room in the front. Li Zhentai walked in with his head held high, but the first person he saw was Li Zhenran sitting in the front row.

       Li Zhentai’s footsteps stopped suddenly, “Second child?” After speaking, he saw Li Zhenzi sitting beside Li Zhenran.

       Li Zhenzi smiled at him, “Eldest brother.”

       Li Zhentai looked at them as calmly as possible, “When did you come back?”

       Li Zhenran waited until Li Zhentai sat down on the chairman’s seat before saying, “The company’s board meeting, as shareholders and directors, we should have been present, shouldn’t we?”

       Li Zhentai put his hands on the table and folded his fingers, “Does Dad know?”

       Li Zhenran laughed when he heard the words, “Of course Dad knows, you think there is something about the company that Dad doesn’t know.”

       Li Zhentai’s expression suddenly changed slightly at this moment.

       At this time, Gao Qi also came in. He put the meeting materials in front of Li Zhentai and said in a low voice, “You can get ready to start.”

       Li Zhentai suddenly felt a little confused. He opened the information on the desktop, but he didn’t read a word after reading it for a long time. He felt that there might be a problem, otherwise, Li Zhenran and Li Zhenzi, who had not shown up for a long time, should not appear here.

       Although it was a so-called meeting of the board of directors to pass a resolution, Li Jianglin held most of the shares of Yunlin. To put it bluntly, Li Jianglin has the final say in matters of Yunlin. Even the resolution of the board of directors must be signed by him to take effect. Now that he held the guarantee contract signed by Li Jianglin himself, even if Li Zhenran and the others jumped out to object, it would have no effect.

       When he thought of this, Li Zhentai felt a little more at ease.

       Next to him, Li Zhenran reminded him, “Eldest brother, do you want to announce the start of the meeting?”

       Li Zhentai suddenly came back to his senses, raised his head and said, “Today’s board of directors officially begins.”

       They were still proceeding according to the original agenda of the meeting, but Li Zhentai had been absent-minded. The original smugness had now been decreased by seven or eight points, and he was a little restless. He drank the tea in the cup next to him, and then rudely interrupted the meeting to ask the waiter to come in and pour him water.

       When the last item was reached, Li Zhentai announced the guaranteed investment plan made by Yunlin.

       Li Zhenran didn’t listen to him, and asked, “How come it wasn’t processed through the board of directors resolution meetings?”

       Li Zhentai said, “This is Dad’s plan. He gave it to me to do it. The third child should know.”

       Li Zhenzi lowered his gaze and did not speak.

       Li Zhenran smiled and said in a calm manner, “Is that so? Why don’t you ask dad?”

       As soon as he said that, the door of the conference room was opened from the outside. Hua Yibang pushed Li Jianglin in with a wheelchair and walked slowly from the outside.

       Li Zhentai was stunned for a moment, he stood up slowly, and shouted, “Dad?”

       Li Jianglin’s face was still unhealthy and pale, but Li Zhentai could see that his mind was very clear. He glanced at Li Zhentai blankly but did not respond to him.

       Hua Yibang had been pushing Li Jianglin next to the chairman’s seat, and at the same time, someone came to move Li Zhentai’s seat back to where he should be sitting.

       Li Zhentai stared at Li Jianglin closely, breathing heavily.

       Li Jianglin didn’t seem to have the strength to say more, he said to Li Zhenran, “You can talk.”

       Li Zhenran then stood up and took a file box from Su Yao who came in behind Hua Yibang. He opened the file box, took out some of the materials and threw them on the oval conference table, saying, “Li Zhentai asked the chairman to sign the guarantee contract, the name of the loan company is Xin Sheng, and the registered shareholders of the company are Yue Zijia and You Bo. Among them, this Miss Yue Zijia, is the mistress of my eldest brother Li Zhentai.”

       After he finished saying that, Li Zhenran took out two photos and threw them on the desktop, both of which were taken secretly when Li Zhentai and Yue Zijia were described as intimate.

       The other documents were the registration information of the company Xin Sheng.

       Li Zhenran said, “Xin Sheng was still a shell company, and the loan secured by Yunlin will be its first fund. I asked You Bo for the detailed plan, the funds will be used to acquire a small amount of several failing furniture factories, not surprisingly, Li Zhentai plans to resell these furniture factories to Yunlin at a high price, so as to achieve the malicious transfer of funds. “

       Li Zhentai stood up all of a sudden, “Don’t make an unfounded attack to wrong me!”

       Li Zhenran took out a recording pen and threw it directly in front of Li Zhentai, “Here is a recording of my conversation with You Bo, want to hear it?”

       Li Zhentai’s face was pale.

       Li Zhenran said, “Should I show more evidence to prove the relationship between you and Miss Yue?” At this point, he suddenly leaned into Li Zhentai’s ear, lowered his voice and said, “Maybe try to get a few videos of the bed scenes?”

       Li Zhentai closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and when he opened his eyes, all the people in the conference room were looking at him. The surnamed Li and not the surnamed Li were all from Yunlin’s power level. None of them gloated and laughed, instead, they all looked complicated, and he even saw a look of sympathy in some people’s eyes.

       He finally turned to Li Jianglin.

       Li Jianglin had been silent since he handed over the right to speak to Li Zhenran. When he saw Li Zhentai looking at him, he slowly said, “From today, Li Zhentai will be relieved of all positions in Yunlin.”

       “Dad!” Li Zhentai shouted.

       He began to panic and suddenly reached out to grab the documents on the table. He said to Li Jianglin, “You signed this contract yourself! I didn’t force you to do so.”

       He seemed to know that he had lost his way back, so he simply grasped the last straw, and did not hesitate to tear his face with Li Jianglin.

       Li Zhenran stood beside Li Zhentai and put a hand on his shoulder, “Eldest brother, you should see what you have in your hand.”

       Li Zhentai was stunned for a while, and lowered his head to turn over the documents, but did not find the contract, he began to rummage through the documents and finally raised his head to look at Gao Qi.

       Gao Qi turned his face away silently at this moment.

       Li Zhentai threw the things down heavily, turned to look at Li Zhenran, and said, “You have already plotting against me, and have been waiting for today, haven’t you?”

       Li Zhenran said to him softly, “Not only I’m watching you, but Dad is also watching you, do you know that Lao Tzu said: If you want to get rid of something, you must first allow it to flourish; If you want to take something, you must first allow it to be given. Dad has read so many books, what is in his heart is much more complicated than what you and I think.” After he said that, Li Zhenran patted Li Zhentai’s shirt lightly and went back to his seat to sit down.

       In the end, Li Jianglin just gently announced the end of the meeting, and then asked Hua Yibang to push him out.

       Li Zhentai stood there for a long time, then caught up and shouted, “Dad, I was wrong!”

       However, Li Jianglin didn’t pay any attention to him. He was not feeling well, so he was sent back to the Li family directly.

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