Chapter 19


Soon, the people in the venue cleared out completely, making way for the upcoming match between the First Faculty and the Third Faculty.


Although the opening was intense, today’s starting point was too high. Compared to the previous match, it felt as soft as cotton candy, completely failing to pique anyone’s interest.


Lu Jingning sat in the spectator stands, yawning. He thought to himself that since the next match was still two days away, he might as well get up and stretch his muscles. “I’m heading back to wash up and get ready,” he said.


Yu Qingcang couldn’t help but tease, “What do you need to prepare for a fight? By taking a shower? People who don’t know might think you’re going on a date!”


Lu Jingning firmly patted his head without hesitation. “You don’t understand! Even fighting requires a sense of professionalism, you know?”


Yu Qingcang was left dizzy from the pat and thought to himself that this guy was becoming more and more incorrigible.


Just then, the area darkened, and Wen Xingchen, who was standing next to Lu Jingning, also stood up.


Jian Luan was puzzled. “Where are you going?”


Wen Xingchen replied, “I’m going back to take a shower.”


Jian Luan: “???”


Lu Jingning said, “I already said I don’t need any help. I can handle this kind of trash on my own.”


Wen Xingchen looked at him and said, “Did I say I was going to help you?”


Lu Jingning retorted, “Then why are you taking a shower?”


Wen Xingchen smirked and replied slowly, “Why do you care? It’s not like we’re showering together.”


Lu Jingning was speechless.


Damn! Why does it feel like this guy is becoming harder and harder to get along with?



The Omega and Alpha dormitories were in completely different directions. After leaving the sports hall, the two went their separate ways.


Lu Jingning went back and took a relaxing hot shower. Feeling the sweat and stench dissipate from his body, he lay satisfied on his bed for a while. When he saw that it was almost time, he casually put on a jacket and headed out.


At this time, the area near the central-west gate of the Imperial Navy University wasn’t crowded. There was a group of ruffians standing outside, looking imposing and causing pedestrians to give them a wide berth. Among them, Lu Jingning immediately spotted the curly-haired figure standing in the center. Remembering what Cen Junfeng had said, his name should be Zhong Feng. He had a mint cigarette in his mouth and wore a black coat, exuding a powerful aura.


Lu Jingning wasn’t intimidated by the show of force. Instead, he found it amusing for some reason and chuckled. With his hands in his pockets, he casually walked towards them.


Zhong Feng obviously didn’t expect Lu Jingning to actually come alone. When he realized that he had even gathered some local hoodlums nearby, he felt a loss of confidence and looked at Lu Jingning with disbelief.


Lu Jingning lazily said, “Stop looking around, it’s just me.”


Zhong Feng frowned. “You, an Omega, really have guts, huh?”


Lu Jingning waved his hand impatiently. “Why are you talking so much nonsense? Are we fighting or not?”


Such an attitude seemed to convey surrender and fear.


The entrance gate was not the best place for a brawl, with people coming and going.


Zhong Feng’s mouth twitched as he flicked his cigarette to the ground and clenched his fist tightly. “If you dare to face me, come on!”


Lu Jingning never knew how to write the word “coward” from the moment he was born. Without saying a word, he stepped forward, kicking precisely and fiercely towards the lower abdomen of Zhong Feng’s lackey.


Without giving the guy any time to react, in the next second, Lu Jingning mercilessly smashed the guy’s head to the ground.


He stepped on the guy’s uncertain fate with one foot, disdainfully glancing around. “Listen up, let’s save some time. Are we fighting one by one or all together?”


Such an attitude was arrogant to the extreme. A sinister light seemed to flicker in his eyes, looking down at the stunned Alphas with utter contempt.


The Alphas present were instantly infuriated.


“Lu Jingning, I think you really want to die!” Zhong Feng clenched his fists tightly. “Brothers, forget about manners. Let’s go all out and fvcking kill him!”


For a moment, the intense scent of Alpha’s pheromones filled the air.


Obviously, they intended to use this oppressive force to make the overly arrogant Omega kneel and beg for mercy.


However, amidst the thick pheromones, Lu Jingning seemed unaffected. Facing the approaching crowd, he didn’t even lift an eyelid.


Instead, a smile uncontrollably curled up at the corner of his mouth. “Ah, this is getting interesting.”


As Zhong Feng rushed forward at the forefront, Lu Jingning casually lifted his leg and delivered a precise and ruthless blow to the crotch of another lackey.


After kicking him down, regardless of Zhong Feng’s heart-wrenching screams, he grabbed the hair of another thug nearby and viciously slammed him into the body of yet another person.


Under the intense pain from Zhong Feng’s lower body, he felt his vision darken. Vaguely, he saw a golden-haired figure gracefully weaving through the crowd. The once menacing group of people had now been overturned.


Not only did they fail to suppress Lu Jingning with their Alpha pheromones, but it seemed that the situation had turned in the opposite direction.


Zhong Feng’s brows finally revealed a hint of fear.


What kind of Omega is this guy?!


Lu Jingning instantly dealt with those insignificant lackeys, raising his foot and firmly trapping Zhong Feng in a corner. His exquisitely beautiful face, filled with a menacing aura, looked exceptionally dazzling. His voice carried a trace of hoarseness as he said, “You were quite arrogant on the basketball court, weren’t you? Why aren’t you boasting now?”


Zhong Feng felt a chill run through his body from the gaze, making him shiver. It took him a while to gather enough courage to say, “You better let go of me!”


Lu Jingning found it the most hilarious joke. Instead of lifting his leg, he twisted it even harder. “What if I don’t?”


A wicked smile appeared on Zhong Feng’s pale face. “I didn’t plan on being so ruthless, but you forced my hand!”


Lu Jingning furrowed his brows at the nonsense and suddenly heard a loud bang behind him. The warehouse door had been locked by someone.


The small thugs stumbled to their feet, though they were still reeling from the previous beatdown. However, they all wore malicious smiles when they looked at him.


Zhong Feng had somehow acquired a bottle of white spray hidden behind him. At such close range, he suddenly sprayed it towards Lu Jingning’s nose several times.


A faint fragrance filled the air, almost imperceptible but accompanied by an overwhelming pressure.


Lu Jingning’s body was aflame, his gaze even more misty, and he leaned down, sounding mocking and scornful. “Didn’t you say you wanted to have fun with me? So, how about it? If you’re willing to kneel down and kowtow to me, maybe my brothers can still satisfy you.”


The others couldn’t help but jeer, “Let’s have some fun with this extraordinary Omega!”


Zhong Feng hypocritically reminded them, “Having fun is fine, but don’t go too far. We’re classmates after all, and it won’t be good if things go too far.”


The small thugs exchanged lewd glances. “Who’s going first?”


Lu Jingning’s mind was scattered under the influence of the triggering agent. At this moment, he revealed a meaningful smile. “Why be so polite? Let’s all go together!”


No one expected him to have such an attitude. For a moment, everyone was shocked by his excessively open request.


When they snapped out of it, they felt even more excited. They couldn’t wait to surround him.


Lu Jingning’s smile grew even more intense.


In fact, he didn’t like using pheromones to suppress others. He always felt that doing so was no different from those pathetic Alphas who looked down on Omegas. Therefore, when it came to fights, he always took the most straightforward and brutal approach.


This time should have been no different. But who would have thought that there would be someone like Zhong Feng digging his own grave in this world?


How interesting.


He would grant them their wish.


Just as the small thugs were about to approach him, a faint scent suddenly hit them head-on. It was subtle yet carried an extremely dominant pressure.


Suddenly, a powerful gust of wind erupted. As the pheromones surrounded them, they felt as if an electric current surged through their bodies, causing their blood to momentarily freeze. 


Before they could comprehend what was happening, a tingling sensation spread through their scalps, followed by dizziness. Their bodies became weak, and one by one, they fell to their knees with a series of thumping sounds. 


However, even in this state, the overwhelming scent of the powerful pheromones continued to assault their last line of defense. It seemed to completely dominate their nervous systems, tormenting them to the extreme. They wished they could pass out right then and there.


This was not the second-grade classroom. These thugs were generally not even at the B-level in terms of pheromone abilities, and now, under the influence of the triggering agent, Lu Jingning’s release of pheromones was nearly uncontrollable and terrifyingly powerful.


In an instant, his aura suppressed the entire warehouse, devouring and annihilating the weak pheromones of the Alphas.


Some tried to struggle and escape, their eyes filled with stars. However, the warehouse door had been locked, and they were completely paralyzed, unable to muster the strength to stand. Despair filled their expressions.


Lu Jingning’s face turned red, his gaze hazy, but he exuded an aura of superiority.


Zhong Feng, who was closest, felt as if he was on the verge of death. Overwhelmed by the suffocating pressure, his instinct pushed him to move away from Lu Jingning. However, he could barely manage to lift himself up, only to be kicked back by the person in front of him.


Zhong Feng was in utter despair. “Please, let me go!”

Lu Jingning couldn’t control his laughter. “Ah, alright. If you obediently call me daddy, maybe I’ll consider it?”


The excruciating torment that felt like a splitting headache made Zhong Feng desperately want to collapse. At this point, he no longer cared about his pride. With weak legs, he immediately knelt before Lu Jingning. “Daddy–!”


Author’s Note: Lou-ge: I’ve never had a son like you~ ▼-▼


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