Chapter 37 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 37


The final list of personnel was quickly circulated, and Lu Jingning once again became the most discussed name among teachers and students. At this moment, he finally received a communication from Lu Kongbin after the incident with the interstellar pirates.


When the news of the incident spread, he had received greetings and concerns from his brothers. However, during that time, Lu Kongbin happened to be on a mission in a distant border galaxy, so they hadn’t been in contact.


But now, right after he got off the warship, Lu Kongbin urgently contacted him. Lu Jingning pulled the communication device away from his ear, trying to minimize the overly loud voice on the other side. Finally, when it became relatively quiet, he heard Lu Kongbin’s resolute tone saying, “While I haven’t left for a mission yet, you come home!”


Sitting on the balcony of the temporary dormitory with one leg crossed, basking lazily in the comfortable starlight, Lu Jingning raised an eyebrow nonchalantly and replied, “I’m busy.”


Lu Kongbin’s voice turned grave, “Ning, you’ve changed! Don’t you love your old man anymore?”


Lu Jingning didn’t fall for his tricks, “Ever heard this saying? ‘Not asking for eternity, just asking for having had it once.’ I loved you before, that’s enough.”


Lu Kongbin, sensing that Lu Jingning was not swayed, couldn’t help but sound a bit puzzled, “You really won’t come back? Did you get hurt somewhere? If you’re injured and don’t tell me, I’ll run to the school to make a fuss with you.”


“What injury? I’m doing fine,” Lu Jingning was exasperated by his wild imagination. He glanced at the training schedule displayed on the wall’s LCD screen and continued languidly, “You know about the Military Academy’s Joint Exchange Competition, right? It’s about to start. I’m busy with training, and I don’t have time to go home for a stroll.”


There was a moment of silence from the other end of the communication device, and Lu Kongbin’s voice suddenly raised a bit, “Kid, you’re actually participating in the Military Academy’s Joint Exchange Competition?! Well done! Dad is proud of you!!!”


Lu Jingning rubbed his ear, feeling speechless at his father’s reaction. “Didn’t I tell you that I received the Empire’s third-class merit?” he said, thinking that perhaps the latter achievement was worth being proud of.


But clearly, Lu Kongbin’s train of thought was not on the same track. He replied nonchalantly, “That thing? You mentioned it! It’s just a third-class merit. What’s there to be proud of? Our family has had plenty of those.”


Lu Jingning: “…”


His reasoning was impeccable. It left Lu Jingning at a loss for words, almost forgetting that his father himself was a walking first-class merit.


As Lu Kongbin noticed that Lu Jingning didn’t respond, a thought suddenly occurred to him, “Ning, since I don’t have much going on lately, if you’re not coming home, I’ll just wait for you at the school.”


“???” Lu Jingning seemed to catch on to something, “You’re coming to the school?”


Lu Kongbin confirmed, “Since I’m free, and this incident has caused quite a stir, I thought it would be a good opportunity to visit President Bing Cang.”


Lu Jingning was already used to his father’s impromptu behavior. Originally, he wanted to talk about the compensation for the loss during the mecha class last time, but he decided to put it off for now.


Well, he could always discuss it when they got to the school.


Seeing Lu Jingning’s lack of reaction, Lu Kongbin reassured him happily, “Don’t worry, son, your old man will be very low-key!”


Lu Jingning’s eyelids twitched uncontrollably at that statement. What kind of bad premonition was this?



After hearing that Lu Kongbin was coming to the school, Yu Qingcang seemed extremely enthusiastic. Early that morning, he waited at the entrance of the temporary campus with Lu Jingning, craning his neck to look around.


Of course, Lu Jingning knew that Yu Qingcang had always admired Lu Kongbin as a hero since childhood, so he wasn’t surprised by his excitement.


However, what he didn’t expect was that shortly after they arrived at the school gate, they spotted several familiar figures from the exchange team.


These individuals were formal team members participating in the exchange competition, and after a few days of interaction, Lu Jingning had become somewhat familiar with them. Upon seeing Lu Jingning, they walked over and greeted him briefly.


Lu Jingning looked at their neatly dressed appearance and couldn’t help but be curious, “Seniors, what are you doing here?”


Wen Yeyu calmly replied, “The instructor in charge of our exchange team’s training this week has arrived. Upon the principal’s request, we came to welcome them.”


Lu Jingning furrowed his brows, “The instructor in charge of your training?”


Beside him, Fang Yunlin smiled vaguely and gave him a sidelong glance, speaking gently, “Are you also waiting here for someone? What a coincidence.”


With his remark, Lu Jingning’s eyebrows twitched twice, feeling an inexplicable strange sensation. Just then, a transport ship streaked through the sky and slowly landed not far away, causing a stir with its intense airflow that raised clouds of dust.


In his hazy vision, he could see the hatch gradually lowering. As the entire ship stabilized, the hatch slammed heavily onto the ground. Soon after, a familiar figure stepped down from the ship step by step.


All the soldiers immediately lined up in perfect formation and performed a solemn military salute.


Witnessing this majestic scene, the man, dressed in a striking military uniform with a pair of sunglasses perched on his nose, had a rugged, scarred face. Instead of diminishing his sharpness, a fierce scar crossed his left cheek, adding to his unique dignity.


The commotion inevitably attracted the attention of the passing students, who couldn’t help but stop and become curious about the identity of this impressive figure.


Yu Qingcang’s eyes widened in awe, his gaze fixed on the man. He couldn’t help but gulp nervously, hesitantly asking, “That… are we still going?”


Lu Jingning, who was watching his father, couldn’t even muster the energy to answer. He shook his head helplessly, “Let’s go back.”


After going back to their dormitory and receiving Lu Kongbin’s communication, it was already evening.


Lu Jingning headed downstairs upon hearing the news, and as he turned the corner, he saw a man in casual attire wearing an enormous hat, sneakily inching his way towards him.


He couldn’t help but chuckle, “Dad, that’s enough.”


Seeing that there weren’t many people around, Lu Kongbin finally took off his sunglasses, his expression nonchalant, “You don’t understand. I just don’t want my presence to disrupt your peaceful college life.”


“Oh, well, thank you,” Lu Jingning replied dismissively, asking casually, “What do you want to eat?”


“Anything is fine. The main thing is to see you,” Lu Kongbin replied and then carefully scanned him, suddenly changing his mind, “Let’s have meat. Ning, you look so thin.”


Lu Jingning wasn’t about to take his father’s words to heart, nor did he want to argue about dinner. He simply took Lu Kongbin to a nearby restaurant and complied with his desire for a table full of meat.


Lu Kongbin asked a bunch of questions while eating, and Lu Jingning answered each one. When the timing seemed right, he took out the reimbursement form for the mecha class losses from his pocket and said, “Dad, can you help settle this bill?”


Lu Kongbin took it over without understanding and glanced at it, almost fainting from anger, “When did you cause trouble again?!”


Lu Jingning had a special sense of timing in situations like this. He smiled mischievously, leaned in, and casually put his hand on his father’s shoulder, saying with a grin, “I got a third-class merit, secured a spot in the Joint Exchange Competition, and caused a little trouble. It’s just a small amount of money. Don’t be so stingy, Dad!”


Lu Kongbin’s mouth twitched, “Say that again, this little amount is small money?”


Lu Jingning blinked innocently, “For our illustrious and heroic Lao Lu, it’s not small money, right?”


Lu Kongbin was about to explode, but thinking about Lu Jingning’s recent dangerous experiences, he couldn’t bear it and finally blurted out, “Don’t let it happen again!”


Lu Jingning handed him a glass of wine, continuing to flatter him nonchalantly, “Truly a grand and bold Lao Lu!”


With the long-standing compensation issue resolved, Lu Jingning’s smile brightened like a flower. Lu Kongbin had come to see his beloved son, so the atmosphere during the meal was naturally joyous and harmonious.


However, this scene seemed to be perceived differently by some people.


Jiang Luan couldn’t believe that they just went out to eat and ended up witnessing such a sensational scene. He couldn’t help but look at the two people by the window, engrossed in their conversation, then turned to see the expressionless Wen Xingchen, feeling a chill run down his spine.


What’s going on? What’s going on? How could this be happening? Who is this older man being so affectionate with Lu Jingning?


Lu Jingning usually looked so unkempt, and it turns out he actually likes this mature style that’s so much older than him?!


Meanwhile, Wen Xingchen stood still for a long time, silently contemplating.


In the end, it wasn’t the bloodbath Jiang Luan had imagined.


After stopping for a moment, Wen Xingchen suddenly turned and walked away in a different direction, his tone indifferent, “Let’s go, let’s eat elsewhere.”


This attitude seemed indifferent, and if Jiang Luan hadn’t noticed the faint hint of coldness at the corner of his lips, he might have believed it.


Before leaving, Jiang Luan couldn’t help but glance back at Lu Jingning and sighed silently in his heart.


Good luck, Lu Jingning, my old buddy!


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