Chapter 38 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 38


After having a meal together, Lu Jingning and Lu Kongbin each returned home. Early tomorrow morning is the training time arranged by the exchange team, and as a trainer for this term, Lu Kongbin naturally needs to conserve his energy.


This time, the school suddenly assigned them a trainer, and all members of the exchange team were very excited. However, due to the lack of detailed information, they didn’t know what kind of identity the person was. So, they arrived at the training ground early, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new trainer.


When Lu Jingning entered the gate, he immediately saw his teammates standing in perfect formation. Feeling a bit puzzled, he walked up to Wen Xingchen and patted his shoulder, asking, “What’s going on? Why is everyone so enthusiastic today?”


Wen Xingchen didn’t answer directly, speaking calmly, “It seems you’ve been really busy lately, too busy to even pay attention to what’s going on.”


Lu Jingning pondered but didn’t see the connection between the two points. Nevertheless, he answered earnestly, “It’s not that busy, actually.”


Wen Xingchen glanced up at him, his lips slightly pursed. “If you’re not busy, then you should focus more on important matters.”


“…” Lu Jingning finally sensed something amiss and looked at him, “Lao Wen, did you eat explosives today?”


“I eat them every day. You just noticed it, huh?” Wen Xingchen replied nonchalantly.


“…” Clearly, someone today seemed more difficult to get along with than usual.


So, without even looking back, Lu Jingning turned around and scanned the surroundings before heading directly to find Cen Junfeng nearby.


“It’s nothing. Today, a new trainer has come, and everyone is looking forward to it,” Cen Junfeng said after noticing the two of them talking. He answered the question briefly and then couldn’t help but look at Wen Xingchen nearby, teasingly asking, “What’s going on with you two? Did you have a fight?”


That was probably the only common topic Lu Jingning could find with this straight Alpha cancer student. He responded with a casual “Oh”: “No fights. Just guy stuff, you know.”


Cen Junfeng nodded in agreement, “Wen Xingchen is indeed not easy to get along with most of the time.”


Wen Xingchen remained expressionless.


Being so close and still not avoiding suspicion, these two were obviously saying it on purpose for him to hear.


While they were talking, a group of people walked in from outside. The leading teacher for this event, Jihan, walked at the forefront and lightly clapped his hands, gesturing for everyone to gather.


As Wen Xingchen raised his head, he noticed a somewhat familiar face trailing behind Jihan. His gaze swept over the distinctive scar on the cheek, as if reminding him of an intimate image from memory.


He frowned, and at that moment, the middle-aged man turned and blinked subtly in Lu Jingning’s direction. They exchanged a barely noticeable smile.


The action was done so discreetly that no one else seemed to notice, but Wen Xingchen’s gaze remained fixed on the man, witnessing the entire process. Feeling somewhat inexplicably unhappy, he narrowed his eyes.


After the assembly, Jihan briefly explained today’s training process. Throughout the explanation, not a word was said about the trainer’s identity, which only increased everyone’s curiosity.


In such cases, there were usually two possibilities. Either the trainer’s identity was too ordinary to warrant an introduction, but since the school specially invited someone to train them, that reasoning didn’t hold. So, the other possibility was that the trainer’s identity belonged to a confidential entity within the military, the kind that should not be too publicly disclosed. Hence, the introduction was omitted.


However, whenever such a special department was involved, it usually meant an incredibly powerful individual within the military. After reaching this conclusion, everyone’s anticipation for today’s training skyrocketed, leaving no room for any negligence.


Lu Kongbin was entrusted by Principal Bing Cang to bring a complete set of internal training programs for their special operations team this time. Once he stepped onto the training ground, he seemed like a completely different person. His aura of pheromones exploded, as if a heavy hand pressed down on the entire field, making everyone instinctively tremble.


If it weren’t for the fact that they were all elite students elected by their respective faculties, some might have been inevitably overwhelmed.


Lu Jingning was used to his father’s pheromones, so he remained calm despite the intense pressure. He even lightly sniffed the air, secretly reminiscing how long it had been since he encountered this strong scent, feeling a bit nostalgic.


After the rigorous morning training, everyone was exhausted. They pushed through and completed the final weighted cross-country project under Lu Kongbin’s intimidating aura. Many were already lying on the ground, too tired to move.


Even Lu Jingning’s breathing became slightly heavier. He brought a bottle of water and handed it to Wen Xingchen, leaning against the nearby railing to wipe his sweat, asking, “How do you feel? Doing alright?”


Wen Xingchen took the water bottle, tilted his head back, and drank a few sips. Seemingly casual, he replied, “Not bad. How about you?”


Leaning on the railing, Lu Jingning smiled, “Me? Don’t even need to ask. Doing it again wouldn’t be a problem!”


By this time, Lu Kongbin had retracted his pheromones, but there was still a lingering scent in the air. An alcoholic scent, intensely stimulating everyone’s nerves.


Wen Xingchen, under the influence of Lu Kongbin’s pheromones, fell silent for a moment, then suddenly asked without any context, “Do you like it?”


Lu Jingning, feeling a bit puzzled, said, “Huh?”


Wen Xingchen continued, “The scent of pheromones, do you like it? You seemed to enjoy it during training, so you must like it a lot, right?”


Lu Jingning scratched his ear, “Well, I do… sort of.”


Lu Kongbin’s pheromones were particularly strong, and he hadn’t seen many people with such a scent. He had grown up with his father’s scent, and it was only natural to like it. However, to say he enjoyed the training just because of the pheromones was debatable. After all, he wasn’t into being tortured, and with Lu Kongbin watching, if he didn’t put in some effort, there was a good chance he’d be dragged back to the training ground and have to repeat it all over again.


As he was mentally complaining, Wen Xingchen suddenly handed him the empty bottle, saying, “Help me throw this away, thanks.”


After saying that, he walked away without looking back.


Lu Jingning watched the relaxed figure leave, holding the empty bottle, and resisted the urge to throw it at him. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down.


Ever since they got off the pirate mothership, Wen Xingchen’s attitude seemed to get stranger by the day. He couldn’t help but suspect if something went wrong during their copulation process, causing some endocrine imbalance in the Alpha. If that were the case, it would be his responsibility.


Coincidentally, he had to go to the hospital for a checkup in a few days, and he decided to take Wen Xingchen along for a comprehensive examination.


Lu Jingning walked up to the trash bin and threw the empty bottle in. As he was contemplating, he didn’t notice the gaze that fell on him from a distance.


The training for today had come to an end. Jihan, responsible for leading the team, asked Lu Kongbin, “Colonel, can the team members be dismissed for now?”


Lu Kongbin, who didn’t know Wen Xingchen, looked at the two of them conversing from afar, and a sense of vigilance arose in his heart. Without turning his head, he replied, “Dismiss? Wait a bit; I have another extra activity.”


Although Jihan didn’t understand what was going on, he cooperated and gathered everyone together again.


The group formed a circle in the training ground.


Lu Kongbin stood in the center, looking down at everyone with a commanding presence. Behind his sunglasses, he subtly glanced at Wen Xingchen, and his tone was calm as he said, “So, to end it, I decided to add an extra activity. Is there anyone willing to step forward and engage in live combat sparring?”


Under normal circumstances, everyone would be very willing to seek guidance from a formal military officer like him. However, after just completing an intense training project, many felt too drained. So, when he made the offer, only a few volunteered.


Lu Jingning had no interest in getting beaten in front of everyone. He obediently squatted on the ground, not moving.


However, he was taken aback when he saw Wen Xingchen raising his hand. He couldn’t help but look at him in surprise, “Are you going up?”


Wen Xingchen casually turned to look at him, “Is that not allowed?”


“It’s not that it’s not allowed.” Lu Jingning thought for a moment and said, “It’s just that we’ve just expended so much energy. Don’t you think this kind of live combat is a bit unfair?”


Wen Xingchen raised his mouth without any temperature, “Do you think I’ll lose?”


Lu Jingning blinked innocently. While it was true that Wen Xingchen was strong, did he need show it off?


As he was pondering how to speak without hurting Wen Xingchen’s pride, a rough voice came from afar, “Alright, let him do it!”


Lu Kongbin had already taken off his sunglasses and casually rubbed his fists, looking like he was itching to go.


Wen Xingchen was “fortunate” enough to be chosen, and immediately, envy and cheers erupted from the surrounding crowd, cheering him on.


He stood up amidst the gaze of everyone and walked to the center of the field.


Lu Jingning watched his back and fell into silence.


On one side was his father, on the other, a righteous good friend. Cheering for either of them seemed a bit inappropriate.


As he hesitated, he unintentionally lifted his head and met Wen Xingchen’s gaze. Unexpectedly, he felt a slight movement in his heart, and at the same time, the enthusiastic cheers of his teammates surged around him. He couldn’t help but blurt out, “Go, Wen, go!”


A subtle smile finally appeared between Wen Xingchen’s brows and eyes.


Meanwhile, Lu Kongbin, who was preparing on the side, subtly twisted his body and clenched his teeth.


This brat, it’s only been a short time since school started, and he’s already learned to favour others?!



The sparring soon began officially.


It was evident that Lu Kongbin was truly not holding back. As soon as the match started, he easily flipped Wen Xingchen to the ground with clean and efficient movements, clearly a result of countless battles and rigorous training.


However, Wen Xingchen didn’t show any weakness either. In the moment he fell, he quickly rolled to his feet and engaged Lu Kongbin in close combat.


Both sides intensified their pheromone levels, and the scents of liquor and mint intertwined endlessly in the air, causing a fierce wind to swirl around them.


The collision of their pheromones sent tingles down everyone’s spines, and for a moment, they forgot to cheer.


Lu Kongbin was surprised by Wen Xingchen’s formidable pheromones. The taunting expression in his eyes gradually receded, and he began taking the fight seriously.


No longer just toying around, there was no need to hold back.


Countless battles had trained him to the point where his absolute experience came to the fore in an instant.


Before anyone could clearly see what was happening, the evenly matched situation had been completely broken.


In the blink of an eye, Wen Xingchen was completely overwhelmed without any warning.


Repeatedly being thrown to the ground, he appeared somewhat disheveled, but the sharpness in his eyes remained undiminished.


Panting heavily, he got up from the ground time and time again. His pheromone intensity not only didn’t weaken but instead intensified.


Lu Kongbin could feel the strong hostility in Wen Xingchen’s gaze, and he couldn’t help but show a faint smile.


He was ready to finish the fight with one last wave of attacks, but unexpectedly, as he launched his assault, Wen Xingchen suddenly changed his tactics.


Just when he thought Wen Xingchen had reached his limit, it seemed as if his physical abilities suddenly improved again. In the moment he fell, Wen Xingchen executed a sweeping leg move, bringing Lu Kongbin down with him.


A cloud of dust rose in the field, and everyone around was left in silence by this incredible move.


Lu Kongbin was thrown quite heavily, and his neatly pressed military uniform inevitably got covered in dust. He looked at Wen Xingchen, who was drenched in sweat, and couldn’t help but mock, “Not bad, kid!”


Wen Xingchen didn’t respond to him. Instead, he patted the dust off his clothes and stood up again, saying, “We’ve just begun, let’s go again.”


Lu Kongbin: “…”


This brat is even more arrogant than he is!


Squinting slightly, Lu Kongbin stood up from the ground without saying a word, unwilling to show any weakness. “You’re quite tenacious. Looks like I’ll have to show you my real skills.”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


He silently looked at Lu Kongbin, and from his words, he seemed to be implying that he had been toying with him all along?


Tension filled the field, and everyone instinctively held their breath.


Seeing that the two were about to clash again, someone suddenly rushed over and stood between them. “Thanks for the guidance, Instructor! We have other training in the afternoon. How about we stop here? Your pheromones are good, but please consider the feelings of our other classmates!”


While this person didn’t notice it earlier, after he spoke, the other teammates indeed felt a tingling sensation in their limbs.


Under the impact of the two participants’ intense pheromones, as onlookers, they couldn’t avoid consuming a considerable amount of energy.


Seeing Lu Jingning run out and stand beside Wen Xingchen, watching him without saying a word, Lu Kongbin narrowed his eyes but remained silent.


Seeing that he had no objections, Lu Jingning hurriedly ran up to Wen Xingchen.


From Wen Xingchen’s expression, it was evident that he still had no intention of backing down.


Lowering his voice, Lu Jingning advised, “Lao Wen, just consider it as saving me some face. Let’s stop fighting. Both of you are so competitive; if you keep going, we won’t even have lunch.”


Wen Xingchen looked at him and seemed to smile subtly, “Do you know him well?”


Lu Jingning didn’t want to openly acknowledge their relationship, but since Wen Xingchen wasn’t anyone else, he didn’t hide it and softly replied, “Of course I do; he’s my dad!”




Wen Xingchen almost suspected he was hearing things, “Who did you say he is?”


Lu Jingning, not wanting to admit it publicly, didn’t deny it either and replied in a low voice, “Although we don’t really look like father and son, he is my dad. I take after my mom in appearance.”




Wen Xingchen was silent for a moment, glancing at Lu Kongbin, who was glaring at him from not too far away. Without waiting for Lu Jingning to speak again, he tried to maintain a serious expression and turned to leave.


Things got a bit messy and needed to be sorted out.


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