Chapter 59


The dinner that day was extremely enjoyable, at least that’s how Lu Jingning perceived it, and he wasn’t wrong.


After finishing the meal, Lu Jingning escorted Wen Xingchen like a true gentleman, walking him to the entrance of the Omega dormitory before parting ways.


The delightful experience further convinced Lu Jingning of the effectiveness of his pursuit. That night, lying on his bed, he read by the light of a lamp, delving deeper into his research.


Time flew by unnoticed, and a week passed after the exchange competition ended. That afternoon, they had their outdoor combat training.


Exhausted from a complete set of physical exercises, everyone was panting, lying sprawled on the ground.


Lu Jingning wiped his face with a towel when he suddenly felt a gentle tap on his shoulder. Turning around, he saw Wen Xingchen handing him a bottle of water. “You’ve worked hard, Brother Wen.”


Jian Luan, noticing this, grumbled with a dry throat, “Why is there still water left? What about mine, what about mine?”


Lu Jingning’s tone was casual, “The convenience store isn’t far, you can still make it if you run.”


“Damn, so heartless!” Jian Luan got up from the ground and swiftly pounced on Wen Xingchen, “I won’t ask you! Our Brother Wen wouldn’t be as heartless as you! Come on, Wen Xingchen, my good buddy, let’s share the fortune!”


Wen Xingchen caught a glimpse of the approaching figure and subtly sidestepped, evading Jian Luan with ease. “Lu-ge already told you, go buy it yourself.”


Lu Jingning laughed heartily, “Jian Luan, why do you have to demean yourself?”


Jian Luan missed his target, and his cheerful expression instantly fell.


Indeed, why should he demean himself? He couldn’t figure it out himself…


Before Wen Xingchen could respond, he felt an arm resting on his shoulder.


Lu Jingning leaned half of his body on him, looking proud. “I don’t care how you feel; I care about how I feel. If you think he has changed, it’s only because you don’t know him well enough. In my eyes, Brother Wen has always been the same, never changed!”


Having just splashed himself with water, Lu Jingning’s arm still carried a faint coolness. When it touched Wen Xingchen’s neck, the subtle chill seemed to permeate his body without making a sound.


Wen Xingchen paused for a moment while drinking water, subtly reacting to the situation.


Even though Lu Jingning was laughing and joking with Jian Luan, his attention remained focused on Wen Xingchen. In that moment, he observed every change in Wen Xingchen’s expression.


Though he maintained a calm exterior, Wen Xingchen’s heart felt a wave of pleasure.


Rule #3 of the Alpha chasing strategy: Appropriate skin contact can bridge the distance between two people, and such non-verbal cues often have a subtle and imperceptible effect on an Alpha’s mind. However, one should also exercise caution not to be too aggressive. The contact should be brief, no longer than one minute each time. Only then can it create a sense of longing and irresistible attraction in the Alpha, without them even realizing it.


Lu Jingning felt a sense of admiration for his accurate execution of the strategy.


Keeping in mind the one-minute rule, after a moment, he calmly retracted his hand.


Rule #4 of the A-chasing strategy: All Alphas appreciate praise from Omegas, and such praise must be genuine and abundant. The illusion of deeply admiring them is essential to create a sense of gratification during interactions.


So, without waiting for Jian Luan’s retort, Lu Jingning continued speaking eloquently, “Jian Luan, if I were you, I would head straight to the convenience store right now.”


“After all, in the presence of such an outstanding Alpha like Wen Xingchen, your existence appears minuscule. Even if you feel resentful, it won’t change the fact that you’re just ordinary. If you want to move forward, don’t waste any opportunity that can help you progress.”


“Do you think Wen Xingchen only wanted you to buy him water? No, his vision extends much further than that. What he wants is for you to strengthen yourself during the process of buying water.”


Jian Luan blinked in bewilderment, “Ah?”


Lu Jingning’s eyes narrowed slightly as he disdainfully glanced at this overly insignificant mortal. “Don’t you get it? It’s all about perspective! This is the biggest gap between you and top Alphas like Wen Xingchen. Can’t you deeply appreciate Wen Xingchen’s efforts, Jian Luan?”


Jian Luan couldn’t bear to hear more and his lips twitched, “Enough! I’ll go buy it myself!”


Seeing Jian Luan walk away, Wen Xingchen finally couldn’t hold back his laughter. His narrow eyes curved, displaying a different kind of radiance. “I never knew my words had such profound meaning. How come even I didn’t realize it?”


Lu Jingning smiled along as he noticed Wen Xingchen’s happiness. Despite being a novice in delivering sweet talk, he seemed to have a natural flair for it. “It’s because all of this is deeply ingrained in your heart. It feels so natural that even you can’t detect it.”


Wen Xingchen chuckled, “If you keep talking, I might actually believe you.”


Lu Jingning remained composed, “It’s an established fact, no need for proof.”



Wen Xingchen thought that Lu Jingning rejected him because he still had some extraordinary tricks up his sleeve. So, he temporarily suppressed his impulses and patiently waited.


However, over the next week, instead of the anticipated surprises, Lu Jingning’s presence became scarce, and Wen Xingchen rarely saw him after classes.


Finally, when the bell rang, Lu Jingning immediately picked up his bag, ready to rush out the door. Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but grab his arm, asking, “You always seem to be in a hurry lately. What are you so busy with?”


Lu Jingning did not sense the trace of bitterness in his tone. He blinked, as if just remembering something, “Oh, right, I forgot to tell you. Our Mecha Club is going to have an exchange event soon. I’ve been doing the final adjustments on the mecha with Yan Hebin recently! We’ll represent the club in the exchange, and I can’t let my roommate lose face.”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


Despite brewing several words, it seemed as if saying anything more would come off as a bit meddlesome.


Seeing Wen Xingchen’s lack of response, Lu Jingning called out in confusion, “Wen-ge?”


Wen Xingchen seemed to snap back to his senses and let go of Lu Jingning’s hand. “Go ahead.”


“Alright then, I’m off!” Lu Jingning’s figure disappeared at the door in an instant.


Wen Xingchen sat in his place for a while, silently took out his terminal, and based on his memory, searched for a certain post.


Line by line, he scrolled down, and finally, his gaze halted at the last part of the content.


Rule #5 of Chasing Alphas: Omega pursuing Alphas must firmly remember the following content after following the first four rules. Regardless of how smoothly or not the pursuit progresses, never let the other party have it too easy! As humans, we inevitably possess certain flaws, and Alphas’ attitudes are often peculiar. Sometimes, the easier they get something, the less they cherish it afterward. Therefore, when they start to have even a hint of an idea, you must pull back in time, maintain a distance, and keep them hanging, making them feel a sense of urgency. Only by doing so can you better stimulate the Alpha’s conqueror’s desire, making him unable to give up on you completely.


Wen Xingchen: “…”


At that moment, Jian Luan happened to pass by, seeing Wen Xingchen still not leaving after class, and curiously walked over.


When Jian Luan’s eyes glanced over the post on the StarNet page, his expression subtly changed. After hesitating for a moment, he still spoke softly, “Wen Xingchen, well… if you need anything, just ask me directly. It would be much more convenient than searching for these things.”


Wen Xingchen looked up at him expressionlessly, his Alpha aura slightly oppressing. But after a moment’s thought, he said, “Ask you?”


Jian Luan, feeling the pressure from Wen Xingchen’s gaze, couldn’t help but want to retreat. But before leaving, he hurriedly reminded him with a quick few words, “One last thing, just one thing! Uh, you got it wrong! This article teaches Omegas to chase Alphas. I also have another one that teaches Alphas to pursue Omegas. The link is right next to it, and that one might be more suitable for you!”


After saying that, before waiting for Wen Xingchen to react, Jian Luan swiftly made his escape.


While running, Jian Luan couldn’t help but feel a bit emotional in his heart.


Sigh, being a relationship consultant these days is really not easy!


Even as a columnist for the feelings section, seeing Wen Xingchen in this situation, he didn’t know where to help him from.


Really, it’s just too difficult.


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