Chapter 21


“Don’t be like this, just take a whiff.”


When Wen Xingchen saw Lu Jingning’s eyes fixated on his neck, he fell silent for a moment. One hand firmly supported Lu Jingning and created some distance between them, while the other hand took out the communicator from his pocket.


Jian Luan, who was waiting anxiously outside and unaware of the situation, felt confused when he received the call. He said in a bewildered tone, “What? Omega suppressants? What’s going on? Is Lu Jingning in heat?”


Wen Xingchen replied, “Less talk, more action.”


Upon hearing this unsympathetic response, Jian Luan vaguely sensed that his friend seemed to be in a bad mood. After asking for the specific location, he tactfully refrained from provoking further and promptly ended the call.


Although Jian Luan usually didn’t appear serious, he was quite efficient when it came to handling matters. Moreover, he held special concern for someone like Wen Xingchen, who rarely opened up. In just about ten minutes, he arrived at the scene with the suppressant.


In that short span of time, Wen Xingchen experienced an unprecedented torment. The person lying on top of him seemed to be burning like fire. The pheromones alone were enough to stimulate his nerves, and Lu Jingning, this oblivious Omega, occasionally moved his hand restlessly.


Wen Xingchen felt as if his self-control was on the verge of depletion. A fiery sensation seemed to ignite uncontrollably within him, almost escalating further. Seeing that he was nearing the point of endurance, he couldn’t help but push Lu Jingning away slightly and said, “Stop moving.”


Lu Jingning, in a dazed state, jokingly responded, “Just a little touch, what’s the big deal? Don’t be so stingy!”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


Was this a matter of stinginess or not?


As an Omega, this person really had no idea about the concept of playing with fire.


Wen Xingchen’s peripheral vision glanced at the empty ground nearby, and he suddenly thought that it wouldn’t be bad to just throw this person on the ground. As he raised his hand to take action, he finally heard Jian Luan’s voice coming from behind, “Hey, what’s going on here?”


Wen Xingchen turned to look, but he hesitated for a moment due to the astonishing outfit Jian Luan was wearing.


Wen Xingchen: “…”


Jian Luan was wearing the latest model of a gas mask on his head, and he was dressed in heavy decompression armor. Fully armed like this, except for the voice he just heard, it was nearly impossible to discern any facial features.


Wen Xingchen remained silent for a moment, then said, “Bring the suppressant.”


So many things were amiss that he didn’t even bother uttering the word “idiot.”


Only then did Jian Luan react and passed the suppressant to Wen Xingchen, bypassing the scattered “bodies” nearby.


Wen Xingchen took it and swiftly opened the package, injecting it into Lu Jingning.


Although Jian Luan was fully armed, he could still feel a subtle sense of oppression. It wasn’t until he saw the blush gradually fade from Lu Jingning’s face that he completely breathed a sigh of relief.


Looking at the disheveled appearance of the two, a playful thought suddenly crossed Jian Luan’s mind, “Hey, both of you have impressive self-control. Alone together in a room, and you haven’t even taken off your clothes?”


Wen Xingchen glanced at him, revealing a friendly smile. “If you like taking off clothes, I don’t mind serving you.”


Jian Luan froze and took several steps back. “No, no need! I don’t like it at all!”


Although Lu Jingning had calmed down from the chaos, the air was still filled with a strong scent of pheromones. Without the protective gear, he felt like he could collapse at any moment, just like those people on the ground.


Wen Xingchen usually appeared calm and casual, but deep down, he was more beastly than anyone else. He was capable of doing anything, and when he said he would take off his clothes, he meant it.


After the scorching heat in Lu Jingning’s mind receded, he gradually regained his clarity. In a daze, he couldn’t help but recall the scene when he was alone with Wen Xingchen. His gaze subconsciously glanced at Wen Xingchen’s fair and smooth neck, and he lightly licked his dry lips.


In addition to Yu Qingcang, he didn’t have many familiar Alphas. He had never realized that the scent of an Alpha could actually smell this good. It was a faint, minty aroma.


Though he momentarily got distracted, Lu Jingning quickly stabilized his breathing, which was still somewhat erratic. He couldn’t help but ask, “Should we do something about these people? Zhong Feng called the security team, and they should be here soon.”


Wen Xingchen pushed Lu Jingning away slightly and straightened his clothes. “Lets leave the rest to Jian Luan. I’ll take you back to rest.”


Jian Luan: “???”


Lu Jingning was indeed feeling dizzy, so after considering for a moment, he nodded, “Okay.”


He also made sure to give some instructions before leaving, “Make sure to tell the security team about Zhong Feng being in possession of an inducer. I refuse to believe he’ll get away with it!”


Wen Xingchen added, “Using such prohibited drugs is a significant offense, he’ll be locked away for at least three years. If you encounter any strange situations during the investigation, feel free to contact me.”


Jian Luan had an expressionless face. “…Oh.”


What else could he say in the face of these two who seemed to be perfectly synchronized?



The Omega dormitory buildings were off-limits to Alphas, so Wen Xingchen left Lu Jingning downstairs and departed.


When Yan Hebin heard the sound of the dormitory door opening, he turned around and saw Lu Jingning’s pale complexion, causing him to be taken aback.


Even the perennial ice-cold Yan Hebin couldn’t help showing a touch of concern. “What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”


“It’s nothing, I’m fine.” Lu Jingning casually replied, climbing into bed and immediately falling asleep.


Under the influence of the suppressant, the bursting pheromones were thoroughly suppressed, but it inevitably left him incredibly drowsy, more so than ever before.


After Wen Xingchen finished sending Lu Jingning off, he received a call from Jian Luan. He stood by the roadside and answered, attracting the attention of the Omega students returning to their dormitories.


According to Jian Luan’s description, the security team arrived shortly after they left. After explaining the situation, even the experienced officers were bewildered. Clearly, they had never heard of this kind of Omega pheromone. Since Zhong Feng, the person who made the call, had already fainted, the police decided to temporarily send everyone at the scene to the hospital for monitoring, while awaiting further investigation.


Wen Xingchen had no objections to this.


Such an openly exposed incident was easy to investigate. As long as Lu Jingning remained firm,


 Zhong Feng’s expulsion would be a minor consequence. All the culprits, including Wen Xingchen, would be sentenced to a few years in prison.


The Empire had special protective regulations for Omegas, but it didn’t reduce the crime rate among those despicable Alphas. Whenever a case was discovered, it would be thoroughly investigated.


After hanging up, Wen Xingchen found Lu Jingning’s contact number and sent a concise message explaining the current situation.


As expected, he received no response.


He must be sleeping.



Lu Jingning saw the message the next morning.


The long sleep gave him a headache. After reading the message, he first went to the security team to give a statement, following Wen Xingchen’s reminder. They asked him to wait for further notice, so he walked into the mecha classroom, his messy golden hair resembling a bird’s nest.


Today’s class was about mecha control, which was undoubtedly novel and enticing for new students.


The classmates were enthusiastically discussing, but they fell silent for a moment when Lu Jingning entered the room, their gazes shifting towards him.


Within a day, the rumors about the warehouse incident had spread, and everyone had heard something about it. Although the rumors stated that after Zhong Feng used the heat inducer, the thugs fought each other for the Omega, after piecing together their own experiences with Lu Jingning’s pheromones, it was easy to guess what had happened.


On one hand, they despised Zhong Feng’s vile tricks, but on the other hand, they couldn’t help but feel sorry for those involved.


Well, they got themselves into trouble, right?


It was unfortunate but who told him to provoke Lu Jingning, the big troublemaker? It seemed like it was destined for him to court death!


Many concerned classmates gathered around to express their care, and Lu Jingning, for some reason, started feeling drowsy again. He yawned and responded absentmindedly before sitting down next to Wen Xingchen.


Wen Xingchen glanced at his expression. “Feeling tired?”


Lu Jingning replied, “Not really, I just feel like sleeping a bit.”


Jian Luan kindly reminded him, “Big bro, it’s okay to doze off in other classes, but today’s mecha class involves practical combat! Don’t miss anything, or you might end up causing an accident again.”


Lu Jingning yawned again. “Don’t worry, I’m tired of mechas. I can operate them even with my eyes closed.”


Jian Luan: “???”


You’re tired of mechas too? What kind of background do you have?


Perhaps to demonstrate that he could live up to his words, when the mecha instructor began explaining the first control theory, Lu Jingning simply rested his head on the desk and fell asleep instantly.


Wen Xingchen lowered his gaze and happened to see the smooth skin between his exposed neck, along with drool dripping from the corner of his soft lips.


Wen Xingchen: “…”


Lu Jingning peacefully slept through the comfortable first half of the class. However, when it came to the practical session, he couldn’t continue sleeping peacefully.


The first mecha class taught the most basic control techniques, mainly to familiarize students with the feeling of integrating their pheromone abilities into mecha control. Overall, it wasn’t too difficult.


After other classmates took turns going up to complete the practical exercises in teams, only two people remained: Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen.


Both were S-class, and although it was just a basic exercise, no one wanted to be their opponent.


After all, no one liked the feeling of being completely dominated.


Having an S-class Omega and an S-class Alpha in the same situation was a match made in heaven!


When Lu Jingning entered the mecha control room, he was still yawning. He glanced at the control equipment and activated its pheromone integration mode.


Just as the instructor said, it was a moderately sophisticated low-level mecha.


To Lu Jingning, it was similar to the small mechas that Lu Kongbin used to give him to play with as a child. It could be said that it couldn’t get any simpler for him. However, during the integration process, he inexplicably felt as if the pheromones were faintly colliding within his body.


A surge of heat, like an electric current, surged from his feet, instantly rushing to his head.


But just when he thought it would explode in his mind, that strange feeling seemed to disappear without a trace, as if it had never happened, like a fleeting illusion.


Lu Jingning furrowed his brow with confusion.


What was going on?


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Wen Xingchen: “I refuse to do that.” ▼-▼


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