Suo Yang didn’t know much about the so-called Five Elements. He only knew about them because he flipped through a book when he had nothing to do, and after a few glances, he remembered it.

       As for “reinforce and conquer each other”, how to reinforce? How do you conquer one another?

       He just listened and laughed.

       Seeing that Suo Yang didn’t speak, Shen Huiming felt as if he had shot an empty arrow again, which was really a headache.

       The two of them sat like this and didn’t speak anymore, Suo Yang looked at the other guests not far from them with a faint smile.

       As Suo Yang said, he knew very well that he was not in the same world as Shen Hui Ming and Jiang Tongyan, and this could also be seen from Zhou Mo and Cheng Sen.

       Those who came to Zhou Mo’s birthday party were clearly two different groups of people. Part of them was fashionable and playful, unrestrained and crazy, and the other part was unusually refined and elegant even without suits and leather shoes. You could guess which ones were Zhou Mo’s friends and which ones were invited by Cheng Sen.

       There was no difference between these two types of people, but the sense of separation made Suo Yang feel dazzled.

       But then again, he didn’t feel he was unworthy of anyone, there was no such thing as ‘worthy or unworthy in this world of relationships, only ‘want or don’t want’.

       He was not sure what Jiang Tongyan thought of him, but the chances were that he would still politely decline.

       It was not only because he didn’t want to integrate into the other man’s life, but he couldn’t give up his favourite job like Zhou Mo in order to spend more time with his lover.

       In fact, he pretty much had the same attitude towards Shen Huiming.

       “This Zhou Mo is really something,” Jiang Tongyan came back, holding the wine in his hand, “Bringing you here and just leaving it at that.”

       By now, most of the guests had arrived. Zhou Mo was flying around like a butterfly, mooching people off everywhere. Cheng Sen was not concerned, he just kept standing on the side to look at him and smiled.

       Suo Yang smiled and said, “Fortunately, I’m used to it.”

       Shen Huiming said sourly on the side, “Am I not keeping him company?”

       Jiang Tongyan glanced at Shen Huiming and deliberately sat between the two again.

       “How is it? How’s it going?” Jiang Tongyan poured wine for the two of them and asked this question seemingly without many thoughts.

       These three, each with their own worries, and the atmosphere was delicate.

       Shen Huiming felt that nothing he said was inappropriate, and he was afraid that Suo Yang would be annoyed by his talkativeness, so he simply kept quiet and watched how Suo Yang would respond.

       Suo Yang was unexpectedly frank, “Mr. Shen and I have only met twice by accident, and it’s a rare thing that he still remembers me.”

       Jiang Tongyan laughed when he heard what he said, “It’s not that rare.”

       He handed the wine glass to Suo Yang, “You leave a deep impression.”

       Suo Yang looked at him. On this occasion, he also showed that kind of professional smile that made Shen Huiming very helpless. The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and his eyes seemed to be smiling, but you never knew whether his smile was real or not.

       Jiang Tongyan wouldn’t just guess around like Shen Huiming, but asked bluntly, “Were you all flight attendants trained to smile? Since you came in, every time you smile, the curvature of your smile is exactly the same.”

       The smile on Suo Yang’s face froze for a second before he hurriedly put on a lighthearted smile and said, “I’m sorry, maybe this is also a type of occupational disease.”

       Suo Yang, who was exposed, felt a little embarrassed, but his embarrassment was not discovered by anyone.

       He continued to talk and laugh with Jiang Tongyan and said some irrelevant remarks. Jiang Tongyan was not a grouchy and annoying person. Although he mercilessly exposed Suo Yang’s smile, it only made Suo Yang feel that he might need to keep a safer distance from this person, that’s all, to not create any offence in any way.

       In fact, Jiang Tongyan was a good conversationalist and good at finding things to talk about. Because he knew the specific nature of Suo Yang’s work, he started talking about all the countries where the two had visited. Suo Yang didn’t answer often, even if he did it was polite and brief. In the end, they talked back to New York, back to the night where Suo Yang stayed last week, and the meeting he had had with Shen Huiming.

       The topic went back to Shen Huiming. Shen Huiming, who sat beside him for a long time without speaking, said with a smile, “Seeing you guys talking so well, I almost thought I wouldn’t have a part to play today.”

       Jiang Tongyan laughed, turned around and said to Suo Yang, “I still have a few love-hate relationships with Huiming that we have to talk about.”

       Suo Yang, who had no interest in any topic at first, seemed to have finally had his interest triggered and looked at the two people in front of him suspiciously.

       Shen Huiming smiled, “It’s too easy for people to misunderstand when you say that, those who don’t know will think that there’s something wrong between us.”

       “The two of us did have a problem,” Jiang Tongyan smiled at him, then turned to Suo Yang and said, “We were both undergraduate classmates in New York at the time, and whoever I liked, liked him, just like a curse. I almost went to a shaman to break my curse.”

       Suo Yang smiled, “Really?”

       “So, he has a sense of crisis now.” Shen Huiminglooked at Suo Yang with a light smile, “Maybe he would be happier today without me.”

       Jiang Tongyan shrugged noncommittally.

       While they were talking over here, Zhou Mo turned off the lights in the room.

       Suddenly there was darkness, and the originally bustling venue suddenly became quiet.

       Suo Yang looked around in surprise, then met Shen Huiming’s gaze, neither of them said anything, just looked at each other and looked away.

       Zhou Mo took the microphone and walked to the small stage that was specially set up for today. He snapped his fingers and a chasing beam of light spilt down.

       “Thank you, friends and family, for coming to my concert today.”

       Everyone was amused by him.

       “Oh no, it’s not a concert,” Zhou Mo said, standing there solemnly speaking, “It’s my coming-of-age ceremony.”

       Suo Yang burst out laughin.

       Shen Huiming noticed that he smiled relaxed this time, not knowing whether it was because the other party was Zhou Mo, or because they were still in the dark at the moment.

       He could see that Suo Yang was a person with a strong sense of self-protection, and it was quite difficult to be accepted and recognized by him.

       How could he pry open this iron plate and get a glimpse of the world inside?

       Shen Huiming felt that he had to meticulously study this to understand him clearly.

       “When we arrive at Zhou Mo’s place, we’ll have fun and drink, we’ll get drunk tonight!” Zhou Mo said, “But before everyone gets drunk, remember to send me your gifts first, thank you for your cooperation!”

       He made a scene on the stage, and then he snapped his fingers. On the stage came four muscular men dressed so sexy that Suo Yang’s head was full of question marks.

       The lights in the centre of the stage were all turned on, both the lights and the people on the stage were too exaggerated, making Suo Yang rub his brows.

       That was how Zhou Mo’s birthday party started with the stripper’s performance. The four muscular men on the stage danced with great dedication, and many people in the audience danced along wildly.

       Suo Yang was leaning on the sofa while drinking and watching the excitement with a smile. Jiang Tongyan asked him, “You’re not someone who often goes out to have fun, are you?”

       Suo Yang smiled, “I used to, but now I prefer to sleep at home.”

       At this time, Zhou Mo suddenly ran over and grabbed Shen Huiming.

       Suo Yang watched Zhou Mo pull Shen Huiming onto the stage, where the man stood there with a helpless face, surrounded by four strippers dancing.

       Jiang Tongyan said gloatingly, “Old Shen really has a lot of good fortune in love affairs.”

       Suo Yang didn’t say anything but looked at Shen Huiming and smiled.

       Jiang Tongyan turned to him, hesitated for a moment, and then said, “You smiled very sincerely this time. Although the real smile and the fake smile are both good-looking, there is still a big difference.”

       He snapped his fingers in front of Suo Yang’s eyes and whispered, “I see the stars in your eyes.”

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