Chapter 1

Article 1: Someone at 30,000 feet high must have been fiddling with our fate.

       At a quarter past three in the morning, Suo Yang’s alarm clock rang.

       It was the first flight of the month, and as usual, it was an international flight, with a flight time of 19 hours and a departure time of 6.15 am.

       The flight was at quarter past six, and he had to check in at half-past four.

       Suo Yang was accustomed to this kind of life—it always had nothing to do with working from nine to five.

       He got up, picked up a glass of water, drank it, and took a simple shower. He then came back to quickly changed clothes and went out with a suitcase.

       He didn’t even need to organize his suitcase, because when he came back the day before yesterday, he had already switched his clean clothes, so as not to be in a hurry before leaving again.

       Suo Yang was a person with a very disciplined life. His rules were different from ordinary people’s. This kind of rule was formed under the perennial irregularities of flight attendants.

       It was raining outside, and he turned on the wipers as he drove out of the underground parking lot.

       Fortunately, it was not raining hard enough to make any difference to anything.

       Suo Yang drove to the airport along a very familiar route and picked up a colleague on the way.

       “Good morning, Yang ge.” The girl’s name was He Tian, ​​and she looked sweet. She only came here last year. The two would occasionally be in the same crew, and Suo Yang would take her to and from get off work along the way.

       “Good morning.”

       Suo Yang had worked in this airline for four years. Because he was handsome and easy to get along with, he could handle all kinds of incidents—from big flight emergencies to small emergencies such as difficult passengers. He handled it all well and was a very reliable person at least at work and everyone quite liked him, especially the new young girls.

       The reason why it was ‘especially the new girls’ was that the new girls didn’t know him well and were easily fooled by the illusion of him being “easy to get along with”. In fact, he was the kind of person who seemed to be very friendly but always kept a safe distance from you.

       After working for four years, the number of colleagues and even tourists who made advances to Suo Yang was no longer able to be counted by hands and feet. However, Suo Yang always politely and suavely declined, not giving anyone a chance to get close to him, even the opportunity to ‘start as friends’ was not given.

       This guy was emotionally hard-hearted, everyone says so.

       Suo Yang drove He Tian to the airport in the car, the girl sat in the passenger seat, and it didn’t take a while before she started to unexpectedly sob.

       Suo Yang glanced at her in surprise, took out a tissue and handed it to her, “What’s wrong?”

       “Thank you Yang ge,” He Tian took the tissue and carefully wiped her tears in the mirror, for fear of wiping off her makeup, “I haven’t slept all night.”

       Suo Yang smiled, “Been working hard lately?”

       “No, I’m just angry.” He Tian said, “My boyfriend cheated.”

       What to say about this?

       Suo Yang had seen quite a few.

       They were busy at work, they were not at home, and they have irregular work and rest periods. Not to mention boyfriend or girlfriend, even the married older brothers and sisters in the unit had experienced several of these kinds of incidents.

       It was very heartbreaking and very helpless.

       He Tian sniffed and said, “Yang ge, do you guys also care about a company? He said I can’t always be there for him, so that’s why he found someone else.”

       “Everyone cares about companionship,” Suo Yang looked ahead, “That is not a reason for cheating.”

       He Tian raised her head and tried her best to keep her tears flowing, “I told him the same, but he seemed to think he was very reasonable. It was the nature of my job that forced him to cheat.”

       Suo Yang laughed softly, “Are you sure you still want to shed tears for a man like that?”

       He Tian was startled and wiped away a line of tears that had fallen.

       “Yes, he doesn’t deserve it.” He Tian gritted her teeth and said, “I was blind to be with him for three years.”

       “It’s not that you are blind, it’s that he doesn’t know how to cherish.”

       On a rainy day, the road was slippery, so Suo Yang drove very carefully.

       He Tian turned to look at him, was silent for a while, and asked softly, “Yang ge, are you never in a relationship because you were worried about this?”

       Suo Yang smiled again, “Of course not, it’s just that the time has not come.”

       The airport was still noisy in the early morning.

       On the way to the meeting with He Tian, Suo Yang said, “Adjust your emotions and ask questions before the flight so that you don’t make any mistakes.”

       He Tian dragged her suitcase and walked beside Suo Yang quickly. She said”En” and continued, “Yang ge, I envy you a little bit.”

       Suo Yang smiled and said nothing.

       What is there to envy?

       Not everyone is the same.

       The period before boarding was the busiest time for passengers. Fortunately, the entire crew was well-trained, and all checks and preparations were done in a neat and error-free manner.

       There was no time for small talk, Suo Yang was busy with his own affairs, glanced at He Tian who was checking the number of blankets, and confirmed that the girl had adjusted her state and would not go into work emotionally.

       Everything was ready, and Suo Yang returned to the first-class cabin.

       While waiting for the guests, Suo Yang suddenly remembered the question He Tian asked him: Is it because he was worried about this that he never fell in love?

       It wasn’t really the case.

       The answer he gave at the time was that fate has not come, but fate was such a wonderful thing, whether it existed or not was another matter, let alone whether it would come or not.

       He Tian envied him for not being tied down to a relationship and shouted long live singleness and freedom.

       But when he came home every day, it was so cold that even the sound of his breathing was clearly discernible, which was actually quite heartbreaking.

       “Guests on board”

       Suo Yang regained his senses and put on a professional and just right smile.

       “Hello, welcome to this flight.”

       “Hello ma’am, let me help you.”


       Who in this world should envy who?

       Suo Yang thought: Isn’t everyone living a hard life?

       Shen Huiming’s aeroplane ticket holder was slashed by someone. It was a pure leather luxury brand limited edition, and today was his second time using it. The other party was a young girl, and what slashed his ticket folder was a charm on her bag.

       The girl didn’t seem to notice that she had ‘injured’ something, checked the seat number, and continued to walk inside.

       It was only when he stood up and looked back at the girl that he noticed Suo Yang standing behind him, he didn’t know Suo Yang’s name at that time.

       A young flight attendant, with a tall and straight posture and a handsome face. His white uniform and black tie, made this person have an air of asceticism that cannot be played with.

       Shen Huiming had seen many beauties, and those in uniform were not uncommon. The flight attendants of this airline were all handsome and beautiful, but this person alone made him forget what he was standing up for.

       It was as if he was meant to see this guy in the first place.

       If he had to say what was so different about this person from the others, Shen Huiming could only answer ‘his temperament’. He was not extraordinary, but when he looked at him, a cold light shone into his eyes.

       Shen Huiming never believed in love at first sight, especially in the adult world where everyone understood too well what this word was all about.

       The cliche sentence was not a bad joke, but the truth of the world—the so-called love at first sight was nothing more than a ploy.

       It was a superficial person’s inability to resist a beautiful outward appearance.

       Shen Huiming didn’t admit that he was superficial before, but now he admitted it because he was superficially attracted to this young male flight attendant’s appearance.

       Don’t crusade against him because of this, this was also his first time in 30 years.

       Shen Huiming had always had eyes on the top of his head. He was so arrogant that he was both liked and hated. He was also a master who refuses one who came along. It was a mishap in his life that such a person could be attracted to another person at a glance.

       Someone spoke from behind, a sweet but not intimate voice, “Sir, do you need any help?”

       Shen Huiming turned back to the well-mannered flight attendant with a slight smile and said, “It’s okay.”

       He sat back down again, holding the ticket holder in his hand and rubbing his fingers over the cut hole, waiting to start what seemed to be a significant flight.

       It was very romantic.

       Shen Huiming, who had always scoffed at romance, suddenly felt that he was trapped in one. He didn’t even know the other person’s name and sexual orientation, but he was already looking forward to meeting that person’s eyes.

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