Chapter 51

       Jiang Tongyan could tell that these two people, mainly Shen Huiming, came here to show off.

       The thousand-year-old iron tree had blossomed and after thirty years, finally fell in love and showed off its stench.

       Jiang Tongyan rolled his sour eyes at the two of them, waved his hand and left.

       Shen Huiming called him, “Won’t you join us for a drink?”

       “No!” Jiang Tongyan said, “Who cares about you drinking!”

       He left, leaving Shen Huiming and Suo Yang standing there laughing helplessly.

       Suo Yang said, “Shall we take a walk?”

       “Let’s go. The weather is not bad. Let’s just stroll around.”

       They said the weather was good, but unexpectedly, after walking for a little while, it started to drizzle.

       Shen Huiming took Suo Yang to take shelter in front of a closed shop to avoid the rain. Their shoulders leaned against each other, hands held together, and just half a step forward would get them wet from the rain.

       Shen Huiming said, “This is like the heavens forcing us to reminisce.”

       Suo Yang smiled silently, looking at the raindrops falling on the ground, and thought about that time the two met on the streets of New York late at night.

       At that time, he never imagined that one day he would revisit an old place with Shen Huiming as lovers.

       At this time, there were quite a few vehicles passing by, and there were naturally some pedestrians passing by, but everyone was in a hurry. They were either running in the rain or walking past with an umbrella, and no one paid attention to the two men standing by the wall. They and the others were all insignificant passersby in each other’s lives, not even leaving distinct outlines in their own stories.

       But Shen Huiming and Suo Yang, they are worth a thousand dollars in each other’s hearts. Since they met, each page of the story has each other’s names.

       “Is it bad for us to kiss on the side of the road?” Shen Huiming asked.

       Suo Yang thought for a while, “Are there any laws in the United States that don’t allow kissing on the road?”

       “Probably not.”

       “Then let’s kiss.”

       Suo Yang turned to look at him. The two looked at each other for a second and kissed.

       This time, Shen Huiming and Suo Yang also felt the same kind of happiness that Cheng Sen and Zhou Mo had—getting on the plane to work and then getting off the plane to have fun together.

       In the forty hours in New York, except for meeting Jiang Tongyan, the two of them never left the hotel. Shen Huiming’s so-called ‘holiday travel’ became ‘holiday in bed’.

       Both of them find it incredible that they were never been an indulgent people, but they often lose control in front of each other.

       When Suo Yang woke up in the middle of the night and looked at Shen Huiming’s sleeping face. He was seriously wondering whether this was really love playing tricks on them, turning two rigid individuals into a sticky mess, making them like two tree roots entwined in a hidden place, closely connected without anyone noticing.

       This journey went by quickly and was quite enjoyable, which also made Shen Huiming feel very relaxed.

       However, his vacation had to end on the return flight. He went straight to the company when he landed, and he didn’t even have time to go home and change his clothes.

       Suo Yang felt sorry for him, but he also knew that it couldn’t be helped.

       “I’ll get in touch after I’m done with my work.” Suo Yang said, “I’ll wait for you anytime.”

       Because of their work, both Shen Huiming and Suo Yang were always punctual people. They arranged their schedules clearly and strictly adhered to them.

       They had a strong sense of time and always planned before they did anything.

       None of them would waste time waiting indefinitely because they all understood how precious time is.

       But Suo Yang promised Shen Huiming—I will wait for you anytime.

       Such a sentence, which seemed to be nothing special to others, but to Shen Huiming, it was a wonderful love sentence.

       The two separated at the airport; one went home, and the other went to the company.

       While Shen Huiming was busy in the company, Suo Yang cleaned the house, changed the sheets and quilts, and washed his clothes and pants.

       He was not willing to throw away the roses that Shen Huiming gave him before he went to New York, and now they had completely withered.

       The reason why Suo Yang never bought fresh flowers while there were vases at home was that he felt that no matter how colourful the flowers were, no matter how vigorous they were before, they would soon come to the end of their lives. The petals would fall off, the leaves would wither, and no matter how you thought about it, it was somehow sad.

       He didn’t like to be ‘sent off’, so he simply didn’t ‘welcome’.

       However, it was probably because of Shen Huiming’s appearance that his whole attitude towards life changed.

       Today, the withering of flowers no longer means loss but that the life that was once gorgeous had not been in vain.

       It turned out that love could really change a person.

       He packed everything up and took another nap, and when he woke up, it was already dark outside.

       He glanced at his phone. It was past eight o’clock in the evening, and there was still no news from Shen Huiming.

       Suo Yang got off the bed, took a glass of warm water and drank it while standing in front of the window. He suddenly had a thought, took his mobile phone and searched for recipes.

       There was nothing in the refrigerator at home, so he hesitated and went downstairs.

       The small supermarket downstairs was still open, and he bought vegetables according to the recipe.

       It was almost nine o’clock when he returned home. He originally thought that if Shen Huiming finished his work, he would go to find the other party and make the soup another day, but there was no news from the other party, and he didn’t want to disturb his work, so he put his phone aside. He then looked at the recipe and started processing the ingredients.

       Suo Yang seldom cooks, he knew how to cook a few dishes, but he often felt that he had no motivation to cook since he lived alone. Most of the time, he simply cooked instant noodles or porridge, and rarely did he seriously make soup.

       He was thinking that Shen Huiming was working hard and that he should make up for it. However, Shen Huiming called just as soon as the ingredients were processed.

       “Finished working?” Suo Yang purposely looked at the time. It was almost half past nine.

       “Well, what are you doing?”

       “I’m making soup for you.” Suo Yang smiled, “Have you had dinner yet?”

       “Soup?” Shen Huiming was really flattered, “Whether you’ve had dinner or not doesn’t matter at this hour; it’s time for a late-night snack.”

       “Then, come to my place?” Suo Yang estimated that Shen Huiming should be able to drink hot soup when he came to rest for a while.

       “Okay, I’ll go there now.” Shen Huiming said, “It feels so good to have someone waiting for me.”

       Suo Yang let out a light laugh and told him to drive safely.

       In love, having someone to wait for, or someone to wait for, is a happy thing.

       Life suddenly had fresh expectations, wanted to see the other party, and wanted to be the other party’s support after the other party was busy and tired.

       After Suo Yang hung up the phone, he speeded up. He was cooking when he waited for his lover to knock on the door.

       In the city at night, there were still many people rushing on the road, and the traffic jam situation was not much better than during the day.

       Shen Huiming was so eager to return that he wanted to learn to instantly move and appear beside Suo Yang in the blink of an eye.

       He was sitting in the car, music playing, gently tilting the steering wheel with his fingers, and staring at the taillights of the car in front of him.

       He hummed along. It was the song ‘Elopement’ recommended to him by Suo Yang.

       In the city of desire, you are my last faith.

       White as a beam of joy that illuminates my heart.

       Shen Huiming smiled. His mind was full of Suo Yang.

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