Chapter 18 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 18


As Wen Xingchen prepared to enter the court, the Quadruple Faculty called for a halftime timeout.


Lu Jingning temporarily returned to the rest area, tilted his head back, and chugged a few mouthfuls of water. It was evident that he had been holding back.


From a close distance, one could see faint bruises on his fair skin. Although they were in discrete locations, they couldn’t escape Wen Xingchen’s eyes.


Wen Xingchen handed him a towel.


Lu Jingning grabbed it and wiped his face haphazardly, then suddenly blurted out, “Wen Xingchen, have I been too tame recently?”


Wen Xingchen chuckled lightly, not sure what he was thinking. “Seems like it.”


Lu Jingning clenched his teeth tightly. “Damn it, I knew I was being too accommodating. Every Tom, d1ck, and Harry is crawling out of the woodwork! I’ll leave the team to you later. I can’t stand it anymore!”


Wen Xingchen replied, “No problem.”


The timeout came to an end, and Wen Xingchen put on his wristband, picked up the basketball, and gave it a couple of quick taps.


In the mere moments it took for him to walk onto the court, the spectators fell momentarily silent in the stands, then erupted into deafening screams that almost overturned the arena.


What the f*ck? They had thought it was already a face-saving move for Wen Xingchen to sit on the sidelines as a decoration, but he actually went on the court?!


Lu Jingning was not affected by the atmosphere in the least. He flexed his joints, itching for action. “Lao Wen, how should we play?”


Wen Xingchen was slightly taken aback by his sudden change in address but glanced at him. “How do you want to play?”


Lu Jingning smirked coldly. “I’ll play freely. You do as you please.”


Wen Xingchen didn’t mind. “Okay.”


The game resumed, and true to his word, Lu Jingning no longer paid any attention to the team. He indulged himself and entered “lone wolf mode.”


Previously, due to tactical considerations, they didn’t want to engage in direct confrontations with the tall players from the Second Faculty. Instead, they focused on breaking through with Lu Jingning as the spearhead. But not everyone could keep up with his speed, so they had to control the pace to accommodate the teammates.


Now, the situation was entirely different.


As soon as Wen Xingchen stepped onto the court, the Quadruple Faculty no longer needed to rely solely on Lu Jingning. This gave him absolute freedom to play, completely disregarding his teammates. Like a wild horse breaking free, he was unleashed.


With the game underway, the chestnut-haired person could sense that Lu Jingning’s aura seemed entirely different from before.


After severing all connections between teammates, Lu Jingning seemed to have completely detached himself from the team, completing the team’s tasks on his own. However, even though he remained separate from the team, Wen Xingchen always found a way to pass the ball to him with precision.


The chestnut-haired person had no time to react. Before he could even reach out his hand, Lu Jingning had already dribbled past him.


With a shot, the ball smoothly landed in the basket, the entire sequence executed cleanly and efficiently.


Stunned for a few seconds, the chestnut-haired person cursed silently in his mind. He watched as Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen exchanged a tacit high-five, his tone filled with sarcasm. “The light of the Omegas seems to enjoy special treatment. Your skills aren’t that great, but you have a bunch of bodyguards. People say it’s chivalry, but those who don’t know might think you two have something going on.”


Lu Jingning glared up at him. “What the f*ck are you saying?”


The chestnut-haired person deliberately elongated his tone. “I’m just saying that our top-ranking freshman can’t escape the common stereotype, can he? When we meet an Omega, we treat them like a precious treasure. Some might call it being a gentleman, but those who don’t might think you two have a special relationship.”


Cen Junfeng, who was not far away, heard the conversation and furrowed his eyebrows slightly. “We’re in the middle of a game, less talking!”


The chestnut-haired person glanced at him, smiling meaningfully. “Oh, there’s another one. The Light of the Omegas is truly charming, huh?”


Cen Junfeng’s expression froze for a moment.


“I think you’re quite the talker, huh?” Lu Jingning’s voice turned cold, and he was about to throw a punch, but a force grabbed his shoulder, pulling him back.


Wen Xingchen’s voice floated gently. “He’s done holding back. Show some understanding.”


The chestnut-haired person hesitated briefly, clenching his teeth. “Who are you saying was holding back?!”


Wen Xingchen didn’t answer him. His gaze simply swept past, and he calmly said, “Regarding your first question, he, Lu Jingning, is from our Quadruple Faculty. Of course I’m defending him. Is there any problem with that?”


It was an overly logical statement, leaving the chestnut-haired person momentarily speechless.


Wen Xingchen pulled Lu Jingning’s hand and turned to leave.


Lu Jingning was pulled along for a couple of steps before suddenly reaching out and hooking his arm around Wen Xingchen’s shoulder. He couldn’t help but tremble with uncontrollable laughter. “Wen Xingchen, why is your mouth so sharp?”


Indeed, it was too sharp, even piercing his heart!


Having gained no benefits from his words, the chestnut-haired person was obviously unable to swallow this indignation. He tried every means possible to pick a fight with Lu Jingning.


However, with Wen Xingchen controlling the situation on the court, the players from the Second Faculty, despite their height advantage, couldn’t impede Lu Jingning. In no time, the score difference quickly widened.


To make matters worse, the chestnut-haired person could feel that those two were deliberately targeting him.


The ball flew around him, without any opportunities for him to score, before he could react, Lu Jingning had already dribbled past him.


After a shot, the ball smoothly landed in the basket. The entire process was executed flawlessly.


Lu Jingning scored again, and with a pleased expression, he lightly high-fived Wen Xingchen. “Nice pass.”


Sitting on the sidelines, Jian Luan’s heart was stirred by the continuous cheers from the crowd. He couldn’t help rubbing his eyes vigorously, still unable to snap out of it.


Did anyone capture the replay of that pass? The speed and synchronization were absolutely amazing!


With a one-sided game, the Quadruple Faculty easily secured the final victory.


Everyone remembered Lu Jingning’s heroic figure and the certain chestnut-haired cannon fodder who was beaten to a pulp.


The chestnut-haired person’s face had long turned extremely ugly.


Even before stepping off the court, he could imagine the ruthless ridicule he would face.


“Now that the game is over, shouldn’t we settle other matters?” Lu Jingning listened to the continuous cheers from the stands and raised an eyebrow with a seemingly mocking smile. “Tell me, how do you want to resolve it? Do I punch you once, or should I pick a fight with all of you?”


The chestnut-haired person clenched his teeth and sneered, “You’re just an Omega who’s been overly praised. Don’t get too arrogant.”


Lu Jingning lazily tossed his jacket over his shoulder, disdainfully laughed, and neither confirmed nor denied, “Less talk, you can choose the time and place.”


“After the last class in the afternoon, outside the East and West gates,” the chestnut-haired person glanced at Wen Xingchen standing behind him, his tone mocking. “I don’t have a habit of not fighting Omegas. Don’t forget to bring your bodyguards so they can pick up your corpse if I beat you to a pulp.”


Lu Jingning shrugged. “Do I need others? I’m enough on my own.”


“Kid, I advise you not to be too full of yourself!” After leaving these words, the chestnut-haired person angrily slammed the door and stormed off.


Wen Xingchen looked at the swaying metal door left in the aftermath and asked, “Do you really not need any help?”


Lu Jingning replied, “No.”


During their conversation, a hesitant voice interjected, “I think you better not underestimate Zhong Feng. He’s the type of person who would resort to any means necessary.”


Lu Jingning turned his head and saw Cen Junfeng, who had already put on his jacket. He was standing not far away, looking at him with a complicated expression.


Their eyes met, and Cen Junfeng awkwardly coughed twice before saying, “I’m just giving you a reminder. Well, see you later.”


After speaking, without waiting for Lu Jingning’s response, he turned and walked away without looking back.


Lu Jingning rubbed his chin and fell into deep thought. “Ah, Wen Xingchen, what did he mean by that? Do you think he’s looking down on me?”


After his words, there was no response for a long time.


When he turned around, he realized that Wen Xingchen, who had been standing behind him just now, had disappeared without a trace.


Lu Jingning: “???”


He left without saying a word, what’s wrong with these Alphas?


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