Chapter 22 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 22


This strange sensation passed in an instant, dispelling much of his drowsiness.


Lu Jingning suddenly felt energized and without thinking too much, he focused his attention.


After all, it was the first mecha class, and the content was straightforward. Each side controlled a mecha and used their pheromones to engage in a simple confrontation on the field.


This operation didn’t require a significant expenditure of pheromones. Although Lu Jingning had received the inhibitor injection yesterday, his overall pheromone capacity was vast. As long as the control intensity wasn’t too high, it wouldn’t have much impact. Sensory-wise, it was no different from playing pretend with them.


However, the other classmates clearly didn’t see it that way.


In their eyes, the two opposing mechas on the field seemed to exude a majestic background music on their own. When the two S-class pheromone holders made their move, it resembled a grand duel in ancient martial arts novels.


Everyone instinctively held their breath and watched as the two mechas took a step forward, their metallic arms clasped tightly together.


The scene seemed frozen for a moment. If it weren’t for the faint vibrations from the ground, one would almost think that these two were merely striking a pose on the stage.


People were astonished. Indeed, it was like a battle between two needlepoints. Neither side seemed to gain the upper hand!


After Lu Jingning entered the mecha, he felt restless excitement. In the c0ckpit, he could sense the powerful collisions between forces.


For some reason, at that moment, he recalled the faint scent of peppermint smoke from Wen Xingchen’s pheromones.


Unable to resist, he twitched his nose slightly and glanced at the iron armor in front of him. A surge of fighting spirit welled up in his eyes.


The presence of Wen Xingchen, an S-class Alpha, made Lu Jingning want to completely defeat him.


And after each successive outbreak, it seemed to ignite Wen Xingchen’s fighting spirit as well.


The strength on the arms of the two mechas gradually increased. Both sides exerted their efforts, but neither could overpower the other. They remained in a stalemate for a long time.


It seemed that someone vaguely saw a faint crack appearing on the tightly clasped mechanical arms of the two mechas.


Wuo Fei, the teacher of the mecha class, had been teaching at the school since he graduated. He had never witnessed such a situation before, so he was slightly taken aback before quickly regaining his composure and shouting, “Stop, both of you! That’s enough! We can end here!”


However, Lu Jingning had no intention of stopping.


After the prolonged confrontation, his pheromones seemed to be completely awakened. At this moment, they surged through his body, seeking an outlet for release due to the limited space of his small body. They uncontrollably transmitted through the sensors, fully manifesting in the mecha.


As his opponent, Wen Xingchen could feel a tremendous force continuously surging. Even he felt an unprecedented sense of pressure.


His brow involuntarily furrowed, and when he looked up, he witnessed the tightly clasped mechanical arms suddenly crack with a loud snap, distorting into a strange and peculiar shape.


At the same time, Wuo Fei’s face contorted in pain.


After all, it was his class, and how much would it cost to repair this damaged mecha? He didn’t even know if his salary for the month would be enough to cover it.


But at this moment, there was obviously no time for him to worry about compensation. At this point, the dark gray luster on the surface of the mecha that Lu Jingning was piloting gradually transformed into a crimson color.


It was the activation of the full-scale assault mode.


Wuo Fei couldn’t comprehend the specific situation inside the mecha, but he vaguely sensed that something was amiss.


As a teacher, his first reaction was to lead all his students to safety. When he turned around unintentionally, he saw the other mecha standing motionless. He shouted, “Wen Xingchen, come down first. We need to leave as soon as possible!”


However, Wen Xingchen didn’t respond and showed no intention of leaving. Instead, the periphery of his mecha began to emanate a blue glow.


Unlike Lu Jingning’s crimson color, this change indicated that he had entered full defense mode.


“…,” Wuo Fei had no idea what to say. He thought one Lu Jingning was enough, but now there was Wen Xingchen too. Suddenly gaining two talented students, he didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.


There was no time to linger at this moment. He quickly turned around and began guiding the other students to evacuate.


Just then, Lu Jingning’s mecha finally went completely berserk.


On the other side, Wen Xingchen took action as well.


Almost every time Lu Jingning was about to launch a devastating attack, Wen Xingchen managed to provide impeccable protection at the crucial moment, effectively minimizing the destruction around them.


Jian Luan huddled in a corner with the other students, both fearful and amazed. He looked at the now-riddled mecha classroom and couldn’t help but sigh, “Lu Jingning is indeed a genius!”


A nearby classmate added weakly, “Wen Xingchen is amazing too. Look at how hard he’s fighting to protect us. It’s so touching…”


Jian Luan couldn’t help but give him a sidelong glance and shook his head with emotion, “You’re still too young.”


The situation on the field was undeniably intense. However, Wen Xingchen, the ruthless individual he was, was not protecting them. It was quite clear that he was mostly defending Lu Jingning!


It was unclear how much time had passed, but the smoke on the field gradually subsided.


After the final electric punch, the crimson mecha seemed to suddenly exhaust all its energy. The color that enveloped it faded away after a brief flicker, completely dimming.


In the midst of rolling smoke, a figure lazily walked out of the c0ckpit.


Lu Jingning looked exhausted, reverting back to the state where he could sleep for days without waking up. He seemed completely unaware of his own actions. Yawning carelessly under the watchful gazes of others, he lazily stretched his sore muscles. “Ah, why is this mecha class so tiring?”


Insert a The crowd’s faces were indifferent.jpg.


They didn’t even bother to see how they had turned this perfectly fine classroom into such a mess. Consuming the pheromones at such a high intensity, it’s no wonder they’re truly exhausted!


Wen Xingchen also descended from the mecha and glanced at Lu Jingning, who had an expression as if nothing had happened, lost in thought.


Now there was hardly a place in the entire area where a person could stand. Wo Fei had to unilaterally announce the early end of the class, emphasizing with a reminder, “Lu Jingning, stay behind! I believe it’s necessary for us to settle the compensation issues!”


Lu Jingning: “…”


He really couldn’t control it just now, and he didn’t want to either!



It has to be said that the extent of the damage this time was indeed excessive, to the point where it surpassed what Lu Jingning could personally endure.


As he walked out of the office with the list in hand, he could almost imagine Lu Kongbin’s furious expression upon receiving the news, and couldn’t help but despairingly cover his face.


Setting aside everything else, getting a good beating at home was definitely unavoidable.


He couldn’t help but let out a sigh and, as he descended the stairs, he turned around and happened to see a familiar figure at the corner. He couldn’t help but be slightly stunned. “What are you doing here?”


Wen Xingchen raised his head. “Looking for you.”


Lu Jingning didn’t think too much and sincerely said, “Thanks for that, earlier in class.”


If it weren’t for Wen Xingchen stopping him, according to eyewitness accounts, he would have almost demolished an entire teaching building. In that case, the compensation cost would have jumped several times higher, and when he went back, it wouldn’t be as simple as getting a beating.


Wen Xingchen responded with a faint “Hmm” and didn’t hesitate to accept the thanks. He glanced at Lu Jingning, who was still yawning, and said, “Have you noticed anything strange after we went home yesterday?”


Lu Jingning looked puzzled. “No.”


He had been sleeping the whole time after he got back, so what could be wrong?


Wen Xingchen asked again, “What about during class just now?”


Lu Jingning was even more bewildered. “I’m not sure either, but I felt overwhelmed with pheromones, but it didn’t quite feel like being in heat.”


Wen Xingchen fell silent for a moment. “Well, maybe we should go to the hospital and get it checked out.”


Considering his own situation before, Lu Jingning thought Wen Xingchen’s suggestion made sense. He looked at him and proposed, “How about you come with me?”


Wen Xingchen didn’t even think about it. “Go by yourself.”


Lu Jingning said, “Oh, Lao Wen, don’t be so unsympathetic! Look, I have no idea what exactly happened before. You’re a bystander at least, so if the doctor asks something, you can help answer a few questions, right?”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


Without waiting for a response, Lu Jingning simply took it as a yes, pulled him along, and walked out. He babbled, “You know, Lao Wen, Lu bro is fearless, except when it comes to hospitals. I’ve always been terrified of going to hospitals since I was little. Just think of it as accompanying me to gather some courage.”


He said that, and Wen Xingchen couldn’t really refuse.



After registering at the hospital, the two headed straight for the specialist clinic. Before they could say anything, they were handed a bunch of test forms as per the usual procedure.


After a good two hours, they finally sat in front of the doctor.


The doctor received the test results on the terminal, looking at them one by one. His expression changed from astonishment to surprise, then confusion, and finally to shock before turning serious.


Under such an excessively dramatic change in expression, not a single word was spoken.


Lu Jingning couldn’t bear it any longer and said, “Doctor, what’s the situation? Can you just tell us?”


The doctor glanced at him. “Wait a moment, let me pull up your personal file and take a look.”


Wen Xingchen asked, “You have a personal file?”


Lu Jingning smiled. “How about that? Pretty impressive, huh?”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


He really likes showing off, doesn’t he?


After carefully reviewing the complete record in the personal file, the doctor asked in a deep voice, “Recently, have you forcibly used pheromones?”


Upon hearing this, Lu Jingning’s first reaction was the inducer that Zhong Feng used on him. He nodded, “I… I did? Is there a problem?”


“In theory, there can be some effects, but it shouldn’t have resulted in the current situation unless…” The doctor paused for a moment, looked up, and continued, “Unless, while forcibly triggering the pheromones, you were also influenced by Alpha pheromones in sync, which could lead to the excessively unstable situation you’re experiencing now. Being able to disturb your pheromones to such an extent indicates that the compatibility between that Alpha and you is at least 99% or higher.”


Lu Jingning was momentarily stunned by the words, and he instinctively looked at Wen Xingchen.


Wen Xingchen also happened to be looking at him.


There was a hint of surprise and doubt in their eyes, but the answer was about to reveal itself.


It took Lu Jingning a while to come back to his senses and said, “Doctor, so what should I do in this situation?”


The doctor pointed to two graphs of pheromone concentrations on the virtual screen and pushed them in front of Lu Jingning. “Take a look yourself. This is the normal Omega concentration index, and this is your current Omega concentration index. Whether it’s the peak or the trough, it far exceeds normal levels. The main thing is that these fluctuations were recorded within a mere five minutes, and the fluctuation is too significant…”


Lu Jingning interrupted his incessant explanation with a headache. “Um, Doctor, we don’t really understand the specifics. Can you just tell us the results directly?”


The doctor said, “The result is that the pheromones in your body are already extremely unstable. In addition to the naturally high concentration, if you continue in this current state, you may enter the uncontrollable state you mentioned at any time.”


Lu Jingning was stunned. “What should I do then?”


“If it was just ordinary unstability, we would generally choose to administer corresponding suppressants. But your situation is rather special. Forcing down such a high concentration of pheromones could potentially have the opposite effect. Therefore, for now, we can only opt for the recently introduced pheromone correction substance for gradual adjustment.”


When the doctor reached this point, he paused for a moment. “The only issue now is that this prolonged adjustment will test your personal endurance. Moreover, during the initial stages of adjustment, there is a high possibility of experiencing sudden pheromone outbreaks again.”


Lu Jingning: “…”


Today’s mecha class was already enough. If it erupts again, he won’t be able to handle it.


He really can’t afford to have it happen multiple times!


Seeing his despondent expression, the doctor couldn’t help but chuckle. “Actually, there’s another option. Using drugs to correct the pheromone chaos only serves as a forceful restraint. The most effective and direct method is an Alpha’s temporary marking.”


Lu Jingning: “Huh?”


The doctor emphasized, “The higher the compatibility with the marking Alpha, the better the effect. If there’s an Alpha willing to assist, I believe you can quickly overcome this difficult period of unstabiltiy


As soon as Lu Jingning heard this, he was momentarily stunned, and then a mischievous smile appeared on his face. “Lao Wen, how about…”


Wen Xingchen seemed as if he hadn’t heard Lu Jingning’s words. He turned to the doctor and said, “Please prepare some pheromone correction substances for him. Thank you.”


Lu Jingning: “Uh?”


Wen Xingchen acted as if he didn’t hear Lu Jingning’s words and turned to the doctor, saying, “Please prepare some pheromone correction substances for him. Thank you.”


Author’s Note: A long time later.


Wen Xingchen: Don’t ask. If you ask me about it, I deeply regret it…


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