Chapter 65


After Wen Xingchen confessed, there was silence for a while.


Lu Jingning remained motionless, staring at Wen Xingchen with bright eyes, his expression changing, his attitude unclear.


The tension in the atmosphere felt almost unbearable for Wen Xingchen.


He cleared his throat and took the initiative to explain, “The Omega you saw just now came to find my brother. I was just helping to show him aroun. There’s nothing between me and him.”


Lu Jingning had already received the title of “boyfriend” out of nowhere, and his mind was swirling with thoughts. Hearing Wen Xingchen’s explanation, the irritation in his heart eased slightly, but he couldn’t shake off the feeling of being deceived.


With a disdainful click of his tongue, Lu Jingning spoke in a dismissive tone, “Well, it’s your fault, but being attracted by such an outstanding Omega, it’s not all your fault. But one thing you must remember from now on.” He lifted his chin with arrogance and pointed at himself, saying, “I, your boyfriend, was something you begged for with all your might. Got it?”


Despite the slightly reddened ears, the tone and attitude Lu Jingning displayed exuded a strong sense of authority.


Wen Xingchen controlled the urge to smile, and with utmost sincerity, he nodded, “Understood, and I’ll also beg you not to break up with me.”


Looking deeply into Wen Xingchen’s eyes, Lu Jingning’s magnetic voice sounded hoarse and slow, “If you leave me, I don’t think I can go on living.”


This seemingly revealed the pecking order in their relationship.


Lu Jingning was finally satisfied, “Well, we’ll see how you perform then.”


Wen Xingchen humbly asked, “So, are you planning to use me today?”


With a stern expression, Lu Jingning retorted, “After using two suppressants, what else do I need? No, I don’t need it! I said I don’t need it!”


Wen Xingchen feigned disappointment, but there was a hint of amusement in his eyes, “Then I’ll perform well in the future and strive to earn your favor soon.”


He usually wore a cool and detached demeanor, but today, he seemed to be unusually gentle and soft all over.


Lu Jingning initially wanted to maintain a composed front, but he couldn’t help but let a smile tug at the corners of his lips. He scolded himself internally for falling for Wen Xingchen’s tricks. “Damn, shameless! He’s actually using the beauty trap!”


In order not to waver, he pulled the blanket over and closed his eyes, “I’m going to sleep now. You can leave.”


Wen Xingchen approached and tucked the blanket for him, “I’ll wait until you fall asleep before leaving.”


The bed seemed to have a special charm, coupled with the relaxed mood, and sleepiness quickly enveloped him.


Wen Xingchen sat quietly by the bed for a while. Finally, he couldn’t help but chuckle, “So, I have a boyfriend now…”



Perhaps due to the side effects of the two suppressants, Lu Jingning’s sleep was deep and unending. When he woke up, it was already close to noon the next day. The bright stellar light was blocked outside by heavy curtains.


Yan Hebin was packing his suitcase, and when he heard Lu Jingning’s voice, he looked up and asked, “Awake?”


Lu Jingning’s head was throbbing, and he grumbled as he sat up from the bed. The first thing he did was look around.


Yan Hebin said, “Don’t bother looking, he’s already gone.”


Yesterday, when he returned to the room and saw Wen Xingchen sitting there, he was indeed taken aback. If it weren’t for the lack of a strong Alpha scent in the air, seeing Lu Jingning’s seemingly dead-asleep state in the bed with an Alpha alone could lead to certain assumptions. 


However, Lu Jingning was still in his estrus phase, yet he remained in the room with an Alpha without losing control. If Wen Xingchen hadn’t intended to mark him, it meant he trusted Wen Xingchen unconditionally.


It made Yan Hebin rethink their relationship. He wasn’t one to meddle in others’ affairs, so he didn’t ask too much. He simply reminded Lu Jingning, “If you’re awake, hurry up and pack. We need to get ready to leave.”


Lu Jingning responded with a muffled sound, his head throbbing. He sat up from the bed in a hurry, ready to start packing.


The delegation assembled and boarded the spacecraft to return home. Lu Jingning took his seat and sent a message to Wen Xingchen. Shortly after, he received a reply.


[Wen Xingchen: I’ll probably be back tonight.]


Lu Jingning was about to put away the communicator when he received another message.


[Wen Xingchen: Be careful on the way.]


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but let a slight smile creep onto his lips.


Damn, they’re actually in a real relationship!


Yu Zeyang passed by and suddenly stopped, frowning as he asked, “I heard from Yan Hebin that you weren’t feeling well. Are you better now?”


Lu Jingning found Yu Zeyang’s attitude quite interesting and didn’t answer right away. Instead, he looked him up and down and remarked, “Vice President, are you turning to a gentler approach now?”


Yu Zeyang’s mouth twitched, “I shouldn’t have meddled!”


An Huo, sitting in the front row, couldn’t help but laugh and leaned on the back of his chair, saying, “Lu Jingning, you left early yesterday, so you missed the good part. It’s such a pity!”


Lu Jingning, distracted by Wen Xingchen’s antics, realized that he had forgotten to ask about the later events of the exchange meeting. He eagerly asked An Huo for the follow-up.


Their mechas received three S-rank scores in the ninth-level assessment, which meant they were now eligible for deployment in actual battles. The news caused a sensation, and the proxy rights fetched a sky-high price, more than ten times that of Wen Han’s mecha.


An Huo added with enthusiasm, “You didn’t see the expressions of the people from Thunder Research University! Oh my, it was magnificent!”


Lu Jingning, though not present at the scene, felt like he was watching a great play just from An Huo’s description.


However, An Huo quickly shifted his focus, “But that’s not the main point!”


Curious, Lu Jingning looked at him with interest.


The Mecha Pilots Association had a limited number of recruits each year. This level of exchange meeting alone was considered a precious opportunity for them to offer a spot. But Yu Zeyang’s appearance threw them into a dilemma.


They even considered retracting the spot given to Wen Han if possible.


In the end, after consulting with higher-ups, the Mecha Pilots Association issued an invitation to Yu Zeyang again. This could be seen as an extraordinary recruitment, and the significance was completely different from Wen Han’s.


Lu Jingning was surprised by the dramatic turn of events. He looked at Yu Zeyang and asked, “So, you joined the Mecha Pilots Association? Why didn’t you tell me when you woke up today?”


Yu Zeyang replied nonchalantly, “I didn’t join; I declined.”


An Huo choked on his own breath, still unable to believe the fact. “Can you believe it, Lu Jingning? Such a great opportunity that countless people dream of, and he just turned it down!!!”


Considering Yu Zeyang’s passion for mechas, Lu Jingning thought the Mecha Pilots Association would be his ultimate aspiration. However, it seemed that it wasn’t the case. For Yu Zeyang, there was something even more important than the Mecha Pilots Association, something that the association couldn’t provide.


Lu Jingning didn’t inquire about the source of Yu Zeyang’s persistence and didn’t continue the discussion.


He simply imagined the spectacular scene from the exchange meeting and sincerely gave Yu Zeyang a thumbs-up, “Impressive!”


To think that before Lu Jingning left, Wen Han was the center of attention because of the invitation from the Mecha Pilots Association, but shortly after, Yu Zeyang refused the opportunity publicly. Lu Jingning couldn’t help but recall a phrase: “What you dream of is nothing to me.”


He couldn’t help but find it funny that such a prestigious opportunity had now become an embarrassment for Wen Han. He must have felt reluctant to mention the invitation after Yu Zeyang’s public refusal.


It was an incredibly honorable opportunity, but due to Yu Zeyang’s actions, it had become a matter of shame, making it impossible for Wen Han to bring it up again.


What an ironic twist of fate!


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but laugh at Wen Han’s misfortune.


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