Chapter 36 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 36


Yu Zeyang could tell from Lu Jingning’s expression that he must have only had a partial understanding of the matter. He couldn’t help but sigh heavily and patiently explained it to him in detail.


The so-called Military Academy Joint Exchange Competition was an event jointly organized by four top military academies in the empire: Imperial Navy University, Grand War University, Silver Star University, and Heavy Cloud Defense University. Held once every three years, the event was primarily for exchange purposes, but the representatives sent by each academy were often the students with the highest current strength, making it highly regarded in various circles.


Almost everyone assumed that the final ranking of the Military Academy Joint Exchange Competition represented the overall ranking of the empire’s top military academies, making it a prestigious and crucial battle for honor.


In the previous competition, the Imperial Navy University made a mistake during the final team confrontation, securing the second place just behind Silver Star University, which left the entire school staff and students feeling extremely disappointed. This year was supposed to be their chance for redemption, but unexpectedly, a pirate attack occurred at a critical moment, resulting in heavy casualties among the elite students. This forced the previously determined list of participants to be reorganized.


After listening to Yu Zeyang’s explanation, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but glance at him and asked, “So, the ‘elite students with heavy casualties’ you mentioned, could it be that you were one of them?”


Yu Zeyang, immersed in the indignation of the school’s honor, had a slight stiffening of his expression upon hearing Lu Jingning’s question. “Of course… not.”


Lu Jingning still seemed skeptical and asked, “If it has nothing to do with you, then why tell me so much about it?”


Once again, Lu Jingning had him stumped. After a moment, Yu Zeyang composed himself and said with a stern face, “As a student of the Imperial Navy University, haven’t you ever thought of representing the school to compete for the highest honor?”


Caught off guard by the direct question, Lu Jingning hesitated for a moment. “Ah… now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve ever considered that.”


Yu Zeyang: “…”


Lu Jingning seemed to have finally understood something. He smiled mischievously and leaned in, looking at Yu Zeyang with an ambiguous expression. “Vice President, do you need something from me?”


Yu Zeyang: “…”


Lu Jingning gestured, “If you need something, just say it! Although we may not be on the best terms, we’re still quite familiar with each other. I even saved your life once. If you tell me properly, there might be something I can help with.”


This unexpected turn left Yu Zeyang at a loss for words. Seeing the cunning look on Lu Jingning’s face, he couldn’t help but twitch the veins on his forehead.


Lu Jingning continued, “As an Omega, you need to know how to seize opportunities and showcase yourself. After all, there are always so many Alphas who rely on their innate advantages and have all sorts of biases against us Omegas, don’t you think, Vice President?”


Yu Zeyang: “…”


He couldn’t miss the sarcasm in Lu Jingning’s words. In fact, this was probably the most picky and fastidious Omega he had ever encountered.


With Lu Jingning’s mind clearly elsewhere, he teasingly turned and walked away. Watching the gradually retreating figure, Yu Zeyang couldn’t help but wryly smile, and a hint of complexity flickered in his eyes. “Some things are not as simple as you guys think.”


As he spoke, the radiant aura surrounding the usually domineering man seemed to dim momentarily.


In his mind, a familiar figure appeared, and he subconsciously reached for his pocket, only to realize that he had forgotten to bring cigarettes today.


In the following days, the migration of students from the first to third grades proceeded smoothly. On the other hand, news about the revised list for the Military Academy Joint Exchange Competition spread among the students. Everyone was incredibly curious about the final selection of participants.


After all, the battle had taken a toll on them, and most of the senior students with strength had suffered injuries while protecting the campus. In this situation, it seemed too demanding to face the elites from other schools.


From all perspectives, the situation appeared rather unfavorable.



After returning home, Lu Jingning sought advice and was informed that medals could not be transferred between families unless there was a blood relationship or a spouse connection. In simple terms, unless he registered with Wen Xingchen, there was no way to transfer or share the honor.


Frustrated, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but curse, “What a crazy rule!”


If he were to marry Wen Xingchen, would he also need to rack his brain to think of other ways to repay the favor of marriage too?


As the door opened, Yu Qingcang immediately spotted Lu Jingning’s irritable gesture as he threw the communicator onto the table. Sensing the situation, he called out, “Lu bro, not in a good mood today?”


Having all his plans for a surprise ruined, it was indeed difficult to have a beautiful mood. Lu Jingning lazily lifted his eyelashes and said, “This is the temporary dormitory for Omegas. How did you manage to get in? Did you play some tricks on the dormitory administrator?”


Yu Zeyang cleared his throat, “I came for official business, why can’t I come in? Besides, before I came, I used an aura concealing agent and took three baths to ensure no pollution.”


Lu Jingning replied nonchalantly, “Oh, so should I throw you into the recyclable waste bin?”


Yu Qingcang felt a bit hurt and said, “Lu bro, I really came here for something.”


Lu Jingning, impatiently cutting him off, said, “If you have something to say, spit it out.”


Yu Qingcang responded smoothly, “The instructor asked you to go to the Academic Affairs Office. The official list for the exchange competition is out.”


Lu Jingning replied, “Is that all? Do you know there’s a thing called a communicator in this world?”


Yu Qingcang sincerely said, “Actually, the main reason is that I missed you, Lu bro. You know there’s an emotion called ‘a day apart feels like three autumns’?”


As he spoke, he couldn’t help glancing back with a somewhat guilty expression.


Lu Jingning followed his gaze and immediately noticed Yan Hebin, who was sitting at a desk, studying earnestly with his back turned towards them.


Yu Qingcang was never one to hide things, and the information conveyed in that glance was just a bit too much. It wasn’t hard to see his little thoughts.


Indeed, ‘a day apart feels like three autumns,’ but the object of his affection seemed to be up for debate.


Lu Jingning thought for a while but couldn’t recall how these two got involved in the first place.


Although he had mentioned introducing his silly brother to Yan Hebin, it was just talk and he never actually acted on it. Unexpectedly, fate brought them together so unexpectedly.


Tsk, the Red Thread of Fate moves fast; he never expected it to beat him to it!


In his heart, Lu Jingning thought sourly, but he still patted Yu Qingcang’s shoulder with brotherly righteousness and deliberately raised his voice, saying, “I’ll go to the Academic Affairs Office. Since you miss me so much, stay here and help me tidy up the bedding!”


Yu Qingcang had never been so happy to be bossed around. “Sure, Lu bro, I promise to complete the mission!”


Lu Jingning walked out without looking back, keeping his talents hidden.


However, at the door, he turned back and made a gesture to Yu Qingcang, signifying “be careful.”


Although he was his childhood friend, Yan Hebin was also his best dorm mate. If Yu Qingcang tried anything to bully him, Lu Jingning wouldn’t hold back.


When Lu Jingning arrived at the Academic Affairs Office, quite a few people were already present. As he walked in, all eyes turned to him.


Undoubtedly, he was the only Omega in the room.


Although rumors about Lu Jingning participating in the joint exchange competition had circulated outside, seeing him in person still made some people shine with admiration.


For some reason, there was a premonition that they might witness a historic moment accidentally.


Lu Jingning scanned the surroundings and quickly spotted Wen Xingchen. He was about to greet him when Bing Yunlin, not far away, waved at him and said, “Come over here.”


Unable to do otherwise, Lu Jingning put his thoughts on hold and joined the queue of the Mecha Club.


The Academic Affairs Office staff had already gathered, and Principal Bing Cang smiled as he looked at everyone, straightforwardly saying, “Today, I called everyone here to confirm the final lineup for the joint exchange competition. The competition includes Mecha Duel, Combat, and Team Battles, with five official members and five reserve members, totaling ten. Now, let’s announce the names of the official members — Wen Ye from the Imperial Navy Patrol, Kang Hanyun, Bing Yunlin from the Mecha Club, Zhan She from the Combat Club, and Tao Yushi from the Vigilant Department.”


From this list, it was evident that the official members were mainly senior cadres. Of course, their presence as main players was enough to convince others.


When Lu Jingning heard the name from the Combat Club, he felt that he knew the person but couldn’t recall how.


It turned out to be the first senior he “defeated” in the challenge before.


Lu Jingning didn’t look down on him just because he “won” once. He knew that at the time, he mainly had an advantage due to the opponent not being allowed to use pheromones and his sudden explosive attack.


Since the school selected this senior to represent them in the joint exchange competition, Lu Jingning believed that his strength was not to be underestimated.


Zhan She noticed Lu Jingning’s gaze, turned back, and politely smiled at him.


Lu Jingning nodded at him from afar, and in the process, he happened to see the person standing behind — and couldn’t help but blink in confusion.


What’s going on? How did he get in here?


At that moment, Bing Cang continued in his leisurely pace, “Now, let’s announce the reserve members — Lu Jingning from the Mecha Club, Cen Junfeng from the Combat Club, Su Cai, Lu Shen from the Armament Club, and, Wen Xingchen.”


After hearing the list and getting it confirmed, Lu Jingning looked at Cen Junfeng with even stranger eyes.


Can he not feel repulsed by this guy? From the beginning till now, this guy has left the impression of being a “weak chicken.”


And yet, he ended up being selected. Is the Imperial Navy really out of capable fighters?


Cen Junfeng felt his face turning red and then white under such a scrutinizing gaze. He couldn’t help but grit his teeth.


What’s with that look?


It’s true that he was added because the Combat Club suffered heavy casualties in the last battle, but in terms of strength, he didn’t want to fight an Omega, so just send an Alpha to fight him; he would definitely perform well!


After confirming the final list, the Academic Affairs Director briefly introduced the process of the joint exchange competition, and everyone dispersed.


As Lu Jingning walked out of the Academic Affairs Office, he saw Wen Xingchen’s figure and followed him calmly, asking in a calm tone, “Lao Wen, have you noticed anything special about me?”


Wen Xingchen didn’t even turn his head. “Haven’t noticed.”


Lu Jingning cleared his throat. “How could you not notice? I’m so special… I miss you.”


Wen Xingchen’s footsteps involuntarily paused for a moment, and he turned back to look at Lu Jingning. “Have you gone crazy?”


Lu Jingning: “…”


Lu Jingning: “Damn, those things Yu Qingcang taught me are indeed useless.”


Wen Xingchen: “Don’t learn such boring things.”


What’s the point of learning them, anyway?


Lu Jingning agreed with that: “True, they are quite boring.”


Saying that, he glanced at Wen Xingchen’s expression, unable to gauge his emotions. So, he tentatively asked, “Aren’t you angry anymore?”


Wen Xingchen shifted his gaze away, countering with a question, “Why should I be angry?”


Of course, I “defeated” you…


Lu Jingning thought to himself, but he admitted, “I know I really wronged you, so I specifically consulted about transferring the merits of service. Unfortunately, the person told me that I can’t transfer without a certificate. Otherwise, I’m really willing to show you my sincerity.”


Wen Xingchen heard him starting to talk about the merits and almost walked away. However, when he heard the last sentence, his steps paused slightly, and he smiled gently. “If I like the cliché solution, what then?”


Lu Jingning: “Huh?”


“Nothing.” Wen Xingchen looked at him for a moment, then his lips curved slightly with a hint of a smile. “Since you’re so sincerely grateful, let’s put it on hold for now. When I figure it out, I’ll let you know.”


Lu Jingning: “…”


Can you even put something like this on hold?


Why do I feel like I accidentally fell into a trap?!


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