Li Zhenruo was sent back to the Li family by Li Zhenran early in the morning, not in the appearance of a human obviously, but in the appearance of a cat.

       It could be seen that Wang Ma missed him very much, but at this time, she was really not in the mood to hug him a lot, and she just patted his head and placed him aside.

       Zhu Kai was also at home. When Li Zhenran and the others came to pick up Li Jianglin in the morning, Zhu Kai just watched, but he didn’t say a word.

       The few words he heard that night pieced together the incomplete and complicated relationship between Zhu Kai and Li Jianglin. He wouldn’t be able to know more unless Zhu Kai himself was willing to speak up.

       But after a while, Li Jianglin was sent back. He was directly taken out of the car by Li Zhenran and sent back to the bed in the room. The doctors and nurses also followed suit. Their footsteps were messy, and Li Zhenruo was almost stepped on. So he carefully stuck himself to the wall.

       Later, Li Zhenzi and Li Zhentai also came back.

       Li Zhentai was not allowed to enter Li Jianglin’s room. Li Zhenruo squatted in the corner and saw that Li Zhentai actually knelt down at the door of Li Jianglin.

       Not only Li Zhenruo, but even Li Zhenzi and Zhu Kai were a little surprised.

       If he hadn’t hated Li Zhentai from the bottom of his heart, Li Zhenruo would have wanted to praise him for his ability to be so adaptable.

       No one knew what Li Zhentai was thinking. In the past, he was the one who always could not maintain his composure the most. Now, he could only give up his pride and give up his dignity and wanted to use this method to exchange for Li Jianglin’s forgiveness.

       Li Zhenzi was still leaning on crutches and sat on the sofa with the help of Wang Ma, while Zhu Kai leaned against the armrest of the sofa and looked at Li Zhentai without saying a word.

       Li Zhenran was in Li Jianglin’s room, came out after a while, stood at the door looking down at Li Zhentai, and said, “Dad said he doesn’t want to see you.”

       Li Zhentai didn’t speak, didn’t even look up at him, just kneeled like that.

       Li Zhenruo squatted not far from him. He knew that this was Li Zhentai’s bitter plan, and of course, he would not feel sorry for Li Zhentai. But he felt that Li Jianglin was too hard-hearted, and since Li Zhentai really wasn’t his biological son, he could give him up mercilessly.

       Just like how it was with him back then, did Li Jianglin also drive him out of the house with this mentality?

       In his heart, they were probably not as good as Zhu Kai, the illegitimate son Zhu Yun gave birth to outside.

       After Li Zhenran said this, he walked from the front of Li Zhentai. He walked to the corner and picked up Li Zhenruo, then walked to the sofa and sat down. He then said to Wang Ma, “Prepare more meals today, we will all eat at home.”

       The family had been deserted for a long time, and Wang Ma had been looking forward to this day for a long time. However, she did not expect that when the second and third children came back, this kind of thing happened to the eldest again. Wang Ma was in a complicated mood, but she nodded and went to the kitchen to give some orders.

       It was quiet in the living room.

       After a while, Li Zhenzi asked Li Zhenran, “Second brother, do you want to move back?”

       Li Zhenran replied, “Dad is not feeling well right now. Let’s talk about some things later.”

       As soon as the word left his mouth, the phone in Li Zhentai’s pocket, who was kneeling on the ground, suddenly rang.

       This situation was actually a bit embarrassing. Li Zhentai’s genuine remorse seemed to be interrupted by the ringing of the phone. He reached out and took out his mobile phone, glanced at the caller ID, and chose to answer the call.

       They didn’t know what the other person on the phone was saying.

       At this moment, Li Zhentai suddenly stood up, and said, “I see, I’ll go over now.” After he said that, he glanced at Li Zhenran and the others, and hurriedly walked outside.

       It was strange at this time. What was more important to Li Zhentai than getting Li Jianglin’s forgiveness?

       Li Zhenruo remembered something and looked up at Li Zhenran, but Li Zhenran just reached out and scratched his neck. So Li Zhenruo softened instantly and reluctantly gave his belly to Li Zhenran for him to scratch it down.

       After Li Zhentai left, he never came back.

       After lunch, Li Jianglin called Li Zhenran and Li Zhenzi into his room, and Li Zhenran took the cat in.

       Li Jianglin didn’t seem to mind, and his mental state was better than when he came back in the morning, but he still looked weak. He asked them both to sit by his bed.

       Li Zhenran first helped Li Zhenzi to sit down, and then sat down on the chair beside the bed.

       Li Zhenruo was lying in his arms, looking at Li Jianglin lying on the bed. For some unknown reason, he suddenly felt that the other party was telling his last words.

       Li Jianglin said, “You know everything about your eldest brother, didn’t you? I indulge him every day until now, but I didn’t expect that he would really do some things.”

       Neither Li Zhenran nor Li Zhenzi spoke.

       “You—” Li Jianglin first looked at Li Zhenzi, “Look at you.”

       Li Zhenzi lowered his head and said nothing.

       Li Jianglin took a deep breath and said, “If you don’t restrain your private life, you will kill yourself sooner or later. You Bo is not a difficult thing to deal with. If you change him to someone whose power is too powerful to be shaken by our family, then you would only tie up the Li family and die together.”

       Li Zhenzi said softly, “Dad, I’m sorry.”

       Li Jianglin sighed, “I don’t even know how long I can live. You can take these words today as my last words.”

       “Dad,” Li Zhenran said, “Don’t say that, you will recover soon and live a long life.”

       Li Jianglin didn’t answer his words, and just said, “I’ll tell you some things, second child, Yunlin will be handed over to you in the future.”

       Li Zhenran’s expression was calm, and he gently stroked the top of Li Zhenruo’s head with his palm.

       Li Jianglin then said to Li Zhenzi, “Third child, I hope you can help your second brother, and don’t stir too much trouble. Yunlin and Yunyi are originally a family.”

       Li Zhenzi replied, “I understand.”

       Li Jianglin closed his eyes and rested for a while, then continued, “As long as Zhentai doesn’t lose the shares of Yunlin in his hands, he will have enough food and clothing in this lifetime. He is your eldest brother after all, so don’t drive him away and exterminate him.”

       Neither Li Zhenran nor Li Zhenzi agreed with his words.

       “As for Zhu Kai,” Li Jianglin looked a little dazed, “Yunlin has nothing to do with him, I leave a property for him.” Having said this, Li Jianglin paused, and then said, “Look at you, if you don’t take him as a brother, you don’t have to worry about him.”

       Li Zhenzhi sniffed and asked, “Can we kick him out?”

       Li Jianglin glared at him, “Have you considered me dead?”

       Li Zhenzi apologized quickly, “No, Dad, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean that.”

       Li Zhenran said to Li Jianglin, “Dad, don’t think too much, you will recover soon.”

       A few days ago, Li Jianglin was not so much sick as he was sick at heart. He was so angry with Li Zhentai that he could not sleep peacefully all day and night, but he still endured and watched Li Zhentai come to this point.

       He could come forward to stop him, but he was unwilling to do so. Li Zhentai, as Yunlin’s biggest unsettling factor, Li Jianglin thought that he must remove it when he still had the energy to spare. He couldn’t wait for this mess to drag Yunlin down after he was gone and make Yunlin the victim of the brothers’ struggle.

       The fourth child being the first sacrificial lamb was hard enough for him.

       “Zhenran,” Li Jianglin suddenly called Li Zhenran’s name, “I don’t have to ask about you and that boy, but Yunlin must have someone to inherit in the future, so you take care of your own business.”

       Li Zhenran gently scratched the soft hair under Li Zhenruo’s neck with his fingers, “I know.”

       Back in the room, Li Zhenran’s first thing was to open the window to breathe.

       He and Li Zhenruo hadn’t come back to live for a long time. Although the room was cleaned every day, no one had lived for a long time, and it felt like the room had lost a little personality.

       Li Zhenruo jumped on the windowsill and lay down, and looked downstairs. The swimming pool was still sparkling, and the blue water reflected the blue sky and white clouds.

       He raised his paws and scratched his ears, suddenly feeling a little unreal. Li Zhentai was kicked out of the Li family like this, and Li Jianglin also accepted the relationship between him and Li Zhenran, and then what?

       Li Zhenran came out of the bathroom, and while loosening his rolled up sleeves, he said, “Then, we are going to beat the drowning dog1to pulverize an (already defeated) enemy.”

       Li Zhenruo was stunned for a moment, wasn’t that the inner monologue in his heart just now? Did he actually say all of it out loud? Did Li Zhenran hear that?

       Li Zhenran walked to the window and raised his round face with one finger, “Until now, you still don’t know whether the person who did it to you is Li Zhentai or not.”

       Li Zhenruo looked outside, then checked if the door was locked, then jumped to the bed and changed into a human shape, sat cross-legged on the bed, and said, “Do you think it’s Li Zhentai?”

       Li Zhenran said, “I think so.”

       Li Zhenruo did not speak.

       Li Zhenran asked him, “Do you sympathize with him?”

       Li Zhenruo shook his head, he did not sympathize with Li Zhentai, but he did not hate him either.

       The longer time passed, the more he felt like an outsider. As if all the grudges and feuds had nothing to do with him.

       He sat sullenly for a while and asked Li Zhenran, “Who called Li Zhentai on that phone?”

       Li Zhenran sat down beside him, “How do I know?”

       Li Zhenruo looked at him, “Did Li Zhentai’s biological parents find him?”

       Li Zhenran did not answer his question.

       Li Zhenruo thought for a while, “If he knew that he has biological parents and that I am not Li Jianglin’s biological son, do you think he will know that none of you is Li Jianglin’s son?”

       Li Zhenran reached out and pinched his nose, “He doesn’t know. If he knows, he will not give up so easily.”

       Li Zhenruo was a little dazed, “Then what exactly does he know? And what is he planning?”

       In the afternoon, Li Zhenran took a call and went out. Soon after, Li Zhenzi also asked the driver to take him out. It was estimated that they were going back to deal with the mess that Li Zhentai left in Yunlin. The brothers did not come back for two nights for dinner.

       When Li Zhenruo was having dinner, he lay motionless on the back of the sofa and stared at Zhu Kai.

       After eating, Zhu Kai walked the dog and didn’t go far. He just let Erhuang shit in the yard. Anyway, a gardener would clean it up. When he turned around, he saw a pair of bright eyes looking through the window. He looked at him carefully, only to find that it was Li Zhenran’s cat, what was its name? Oh, dumplings.

       After walking the dog, Zhu Kai went back to his room and saw a note on the table, he picked it up and read it, it said: Zhu Kai, a friend for more than 20 years, you were together with Li Zhentai to harm me?

       There was no signature, but Zhu Kai could see that it was Li Zhenruo’s handwriting.

       He turned around suddenly, the room was quiet and he was alone.

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