Chapter 66 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 66


After returning, Lu Jingning slept in the dormitory for two days, shrouded in darkness, until the third day when his excessive sleepiness had slightly eased, he finally appeared in the classroom.


He piled up some books collected from other students around him before hiding behind them and shutting his eyes.


Yes, basically, he was just changing the location of his naps.


Before going to sleep, he didn’t forget to greet Wen Xingchen, “Wen Ge, please keep a look out on the teacher for me!”


Jiang Luan couldn’t help but tease him, “Lu Jingning, you seem to be quite good at bossing Wen Xingchen around?”


Lu Jingning didn’t even lift his eyelids and replied, “Whether I’m good at it or not, you should ask Wen Ge if he’s happy being bossed around.”


Wen Xingchen smiled slightly, “I’m quite happy. It’s not bad if you boss me around more in the future.”


Jiang Luan: “…”


Although there was no evidence, based on his more than ten years of experience in the world of romance, how could he not sense a feeling of ‘when the wife sings, the husband just follows’ in their conversation?


Perhaps Wen Xingchen covered for him well, or perhaps it was because the teacher had gotten into the habit of turning a blind eye; for the rest of the class, the teacher didn’t even look at Lu Jingning after that. When the bell rang, he left with his books.


The morning class ended very smoothly.


Before the students could get up, the counselor walked in from outside, clapped his hands, and signaled them to sit down. “Everyone, please wait for a moment. There’s an announcement. Starting from this afternoon, the school will arrange ships to send everyone away, so please pack your luggage as soon as you return to the temporary dormitory and don’t miss the scheduled departures.”


After all, some time had passed and the overall reconstruction work of the Imperial Navy University had been completed. The temporary campus that had been assigned to the students would naturally be returned to the military.


Lu Jingning heard this news dazely, rubbed his eyes, and yawned, “They repaired it so quickly after it was damaged like that?”


Jiang Luan said, “Don’t you know? The Imperial Government attached great importance to this incident. After we moved out, they immediately deployed troops to take over. Regarding the campus, they even directly implemented the construction project, so of course, it’s enough time to finish.”


“Troops taking over?” Lu Jingning instantly woke up after hearing these four words. “Is it true?”


“Of course, it’s true!” Jiang Luan was quite dissatisfied with his obvious skepticism. “Do you not trust the source of my information?”


Lu Jingning ran his hand through his hair in a messy manner. “It’s not like that. It’s just…why would they deploy troops for the reconstruction of the campus?”


Jiang Luan was taken aback for a moment, then said in a muffled voice, “This question, you should ask the Imperial Government!”


To be honest, when the space pirates launched a sudden attack, Lu Jingning had a vague sense that something was amiss.


Not to mention how these pirate warships had stealthily avoided the military’s monitoring and approached the campus. Just the spatial signal gates that allowed them to achieve long-distance transmission weren’t something destitute space pirates could possess.


He always felt that this was just the prelude to some event that was quietly unfolding in the background.


He frowned, but didn’t voice his doubts. When he looked up, he noticed that Wen Xingchen seemed to be lost in thought as well.


Noticing his gaze, Wen Xingchen raised his eyelashes slightly and said, “We’ll know when we go back to the campus.”



Yan Hebin didn’t have classes today. By the time Lu Jingning returned, they had already packed their things and saw him bustling around. They couldn’t help but express some camaraderie and helped him with the packing.


After everything in the room was sorted out, Lu Jingning carried a pile of boxes down the stairs, one on each side. There were still several small boxes on top of a large suitcase, totaling six or seven in various sizes, but it didn’t affect his brisk pace.


Yan Hebin followed him with empty hands and couldn’t help but say, “You’ve just passed your heat, let me carry it myself.”


“How can that be!” Lu Jingning immediately refused without hesitation. “I’m Lu-ge, how can I let you weak Omegas do this kind of heavy lifting?”


Yan Hebin: “…”


Aren’t you an Omega too?


There were so many flaws in his argument, they didn’t even know where to start criticizing.


Because of the moving this time, there were quite a few Alpha figures busy helping with the luggage in the Omega temporary dormitory.


These Alphas were undoubtedly here to help with the luggage, and each of them was carrying several suitcases. This should have been a moment to show off their self-charm, but as soon as Lu Jingning appeared, he outshone everyone else and instantly overshadowed their performances.


One Alpha couldn’t help but joke, “Lu Jingning, your boyfriend power is off the charts!”


This sentence received unanimous praise from the surrounding Omegas, and someone even took advantage of the excitement, blushing, and gathered the courage to ask loudly, “Lu Ge, would you consider an Omega x Omega romance?”


After this opening, other Omegas seemed to be inspired one after another, and they began to confess one after another. The Alphas around couldn’t help but feel envious.


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but laugh in this atmosphere.


The gleam of the stars happened to fall on his golden hair, making him look exceptionally dazzling.


The Omegas couldn’t help but be dazzled, and they couldn’t help but scream again.


Some of the other Alphas were starting to feel uncomfortable.


Is his presence really that low-key?


Lu Jingning’s playful spirit was also piqued. He glanced at Yan Hebin next to him and provocatively curled his lips, “Uh, this is my roommate and manager. If you need anything, you can contact him.”


Yan Hebin held back for a moment but couldn’t hold it in and burst out, “Get lost.”


Lu Jingning blinked innocently, “Hey, Scholar, this won’t do. I helped you carry the boxes, others don’t have this kind of treatment!”


Omegas around: “Ahhh, Lu Ge, help me carry mine, I can!!!”


Lu Jingning smiled victoriously, “You see.”


Yan Hebin’s face darkened, and he was about to reach out and snatch, “Give me back the boxes.”


Lu Jingning agilely moved aside, originally just trying to avoid Yan Hebin, but unexpectedly, there was someone behind him.


After being tripped up, he instinctively tried to find a support to lean on, but someone’s hand reached out and pulled him over.


A very familiar voice came from above, half-smiling and somewhat ambiguous, “Lu Ge, you’re quite popular.”


The appearance of the newcomer made the surrounding area strangely quiet for a moment, then someone couldn’t help but cover their face and let out a low breath, and a few even secretly took a few pictures with their terminals.


What kind of divine scene is this, OMG!!!


Wen Xingchen had originally come to see if there was any need for help, but coincidentally, he happened to witness a massive pheromone release scene.


Lu Jingning at this time was almost leaning on Wen Xingchen’s body, staring into those deep eyes, and for a rare moment, he fell silent, “…”


There was a somewhat inexplicable feeling of a car crash happening on-site.


Fortunately, Wen Xingchen didn’t seem to have any intention of clinging to this topic. After helping him steady himself, he casually took the boxes from his hands, “We’re in the same class on the light cruiser, let’s go, don’t be late.”


After speaking, he glanced at Jiang Luan, who was standing by watching the show.


Jiang Luan, who had just come back to his senses, took the other boxes handed over by Wen Xingchen and smiled at Yan Hebin, “Classmate, let me help you carry them.”




Yan Hebin, seeing his luggage change hands in an instant, was too lazy to say anything.



As soon as Lu Jingning boarded the light cruiser, he received a communication from Yu Qingcang.


Coincidentally, Yu Qingcang was arranged in the first batch of departures, so he couldn’t come to Yan Hebin’s side to show off his strong Alpha side, which can be said to be very painful, and even through the communicator, you could feel his full sense of loss.


[Yu Qingcang: Have you departed yet? Heartbroken.jpg]


[Lu Jingning: Just boarded the ship. Have you arrived?]


[Yu Qingcang: Yeah, I’m here… I want to wait for you guys at the entrance for a while.]


[Lu Jingning: Forget it, buddy, it’s fate! It seems that heaven didn’t want to give you a chance to show off.]


[Yu Qingcang: Stop talking about it—! I hate it!!!]


Lu Jingning originally wanted to tell Yu Qingcang that Yan Hebin really wasn’t interested in him, out of concern for his childhood friend, and sincerely advised him to find a new target to pursue.


But when he thought about how this big guy was having feelings for the first time, he deleted and edited his message for a long time and still didn’t know how to send it out.


In the end, Lu Jingning sighed and deleted the entire content.


Forget it, there’s nothing wrong with youthful vigor!


Just as he was about to change the topic, another message from Yu Qingcang came in.


[Yu Qingcang: Lao Lu! Guess who I saw!]


[Lu Jingning: Who?]


[Yu Qingcang: Su Qian!]


[Lu Jingning: !!!]


Wen Xingchen noticed that Lu Jingning suddenly had a thick smile between his brows and couldn’t help but ask, “What’s making you so happy?”


Lu Jingning looked up, his eyes bright, and his lips couldn’t help but rise, “Yu Qingcang said my good buddy is coming to the school!”




One had to admit that the term “good buddy” was very endearing.


Seeing Lu Jingning’s unusual happiness because of the appearance of another man, Wen Xingchen’s lips involuntarily curled down slightly, “You seem to have quite a few ‘good buddies.'”


Lu Jingning: “Well, I do have a few, but Su Qian is different.”


Wen Xingchen’s lips curled up faintly, “Oh? What’s different about him?”


Lu Jingning wrinkled his brows, thinking for a moment, but he didn’t know how to describe it.


Wen Xingchen’s gaze swept over him as he thought deeply, then suddenly leaned in.


Lu Jingning’s words, which were halfway through being prepared, suddenly got stuck in his throat. He opened his mouth, “What… what are you doing?”


Wen Xingchen reached out and grabbed his wrist, not answering but getting even closer.


Their breaths instantly merged.


They were sitting in the last row of the light cruiser, and it was about to depart, so no one noticed what was happening here.


Lu Jingning roughly guessed Wen Xingchen’s intention. In such a public place, he couldn’t help but stiffen his posture, “Don’t be ridiculous…”


Before he could finish speaking, the response he got was the soft touch of another’s lips covering his.


Around them were the hushed voices of others, and Lu Jingning was somewhat surprised by this sudden surprise. He also felt like he was burning up.


Just at this moment, Jiang Luan in the front row happened to turn around, “Hey, can’t you guys…”


When he saw the scene in the back row, his words suddenly came to a halt.


His expression was extraordinarily vivid.


Lu Jingning heard Jiang Luan’s voice and instinctively tried to push Wen Xingchen away, but he was firmly held in place.


He was afraid that making a big scene would attract the attention of others, so he could only widen his eyes and glare at Jiang Luan.


However, Wen Xingchen paid no attention to him and only gave Jiang Luan a strange look.


For some reason, Jiang Luan seemed to read a life-threatening threat from this short glance.


Out of a survival instinct, he immediately turned back without looking to the side.


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but curse inwardly: Damn it?!!!


After a while, Wen Xingchen finally let go of him.


Lu Jingning’s breathing was slightly heavy as he looked at the guy in front of him who was tidying up his slightly disheveled clothes. He rubbed his somewhat swollen lips and clenched his teeth, “What the hell are you doing!”


Wen Xingchen reached out to smooth out the wrinkles on his shoulder and said slowly after a while, “My boyfriend is too flirtatious, and I don’t feel secure. So I decided to put a leash on him first.”


Lu Jingning: “???”


Author’s note: Alright, it seems that Lu Jingning is attracting quite a bit of attention. Let’s give him a new title, like “Emperor of Jealousy, Wen Xingchen.”


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