Chapter 88 – Are you both not passionately in love?

Chapter 88 – Are you both not passionately in love?


In Jian Luo’s stunned gaze, Lu Shifeng withdrew his eyes first and said, “Since you’re here, it’s just to take a look, get familiar.”




This was too empty!


Jian Luo was speechless, but at the same time, there was a slight excitement, accompanied by a sense of unease.


If he were to accept a set of rooms, he could do so with a clear conscience.


Who knew the hardship of pregnancy better than him? Sleepless nights, loss of appetite during the day, everything felt heavy after conceiving. Many things he wanted to do became impossible, and in the end, he had to give up.


Enduring suffering for over ten months, he could accept it with a clear heart.


But, but he never expected Lu Shifeng to be like this. Lu Shifeng, you’re really terrifying! How could there be such a frightening gift in this world? Is this even believable? It’s simply unimaginable!


Just as he was thinking, the leader approached.


The leader was tall and imposing, and he bowed slightly, saying, “Esteemed guest, please follow me.”


Lu Shifeng walked with Jian Luo. Actually, in the forest outside, the humans, like Jian Luo, also had protective gear, but since entering this tall city wall, they had removed it.


The leader, with a hoarse voice, said, “You don’t need protective suits in here.”


Lu Shifeng casually remarked, “Maintaining your protective shields must be costly.”


As he spoke, the general removed his own face mask and looked at Jian Luo. He reached out and pressed a button, causing Jian Luo’s protective suit to retract automatically. Without the stuffy suit, he felt much more comfortable.


The leader said, “I’ve used almost all of our power to maintain this protective shield.”


Tea was brought in, but Lu Shifeng didn’t touch it.


Jian Luo looked at the tea and smelled a herbal fragrance. Considering the three troublesome ones in his stomach, he didn’t touch it either, for safety’s sake.


Lu Shifeng toyed with the tea cup in his hand and said, “Independence always comes at a price.”


The leader remained silent.


There were four people in the room, Jian Luo and Lu Shifeng, as well as the leader and his wife. The leader’s wife was a very amiable person, and she had been watching Jian Luo since earlier. Seeing that no one was speaking now, she struck up a conversation with him, “Hello.”


Jian Luo hurriedly responded, “Hello.”


She asked, “Are you also human?”


Jian Luo nodded.


“You look so refined, like someone from a history book.” The wife’s rough, yellowed face revealed a shy smile. “Are all the humans from the Dark Star like this?”


With this question, Jian Luo had many things he wanted to ask.


One question he was particularly concerned about was, “You’re human too, so why didn’t you go to the Dark Star’s paradise?”


He used to think that the treatment of humans in the Paradise of the Dark Star was already miserable, but he never imagined that there was still a group of people on this planet who were even more unfortunate than the Dark Star people. In comparison, this place seemed to have a harsh environment, with varying degrees of mutations in the flora and fauna outside. Only those inside the city with protective shields didn’t have to wear protective suits, and it seemed that maintaining these shields required a lot of resources.


The leader’s wife raised an eyebrow. “You don’t know?”


Jian Luo didn’t understand and asked, “Sorry, I’ve lost my memory, so I don’t know many things. Could you explain it to me?”


While Lu Shifeng was chatting with the leader, Jian Luo was engrossed in conversation with the leader’s wife.


Through their conversation, Jian Luo learned that the leader’s wife’s name was Aya and that she was one of the original inhabitants of the planet. From the day she was born, she had been inside this city, along with this group of people who were abandoned years ago. Several escape airships couldn’t rescue all the people on the planet, so for every group that left, there were those who stayed behind. Humans were resilient no matter the circumstances, and those who stayed had their own ways of surviving, different from those who left.


“I don’t really think of myself as pitiful,” Aya said, patting her belly. “At least I live for myself and don’t rely on others.”


Jian Luo asked, “What is used to maintain your protective shield?”


He felt that the technology here was somewhat outdated.


At least from what he could see, he didn’t understand what was used to maintain it.


“Half of it relies on solar energy, and the other half on energy stones.” Aya seemed carefree in her manner of speaking but was gentle in her words. “Energy stones need to be mined, and every day, about half of our people are responsible for mining them, while the rest hunt and farm.”


Jian Luo nodded. “I see.”


Aya was curious about Jian Luo’s life on the Dark Star. “And you, what do you do on the Dark Star?”




They were farming…


In comparison, life there was quite happy. They were barely surviving, while he was living.


The two were chatting, but not far away, the leader and Lu Shifeng couldn’t reach an agreement. He seemed somewhat agitated, even slamming the table.


Jian Luo looked over, somewhat surprised.


The leader, with a bristling beard and glaring eyes, stubbornly declared, “We don’t accept the ruling of the Dark Star people. You can exploit Earth, even invade us. Even if we can’t beat you, we’ll only die in battle, we will never submit.”


Lu Shifeng sat firmly in his chair, unmoving like a mountain.


The pressure from the Dragon Clan was formidable. Even though he remained silent, that calm aura exerted significant pressure on the leader.


So, despite the leader appearing dominant, Jian Luo even noticed a layer of sweat breaking out on his forehead.


During the standoff, Jian Luo casually interjected, “Um, can I ask a question?”


In an instant, everyone turned to look at him.


Finally, the human leader said, “Go ahead.”


“Wasn’t it said that Earth already belongs to the Dark Stars?” Jian Luo timidly inquired, “Did I remember it wrong?”


He had read in history books that the Dark Star accepted the majority of human refugees, and the Human Federation bestowed Earth’s ownership upon the Dark Star.


The leader’s face fluctuated between pale and green. Eventually, he said, “The Federation never cared about the lives of us people they abandonned!”


Jian Luo’s lips curled into a smile. “Who said that?”


The leader glared at him.


“Placing the planet under the Dark Star’s rule is the best protection,” Jian Luo countered, “If the planet doesn’t belong to the Dark Star, some other aliens will covet it.”


Although Jian Luo didn’t fully understand, he had learned many things following Zhan Wentai. He had learned quite a bit about macro-level matters in the universe. After a bit of explaining, many things made sense.


Jian Luo analyzed for the leader, “As far as I know, higher-level star systems can cultivate 2-3 life-bearing planets. The solar system is considered lower-level and has only cultivated one life-bearing planet, Earth. Despite Earth now not being suitable for human habitation, its resources remain abundant. If it weren’t for it being intercepted by the Dark Star, how could it have remained peaceful for centuries?”


The leader choked up.


Aya also expressed agreement with Jian Luo’s point of view. If they were to break ties with the Dark Star’s Marshal today, it would benefit no one. She stood up quickly, muttered something to her husband, her tone filled with reproach.


Finally, she whispered to Jian Luo, “Don’t be angry. He’s just a bit impulsive, but he’s actually trying to protect me. He’s afraid that if the Dark Star people come here, I won’t have a good life anymore, and…”


Jian Luo continued, “And they won’t look kindly on humans from the Dark Star.”


Aya looked surprised, but quickly nodded. She forced a smile and said, “Yes.”


Being humans, they both understood the situation when they put themselves in each other’s shoes. Jian Luo didn’t know what to say to comfort her, but after some thought, he patted Aya’s hand and said, “Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”


This trip to the planet was quite different from Jian Luo’s impressions of the 21st century. He didn’t know how long he would stay here, but it seemed that Lu Shifeng wasn’t in a hurry to leave. Since the big boss wasn’t in a hurry, he, as the little brother, wouldn’t be uncooperative and decided to stay and play along.


After leaving the council chamber, it was already evening. Aya had arranged the best rooms for both of them, and it was evident that she had put thought into it.


The beds were made of earth, and Jian Luo sat on one, looking at Lu Shifeng. Finally, he asked, “Brother Dragon, why did you bring me here?”


Lu Shifeng, who had finished washing up and was sitting on a chair, half-asleep, replied lazily, “Didn’t I say I brought you here to take a look?”




Jian Luo wanted to ask further, “The ‘gift’ you mentioned, is it this planet? Can His Majesty agree to it? It’s too precious.”


Lu Shifeng lifted his eyelids to look at him.


Jian Luo felt a bit guilty and said, “What… What’s wrong? I’m just afraid that even if you give it to me, I won’t be able to manage it properly.”


Lu Shifeng, towel in hand, wiped his hair and said, “Haven’t I been teaching you?”


“When did you…?” Jian Luo was surprised and began to ask, but he choked on his words halfway. If they were talking about teaching, was it the things he had been taught by Lord Jiè every day?


After thinking for a moment, Nie Yan also mentioned that when the pup grew a bit older, he would be taught to do business. Lu Shifeng was also familiarizing him with the environment.

Could it be that this wasn’t just prenatal education but teaching him?


Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng with a choked voice. “So, you trust me this much?”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him indifferently. “Give you something to do, so you won’t be jumping around with nothing to do all day.”




What a dog of a man.


Jian Luo’s emotions were complicated, and for this bold guess, he hadn’t slept well all night. When he woke up the next morning, Lu Shifeng had already left.


He saw Aya coming in slowly when he was getting up. Behind her, someone was carrying breakfast, and she smiled, “It’s time for breakfast.”


Jian Luo said, “Thank you.”


When they were walking, Jian Luo noticed that Aya seemed to have some trouble with her posture, which hadn’t been the case yesterday. Out of kindness, he asked, “Are you feeling unwell?”


Aya’s steps faltered, and for some reason, Jian Luo felt that she seemed a bit shy.


Jian Luo quickly said, “I’m sorry, that was abrupt.”


“It’s okay.” Aya turned around, supporting her belly, and sat down. She looked at Jian Luo shyly. “It’s all because my husband was too impatient and made you see a joke.”




Jian Luo choked.


Just as he was feeling down, Aya said something that made him even more choked up, “So, have you and your husband never been intimate? Can he endure it?”


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