Chapter 68


After dropping Su Qian off at the temporary dormitory that night, Yu Qingcang quickly found an excuse and disappeared.


Lu Jingning was thinking about things, and he was glad that Yu Qingcang wasn’t around to interfere.


Walking one after another, their shadows were elongated by the streetlights.


When they reached a fork in the road, Lu Jingning stopped and turned around to look at Wen Xingchen. “Do you not like Su Qian?”


Wen Xingchen replied vaguely, lifting his eyelashes slightly, “Hmm? Can’t say.”


“Or is it because I scolded you at dinner, so you’re unhappy?” Lu Jingning recalled how Wen Xingchen had been unusually silent tonight and looked directly into his eyes. “But it’s been so long since I last saw Su Qian, and if he sees me with an Alpha being bossed around, won’t I lose face?”


Wen Xingchen remarked, “You do care about his opinion.”


Lu Jingning: “……”


Yeah, it’s true that I’m not happy, nailed it!


If someone else was sulking tonight, Lu Jingning might not even bother looking at them, but somehow, he always seemed to unintentionally catch Wen Xingchen’s emotional changes.


Although he still wasn’t quite sure what was off, he couldn’t help but wonder…


—What do you do when your boyfriend is unhappy?


—Comfort him!


The question was, how to comfort him?


With that in mind, Lu Jingning took a big step forward, closed his eyes, and unexpectedly leaned up to kiss Wen Xingchen.


Wen Xingchen was waiting to see Lu Jingning’s reaction when he suddenly felt his face go soft, and a light kiss brushed past like a dragonfly skimming the water.


However, Lu Jingning didn’t stop there. His long fingers tentatively touched the back of Wen Xingchen’s hand and then extended further, gently clasping his palm.


Wen Xingchen was left in a daze for the first time, feeling Lu Jingning pulling his hand and shaking it lightly, softly saying, “Wen Ge, are you still unhappy? My boyfriend?”


Such a huge contrast from their usual interactions was the most deadly move.


Wen Xingchen’s facial expression finally couldn’t hold up, and he immediately pulled Lu Jingning into his embrace. Lowering his head, he looked at him with an ambiguous smile. “You still remember I’m your boyfriend? You were chatting and laughing with another man right in front of me, huh?”


Lu Jingning had imagined many scenarios but never thought that Wen Xingchen would actually be jealous of Su Qian. He couldn’t help but feel a bit amused. “Wen Ge, Su Qian is my childhood friend. We used to be very close, didn’t you notice?”


Wen Xingchen replied, “Yu Qingcang is Yu Qingcang, and Su Qian is Su Qian.”


“…” Lu Jingning compared the two and fell silent, “Got it, if you have to blame someone, blame my brother for being too weak.”


In the end, he couldn’t help but burst into laughter, “But your jealousy is really unfounded. If I had something with Su Qian, don’t you think we would have had it a long time ago? Why wait until now?”


Wen Xingchen said, “Who knows?”


Lu Jingning asked, “Are you the king of jealousy?”


Wen Xingchen replied, “Yes, I am.”


Lu Jingning: “……”


Wen Xingchen gently ruffled his hair, “However, my boyfriend knows how to comfort me, and I’m happy now.”


Saying that, he leaned closer, not seeming to get enough, “How about another kiss?”


Lu Jingning kicked him away, “Don’t push it!”



The next morning, Lu Jingning went to the temporary clinic for an examination.


Precise instruments were operating at high speed, and a moment later, Lu Jingning was pushed out by a mechanical arm and climbed out of the compartment.


Su Qian was standing beside him, recording the results.


The white coat suited Su Qian particularly well, and the light from the stars leaked in from the window, casting a soft halo around him.


Lu Jingning walked over, glanced at the indicators he couldn’t understand, and asked, “How is it?”


“There’s one more test.” Su Qian temporarily set aside the notebook and took out a miniature dropper. “I need to take a sample of your pheromones.”


“Sure, go ahead.” Lu Jingning cooperated, unbuttoning his collar a bit to expose the glands.


The miniature dropper felt slightly cool as the needle was inserted, and the slight pain made him subconsciously groan, “Gently, gently.”


Standing outside the door in the corridor, two tall figures watched.


The training process for pheromone control would sharpen their features. Yu Qingcang could clearly hear the ambiguous grunt. His already serious expression tightened even more.


Even Wen Xingchen, who had never received this kind of training, could hear the sound. He felt as if the air around him had frozen for a moment.


Yu Qingcang struggled to maintain a nonchalant posture, making sure not to turn his head foolishly.


Just then, the door opened, and Lu Jingning walked out, straightening his clothes while muttering, “Damn, this isn’t a hospital check-up. Do we really need such a comprehensive examination?”


He had taken only a few steps when a figure enveloped him.


Wen Xingchen gently adjusted Lu Jingning’s collar, his gaze casually passing over the slightly red gland on Lu Jingning’s neck. Then, he asked, “Is the examination done?”


“Yeah,” Lu Jingning nodded, “Su Qian still needs some time to process the data, but it shouldn’t take too long.”


Wen Xingchen replied, “Alright, let’s wait then.”


Ever since the end of the estrus period, Lu Jingning had been displaying unusual symptoms of sleepiness for the past few days. Though it was likely a side effect of the double inhibitor, Su Qian, as a member of the medical team, was more professionally aware. Although he couldn’t ignore his concerns, now wasn’t the time to act impulsively.


After about half an hour, Su Qian walked out of the room. His gaze swept over the two of them but didn’t focus on Lu Jingning. Instead, he looked at Wen Xingchen and said, “Can we talk?”


Lu Jingning looked puzzled, “Didn’t I just do the check-up? Why do you need to talk to Wen Xingchen?”


Su Qian responded, “I need to talk to him first. I’ll find you later.”


Wen Xingchen seemed indifferent to the situation, “Sure, let’s talk.”


Lu Jingning looked at the two of them walking into the examination room with a puzzled expression and then turned to Yu Qingcang, asking in disbelief, “What’s up with them? Am I underage? Why do they act like Wen Xingchen is my guardian or something?”


Yu Qingcang gazed at the closed door, looking as if he was facing an imminent interstellar war. “Just let things happen naturally, Lu Ge.”


He didn’t know how to answer. In the short span of a day, he felt as if his heart had been riddled with countless holes.


Who knows what kind of drama they’re playing now? Are they going to fight inside the room?!


But if they fight, Su Qian might be at a disadvantage…



After Su Qian led Wen Xingchen into the room, he stood by the table and didn’t say anything, quietly observing him for a while.


Wen Xingchen didn’t avoid his gaze and asked casually, “Is there something you want to say? Just get to the point.”


A fleeting expression passed through Su Qian’s eyes. Between his gentle brows, a hint of seriousness appeared. “I want to know what you really think about Lu Jingning.”


Wen Xingchen raised an eyebrow, “What do you think?”


After a moment of silence, Su Qian said, “If it’s just a temporary relationship, I can only say he’s not suitable for such a game.”


Normally, such words should easily arouse the possessiveness in an Alpha’s heart, but under Su Qian’s expression, the playfulness in Wen Xingchen’s eyes seemed to settle down.


A cool smirk tugged at the corner of Wen Xingchen’s lips, and he said slowly, “Is there a problem with the test results?”


Su Qian handed over the summary report, “From the first examination, I noticed that his pheromone concentration is much higher than the average Omega’s standard. At that time, the situation was still manageable, but now, perhaps because he has become more powerful or due to some other reasons, this excessively high peak may cause him some trouble.”


He paused for a moment before continuing, “If I’m not mistaken, he has just experienced an estrus period not long ago and had to inject a higher dose of inhibitors than normal to control the situation. However, this kind of operation usually places a great burden on the body, which manifests as extreme fatigue.”


Wen Xingchen’s expression slightly darkened, nodding, “He has been very sleepy these past few days.”


Su Qian added, “Sleepiness is just one symptom. The underlying cause is that his body needs to endure such high-intensity pheromone releases. In the process of resisting the inhibitors, significant damage occurs. This situation may have just begun, and he will have to go through the same process in each subsequent estrus period, resulting in significant stress on his body.”


“The best pheromone for Omega bonding is undoubtedly that of an Alpha. So I said that I need a clear statement from you.” Su Qian looked at Wen Xingchen calmly and explained the drawbacks one by one. “You should know that when an Alpha repeatedly marks an Omega, a strong psychological dependence often forms. Given Lu Jingning’s current condition, he might need to rely on temporary markings during each estrus period to assist the inhibitors’ effectiveness, or he might even consider more thorough marking methods. Of course, if you tell me now that you’re not ready for that, I can take him back and look for other effective solutions.”


Su Qian had expected that such matters might require some time for Wen Xingchen to consider. Unexpectedly, Wen Xingchen responded almost without hesitation, “No need to prepare, I have no objections. I’m serious. Besides Lu Jingning, I have no plans for other Omega.”


Under Wen Xingchen’s indifferent attitude, Su Qian felt that his previous concerns seemed somewhat excessive, and a gentle smile appeared between his brows. “Alright, then I need to extract some of your pheromones.”


Simple intentions to seek advice were only the first step; the compatibility of pheromones between Alphas and Omegas was also crucial.


However, it was evident that the final test results had no problems whatsoever.


This high level of compatibility was rare, and Su Qian looked at Wen Xingchen with a hint of satisfaction in his eyes.


He had been quite worried about Lu Jingning’s future placement, but now it seemed that everything was destined to be perfect.



After waiting outside with Yu Qingcang, Lu Jingning finally saw the door of the temporary clinic open again.


Su Qian stood at the door, waving his hand. “Come in.”


Lu Jingning immediately stepped inside the room. However, just as he entered, Su Qian came out instead and smiled at the other person in the room before closing the door, “I’ll trouble you then.”


Wen Xingchen replied nonchalantly, “No trouble at all.”


Lu Jingning was utterly confused, “????”


He hadn’t figured out what these two were up to, when he saw Wen Xingchen suddenly walk towards him. Lu Jingning instinctively took two steps back and ended up leaning against the door.


Wen Xingchen stopped right in front of him, his arm looping around Lu Jingning’s side, and he quietly locked the door.


The smell of disinfectant filled the air, and inexplicably, it became filled with a sense of ambiguity.


Lu Jingning could smell the sudden release of Wen Xingchen’s Alpha pheromones, and it felt like a gentle touch on his heart. He subconsciously turned to open the door, but Wen Xingchen firmly held onto the handle.


Lu Jingning glared at him, “What are you doing? Su Qian and Yu Qingcang are still outside!”


“No, Su Qian said he was thirsty, so I asked Yu Qingcang to take him to buy some water,” Wen Xingchen replied with a faint smile. The pheromones around them slowly enveloped Lu Jingning, and Wen Xingchen’s voice, as if coaxing a child to eat candy, continued, “Su Qian just analyzed your current condition and specifically asked me, as your boyfriend, to pay special attention to your pheromone levels.”


Lu Jingning questioned, “What levels?”


Wen Xingchen said, “For example, your recent excessive sleepiness is not appropriate.”


Lu Jingning felt Wen Xingchen’s hand gently exploring, exposing his gland on his neck.


He hadn’t paid much attention to what Wen Xingchen had said earlier, but now he sensed something odd. Was Wen Xingchen really doing this at Su Qian’s request? What kind of drama was unfolding here?


However, before he could figure it out, Wen Xingchen had already lowered his head, and in the next moment, he gently bit down on Lu Jingning’s gland.


The Alpha’s pheromones filled him, causing Lu Jingning’s body to weaken. He felt like he was about to collapse, but Wen Xingchen held him tightly and supported his waist.


Lu Jingning relaxed and instinctively reached out, holding onto Wen Xingchen’s neck.


For a moment, the Omega’s pheromones also started uncontrollably emitting, blending with the scent of mint in the room, filling every corner.


Unlike the previous brief contact, this time, the marking was lasting and profound.


With such a long infusion, Lu Jingning’s entire body seemed to burn, and in the haze, he could even feel their pheromones fusing within him.


Finally, when Wen Xingchen let go, Lu Jingning still felt weak, hanging onto him.


Wen Xingchen’s eyelids drooped slightly as he looked at the fierce and angry glare Lu Jingning gave him. Unable to help himself, Wen Xingchen embraced Lu Jingning’s limp body and spoke sincerely and innocently, “Su Qian said that excessive use of inhibitors is harmful to you. This was just an experimental attempt. In the future, before and after your heat, I’ll cooperate with the inhibitors to give you temporary markings to help you complete the fusion of high pheromone levels.”


With Wen Xingchen’s Alpha pheromones teasing him, Lu Jingning blushed intensely, so he just leaned softly in Wen Xingchen’s arms.


After a while, he couldn’t help but tease, “Su Qian? I don’t remember someone being so jealous of Su Qian yesterday. Now, you’re calling him so affectionately, the King of Jealousy?”


Wen Xingchen’s chin lightly brushed against Lu Jingning’s head, and he smiled nonchalantly, “When it comes to doctors, you should listen to them.”


Lu Jingning couldn’t resist the itchiness in his heart and, taking advantage of Wen Xingchen’s momentary distraction, unexpectedly reached out and pulled him closer.


In the next second, Lu Jingning placed a deep kiss on Wen Xingchen’s gland.


Before Wen Xingchen could react, Lu Jingning ended the kiss, looking at him provocatively as he licked the corner of his mouth. “What? You’ve bitten me so many times, can’t I taste it too?”


Wen Xingchen was left dazed by his words, and the softness in his eyes also grew. “Of course, you can taste it as much as you like.”


Author’s note: Su Qian, hiding his strength and fame.




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