Suo Yang was full of courage in many things, but he had been hesitant to take the step of going home to reconcile with his parents for several years.

       Now, his relationship with Shen Huiming was a driving force for his reconciliation, and the accident that just happened was an opportunity.

       Although everyone would inevitably have many regrets in their life, Suo Yang still hoped to reduce his regrets as much as possible. When he got old, he would lie in bed… Or just think about the worst-case scenario; if something unexpected happened to him one day, he wanted to look back on the years he had walked through and, at the very least, not have too many regrets.

       It was better to work harder while he could still work hard than to blame others after many years.

       Shen Huiming was happy to hear him say such words. Although Suo Yang didn’t mention it often, Shen Huiming knew very well that with a personality like Suo Yang’s, he definitely cared about his parents.

       It was said that parents and children did not have an overnight grudge. Blood is thicker than water, and nothing can dilute it. There might be exceptions, but Shen Huiming hoped that Suo Yang would not have to bear this pressure all the time.

       In fact, after the two talked, Shen Huiming did not expect Suo Yang’s parents to support or bless them but hoped that at least they would no longer reject them.

       “Okay, when do you want to go back? I will arrange the time, and I will accompany you.”

       Suo Yang felt a little sorry, knowing that Shen Huiming was busy, but he always dragged him around.

       But he couldn’t say that he could go back by himself because he knew very well that he couldn’t do it.

       He needs Shen Huiming.

       Suo Yang felt that he might have been spoiled by Shen Huiming, otherwise, why would he become so squeamish and pretentious now?

       “I’m okay with anything. It depends on your schedule.” Suo Yang said, “Don’t let my affairs affect your work rhythm. I can wait.”

       When saying this, Suo Yang felt ashamed of himself.

       In fact, he knew very well that Shen Huiming would try his best to satisfy any request he made, and he could not wait to fulfil it.

       He felt sorry and thought that all he could do to make up for it was treat Shen Huiming better in the days to come.

       “Okay, I’ll make some arrangements to see how it goes.” Shen Huiming did not confirm the time with Suo Yang immediately. Firstly, the work at hand did require time arrangement, and he was not sure when he would be able to leave. Secondly, he did not want Suo Yang to feel disturbed by this. If he set a time immediately, Suo Yang would definitely feel guilty.

       Suo Yang felt guilty for his selfishness, and Shen Huiming tried to find ways to alleviate his guilt.

       Shen Huiming said, “I’m going to meet the parents. Shouldn’t I catch up on some sleep, eat something good these two days, and return home with you in the best of spirits?”

       Suo Yang laughed out loud, “You’ve always been good.”

       The two hung up the phone, Suo Yang tidied up the room and then went to the appointment with Zhou Mo.

       As soon as Zhou Mo saw him, he started checking first without saying anything, Suo Yang laughed, “Are you sure? I’m not missing any arms or legs, right?”

       “You scared me to death!” Zhou Mo saw that he was in good condition and breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s exciting enough to experience this kind of thing once in a lifetime, but it turns out it’s maddening for me to experience it again.”

       Suo Yang knew that he was worried about him, so he patted the back of his hand gently to express comfort.

       The two chatted while eating, and Zhou Mo always observed Suo Yang carefully.

       Suo Yang was sensitive and naturally knew that Zhou Mo was paying attention to his situation. He didn’t say much and just let the other party observe, as long as Zhou Mo could rest assured.

       “By the way, what’s the important thing you’re talking about?” Zhou Mo had been thinking about it for a long time. It was already the limit for someone as gossipy as him to hold back for so long before asking.

       As soon as Zhou Mo’s question came out of his mouth, Suo Yang’s ears immediately turned red.

       “Huh? Your ears are red.” Zhou Mo stared at him, “You’re smiling a little shyly.”

       The word shy appeared on Suo Yang for the first time. He looked at Zhou Mo with some surprise, “Shy?”

       Zhou Mo smiled, “I have only seen this expression on the bride’s face.”

       “…Don’t talk nonsense.” Suo Yang said, “But I am indeed planning to marry Huiming.”

       Zhou Mo was drinking juice. Upon hearing what he said, the juice lingered in his mouth, and he even forgot to swallow it.

       “Getting married?” Zhou Mo swallowed the juice and wiped his mouth with a tissue, “You and Shen Huiming?”

       “Well, who else could it be but him?”

       Zhou Mo was quite supportive of the two being together. Of course, whether he supported their relationship or not didn’t really matter, as it was their personal choice to be in a romantic relationship. It’s just that he thought Shen Huiming was a good person, but…

       “Isn’t it a bit fast?” Zhou Mo and Cheng Sen were together for several years before getting married. Although their same-sex marriage, which was certified abroad, was not recognized in China, marriage is marriage; no matter what form or method it was, it should not be done too hasty.

       In Zhou Mo’s heart, Suo Yang had always been a thoughtful person and did not make decisions easily. He even thought that if the two of them got married one day, it might be ten or eight years later.

       Zhou Mo counted on his fingers, “How long have you two known each other? How long have you been together?”

       Zhou Mo said, “Well, I didn’t mean to say anything bad about him, I was just worried about your impulsiveness.”

       Suo Yang smiled, “But getting married is an impulsive decision.”

       Zhou Mo thought about it and felt that this was true. Although he and Cheng Sen had been in a relationship for so long, their decision to get married was based on impulse.

       “Although it was an impulse,” Suo Yang said, “it is also an inevitable result. I didn’t understand it before and felt that marriage was meaningless for us gay people, but now I suddenly understand.”

       “What do you suddenly understand?” Zhou Mo asked curiously.

       “When our love for each other is so strong that we don’t know how to express it, the only way is through marriage.” Suo Yang said, “Just being in a romantic relationship is no longer enough for us; we need to become each other’s beloved.”

       Zhou Mo laughed knowingly, “How come you make this sound so romantic?”

       “Maybe it’s because love is inherently romantic,” Suo Yang said. “Some people may think that marriage is the tomb of love. I don’t fully agree with this statement. The meaning of marriage varies from person to person, and everyone defines it differently. For us, marriage is something we can’t get under the rules, so we can only use roundabout ways to prove our determination to stay with each other until we grow old.”

       Zhou Mo held his chin and looked at him with a smile in his eyes.

       “You are really different.” Zhou Mo said, “In the past, you were always cold, not the kind of ice-cold face on the surface, but always kept a distance from life and the people in it. I always felt that you don’t seem to be very passionate about anything other than work.”

       Suo Yang could understand what Zhou Mo meant.

       In fact, when he heard what others said about him behind his back, it was not unreasonable to think about it calmly and rationally.

       He had fairly decent skin, but the world under the skin was extremely empty. He refused to enter into any excitement and had little interest in anything.

       Beautiful it might be, yet utterly soulless.

       This statement was a cutting sword aimed at him, but wasn’t the reason it hurt him because it striked right at the core?

       Suo Yang understood.

       Therefore, he was very sure that his marriage to Shen Huiming was the right choice because he would never meet anyone more worthy of being with him for a lifetime than Shen Huiming.

       Shen Huiming is like oxygen, and he spared no effort to inject it into his stagnant water, causing aquatic plants to grow, fish to appear, and life to emerge from the bottom of the water.

       All the breath of life in him came from Shen Huiming. He loved the other person and was happy with his love.

       “Speaking of which, where are you going to hold the wedding?”

       “Berlin.” Suo Yang said, “But there are a lot of procedures to go through. Huiming checked yesterday and found that getting married abroad is not that simple.”

       Zhou Mo nodded, “Okay, if you two plan to enjoy the joy of your newlywed life alone, then I will give you a big gift, but if you plan to entertain everyone, I must be the best man.”

       As the two parted ways, Zhou Mo asked again, “Are you serious?”

       Suo Yang nodded firmly, “Yes, very serious.”

       Zhou Mo raised his hand and rubbed his nose, “Happy wedding.”

       The two stood on the roadside and hugged each other gently. Suo Yang said, “Thank you.”

       “What for?”

       “If you hadn’t invited me to your birthday party and hadn’t invited him, and if we hadn’t met there, maybe I would still be that lifeless person now.”

       Zhou Mo shook his head, shrugged, and poked Suo Yang’s shoulder with his finger.

       “Even if you don’t meet that day, you will definitely meet again later.” Zhou Mo said, “Some fate will come sooner or later. It is yours, and it is destined to be yours.”

       Suo Yang stood there and watched Zhou Mo drive away while he stretched himself against the winter sun.

       What is mine is destined to be mine.

       He thought about Shen Huiming and felt that Zhou Mo was right.

       Suo Yang checked the time and then drove to the vicinity of Shen Huiming’s company. He did not go upstairs to find the other party. Instead, he ordered a cup of honey gr4p3fruit tea at the coffee shop downstairs opposite and took out the book that he had not opened for a long time to read.

       Shen Huiming told him before that when he read this book, he would deliberately not read the later parts because from chapter 11 onwards, the love that started with the encounter on the plane gradually faded away, and he did not want such an ending.

       After that, every time Suo Yang re-read the book, he would stop abruptly at chapter 10, without continuing to read or think about it, even though he knew that the story in the book would not predict the ending and love between him and Shen Huiming. The dislike of each other would not happen to them, but he still deliberately avoided it.

       After all, sometimes, he was still a coward.

       But on this afternoon, waiting for Shen Huiming to finish work, he sat in the coffee shop. When he looked up, he could see the office building across the street, where his beloved was busy. However, he no longer harboured any unnecessary concerns. He continued to read his book, now in the role of a bystander.

       On page 161, he made a mark with the pencil on the coffee shop table and drew a light line under the sentence—We need to earnestly consider how the two of us will grow old together, ageing to the point of retiring with a mouth full of false teeth in a bungalow by the sea. If we wholeheartedly believe in all of this, we can even plan to get married, forcing our hearts to immerse themselves in endless love in the most resolute and legitimate way.

       He liked the phrase but had doubts about the term ‘force’.

       He and Shen Huiming would enjoy it instead of being forced to indulge in love.

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