Chapter 55


In the corner of the private room, it was crowded with people, and laughter resonated from there. Peering through the figures, one could see Wen Ye tilting his head back, downing a full glass of red wine. Under the influence of alcohol, he furrowed his brows slightly.


Standing a few steps away, Tang Jiaze looked down on him with a playful expression. “Oh, Wen Ye, you can really hold your liquor! Will you continue? Just don’t blame me if you drink yourself to death; I can’t bear that responsibility.”


Wen Ye used his fingertips to wipe away the wine stain from his lips, showing no sign of annoyance. His tone remained calm as he replied, “Continue.”


Seeing that Wen Ye maintained his indifferent demeanor, Tang Jiaze’s gaze turned slightly cold, and his mocking smile intensified. “You’re the one rushing to your own demise, don’t blame me for not stopping you.”


Kang Hanyun frowned upon hearing this and kicked the table heavily with her long legs. Her icy gaze showed her displeasure. “Enough talk, continue! Today, whoever gives in first is a loser!”


Tang Jiaze’s attitude amused him, and the other members of the Silver Star University’s team followed suit with boisterous shouts. Without warning, the corner of the entertainment venue turned into a battlefield between the two military academies.


The onlookers from Heavy Cloud Defense University and Grand War University wisely stayed on the sidelines without uttering a word.


Kang Hanyun provocatively asked Wen Ye in a low voice, “Captain, why not let me take over? A hero shouldn’t suffer in silence. What do you think?”


Wen Ye had indeed consumed quite a bit of alcohol from before until now, and the noisy atmosphere seemed to fuel his alcohol buzz. Despite this, he shook his head, “You’re a girl, drink less.”


Kang Hanyun retorted, “I might not necessarily lose, but you…”


Before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by a sudden arrival.


“The arrogant ones from Silver Star, I advise you not to be too c0cky! What’s so impressive about outnumbering us? Want a fight? Brother Lu is here to play with you!”


Lu Jingning, who had noticed the commotion when he looked up earlier, rushed over without hesitation.


Following behind him was Wen Xingchen, who appeared somewhat displeased, clearly reluctant to join in.


Tang Jiaze refilled his wine glass, almost amused by Lu Jingning’s arrival. “Always resorting to violence. Are you even an Omega?”


Lu Jingning sneered, “Heh, I’m just more Alpha than you. Jealous, are you?”




Tang Jiaze felt that his train of thought and Lu Jingning’s were not on the same level. He impatiently furrowed his brows, “So what? You want to defend your team captain? Sure, it seems there’s quite a camaraderie among you in Emperor Sea’s team!”


“Naturally,” Lu Jingning approached, and someone promptly pushed a chair over. He casually sat down in front of the table, slamming it hard with his hand. “Go ahead, Silver Star. What’s your plan? A brawl or one-on-one? It’s up to you. We’ll give you a chance to challenge us outside of the competition, although the result will be the same. Consider it satisfying your lingering obsession.”


Tang Jiaze gritted his teeth, “Who’s obsessed?”


Lu Jingning responded, “Whoever wants to bite is the one who’s obsessed.”


The already tense atmosphere suddenly became even more charged.


Kang Hanyun was momentarily stunned by this sudden change and couldn’t help but be amazed at Lu Jingning’s impeccable provocation skills. This guy was definitely capable of provoking anyone!


Tang Jiaze, perhaps influenced by the taunting, burst into a sinister laugh. “Alright then! Since Emperor Sea is so eager to throw themselves at us, don’t blame us for being merciless. Tonight, nobody from your team will leave through that door standing!” 


Lu Jingning was pleased to hear the harsh words he wanted, and he arrogantly raised an eyebrow. “Tell me, how are we doing this?”


Tang Jiaze snatched something from a classmate nearby and slammed it heavily on the table. “We’re playing a game of ‘bigger or smaller’!”


“Okay, let’s continue…” Lu Jingning instinctively went along with his provocation, but then he paused and asked, “What do you mean by ‘bigger or smaller’?”


Tang Jiaze looked at him with a smirk. “It’s a game of chance. Your team captain has already lost several rounds. I reckon it’s about time for him to kneel. So, are you up next?”


Lu Jingning’s lips twitched as he was taken aback for a rare moment. He turned to Kang Hanyun with a speechless expression, quietly complaining, “Senior sister, why did you let the captain play ‘bigger or smaller’ with them…”


Considering Wen Ye’s non-conforming nature, why would he engage in such a game with others? It was no different from walking into a trap!


Under his scrutinizing gaze, Kang Hanyun couldn’t help feeling a little guilty and cleared her throat, “Don’t blame me; I only noticed it later.”


Lu Jingning fell into silence.


Who would have thought that they were about to start a brawl, but it turned out to be such a shocking revelation. 


Tang Jiaze, feeling the tension between them, sneered, “Are you scared?”


If it weren’t for the fact that Tang Jiaze’s expression perfectly conveyed his mocking emotions, Lu Jingning would have suspected that this person was insulting his intelligence.


Lu Jingning rolled up his sleeves and filled an empty cup from the side. “Come on, let me show you that no matter the occasion, you’re still under my authority.”


Wen Ye furrowed his brow, about to say something, but Kang Hanyun intervened and pulled him back. “Captain, you should rest for a while. We have Lu Jingning here.”


The alcohol was starting to affect him, and he did feel a bit dizzy, so he didn’t say anything. He leaned heavily on the sofa, watching Lu Jingning and Tang Jiaze play on.


Unexpectedly, during the game, the luck favored the Silver Star University to an extraordinary degree. Tang Jiaze rolled a ‘Leopard’ in the first round, while Lu Jingning rolled three threes, and he downed the newly filled glass of red wine amid cheers.


In the second round, Tang Jiaze’s luck worsened a bit, rolling a ‘Five and two threes,’ which was not a significant number. However, when Lu Jingning finished rolling, he had a ‘straight one, two, and three,’ winning again.


Lu Jingning drank two consecutive cups, frowned displeasedly, and, seeing the arrogance of the Silver Star University’s group, stood up and stomped on the table. “Continue!”


In the third round, Lu Jingning managed to pull one back. But when it was Tang Jiaze’s turn to drink the cup, it seemed that his alcohol tolerance was surprisingly poor.


His drinking capacity was far less impressive than Lu Jingning’s.


Lu Jingning stood there unsteadily, but Tang Jiaze, who seemed on the verge of collapse, laughed happily. “Come on, continue! Let your Dad Lu play with you! I won’t spare you!”


Tang Jiaze’s eyes were somewhat unfocused, but with a strong will, he refused to back down.


With a forceful shake of his head, trying to clear his mind as much as possible, Tang Jiaze gritted his teeth, “Continue!”


“You can keep boasting!” Lu Jingning sneered, reaching for the dice cup. Unexpectedly, his vision blurred, and he missed grabbing it.


He frowned, annoyed, and squinted to aim again, preparing to reach for it. However, someone pulled him back with a strong tug, and he found himself falling into broad arms.


Wen Xingchen’s voice came from above, “Are you done playing? Can I have a turn?”


Lu Jingning’s hazy mind paused for a moment before he reacted. Looking up, he asked, “You want to play?”


Maybe due to the effect of alcohol, his eyes were somewhat hazy, as if shrouded in an indescribable mist, giving off a charm that couldn’t be put into words.


Taken aback by this gaze, Wen Xingchen’s lips curved slightly. “Mhm, I want to play.”


Hearing their conversation, Tang Jiaze mocked, “What’s this? Can’t handle it and need someone’s help?”


Lu Jingning’s thoughts were surprisingly clear at this moment. “How can this be considered getting help? It’s just a war between our two schools. Take a closer look; this is Wen Xingchen, my best comrade-in-arms fighting side by side with me.”


Tang Jiaze: “…Damn it!”


Wen Xingchen pushed Lu Jingning back into his seat, bent down slightly, and said to the person across from them, “If you want, you can switch players.”


Alpha’s hand was indeed larger than Omega’s, and it covered the dice cup entirely, as if embracing it within the palm. The slender fingers and distinct knuckles looked like exquisite pieces of craftsmanship.


Lu Jingning could feel Wen Xingchen’s breath gently brushing against his ear as he spoke. In this position, Lu Jingning felt enveloped in Wen Xingchen’s arms, much like the dice cup before him.


He couldn’t help but fixate on those beautiful fingers, and somehow, under the influence of alcohol’s faint mint and cigarette scent, he felt as if he was burning up, a warmth he couldn’t describe.


Seeing that Tang Jiaze was replaced by a new team member after a while, Lu Jingning suddenly remembered something. He pulled Wen Xingchen’s collar, lowering it slightly, and whispered, “Sensitivity period, no alcohol.”


His slightly hoarse voice carried an indescribable magnetic quality that turned what sounded like a commanding tone into something sensually ambiguous.


At such a close distance, a slight bow of the head would result in a direct kiss.


Wen Xingchen’s eyelashes drooped slightly, and he met the other’s gaze with what seemed like extra seriousness. He chuckled softly, “Got it. I’ll play a couple of rounds.”



As it turned out, Wen Xingchen indeed did as he said, playing a few rounds with just a sip of alcohol. He then pulled the seemingly unconscious Biang Yunlin into the game.


By this time, Lu Jingning had curled up in the chair, looking drunk and almost ready to fall asleep at any moment.


Wen Xingchen glanced at the time, casually dr4p3d his coat over the person, and reached out to scoop him into his arms. “You guys continue; I’ll take him back first.”


Tang Jiaze, who had rested for a while and regained some composure, wasn’t pleased with this. “You’re leaving before finishing? Where are you running off to?”


Lu Jingning, who was still hanging on Wen Xingchen, seemed provoked. He suddenly perked up, “Come on, continue! Are you afraid of your daddy Lu?”


Seeing that he was about to rush over again, Wen Xingchen raised his hand, pressing down on Lu Jingning’s head, and firmly put him back against his chest, patting him lightly. “Behave.”


Lu Jingning tried to struggle, but the alcohol made him feel weak all over. Angrily, he grunted a few times but finally succumbed to the alluring pheromones emanating from Wen Xingchen’s body, obediently calming down.


Wen Xingchen seemed satisfied with his cooperation and kindly reminded Tang Jiaze, “This guy likes to release pheromones when he’s drunk. Are you sure you want him to stay in this kind of situation?” 


Tang Jiaze’s face momentarily froze, as if recalling some unpleasant memories. His expression stiffened.


Seeing his hesitation, Wen Xingchen offered him a way out, “As for me, you can consider me eliminated.”


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