Chapter 22


Tang Xiyan saw Qu Di standing in the distance and called him over to share the joy. “Qu Di, what are you doing over there? Come and take a look at this picture, it’s really funny!”


Of course, this kind of thing is more enjoyable when a group of people laughs together.


Wen Gu couldn’t stand it, so he exchanged a glance with Qu Di and made an excuse to leave. Tang Xiyan didn’t stop him, just waved for Qu Di to come over quickly.


“Take a look at this, quickly, is it funny? Hahaha.”


Qu Di glanced at it, laughed perfunctorily a couple of times, and then fell silent for a while before quietly asking, “What do you think of Wen Gu?”


Tang Xiyan continued to look at his phone without lifting his head. “What do you mean? He’s a pretty good guy.”




Qu Di patted Tang Xiyan’s shoulder and continued, “Let’s change the question. What do you think of an Omega like Wen Gu?”


“What?” This question finally caught his attention.


“I mean, an Omega like Wen Gu is not bad, right?!” Qu Di praised Wen Gu, “I’ve always admired Omegas like him. They don’t rely on Alphas, are self-reliant, have high acting skills, and have made it this far step by step on their own.”


“He also looks docile, speaks gently, and has an impeccable personality… Why are you looking at me like that?”


Tang Xiyan didn’t hide anything and asked him directly, “You… aren’t you starting to like Wen Gu, are you!?”


Both of them fell silent instantly, confirming Tang Xiyan’s suspicions. Qu Di must have developed feelings for Wen Gu.


Tang Xiyan didn’t know why, but he felt anything but happy, and even a little irritated. Normally, he loved such lively scenes, and he might have been eager to help with advice. But now, he had no intention of helping at all, and he found fault with Qu Di in every way.


He pursed his lips and said, “Is Wen Gu only good-looking? Is that what’s captivated you? Can’t you have some principles and self-respect?”


He seemed indifferent, but in fact, he had been closely watching Qu Di’s expression.


One question followed another, leaving no time for Qu Di to respond. After Tang Xiyan finished speaking, he even gave Qu Di a disdainful look.


“…” Qu Di wondered if his words were so misleading. He was afraid that Tang Xiyan would really misunderstand, and this kind of conversation might leave a bad impression on Wen Gu. He quickly explained, “Don’t make random assumptions, I was just… just chatting casually. Weren’t you having a good time talking to Wen Gu just now?”


“Really?” Tang Xiyan was somewhat skeptical.


Seeing Qu Di nod eagerly, he said, “I’m a Beta; I wouldn’t fantasize about an Omega like Wen Gu.”


Suddenly, he felt better… He continued watching silly videos with Qu Di.


Qu Di felt a bit helpless, deciding to ask another time. It seemed the indirect approach wasn’t working. Either his artist was completely oblivious, or he was distorting Qu Di’s intentions beyond recognition.


This matter was put on hold. Over the next month, the film crew was swamped, often shooting late into the night and returning early the next morning for more work. There was hardly time for personal questions, even casual chatting was limited to mealtimes.


Wen Gu, however, treated the crew to afternoon tea a few times, asking Qu Di to deliver his handpicked pastries, pretending they were for him to choose.


“You have a good taste. Each time, you pick the one with the unique flavor,” Shu Yi commented as he approached with a glass of lemonade.


Eating cake and drinking lemonade felt like calorie-free indulgence, a method of self-deception for all actors and celebrities.


“Is it?” Tang Xiyan took a bite and found it as delicious as ever.


Qu Di noticed Shu Yi’s expression, which seemed somewhat annoyed. He chuckled and quickly changed the topic, keeping Wen Gu’s secret safe.


But the film was already over half done, progressing faster than expected, and it might not be long before it was completed. Then, how would they, an actor and a singer from different companies, find a chance to meet?


The three of them chatted for a while, but Shu Yi was called away by the director for something urgent. Qu Di observed Tang Xiyan, who had eaten many pieces of the cake but still seemed unaware of Wen Gu’s feelings. Qu Di felt a little frustrated, wondering how to address this. It seemed the indirect approach was not working with Tang Xiyan.


He pulled a chair and sat down next to him, asking, “Is the cake good?”


Tang Xiyan grinned and replied, “It’s delicious.”


He was enjoying the cake. Qu Di usually kept a close eye on his diet, but during these moments, he let loose and might even share his portion with Qu Di.


“You’ve had so many cakes courtesy of Wen Gu. Shouldn’t you do something in return?” Tang Xiyan pointed out.


Qu Di was about to suggest something when he realized that Tang Xiyan might not want high-calorie fried food, so he tactfully changed his suggestion, “How about Chinese desserts? Like sweet soup or fruit c0cktail. It’s hot these days; I’m sure everyone would like that.”


Tang Xiyan didn’t seem very pleased with that idea, but Qu Di thought it was a reasonable suggestion. After all, it wasn’t very considerate to plan a meal that Tang Xiyan might not enjoy. He wanted to make sure everyone was happy.


However, Tang Xiyan’s response puzzled him. “Why do you only know about eating, eating, and eating?”


Qu Di couldn’t figure out why Tang Xiyan was suddenly upset. It was Tang Xiyan who had asked if he should reciprocate.


Qu Di sighed and thought, “How can Wen Gu be so foolish to like him?” Tang Xiyan’s reaction left him baffled.


Tang Xiyan couldn’t understand why Qu Di had become suddenly angry. It was Qu Di who had asked about reciprocation.


Nonetheless, Tang Xiyan reached out and pulled at Qu Di’s sleeve, speaking apologetically, “You don’t like this? How about you choose next time?” Then, he realized that Qu Di might suggest a salad for everyone, which he really didn’t want. So, he added hesitantly, “But if it’s a salad, it might not be a good idea…”


Qu Di decided to let it go this time, sighing, “Forget it…”


Lately, Tang Xiyan had been dealing with a recurring problem. His assistant had been moody and frequently sighed. No matter what Tang Xiyan asked, the response was always, “It’s nothing.” Tang Xiyan even felt like his assistant was looking at him with a peculiar expression, a mix of sadness and reluctance.


He couldn’t fathom his Beta assistant’s thoughts and wasn’t sure who to ask for advice, so he turned to the almighty internet.


On his smaller account, where he mainly retweeted giveaway contests, he had won a signed photo of himself once. He had immediately discarded it in a corner since it was clearly not his signature. He didn’t want to confront the issue in case someone recognized it.


Tang Xiyan spent two hours browsing through social media, reading netizens’ accounts and experiences. He reached a conclusion: Qu Di liked him.


At first, when he read someone’s claim that Qu Di liked him, he was skeptical. But as he continued scrolling through the person’s personal experience, he felt more and more convinced that his judgment was correct.


Asking for opinions about others was often a way to test your partner’s preferences and indirectly confirm their feelings. Frequent surreptitious glances indicated shyness and reluctance to disrupt the status quo in your relationship. Saving the best for you at gatherings…


Tang Xiyan took time to go through it all. His heart raced faster and faster. Strangely, the realization that “Qu Di likes me” didn’t trouble him; it made him smile uncontrollably.


He wanted to run to a crowded place and shout, “Qu Di likes me!” but he held back. Instead, he rolled over in his dimly lit room, hugging his blanket and wiggling his legs, laughing under the covers, which seemed eerie in the darkness.


This led to him oversleeping the next morning and rushing to the set without having breakfast. Qu Di lectured him the entire way, and he didn’t argue. He even promised not to be late again.


He was so obedient that Qu Di had nothing more to say. This was the first time Tang Xiyan had been late in two months, and it was also the first time he had given up his breakfast to Qu Di. He handed Qu Di his own untouched bread and hurried to the set.


After finishing two small bites of the bread, Qu Di said, “I brought chocolates with me; I won’t faint. Last time wasn’t intentional.”


His voice was soft, and Tang Xiyan felt like he had been punched in the heart. Why did he say that? Tang Xiyan, you really need to watch what you say. He wanted to say something, but Qu Di seemed uninterested in conversation, so he stayed silent.


After finishing the bread in two large bites, Tang Xiyan noticed crumbs on his clothes and tried to pat them away. Qu Di handed him a wet wipe, saying, “Clean your hands; don’t get dirty.”


Then, he brushed away the crumbs from Tang Xiyan’s clothes and put them in the bread bag. He was going to throw them away later.


Qu Di was quite small, and his hands were petite with pink nails that looked clean and neat. The veins on the back of his hand were visible in a faint blue color. His skin was in the “cool tone,” as those people described it, but as he got closer, Tang Xiyan felt warmth radiating from him. His touch on Tang Xiyan as he brushed away the crumbs felt like a gentle breeze, brushing over his heart.


Tang Xiyan blushed discreetly and considered reaching out to hold those fidgety hands. He clenched his fist, keeping his hand by his side. Tang Xiyan, be a little more reserved. As an Alpha, you can’t be taken away so easily. At the very least, there should be a confession. If he’s too shy for that, a letter or a text message is also acceptable, but a face-to-face confession would be best. Seeing as he’s behaving himself, and he looks decent enough, he might as well agree to date him…


He had to maintain his aloof persona. If it was too easy, he wouldn’t cherish it. In fact, he had already thought of names for their potential children last night, but now he had conveniently forgotten them.

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