Chapter 25 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 25


The recruitment process at Mecha Society employs a virtual combat mode. After inputting the mech’s production data, a virtual mech model is automatically constructed. The operator merely needs to synchronize their consciousness with the virtual c0ckpit to engage in simulated combat.


Throughout this process, both the detailed specifications of the mech and the operator’s informational and aura fluctuations are reproduced with 100% accuracy, making it one of the most sophisticated mech operating systems in the entire galaxy.


This mode not only avoids the massive expenses of mech production and testing but also enables real combat simulations with absolute authenticity, all while ensuring no casualties. Special organizations like the Imperial Navy’s Grand Mecha Society, supported by mecha mobile units, are the only ones able to introduce such advanced equipment successfully.


The commotion quickly attracted the attention of onlookers. Hearing that an Omega was participating in mech combat, they curiously gathered around.


In the distance, a blond Omega was calmly warming up, while two others stood beside, cheering him on, creating a lively scene.


Onlookers: …Did he also come with his own cheerleaders?


Yan Hebin stood by for a while but couldn’t wait any longer. He looked at Lu Jingning, who was stretching, and asked, “Do you need me to introduce the mech’s performance to you?”


Each mech has distinct attributes, and even a slight deviation in understanding could lead to significant discrepancies.


Yan Hebin expected Lu Jingning to nod without hesitation, but instead, he shook his head and said, “No need. There’s not enough time. I’ll figure it out when I’m inside.”


“Figure it out?” Yan Hebin’s mouth twitched slightly. Time was indeed limited. On the other side, the receptionist Alpha had already called over a senior student, who pointed towards them, seemingly expressing reluctance.


Ren Jin complained indignantly, “Lu-bro, that senior over there bullied Yan Hebin earlier!”


Lu Jingning rolled up his sleeves and declared, “Don’t worry! I’ll make them regret it!”


“Bullied? Can we use a different word?” Yan Hebin said.


With the personnel ready, they all walked towards their respective prepared virtual cabins.


As Lu Jingning approached the cabin door, the senior couldn’t resist taunting him, “Junior, let’s finish this quickly in our match, okay? No need to drag it out.”


Lu Jingning responded with an innocent smile, “Sure, senior.”


Both entered their cabins, and the virtual link hubs descended gently on their heads, establishing a connection with their minds and the virtual mechs.


When Lu Jingning opened his eyes, he found himself in the c0ckpit of the mech. He scanned the surroundings but didn’t rush to confront his opponent on the other end of the square. Instead, he quickly familiarized himself with the control environment.


Yan Hebin could tell that Lu Jingning had indeed researched a lot about this mech when constructing it. Even the operating system was one commonly used in the military. For someone like Lu Jingning, who had frequent exposure to such systems, it was familiar territory.


Lu Jingning’s lips curved into a faint smile as he performed some test movements.


Meanwhile, the senior was preparing for the first attack when he saw Lu Jingning’s mech suddenly raise its forearm with no warning. In response, he instinctively performed an agile evasive maneuver.


However, after a moment’s wait, nothing happened. He saw Lu Jingning’s silver mech lazily lower its forearm and then raise the sidewall, waving it in a slow, casual manner.


It seemed as though he was doing a slow-motion demonstration.


The senior: …


Is he doing mecha choreography?


The holographic scene was projected onto the central observation platform, and even Ren Jin, who was cheering enthusiastically before, couldn’t help but pause, “Lu bro, what’s he doing, showcasing?”


Su Jianian hesitated, “I think it’s more like a provocation.”


Yan Hebin said, “No, he’s just getting familiar with the controls.”


The atmosphere grew silent for a moment. Then, Ren Jin sought reassurance, “Yan Hebin, Lu bro will definitely win, right?”


Yan Hebin looked at the silver virtual mech on the field, a hint of a smile barely visible on his face. “Of course, he’ll win.”


After his previous defeat, Yan Hebin acknowledged that his pheromone level couldn’t handle intense mech control. However, now, the person on the field was Lu Jingning, and he was more than capable!


With his familiarity with the controls, Lu Jingning simultaneously utilized the mech’s arms to launch a series of attacks, pushing the black mech to retreat continuously. A faint electric field enveloped the silver armor.


Just when the senior was caught off guard, the silver mech suddenly exerted force, and the situation between the two instantly reversed.


Lu Jingning never left any room for doubt. Once he became familiar with the control system, his several mech arms launched a coordinated attack, driving the black mech back steadily. A faint electric field enveloped the silver armor.


Watching the holographic image, everyone felt the intense confrontation and unconsciously exclaimed.


Aren’t they saying that an Omega is fighting an Alpha? How come it looks like an evenly matched battle? It doesn’t seem like it’s being staged!


The senior’s eyes were already filled with shock. His original plan was to use his absolute strength advantage to force the Omega’s mech out of the field, just as he did with Yan Hebin before.


However, to his surprise, during that brief probing exchange, he felt a force seemingly stronger than his own.


Still somewhat dazed, the senior found himself unable to react in time when the silver mech suddenly exerted force. Two high-speed missiles were launched at him.


Lu Jingning’s eyes revealed a hint of a smile. The electric current from his mech’s arms instantly gathered onto his legs. As the missiles approached, the silver mech’s image blurred for a moment. In the next second, it appeared ten meters away, perfectly avoiding all attacks.


Onlookers were astonished. “Did he just teleport?”


Space teleportation was one of the most advanced technologies in the field of mecha. Although Lu Jingning’s teleportation distance was extremely short, it was undoubtedly this highly advanced technique.


After a brief silence, the entire arena erupted.


What kind of mech is this? It’s a masterpiece!


Didn’t it come from a freshman? And it even has a space teleportation device?!


It should be noted that the number of people who could master this technology in the entire empire was probably not more than ten!


Yan Hebin could feel the curious gazes from all around, observing the active mecha battles on the field. Despite the enthusiasm displayed during the fights, his expression held a certain complexity.


He never expected that Lu Jingning could display such mastery over his mecha during his very first test drive. At this moment, even with numerous opportunities to defeat the opponent directly, Lu Jingning showed no haste in ending the battle. He seemed to understand the other person’s intention.


It was a grand performance.


As expected, after the electromagnetic sensing system and spatial teleportation, a series of new transformations followed, such as enhanced arm strength, laser beams, solidified defenses, and more. One after another, these new forms were presented during the battle, turning it into a comprehensive showcase of Yan Hebin’s mecha.


Finally, amidst the dazzled senses of everyone, a climax was reached.


Several consecutive particle beams were fired, completely disintegrating the enemy’s mecha, and the combat came to an official end.


Even after exiting the simulation system, the senior student still found it challenging to regain his composure.


Looking back on the entire process, he had been caught in an immensely passive rhythm from beginning to end. The opponent’s attacks were exceedingly fierce, leaving him almost no time to catch his breath or defend himself.


Anyone familiar with mecha combat knew very well that this high-frequency combat rhythm would heavily deplete an individual’s information-element and energy.


And to accomplish such a splendid series of maneuvers, one could only wonder at the level of proficiency Yan Hebin possessed with his information-element.


But the most astonishing revelation was that the person inside the opposing c0ckpit was actually an Omega?!


The senior student almost wore a bewildered expression as he stepped out of the virtual c0ckpit. Upon turning around, he noticed the adjacent c0ckpit’s door opening, and he locked eyes with the person inside.


Lu Jingning had a refreshed expression, showing no signs of having just experienced an intense combat confrontation. Meeting the senior student’s gaze with a friendly smile, he took the initiative to greet him, “Ah, senior, I apologize for not achieving the quick victory you requested.”




The senior student couldn’t help but clutch his chest.


Damn, every word hit hard, it was exasperating!


After holding back for a while, he finally walked over, asking with an awkward expression, “Classmate, you handle your mecha quite well. You must have had a lot of time to familiarize yourself with it before, right?”


“Familiarize? Not at all,” Lu Jingning looked surprised, “I just had my first encounter with this mecha. Did you not notice that I took some time to get acquainted with the operating system at the beginning? Luckily, I adapt quickly; otherwise, I might have really lost!”


Recalling the opponent’s strange actions at the start, the senior student now understood what was going on. However, this realization seemed to magnify the impact of his defeat.


Originally, he was also using a temporarily assigned mecha today. If the opponent had prepared with sufficient man-machine adaptation beforehand, losing to an Omega freshman might have been somewhat acceptable. But now, the opponent claimed to have just encountered the mecha for the first time.


The senior student’s expression couldn’t help but reveal a touch of astonishment, struggling to find the right words to respond.


Just as he felt immensely awkward, a voice suddenly came from behind, “Wan Chen, what are you standing here for? Not embarrassed enough?”


The senior student named Wan Chen’s back stiffened immediately as he turned to face the newcomer with a wry smile, “Vice President.”


The speaker’s tone carried an indescribable arrogance, with sharp brows and eyes, and a clean and tidy crew cut, adorned with a conspicuous red earring. This was none other than the Vice President of the Mecha Society, Yu Zeyang.


His appearance immediately drew the attention of everyone present, and without further ado, he grabbed Wan Chen by the collar, casually tossing him to the female Alpha following behind, and said in a low, oppressive tone, “An Huo, take this kid to the registration area outside. He’s being a burden by staying here.”


Wan Chen looked aggrieved and drooped his head, “Vice President…”


As Yu Zeyang’s sharp gaze swept over, Wan Chen immediately choked back the rest of his words.


The female Alpha named An Huo couldn’t help but chuckle softly, leading him out while soothingly saying, “Alright, alright, stop complaining. Don’t you know the Vice President’s temperament by now? Speak less and do more, be obedient.”


Standing aside and witnessing the whole process, Lu Jingning’s eyebrows couldn’t help but lift with interest.


If it were just a fierce but timid person, he wouldn’t have paid much attention, but the Vice President of the Mecha Society had always exuded a strong presence. Clearly, he was not someone who merely pretended to be imposing.


Moreover, it had been quite a while since Lu Jingning encountered someone even more arrogant than himself. This Alpha seemed quite intriguing.


As Yu Zeyang turned his gaze toward him, Lu Jingning leaned against the virtual c0ckpit door, lazily tilting his head as he observed.


His expression was undeniably audacious, to the point of arrogance.


When their eyes met, it seemed like invisible sparks were flying.


Yu Zeyang never expected that he would be challenged by an Omega one day. A faint twitch of the veins on his forehead and his eyes darkened as he said, “Kid, as the Vice President, I must congratulate you for passing our basic test.”


Lu Jingning naturally responded without hesitation, “Thank you, thank you.”


‘We are delighted that the Mecha Club has caught your attention and been considered. It is indeed a great honor for us,” You Zeyang said. Suddenly, his tone changed without warning, “However, I must regretfully express that our club”s recruitment plan for this year does not reserve any positions for Omegas. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with Omegas, but considering various factors, Alphas and Betas are more suitable for our club. Therefore, I’m sorry to inform you that the Mecha Club cannot accept you.’’


After he finished speaking, the surroundings fell into an abrupt silence.


Lu Jingning and the others couldn’t help but nervously observe Lu Jingning’s expression.


They thought he might erupt at any moment, but instead, he just chuckled without a hint of anger and said, ‘’Oh? So, Senior, what you mean is, regardless of the final results of the assessment, you won’t accept us just because we are Omegas?’’


You Zeyang was also straightforward, ‘’That’s right.’’


Upon hearing these words, Yan Hebin’s expression unavoidably dimmed for a moment.


Still maintaining his smiling expression, Lu Jingning retorted sharply, ‘’Nonsense!’’


You Zeyang’s brows furrowed, ‘’Mind your tone.’’


‘’Why should I mind? What if I don’t?’’ Lu Jingning had never liked this kind of Alpha, and today he seemed ready to explode at any moment. Without any restraint, he rushed forward and forcefully pushed You Zeyang against the wall.


With one swift move, he grabbed the collar of You Zeyang’s clothes, his expression full of disdain. ‘’I’ve never heard of any club having such ridiculous rules! Look down on Omegas, huh? Fine, I’m right here today. How about we have another match to see who the real weakling is?’’


You Zeyang couldn’t believe Lu Jingning would suddenly act this way. Caught off guard, he found himself pressed against the wall in full view of everyone. Regaining his composure, he looked annoyed. ‘’Let go of me!’’


Unyielding, Lu Jingning said, ‘’Let go? Simple, let’s fight again!’’


You Zeyang was already a hot-headed person, but seeing that Lu Jingning was an Omega, he restrained himself slightly. Now that the latter was trying to trample all over him, he was thoroughly provoked.


However, before he could react, a slender hand with five fingers appeared in his field of view.


In a split second, You Zeyang felt a tug on his clothes, and just like that, he was lifted off the ground without a sound.


Lu Jingning’s feet left the ground unexpectedly, and his arrogant expression gradually turned to bewilderment. When he turned around, he was met with a pair of slightly smiling eyes. ‘’Oops, sorry, our Vice President isn’t very good with words and may have offended our new classmates.’’


This face looked exceedingly harmless, with its slightly narrowed peach blossom eyes. If it weren’t for the towering height that symbolized genes, one could mistake the person for an Omega.


Although Lu Jingning was sure he had never seen this person before, he inexplicably felt a sense of familiarity.


After staring at him for a while, the person cleared his throat and gently said, ‘’Apologies for not introducing myself earlier. I am Bing Yunlin, the President of the Mecha Club. Please feel free to call me Bing. I look forward to working with both of you in the future.’’


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but smile, ‘Can you put me down first?’


‘’Ah, sorry.’’ Bing Yunlin said and gently released his grip.


Lu Jingning returned to the ground and looked at You Zeyang, who had suddenly become as quiet as a chicken. It seemed he had discovered a completely new food chain relationship.


Curiosity got the better of Lu Jingning, and he took a leisurely step closer to the seemingly harmless President of the Mecha Club. He couldn’t help but tease, ‘’So, President, with you just said… I’ll be looking forward to working with the both of you?’’


Bing Yunlin replied with a gentle smile, ‘’Yes, welcome to the Mecha Club. Let’s get along in the future.’’


Yan Hebin was slightly taken aback, ‘’Both of us?’’


‘’After watching the battle just now, I have to admit that your control skills are indeed dominant, but the creator of this mecha is an absolute mecha genius,’’ Bing Yunlin said, glancing at Yan Hebin with slightly curved eyes. ‘’It was a mistake for us not to recruit you earlier. I’m here to apologize on behalf of my members. At the same time, I sincerely hope you will consider joining our club. I wonder if this classmate would be willing to give us another chance to invite you?’’


Yan Hebin replied with a smile, ‘’Of course, I’d be happy to.’’


‘’…’’ Lu Jingning had initially thought the President was a sensible person and wanted to say something against the Mecha Club, but upon seeing You Zeyang’s hate-filled expression, he suddenly changed his mind.


Actually, staying here to provoke people seemed quite interesting?


So, he changed the words that were about to come out of his mouth, and with a light, carefree whistle, he leisurely started walking away, saying, ‘’Alright, we’re done here. Let’s go.’’


Ren Jin and Su Jianan had been watching in amazement and finally snapped out of their daze, hurriedly catching up.


Only Yan Hebin didn’t forget to nod to the two seniors inside the venue and said, ‘’Goodbye, seniors.’’


Bing Yunlin smiled, ‘’See you at our club’s activities.’’


You Zeyang, already displeased, suddenly saw Lu Jingning turn back at the doorway, making a disdainful and enormous grimace at him.


That arrogant face seemed to be saying, ‘’Aren’t you annoyed?’’


You Zeyang clenched his teeth, ‘’…This damn kid!’’


Suppressing the urge to rush up and beat him up in front of Bing Yunlin, You Zeyang grumbled, ‘President, why do you insist on recruiting those two Omegas?’


Bing Yunlin’s smile had already faded completely, and he lowered his eyelashes slightly, ‘’Those two are different from other Omegas. I have my reasons.’’


You Zeyang protested, ‘’What reasons could there be? Have you forgotten what happened with Wen Cu? What if…’’


His words stopped abruptly under the sudden, icy pressure of pheromones around him.


‘’There won’t be any “what if” this time!’’ Bing Yunlin’s tone also softened, ‘’Rest assured, I can guarantee that such a thing won’t happen again.’’


In the intimidating atmosphere, You Zeyang felt a cold sweat on his back, but remembering the accident from years ago, his expression also turned melancholic, ‘’I hope so.’’


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