Chapter 58


In the afternoon, during the theory class, there was an in-class exam. As expected, Lu Jingning found that he didn’t recognize any of the questions. Fortunately, Wen Xingchen was there to help, and they managed to fill in the exam paper.


As for the results, it was not something he needed to worry about. As long as he passed, he would be satisfied. Having settled the matter at hand, he left the classroom feeling refreshed and arranged to meet Wen Xingchen at the school gate.


When Jian Luan passed by, he overheard their conversation and curiously approached them, “What? Are you guys going out to eat? When? Why didn’t you take me along?”


Before Lu Jingning could even say “get lost,” Wen Xingchen calmly curved his lips and said, “Take you along? Hasn’t that girl you were trying to flirt with been waiting for you near the school gate recently?”


Jian Luan’s neck immediately shrank, “You guys go, you guys go! My life is more important!”


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but laugh upon hearing this. Suddenly, he became curious and asked, “How are you so good at pursuing Omegas? Do you have any secrets?”


Jian Luan, with an imposing manner, began to elaborate, “It’s a complex art! First of all, you need to…”


Before he could finish, Wen Xingchen raised his leg and kicked him without hesitation. “Look, who’s coming?”


Jian Luan looked up and was taken aback by the imposing figure approaching. He immediately turned and ran, calling out as he fled, “Lu Bro, I’ll teach you some other time!”


Wen Xingchen didn’t even lift an eyelid. “Another time? Ha, can’t let you corrupt the youngsters.”


Though Lu Jingning felt somewhat regretful that Jian Luan ran off like that, there was nothing he could do but head back to his dormitory.


Before leaving, he reminded Wen Xingchen, “We agreed on a time, don’t be late.”


Wen Xingchen replied, “I won’t.”


With that assurance, Lu Jingning felt at ease.


Back in his dormitory, he leisurely took out the collection of tips he had found earlier. Today marked the first step in pursuing Wen Xingchen, and the outcome depended on what he did next.


Having already made a selection, Lu Jingning chose a post that seemed to be highly regarded based on the feedback from various netizens on Star Network. The comments were mostly as follows:


– “Thanks to the poster, I finally got together with my sweetheart!”


– “The poster is amazing! I followed the tips, and they really work!”


– “We registered our marriage on the day of the confession. It’s true!”


– “Confirmed through eye contact, this is the post I needed!”


After thoroughly verifying numerous five-star reviews, Lu Jingning finally felt confident as he focused his attention on the first item in the collection of tips:


“To all the wonderful Omegas, please never believe any Alpha who only speaks of loving your inner qualities. The first impression all Alphas have when selecting a partner is based on visual impact. A beautiful Omega that appeals to their aesthetic preferences will undoubtedly capture their hearts more easily. So, before pursuing an Alpha, you must improve your appearance. Naturally, natural looks are important, but grooming and attire are also essential. Please display your best appearance in front of him, especially during your dates.”


After reading it, Lu Jingning pondered for a moment and silently turned and walked into the bathroom.


When Yan Hebin returned from class, he was surprised to see someone standing in front of the mirror. He couldn’t help but show a rare expression of astonishment, “What are you…”


Lu Jingning adjusted his splendid outfit and turned to him, flashing a bright smile, “Yan Hebin, you’ve come back at just the right time. Tell me, how do I look in this outfit?”


Yan Hebin remained silent for a moment before commenting, “Quite distinctive.”


Lu Jingning took this comment as approval and left feeling satisfied. Before leaving, he playfully blew a kiss and said, “I’ve made plans with someone today, so don’t wait for me for dinner.”




Yan Hebin watched quietly as the dormitory door closed, and after a while, he belatedly tugged at the corner of his mouth.


Was this flamboyant attire only for dinner or to seduce someone?



After school, the temporary campus gate was bustling with people. Over time, everyone seemed to have gradually emerged from the shadow of the pirate attack.


From afar, a tall figure stood at the station outside the school gate. Wen Xingchen wore a loose black jacket, hands in his pockets, leaning against the billboard.


Even with such a relatively still posture, he still caught the attention of passersby, causing them to occasionally stop and take a second look. A few Omegas even blushed as they approached him to strike up a conversation, only to be met with indifference and shyly run away, their faces even redder.


Just as Lu Jingning arrived, he witnessed this scene. Raising an eyebrow, he walked over.


When it came to drawing attention, he was no less impressive than Wen Xingchen. With today’s eye-catching outfit, he was like the brightest star in the night sky, gathering all the attention as he walked from the dormitory to the school gate.


At this point, there were at least twenty pairs of eyes fixed on Wen Xingchen. He looked up and unexpectedly found a flamboyant peac0ck strutting confidently towards him.


Wen Xingchen: “…………”


Lu Jingning had intended to tease this attention-seeking guy when he saw him looking somewhat stunned. He felt even more satisfied with the collection of tips he had collected and smiled playfully, asking, “What’s wrong? Do I look that good?”


Wen Xingchen: “You do look good, but…”


After hesitating for a while, he seemed unable to find the right words and finally asked, “Are you really planning to go to dinner like this?”


Lu Jingning: “What do you think? Surprised?”


Wen Xingchen’s gaze traveled up and down Lu Jingning’s outfit. “It’s definitely surprising.”


Lu Jingning wore a white-based fashionable suit that seemed to be meticulously tailored to enhance his charm. The pink ribbon at the collar added a touch of playfulness. Intricate gold lace adorned the outfit with scattered gemstones, exuding a sense of trendy fashion. It was more like a costume for a palace performance on stage than formal attire for a dinner party, attracting all the attention.


If he were to walk into a restaurant like this, he’d probably be mistaken for an entertainer.


He wasn’t sure where Lu Jingning had found such an eye-catching outfit, but it had an inexplicable appropriateness.


It was as if they had magnified his most dazzling side to the extreme, crowned by a small round hat adorned with colorful feathers, fully showcasing his brilliance.


Despite considering himself composed, Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but be drawn in by the sight. Not to mention others who were also stopping and staring at Lu Jingning.


Normally, Wen Xingchen wouldn’t mind the attention focused on him, but he noticed the occasional glances directed at Lu Jingning, which made his brow slightly furrow.


Before Lu Jingning could speak again, Wen Xingchen had already taken off his own coat and dr4p3d it over the oblivious Lu Jingning. He made sure to zip it up securely.


It was as if he wanted to use this solid black coat to conceal all the dazzling aspects of Lu Jingning from everyone’s sight, leaving only himself to witness.


Lu Jingning: “???”


Wen Xingchen paid no attention to his questioning gaze and said nonchalantly, “Let’s go, time for dinner.”



While they were seated at the restaurant, Lu Jingning couldn’t help glancing at the all-black coat he was now wearing, and he fell into contemplation.


Weren’t you amazed just now? Why cover him up like this? Could it be that these strategies don’t work on Wen Xingchen?


Feeling doubtful, he quickly browsed through the tips once again while Wen Xingchen was ordering.


Rule #2 for pursuing an Alpha: Be gentle and delicate, maximize the advantages of being an Omega, and never use foul language or anything of that sort. Always present yourself as a charming, lovable, and irresistibly cute little sweetheart.


Lu Jingning: “……”


To be honest, this rule was a bit challenging for him.


Just as he was contemplating and preparing his approach, he suddenly heard Wen Xingchen asking, “I’ve already ordered a few dishes. Take a look and see if you want to add something.”


Lu Jingning looked at the menu, and the dishes Wen Xingchen had chosen were almost exactly what he liked. There was nothing left to add. He said, “Then let’s have some c0cktails. I heard the c0cktails here are excellent.”


Wen Xingchen didn’t even hesitate and outright refused, “No.”


Lu Jingning frowned, “Why not? Even Yu Qingcang recommended this place, saying the c0cktails are fantastic.”


Wen Xingchen: “Do you want me to list all the heroic acts you’ve done after drinking alcohol?”


Lu Jingning: “……”


He didn’t need a list to know how mischievous and provoking he could become after getting drunk, not to mention constantly tempting someone to commit crimes.


Let’s not even talk about that; he was still trying to make up for the last mistake he had just made.


However, even though he knew all the reasons, he couldn’t help but struggle a little, “I promise, I won’t drink much today.”


Wen Xingchen: “No.”


Lu Jingning: “I fuc–“


He stopped halfway through his sentence, suddenly recalling Rule #2. He held back the profanity and took a deep breath.


Seeing Lu Jingning’s abrupt silence, Wen Xingchen looked at him curiously, wondering what he was up to. But what he saw was Lu Jingning wearing the warmest, most tender smile he had ever seen.


In this momentous change of attitude, even Wen Xingchen, with all his calculations, couldn’t help but be slightly stunned.


In the next second, Lu Jingning reached out and held onto Wen Xingchen’s collar, his voice low and soft, “Wen-ge[/mfn]A coquettish way to call someone.[/mfn], I’ll just order one glass.”


Wen Xingchen: “……”


Seeing Lu Jingning’s entire demeanor change, Wen Xingchen was almost rendered speechless. For a moment, he almost gave in to him entirely. He felt like as long as this person called him “Wen-ge” softly, he would be willing to give him anything, go all out, without considering any consequences.


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