Suo Yang is not a social person, but he likes to meet friends with Shen Huiming.

       Whether it’s his friend or Shen Huiming’s friend.

       He understood this behaviour as a way of ‘integrating into the other person’s life’. Although love was a matter between two individuals, each person had their own social circle. A person’s willingness to introduce another person to his friends might not necessarily be true love, but if one was not willing to do even this thing, then it must not be true love.

       Suo Yang thought so.

       There’s always something wrong with hiding the person you’re in love with.

       Therefore, even Suo Yang, who didn’t like socializing, still happily went to meet Shen Huiming’s friends.

       For example, Jiang Tongyan.

       Suo Yang and Jiang Tongyan were considered acquaintances. They met on a ‘blind date’ and lost contact after that. According to Shen Huiming, Jiang Tongyan was ‘preparing for a relationship’.

       “What do you mean by preparing for a relationship?” Suo Yang sat on the sofa and watched Shen Huiming unpack the takeaway food from the restaurant.

       “It means that someone is courting him,” Shen Huiming smiled, “but the relationship hasn’t been confirmed yet.”

       Suo Yang smiled, “Got it.”

       He took the milk handed by Shen Huiming and took a sip, “Did you tell him about the two of us?”

       “Yes, he hates it with a passion.” Shen Huiming sat next to Suo Yang, leaned over, and took a sip of the milk in his cup.


       “What else could it be? That curse.” Speaking of this matter, Shen Huiming felt that it was really not their problem this time, and he also felt that Jiang Tongyan hadn’t paid attention to Suo Yang from the beginning, after all, they knew each other well. On the day they met, an even more abrasive guy appeared as well.

       Suo Yang was of course skeptical about the so-called ‘curse’, but it was fine to joke about it as an interesting storyline and have nothing to do with it. Life couldn’t always be tense and talk about serious things.

       “I called him yesterday, and he was still upset.”

       Suo Yang held his cup in both hands and took a bite of the sandwich that Shen Huiming brought to his mouth, “Didn’t he already have a fling?”

       “It is said that the relationship between the two is very complicated. We can ask him about it when we meet later.”

       When the two arrived in New York, the first thing was to go back to the hotel to make love, and the second thing was to meet Jiang Tongyan.

       Suo Yang actually didn’t care, but Shen Huiming always wanted to show off, so he took Suo Yang’s hand to meet Jiang Tongyan, pissing the guy off.

       At Zhou Mo’s birthday party, Jiang Tongyan even said that he would compete fairly with Shen Huiming, but the next day he slept with his little dance partner from the previous night, and the two have been entangled ever since.

       Although Shen Huiming was not a person who loves gossip, he still wanted to hear Jiang Tongyan’s gossip.

       After all, fighting with a love rival was a lot of fun.

       At three o’clock in the afternoon New York time, Suo Yang and Shen Huiming walked out of the hotel gate.

       The two took a taxi to the restaurant. Fifteen minutes ago, Jiang Tongyan sent a message saying that he had already left.

       Jiang Tongyan was considerate, knowing that these two were from other places, he took care of them when choosing a restaurant, and chose a place not too far from their hotel.

       When Shen Huiming walked in holding hands with Suo Yang, Jiang Tongyan was already waiting there with a dark face.

       “Still holding hands!” Jiang Tongyan looked at Shen Huiming and curled his lips in disgust.

       Suo Yang stood beside Shen Huiming and gave Jiang Tongyan a professional smile.

       “…Here we go again!” Jiang Tongyan rubbed his eyebrows, then shook hands with Suo Yang, “Long time no see, hope you’re well.”

       Suo Yang smiled and shook his hand, then sat down with Shen Huiming.

       “What do you mean here we go again?” Shen Huiming asked after sitting down.

       Jiang Tongyan raised his hand to signal the waiter that it was time to serve.

       “Already ordered?” Shen Huiming was a little surprised.

       “Well, how thoughtful I am, I’ve ordered all the classic dishes in this house.” Jiang Tongyan said, “Forgive me for taking the liberty…”

       He turned to Suo Yang, “Handsome, do you usually smile at old Shen in that professional way?”

       Suo Yang originally planned to just sit obediently and listen to their chat, but he didn’t expect the topic to suddenly turn to himself.

       “It’s fine.” Suo Yang looked at Shen Huiming.

       “You’re just jealous.” Shen Huiming was usually a sophisticated person with the typical qualities of a mature, composed, and successful young man. However, as Jiang Tongyan was his classmate for many years, and there was an unresolved ‘curse’ between them, whenever they met, they teased each other, behaving childishly.

       “Me? Jealous?” Jiang Tongyan looked at Suo Yang, and said earnestly, “Suo Yang, I really made a mistake. I shouldn’t have come back to New York. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have let him get to the pavilion closest to the water and enjoys bright moonlight first1he was saying that Shen Huiming is using his proximity to gain more advantages.”

       Suo Yang lowered his head and smiled slightly, without saying anything.

       “Stop flattering yourself, even if you live next door to him, you won’t be able to catch up with him.” Shen Huiming picked up the red wine on the table and sniffed it, “This wine is not bad.”

       “Of course, I brought it for myself.” Jiang Tongyan said, “I didn’t even bother to open it when other people asked me for dinner.”

       Jiang Tongyan looked at the two people sitting in front of him and suddenly felt so sad that he wanted to smoke.

       But this restaurant was non-smoking.

       This made him even more sad.

       “Are you in a bad mood?” Shen Huiming asked.

       “It would be strange if I could be good.”

       “Don’t tell me it’s because of the two of us.”

       Jiang Tongyan looked at them and picked up the cup, “Take a sip before we talk.”

       The three clinked glasses lightly, and each took a sip.

       “I’m not kidding, it’s good for you two to be together.” Jiang Tongyan said, “At least old Shen won’t play with other people’s feelings. I feel relieved that Suo Yang will follow you.”

       “…What does it have to do with you?” Shen Huiming sneered.

       Jiang Tongyan also laughed, “This is just speaking from the heart.”

       “What? Have you been played with your feelings?”

       When Shen Huiming said this, his tone was so brisk that Suo Yang couldn’t bear it any longer, and he lightly pinched his thigh.

       Jiang Tongyan rolled his eyes, “Can’t you be more tactful?”

       “We are all old classmates, there is no need for euphemisms.”

       The exquisite dishes were served, and the three chatted while eating.

       Jiang Tongyan said to Suo Yang, “During Zhou Mo’s birthday, do you remember old Shen’s dance partner?”

       “That’s your dancing partner.” Shen Huiming took over the conversation, “My dancing partner is Suo Yang.”

       Suo Yang smiled slightly, “I remember, he is quite a cute boy.”

       “…Cute?” Jiang Tongyan gritted his teeth and said, “That’s a little scumbag.”

       The two people sitting opposite Jiang Tongyan were a little surprised, especially Shen Huiming.

       “What’s the matter? Did he treat you poorly?” Shen Huiming couldn’t hold it back. He never thought that such a little boy who seemed to have no brains could make Jiang Tongyan, the fox, eat his words, “I remember you said you were going to go back and sleep with him.”

       Suo Yang didn’t understand, so he turned to look at Shen Huiming.

       Shen Huiming came close to Suo Yang’s ear and explained to him, “The night of Zhou Mo’s birthday the two of them got a room, but I don’t remember whether they did it or not. The next day before I met with you I had breakfast with this guy and when we parted ways I was getting ready to meet with you and he threatened to go back to the hotel and sleep with someone else.”

       Suo Yang looked at Jiang Tongyan dumbfounded.

       “At that time, he was being greasy and sticking it to me, you all saw it, right?”

       Shen Huiming said very calmly, “I didn’t see it.”

       Suo Yang laughed again because of his words.

       Jiang Tongyan glanced at Suo Yang and understood that what Shen Huiming said was true, even if he lived next door to Suo Yang, he was still no match for Shen Huiming.

       Different, completely different.

       Suo Yang’s smile to Jiang Tongyan was the same as his smile to other people. He was very handsome, impeccably handsome, and the arc of every smile was exactly the same, but when Suo Yang smiles because of Shen Huiming, the smile was real It overflows from the eyes, not just from the corners of the mouth.

       He was really jealous.

       But what he envied was not that Shen Huiming could have Suo Yang, but that they could have each other.

       “I did sleep with him.” Jiang Tongyan sighed, “Before we slept, he was still insisting that I take responsibility. But after we slept, he sat there, wrapped in the blanket, and coldly told me that we couldn’t be together.”

       “Why?” Shen Huiming and Suo Yang asked almost at the same time.

       “He said that we were acting on impulse, it was the passion generated when we were dizzy.” Jiang Tongyan rolled his eyes, “He said a quickie would be fine, and that a relationship wasn’t necessary.”

       Jiang Tongyan frowned, tapped on the table lightly, and asked Shen Huiming, “You tell me, is he a scumbag?”

       Both Shen Huiming and Suo Yang were silent, and they both had speculations about this matter in their hearts.

       Of course, it was impossible for Suo Yang to say anything, but Shen Huiming didn’t care if Jiang Tongyan felt ashamed.

       He said directly, “Do you have a problem with that? If so, it is completely understandable for people to do so.”

       “You’re the one who has the problem!” Jiang Tongyan rolled his eyes at him, “You didn’t even see him, he was so excited at the time, he hugged me and called me gege and husband, I’m fvcking…”

       Jiang Tongyan suddenly realised that his scale might be a little too big, which would damage his image in Suo Yang’s heart.

       Although he and Suo Yang would not have any stories, after all, they were former blind date partners, so he still need to leave a good impression.

       Shen Huiming provoked him on purpose, “This is all your group’s words, the judgement of the case still has to take evidence from many sides, we can’t believe everything you say.”

       Jiang Tongyan glanced at him disdainfully, “I can see that you are so conceited right now.”

       Jiang Tongyan said, “Are all of you in love like this? Looking down on us who are single?”

       Suo Yang smiled softly, and said to Shen Huiming, “Don’t make fun of him.”

       Shen Huiming obediently agreed, and after that, he didn’t mess around with Jiang Tongyan again.

       After the meal, Jiang Tongyan was so envious.

       When the three of them walked out of the restaurant, he still lit a cigarette.

       “Let me ask a serious question.” Jiang Tongyan said, “How do you distinguish between love and passion?”

       Suo Yang looked at him, and then at Shen Huiming.

       Shen Huiming turned around and asked Jiang Tongyan, “Do you really like that boy?”

       “Boy, what boy, he said he was 20, but he was actually 27.” Jiang Tongyan said, “He is a liar.”

       “Even if he’s a little liar, don’t you also let him deceive your heart?” Shen Huiming squeezed Jiang Tongyan’s shoulder and said, “Whether it is love or passion, you know it best yourself. If you want the other party to know it, it’s up to you to convey it. What kind of message did you give him?”

       When Suo Yang looked at Jiang Tongyan’s sad face, he finally said, “None of us are experts in love, but if a person is really loved, he will feel it.”

       Just like him and Shen Huiming.

       At first, Suo Yang couldn’t accurately distinguish momentary passion from sincere love, but Shen Huiming taught him how to do it.

       “Will it be?” Jiang Tongyan frowned at them.

       “Try it.” Shen Huiming raised his hand and put his arms around Suo Yang, and the two of them leaned together, looking at Jiang Tongyan, “Just in case.”

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