Chapter 51 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 51


“Captain, we’ve completed the mission.” On the battlefield, Lu Jingning kicked the “corpse” next to him to the side and cheerfully reported to Wen Ye through the communicator.


His tone sounded like he was bragging, which made Wen Xingchen, who had just approached, look at him with a puzzled expression. The refreshed team battle score list hinted at what had happened, but the sudden increase of 6 points still surprised him. He asked, “How many enemies did your team eliminate?”


Lu Jingning hadn’t paid much attention, so he glanced around and counted carefully before calmly replying, “It seems like two from Silver Star University, one from Heavy Cloud, and three from Grand War.”


Meanwhile, on the other side, Wen Ye fell into silence. After exchanging a glance with Kang Hanyun, he said, “Keep moving along this path.”


Seeing that Lu Jingning hadn’t studied the map beforehand, he blurted out, “Where does this lead?”


Wen Xingchen explained, “It leads to Grand War’s main base.”


Lu Jingning’s eyes lit up, “Straight to their base? I like it!”


Suddenly, sounds of intense fighting came from the other end of the communicator. Wen Ye didn’t say much and left with a parting remark, “Contact me if anything happens.”


Hearing the communication cut off, Lu Jingning knew what was going on without asking.


However, Lu Jingning wasn’t too worried about Wen Ye encountering enemies on his side. He squatted down and casually searched through the nearby “corpses,” taking some equipment and also asking Wen Xingchen, “Lao Wen, aren’t you going to restock some supplies?”


Wen Xingchen only took out a few energy bullets and replied, “These will do.”


After standing up and glancing at Lu Jingning, Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but ask, “Your ‘god’ is in a fight, haven’t you thought about supporting him?”


Lu Jingning sneered, “My ‘god’ is not someone those ordinary mortals can compare to. I trust him unconditionally! Supporting him would be the greatest insult!”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


He was wrong; he shouldn’t have asked.


The two didn’t say anything more and continued along the path towards Grand War’s main base.


At this moment, the large screen in the arena switched to where Wen Ye was fighting. When the audience saw the two figures facing him, they couldn’t help but gasp. Even though Tang Jiaze’s image might be associated with his crushing defeat due to Lu Jingning’s influence, when these two appeared together in the field of view, many people couldn’t help but think of one word: destiny.


Tang Jiaze had been waiting for Wen Ye for quite a while. Standing beside him was the freshman from Silver Star University who had tried to stall Wen Ye on the day of the actual combat. Whether it was an attempt to use the same strategy again or for another reason, he immediately launched a fierce attack as soon as they met.


The commentator remarked, “It’s clear that the grudge between Silver Star University and Imperial Navy University is still deeply entwined! Last time, Imperial Navy University was leading all the way, but they ultimately lost to Silver Star University in the team match. Today, the battlefield is repeating history. We wonder how it will all end.”


“Oh, as expected, Tang Jiaze is aiming straight for Wen Ye. The two team leaders from the two academies are clashing again!”


On the battlefield, dirt and stones flew everywhere. It seemed both sides were quite accustomed to this style of combat. Regardless of long-range shooting or close combat, each collision carried an indescribable sense of attachment.


During the previous real combat, due to the pre-exhaustion of physical strength, Wen Ye’s perception wasn’t as acute. However, in this direct confrontation, he was surprised to find that Tang Jiaze had made significant progress in just a few years. He had grown to be this powerful.


The two figures clashed again, and in an instant, Tang Jiaze gazed at Wen Ye’s furrowed brow and a wicked grin appeared on his face. He said, “How is it, Wen Ye? Do you feel my strength has improved a lot? Of course, you S-class prodigies, born with god-given talents, can never understand the efforts we A-class students put in to improve. But what can I do? I truly look forward to the day I can completely defeat you…”


Wen Ye sidestepped, evading his incoming punch, and calmly stated, “Last time, you guys won.”


He hadn’t meant to say it, but now that he had, it seemed like he touched a sore spot for Tang Jiaze, who bit his teeth hard and retorted, “Won? Hah, that’s not the kind of victory I wanted!”


Indeed, in the last competition, Silver Star University had secured the top spot on the total score list. But so what? In everyone’s hearts, there was only one name they were obsessed with—Wen Ye. As for Tang Jiaze, no one even spared him a second thought!


Some people were just like that, destined to shine brightly from the moment they were born, while those impoverished people who came from the desolate star system had to rely on their own efforts, step by step, to barely keep up with them.


Countless people had told him that different people were fated to have different destinies, but Tang Jiaze simply refused to believe in such a fate!


He was sick and tired of the days of struggling at the bottom! Now that he had finally entered Silver Star University and reached such a glorious position, he was determined to climb even higher.


He wanted to surpass those high and mighty figures and prove to the entire universe that people from the desolate star system could also possess absolute strength. They were not trash!


Tang Jiaze’s killing intent surged, and the pheromones burst out, covering a large area. His figure seemed like a phantom, and the power he displayed in the battle seemed to be as heavy as a thousand pounds.

Wen Ye didn’t expect Tang Jiaze to suddenly expend his pheromones without any regard for the consequences. He furrowed his brow slightly, avoiding a direct confrontation and skillfully sidestepping at a critical moment.


The commentator said, “It’s evident that Tang Jiaze is being extremely persistent. Wen Ye, under such relentless pressure, has yet to respond directly. Based on the information we have, both of them are S-class pheromone wielders, and this direct confrontation is like a needlepoint against a wheat awn.”


“However, Tang Jiaze seems to be displaying stronger combat intent. So, what is Wen Ye waiting for? Obviously, if they can’t deal with this troublesome obstacle, it’ll be nearly impossible for them to proceed!”


Not only the commentator but also Kang Hanyun, who had fought side by side with Wen Ye countless times in the Imperial Navy University patrol team, couldn’t quite grasp Wen Ye’s intentions during their current encounter with the freshman. She couldn’t help but ask, “Captain?”


Whether it was due to Tang Jiaze’s suppression or for some other reason, Wen Ye remained silent and unresponsive for a while.


During the brief skirmish, the surrounding trees were already in disarray, and the ground was filled with pockmarks, indicating the intensity of the battle.


Wen Ye’s furrowed brow didn’t relax; it seemed that something had flashed through his mind during the prolonged engagement with Tang Jiaze. After a moment of silence, he suddenly spoke, “Hanyun, retreat!”


Kang Hanyun: “???”


Kang Hanyun: “Understood!”


Although she didn’t fully understand Wen Ye’s intentions, her habit of strictly obeying orders kept her from saying much. Ignoring the Imperial Navy University freshman, who was sticking to her like a plaster, she promptly withdrew to the rear.


Tang Jiaze, seeing Wen Ye suddenly retreat, realized that the latter had seen through his intentions. His cold gaze deepened, and he said with a cruel smile, “Trying to leave? Not that easy!”


However, Wen Ye seemed uninterested in engaging him further. He gathered his pheromones in his legs and, with a powerful burst of strength, quickly put some distance between them. He showed no desire to linger in the fight, and like Kang Hanyun, he turned and left.


But wanting to leave didn’t mean Tang Jiaze would allow it. He immediately closed in again, intending to continue the entanglement.


The sudden change in the situation left the commentator briefly stunned. But upon seeing the reactions of both parties, he seemed to realize something and had the production team switch to a broader view of the battlefield.


As expected, while they were engaged here, apart from the personnel guarding the base, including the substitutes who had just entered the field, all the members of the three academies were rapidly advancing towards Imperial Navy University’s main base.


Clearly, the newly acquired 6 points had made them more aware of the looming threat from Imperial Navy University.


The commentator remarked, “It seems that the three academies have finally realized the immense danger posed by Imperial Navy University. They’re now planning to directly destroy Imperial Navy University’s base crystal as a last resort! Imperial Navy University is in big trouble! Wen Ye and Kang Hanyun are retreating at high speed, but they still have quite a distance to cover to reach their base. With Tang Jiaze’s frenzied restraint, can they catch up in time? Given the current circumstances, will Imperial Navy University choose to recall personnel from Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen to reinforce their base?!”


As if to answer this question, the camera switched back to Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen’s position on the top lane.


How to describe it… wherever they went, nothing happened.


Seeing this impactful scene, the commentator suddenly cleared his throat and changed his tone, “Oh, what I mean is, as a team captain, Wen Ye truly understands how to make the most appropriate decisions at the right time!”


Then, as if feeling his expression wasn’t enough to convey his current feelings, he exclaimed with conviction, “Let’s look forward to the performance of Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen, hoping they will show us what it truly means to turn the tide!”


Audience: ?????


Supporters from the other three academies: Is the commentator suddenly becoming a sycophant at the live event? He’s being so biased! Can we report him for being so crooked?


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  1. Mndless

    Is the commentator really crooked, though? They won against a 6 on 2 ambush. If he wasn’t a fervent supporter before then, this should be enough to turn him to their side anyway. Plus, the tactic of forming a united front against a single enemy, while a good one, is quite shameful.

    • Cleary

      For me, the tactic of uniting into one against the enemy is a good tactic ONLY if it’s in a real battle where they will face the REAL ENEMY. However, three universities uniting against one? Bleh, what a shame!

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