Chapter 92


Near the stadium of the league competition, someone was also waiting for the match to begin.


With his white hair simply tied back, Bai Chen sat quietly on a lounge chair, gazing at the brilliant stars in the sky. His enigmatic green eyes held a mysterious expression.


Among these stars, perhaps there was one that was his desolate home planet, or maybe it was too far away to see the faint light of that barren world.


Since their defeat in the war against humans, they had been living in darkness.


Bai Chen lowered his head and quietly looked at the sword lying on the table, as if he heard a faint, mournful sword cry.


The bathroom door opened, and a man walked out, running his wet hair through his fingers. He looked at Bai Chen with a half-smile, “Oh, is it because of the last qualifying match tomorrow that you can’t sleep with excitement? Bai Chen, you don’t seem as calm as you look.”


There was a hint of sarcasm in Kang’s voice.


Although they were both warriors, the difference in their talents meant they enjoyed different privileges, which inevitably led to envy.


Bai Chen raised his gaze.


His expression was mild, but his eyes, with their eerie and icy hue, completely stifled Kang’s words.


Kang couldn’t help but pause, and then, because of his own show of weakness, he felt somewhat annoyed. He sneered, “We’ve been assigned the same mission this time. Who is nobler than whom? What’s with this attitude? Instead of showing off to me, I advise you to think about how to complete the mission and bring back the crystal core. The last mission failed, and the Zerg Emperor has given you absolute leniency! You should know that the Zerg Tribe never tolerates repeated failures. Even with your high talent, don’t expect the Zerg Emperor to have more patience with you.”


“Thank you for the reminder.” Bai Chen’s tone was icy, and his gaze fell on Kang’s wet neck with a meaningful lick of his lips.


He didn’t say much, but under the weight of that gaze, Kang felt a chill run through his body. Confronted with the sudden surge of murderous intent, he chose not to provoke Bai Chen any further.


Once you cross that line, you might not see the light of the next day.


Bai Chen seemed to be indifferent to Kang’s resentment, turning back to his original position, lying down to enjoy the night.


The evening breeze was a bit chilly, but it was rather pleasant.


Since their defeat by humans years ago, the Zerg Tribe had been living a life of constant vigilance, biding their time on that desolate planet, all in anticipation of the day when their toxic night crystals would be repaired, allowing them to make a comeback and avenge their humiliation from the Sphera Battle.


Bai Chen was born into a prestigious family, carrying pure blood in his veins. At the age of only twenty, he already possessed extraordinary strength beyond his years, and if everything went as planned, he would be granted a title in a few more years. For many Zerg Tribe members, this was highly enviable, but all of this paled in comparison to the favor he received from the Zerg Emperor.


Just this alone could elevate Bai Chen and his family to heights that other Zerg Tribe members could only dream of.


Unlike most other Zerg Tribe warriors, Bai Chen’s full form was innate, akin to the S-Rank holders on the human side, a one-in-a-million prodigy.


This undoubtedly earned him the trust and attention of the Zerg Emperor.


The toxic night crystals had been damaged for too long, and after over a hundred years of effort, it was now 80% restored. They were eager to see this treasure shine with its crimson light once again, to declare war on those humans who had caused them such hatred, and to wipe away the shame of the Sphera Battle.


However, while on a mission as a space pirate in the Watcher’s island, he encountered a group of unknown merchants who disrupted their plans.


If it weren’t for the fact that causing a commotion would be inconvenient, he should have eliminated that annoying boy that night.


But as luck would have it, he unexpectedly encountered him again when he came to participate in the Bounty League. That golden-haired figure was just too distinctive; he couldn’t be mistaken.


What he hadn’t expected was that the boy he once thought of as a mere pet turned out to be a student of the Imperial Navy. The mystery of that time was completely unraveled.


As if it were the hand of fate, they met again, this time as opponents.


At the thought of their upcoming official match at the arena, Bai Chen couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement.


Undoubtedly, the mission on the Watcher’s island was destined to be a stain that couldn’t be erased from his life.


Since it’s a stain, then he’ll personally wash it away with his own hands.


Bai Chen never allowed any stumbling block in his path. From birth, he was destined to step steadily towards the highest point.


When their toxic night crystals are completely repaired, and the battle between the Zerg Tribe and humans is waged once more, he will use the thick blood of humans to nourish his beloved sword.


His long fingertips gently brushed over the cold blade, and he could see the faint green blood oozing out. A strange and sinister smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.


The opening ceremony for his beloved sword still lacked a sacrifice, and that guy named Lu Jingning seemed to be a perfect fit.


The pure starlight fell on his face, making him look strangely pale.


In Kang’s eyes, this scene unintentionally sent a shiver down his spine, and he cursed in his heart, “He’s truly insane!”



Lu Jingning inexplicably sneezed several times when he woke up. The feeling of being watched gave him a slight chill down his spine, making him furrow his brow.


However, he didn’t pay too much attention to it. As soon as he entered the waiting area, he headed straight for Lan Yuanzhou with a beaming smile. “Little Zhou… I mean, Lan Yuanzhou, good morning!”


With just this greeting, Lan Yuanzhou was immediately on guard. The previous experience of teaming up with Lu Jingning was still fresh in his memory, and he had to be cautious.


As the saying goes, no good comes from undue flattery.


Just based on this sly attitude, Lan Yuanzhou almost blurted out, “Today is an individual match, and we’re not familiar, so let’s not get too chummy.”


Lu Jingning seemed a bit hurt by his response, “Is our revolutionary camaraderie in battle that fragile?”


He hadn’t mentioned it, but as soon as he brought up the topic of teaming, Lan Yuanzhou’s mouth twitched involuntarily.


Fighting side by side? Leading a bunch of enemies to him and then running away? This was what they called fighting side by side?!


Did he even brush shoulders with him for a fraction of a second at that time?


Lan Yuanzhou’s long, narrow eyelashes lifted slightly, and he maintained an attitude of “strangers, stay away.” “Speak quickly or pass gas quickly.”


Lu Jingning was direct, “How about teaming up again?”


Lan Yuanzhou chuckled, “No chance!”


Lu Jingning, “Are you so heartless?”


Lan Yuanzhou, “With you, can we even talk about sentiment?”


Just afraid that in a matter of seconds, he would be sold and not even know it.


Negotiating with such a firm attitude from Lan Yuanzhou meant that there was no hope for it, and it was a done deal.


Lu Jingning fell silent for a moment, “Don’t regret it.”


Lan Yuanzhou, “Regret what? I’ve never even known you!”


Lu Jingning made a clucking sound and turned to leave.


Lan Yuanzhou had thought that Lu Jingning would pester him for a while, but seeing him give up so easily, he couldn’t help but feel a somewhat uneasy premonition.


That didn’t seem like this guy’s style!


As for Lu Jingning, now that he’s ignored me, in the future, I’ll make sure you can’t even climb up to me!


Not teaming up with me? Wait for it; I’ll show you what a massive “true blissful moment” is!


While the competition hadn’t started yet, Lu Jingning lazily shifted his position and was about to close his eyes for a quick nap.


But before he could relax, he felt an unusual chill creeping up his spine.


This made him abruptly open his eyes and look up, only to find himself locking eyes with someone not too far away.


His heart skipped a beat, and he was instantly wide awake.


Bai Chen’s enigmatic green eyes held minimal expression, but his lips curled up with no warmth, which was enough to confirm for Lu Jingning that the Zerg Tribe had indeed spotted him on that night at the Watcher’s Island.


This obviously wasn’t a good sign.


But Lu Jingning had thought about this scenario and wasn’t too shocked. He just grinned back at Bai Chen.


From this simple attitude, anyone unaware might think that they were old friends who hadn’t seen each other in a long time.


Lu Jingning’s response made Bai Chen feel intrigued and amused. His pupils slightly contracted, and finally, he nodded in acknowledgment from a distance.


Polite and decent.


However, even with this, Lu Jingning still sensed a strong sense of hostility in Bai Chen’s eyes.


He raised an eyebrow slightly and withdrew his gaze.


In usual circumstances, such a clear attitude might have made him a bit cautious, but now they were both in the virtual map. What did it matter if they killed each other a hundred times here? Once they left this map, they would still be alive and kicking as before!


Furthermore, they hadn’t even fought yet, so who knew who would come out on top in the end?


This was like a mental game, and once they entered, the real test would begin. Who would back down first?

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