Chapter 69


Several days later, the medical team completed their medical mission and on the day of their return, Lu Jingning and others came to the school gate to see off Su Qian.


Thanks to the temporary marking, Wen Xingchen had been having a pleasant time these days. He even treated Su Qian with kindness, saying, “Come back and visit whenever you have time.”


Su Qian nodded and replied, “I’ll come back for a follow-up examination when I have the time.”


Watching the two of them chatting as if there were no one else around, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow.


If Su Qian knew that Wen Xingchen initially treated him as a potential rival, it would surely be an interesting sight to see.


Lu Jingning saw Su Qian off at the boarding gate, but his attention was drawn to the bustling sound coming from another light cruiser nearby.


Turning his head to look, he saw a group of serious-looking people boarding the ship with a pile of various-sized boxes. He couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Who are those people?”


Su Qian followed his gaze and replied, “They’re from the research department. I met them when they arrived, and it seems they are leaving today.”


“The research department?” Lu Jingning was puzzled. “What are they doing here at our school?”


Not only the research department, but there were also troops stationed near the school. Although they were publicly announced as a precaution against pirate attacks, there was an inexplicable air of mystery surrounding them.


“I don’t know,” Su Qian shrugged. “It’s not something I’m concerned about.”


Once they returned to the campus, life resumed its calm state. Besides the occasional patrols of soldiers passing through the campus, everything seemed to return to normal.


These troops stationed outside the school were part of the Third Legion, and their overall commander was Colonel Fei Gang, who was in charge of the entire Imperial Navy Star System.


For the students of Imperial Navy University, entering the Third Legion was the dream of the vast majority, especially for the freshmen who had just joined the school. Whenever they saw soldiers passing by, their eyes would be filled with longing.


Soon, an opportunity that brought them a step closer to their dreams appeared.


Usually, the school’s task system for freshmen would open after the first half of the second semester. Students with the appropriate permissions could log in and accept tasks, and upon successful completion, they would earn corresponding credits.


The credits at Imperial Navy University were different from those of regular universities. Apart from being exchangeable for learning resources within the school, they could also be converted into military credits at a ratio of 100 to 1 once they joined the military. Although most students could only exchange for a tiny fraction before graduation, even the slightest difference could have a significant impact on their position in the military.


The importance of credits meant that obtaining them was no easy task.


The tasks in the system were categorized based on difficulty from one to five stars, with higher stars indicating greater potential danger. The difficulty of different tasks also depended on the individual’s strength and the number of people taking on the task.


The system was opened early this time, which indicated that the school intended for the freshmen to start striving towards becoming soldiers.


Lu Jingning could sense that the school was quietly planning something, but as an ordinary student, it was not something he needed to consider. His focus was on the task system.


Apart from the graduating seniors who were already halfway out the door, Imperial Navy University had an official credit ranking every year. By the end of the semester, the school would reward those high on the ranking with various prizes.


As the freshmen had just gained access to the system, the rankings were currently dominated by the names of juniors, with a few sophomores sprinkled in, who were already outstanding individuals in their respective years.


Many of these top-ranked individuals had suffered injuries during the pirate incident, causing them to miss the opportunity to participate in this year’s military academy exchange competition. Now that their injuries had mostly healed, many of them had thrown themselves back into the race for credits. The ranking, which had been relatively stable for a while, had now turned into a heated competition.


While Lu Jingning was confident, he wasn’t arrogant. He knew that Imperial Navy University had many hidden talents. After carefully studying the ranking list, he got a rough idea of how to move forward.


In the task system, one to two-star tasks were mostly basic tasks, such as helping find lost pets and other convenient services, and they were individual tasks with no risk.


Three-star tasks raised the difficulty to another level. Many were assisting the police in solving cases or capturing fugitives posted by government departments, which involved some level of danger. As a result, some tasks required team efforts.


From four-star tasks onward, there were very few individual tasks, and most required at least three people to form a team.


Five-star tasks were mainly military missions released by the military department. Apart from requiring teams of five or more people, they also had specific requirements for the members’ pheromone concentration levels. Moreover, a senior student or instructor from the graduating class was required to lead the team.


Ordinary students would mostly consider tasks up to three-star difficulty.


However, it had to be said that as the difficulty level increased, the credits obtained after completing the task multiplied exponentially. Even if someone worked tirelessly to help find a hundred lost pets, it wouldn’t compare to the credits earned from completing one five-star task.


As a result, those who made it to the top of the ranking were undoubtedly formidable individuals.


It was said that in the past, Wen Ye and Bing Yunlin were both fixtures at the top of the ranking list.


Lu Jingning browsed through the task system, and his gaze lingered on the five-star difficulty option, lost in thought.


In recent days, the campus forum of Imperial Navy University was flooded with posts recruiting teammates for various tasks, almost dominating the entire homepage. Though it seemed lively, most people were looking for teammates for three or four-star tasks. These tasks were considered more cost-effective, and team tasks provided significantly more credits compared to individual ones. So, they naturally became the most popular options.


Most of these recruitment posts were from freshmen, but students in their sophomore and junior years preferred teaming up with experienced seniors. As a result, finding suitable teammates became quite challenging, and often, after discussing with potential candidates, they still felt it wasn’t the right fit, leading to the disbanding of the team.


However, among these posts, there were also invitations from higher-grade students extended to the Omega freshmen, which was a result of a policy that Imperial Navy University had to support Omega students. Any team that included an Omega would receive 1.5 times the credits obtained after completing a team task with a four-star or higher difficulty.


This policy made a significant difference for four-star and above tasks. Many senior students who were seasoned in tasks and considered themselves more than capable of handling the missions now looked to the freshman class, hoping to bring an Omega along to boost their credit earnings. Besides, who knew, it might even be an opportunity to develop a romantic relationship with the Omega, adding to the excitement.


Of course, there were also different discussions on the campus forum. One particularly popular thread had rapidly grown to over ten pages:


[Seeking Knowledge] Although it’s a long-standing policy that Omega students receive 1.5 times the credits in a team, but…


OP: Does anyone remember that S-rank Lu Jingning we admitted to our school this year? He’s being considered an Omega too?!


1st Reply: …This question has left me pondering.


2nd Reply: Although but, coming below.



82nd Reply: Unable to go below, continuing to go below.


83rd Reply: Going below feels like my IQ is being crushed.



423rd Reply: Is this thread really this lively? If I may offer my insight, instead of discussing this here, how about we find a way to get him to join our team!


423rd Reply: Lu Jingning is like a task BUG! Enough said, I’m off to recruit people!!!


424th Reply: Hahaha, from what I know, quite a few people are considering the same. Guess who will be the lucky team leader?



Since morning, Lu Jingning had received more than ten messages, all empty greetings or meaningless conversations. He had no idea where these people came from.


At this moment, the president of the support club, Ren Jin, approached him. “Lu Ge, many people have been inquiring about your contact information lately. You’ve become the school’s big sensation! But don’t worry, I’ve spread the word among our Omega group. We’re all on the same side, and we won’t let those people harass you!”


“Oh, that’s very kind of you,” Lu Jingning replied, feeling a bit bewildered. “But what do they want from me?”


Ren Jin said, “Don’t you know? Wait a minute; I’ll send you a link.”


After a while, Lu Jingning received the link Ren Jin sent.



After reading the main post, Lu Jingning’s lips twitched. He didn’t bother scrolling through the over twenty pages of comments and simply closed the page without expression.


He could understand everyone’s eagerness to find talented individuals, but he had already made up his mind about tasks.


His virtual page was currently open to the five-star tasks section on the school network. As someone with S-class pheromones, he naturally had permission to access this page. However, there weren’t many five-star tasks left since two had already been taken. There seemed to be limited choices available.


These tasks were at the level of hellish difficulty, but at the same time, the credits they offered were quite alluring. Without a doubt, these tasks were the top contenders for climbing the ranks.


Lu Jingning dialed Wen Xingchen’s contact number and briefly mentioned his thoughts. As expected, he received the answer he wanted: “No problem, I’ll team up with you.”


Feeling satisfied, Lu Jingning looked at the basic requirements for the team members, pondering over it.


The team required a minimum of five people, all of whom must have at least an A-class pheromone concentration, and there should be at least two S-class members.


With him and Wen Xingchen, finding three A-class teammates wasn’t challenging. However, there was one hurdle in the requirements: the task needed to be supervised by two S-class seniors or current instructors.


So, where should they find these two leaders for the team?


His eyebrows slightly raised as he said to Wen Xingchen, “Old Wen, how about we invite your brother to dinner sometime?”


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