Chapter 52 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 52

At this moment, Lu Jingning was standing on the wreckage of an old mecha, holding a thick metal stick he somehow found. With a slender wrist raised, he nonchalantly rested the broken blade on his shoulder, as if it symbolized the bloodshed and battles he had just experienced.


After concluding his communication with Wen Ye, Lu Jingning glanced at Wen Xingchen and said, “The captain told us to speed up.”


Wen Xingchen nodded without hesitation, “Then let’s directly break through the crystal.”


Meanwhile, as the Three Schools Alliance was still assembling, the big screen displayed their actions. Upon hearing their conversation, everyone’s expressions became complex.


“Do they think the energy crystal is as easy as picking cabbage? Are they planning to break through just like that?!”


However, when they looked at the Three Schools Alliance, which was gradually gathering, they had to admit that apart from rapidly annihilating the enemy base, there seemed to be no other feasible option for them.


Speed and decisiveness were essential!


The Imperial Navy University had indeed displayed overwhelming strength in this military academy exchange competition. Sometimes, they were not only inexperienced but also too powerful, making it a kind of original sin.


As the source of all evil on the battlefield, Lu Jingning, after a brief exchange with Wen Xingchen, began moving swiftly once again.


If others thought their words were merely due to their lack of experience in the league, they were proven wrong when they saw the two charging straight towards Grand War’s main base. They were not even attempting to take a detour.


There were confused faces all around.


What kind of divine operation was this?!


Their aggressive approach bewildered even the viewers from the god’s-eye perspective, let alone the defenders of Grand War’s base.


Seeing the sudden appearance of the two in their field of view, Luojingchen hesitated for a moment and immediately sought instructions from the frontline captain.


While the Three Schools Alliance had almost completed their assembly and was preparing to launch an attack, Grand War’s captain was somewhat startled by the inquiry. “Are you saying those two want to break through our base?! Do your best to intercept them; we’ll also step up our defenses.”


After ending the communication, the captain glanced at the others and couldn’t help but chuckle, “The Imperial Navy University hasn’t called their people back for defense even at this moment. They’re becoming overly arrogant.”


Someone from the Heavy Cloud Defense University frowned, “It’s been three years, and it seems like Wen Ye has become even more aggressive.”


“This must be due to their recent smooth sailing; they’ve become too complacent. They seem to have forgotten how they lost the previous exchange competition. We thought Wen Ye would have learned from that experience, but apparently, they haven’t.”


Listening to their discussion, the commentator couldn’t help but feel amused, “It’s evident that the Three Schools Alliance is determined to win this time! However, their optimism might be a bit too much. As of now, Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen have already initiated their attack. Can Grand War’s defense hold them outside the base?”


The tone of the commentator seemed somewhat delighted, leaving the audience feeling a bit speechless. However, when the camera returned to Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen, they were stunned by the intense battle on the screen.


“It’s just too explosive! The first shot shows a huge rock shattering under the beam, and two figures are darting around like phantoms, avoiding continuous strafing. Regardless of the dense firepower, they aren’t hindered in the slightest. Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen are demonstrating incredible agility and swift movements!”


The commentator’s voice changed as he got more excited, “They have evaded a wave of mini-trackers’ self-destruct attacks, and now they’re facing the drone group’s strafing interception. Can they avoid it? Oh, they did it again! A beautiful side flip and a quick turn combined with the use of cover have bewildered the drones. Where should they fly now? But it’s no surprise; Lu Jingning’s movements are just too clever. Even with a god’s premonition, it will still feel like being fully wrapped up in his trick. This positioning will undoubtedly make it into the top 10 highlights of this year!”


The commentator was nearly banging his head on the table with excitement, “Another perfect blast! Wen Xingchen is skillfully utilizing the terrain conditions! This is the third heavy mechanical depot destroyed at Grand War’s base!”


“But that’s not all; they continue to advance! It’s hard to believe that this level of destruction is caused by two freshmen! They’re like mobile explosive machines! Up to this point, nearly two-thirds of Grand War’s base has been destroyed. Can they hold on until the Three Schools Alliance completes its operation?!”


At this point, no one cared about the commentator maintaining neutrality.


Everyone watching witnessed the successive explosions that looked like fireworks, not only happening in the sky above Grand War’s base but also sparking in the minds of the audience.


Are these two really ordinary military academy students? Placed in any war setting, even among the top military personnel, there would be no sense of incongruity with their actions.


Feeling a bit dizzy, they were allowed a moment to catch their breath.


Meanwhile, Grand War’s defenders had no time for respite. Their operator’s hands were constantly at work, and even in the virtual space, the overwhelming tension made them feel chills down their spines.


Though they had received orders from their captain, seeing those two figures approach at a speed surpassing ordinary humans, the operator couldn’t help but open the communicator again and desperately seek support, “Defend the base! Request rapid reinforcement! The base is on the verge of collapse! Request reinforcements!”


As the communication reached its end, the operator’s gaze met with a pair of smiling eyes.


Lu Jingning had gone through many obstacles to arrive here, and his appearance seemed a bit disheveled. However, when he curved his eyes, an overly brilliant light seemed to shine through, causing a faint pang in the viewer’s eyes.


He stood before the last giant mecha of the base, and even in the serious situation of both armies facing each other, he politely greeted, “Hey, it’s been quite a journey. We finally meet!”


The defender’s mouth twitched slightly, and on the other side, Grand War’s captain heard the sudden silence over the communicator. An anxious voice came through, “What’s the situation at the base? Please respond! Do you need reinforcements? Give us a clear message!”


The defender remained silent for a moment and sighed softly, “It’s already… not needed.”


Clearly, even if they returned at that moment, it would be too late.



As Lu Jingning was engaged in the confrontation, the camera suddenly switched to the middle lane.


This abrupt change made the audience, who were eagerly waiting for the final showdown, erupt in frustration.


What’s going on? This is a historic moment!


However, the organizers had to be fair, as the Three Schools Alliance was launching an attack together. Without switching the camera, they feared that Grand War’s team would be completely eliminated.


Compared to the reactions of others, the commentator’s response was much quicker. He quickly took a sip of tea and cleared his throat before speaking, “Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen have been making impressive progress, and the Three Schools Alliance is also moving fast. Within a short period, they’ve already overturned the peripheral defenses. But can they make it in time? After all, Wen Ye and Kang Hanyun successfully returned to defend. Besides, Bing Yunlin, the recognized best operator among the military academies, is holding the fort. Judging from the current situation, their progress doesn’t seem to be going smoothly. If they continue like this, those two overlooked freshmen might just surprise them.”


The intensity of the middle lane battle was evident, but compared to the previously shown top lane, despite the significantly larger number of people, the visual impact was somewhat underwhelming.


Lu Jingning carried an air of wildness that was rarely seen among other military academy students. While most people would consider energy allocation during team matches, he seemed not to bother with it. He simply detonated and destroyed, seemingly driven by a pure mischievous spirit.


However, this very demeanor ignited unparalleled excitement among the audience.


This led to a balanced atmosphere on the battlefield between the top and middle lanes.


But with this balance, the tempo on the middle lane appeared slower than the other side.


At this moment, Grand War’s captain, upon hearing “not needed,” although sensing something amiss in the tone, subconsciously leaned towards a positive interpretation. His first reaction was that their defender had successfully dealt with the two from the Imperial Navy University.


Yet, when he looked up at the team score, there was no change. It seemed like it wasn’t the case.


But if it wasn’t…


He finally felt a sense of unease in his heart, which was soon confirmed.


In the chaotic scene, Tang Jiaze saw Grand War’s captain still standing there dazed. He couldn’t help but call out from a distance, “Grand War, don’t stay behind. We’re launching the next wave of attacks!”


Then he saw the opponent’s silhouette strangely flicker around, and before the captain could say anything, he vanished into thin air.


All Grand War team members were immediately ejected from the system, leaving behind their equipment scattered on the ground, adding an eerie backdrop to the previously roaring battlefield.


This sudden turn of events left everyone momentarily stunned, and then they realized what had happened. Their expressions couldn’t help but twist in a bizarre manner.


Subconsciously, they looked up at the scoreboard and, as expected, saw the Imperial Navy University’s score jump from 7 to 10.


Crushing the enemy’s base crystal directly earned them 3 points.


The audience: … 


Damn it! They still didn’t get to see the scene where the energy crystal was taken down. Who switched the camera to the top lane?! Get your ass out here and face the consequences! Kill him! Ahhh!


The commentator chimed in, “Congratulations to the Imperial Navy University. Finally, the moment has come when the Three Schools Alliance starts to crumble. Hahaha!”



Lu Jingning had no idea about the near-riot that almost happened outside due to the lack of appreciation for his magnificent performance.


At this moment, he sat on the Grand War base’s energy crystal, sounding somewhat regretful, “It’s a shame there’s no communicator in the virtual map. Otherwise, I’d take a selfie now. How cool would that be?”


Wen Xingchen, who was busy swapping some equipment, looked up at him for a moment and couldn’t help but chuckle, “Whether you take a selfie or not, you’re still pretty cool.”


Lu Jingning genuinely felt that Wen Xingchen was very skilled in his speech. Even though he delivered a rather subtle compliment, it seemed to dissipate much of his regret.


Looking back at the pile of ruins behind him, Lu Jingning became increasingly satisfied with his masterpiece, “Of course, how can I not be cool? With such thorough demolition skills, who else but me could do it!”


Wen Xingchen naturally reached out and grabbed his collar, pulling him off the crystal, reminding him, “Enough boasting. Don’t forget, your idol is still waiting for you to save him.”


Lu Jingning immediately snapped back to attention, and with a serious expression, he said, “That’s right. We can’t forget this daunting mission!”


Wen Xingchen asked, “Where to next?”


Without hesitation, Lu Jingning took action, “Silver Star!”


Wen Xingchen quickly caught him by the collar and said, “You’re running in the wrong direction; it’s this way.”


“Cough, cough.” Lu Jingning cleared his throat and pretended as if nothing had happened, then turned around and ran, “Hurry, catch up!”


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