Chapter 99


Bai Chen hadn’t seen blood in a long time. The last time he was injured was under the lash of a senior officer. He wasn’t one to deny his failures, but this time, his opponent was the human he despised so much, making his displeasure reach its peak.


At the same time, the scent of blood in the air seemed to excite every cell in Bai Chen’s body. Wen Xingchen noticed the change in Bai Chen’s expression but remained calm.


Although he usually avoided getting involved in too much trouble, that didn’t mean he would hold back when it was time to act. At this moment, he could clearly sense the hostility emanating from Bai Chen.


One could say it was quite a coincidence that he found this “bug” equally distasteful. Following their friend Ah Ning’s style, when something didn’t sit right, you just had to deal with it.


Even Wen Xingchen, who was quite skilled himself, had to admit that Bai Chen possessed remarkable strength. It was unclear where he stood among the Bug Clan, but he was undoubtedly one of the top figures in the entire Imperial Navy.


After the recent setback, Bai Chen’s swordsmanship didn’t wane but became even more fierce. The powerful energy emanating from his energy body created an almost impenetrable wind barrier around Wen Xingchen, like an invisible cage, keeping him firmly trapped.


However, despite the apparent pressure, Wen Xingchen’s composure remained intact. Both the live audience and those watching remotely had lost track of the precise movements of Wen Xingchen’s steps, only witnessing his clothes fluttering in the wind as Bai Chen’s attacks appeared vicious but failed to land.


In Bai Chen’s verdant eyes, a murderous intent began to surface as the frustration of not gaining the upper hand for a long time exceeded his expectations. Watching Wen Xingchen, his eyes widened in anger, which was clearly visible on the live broadcast.


Lu Jingning squinted his eyes and sighed lightly, “As expected, Brother Wen’s extraordinary beauty never fails to captivate my heart.”


Yan Hebin exchanged glances, speechless.


Fortunately, Bai Chen couldn’t hear this conversation inside the arena, or he might have been so infuriated that he’d collapse right there.


Nevertheless, even though the situation in the arena seemed precarious, Lu Jingning’s relaxed attitude acted like a stabilizing agent, easing the tension in Yan Hebin’s hearts.


In the blink of an eye, Bai Chen’s attacks became even more forceful, leaving no room for Wen Xingchen to catch his breath. Wen Xingchen had been evading for a while, and as he noticed Bai Chen losing control of his emotions, a trace of understanding smile flickered in his eyes.


Disorder in one’s tactics indicated that it was almost time.


Seeing Bai Chen’s sword closing in once again, Wen Xingchen unexpectedly condensed the energy of pheromones beneath his feet and made an unanticipated move.


Bai Chen saw a flash in front of him as the figure he had surrounded with his sword energy disappeared from his sight.


Instinctively sensing danger, he swung his sword behind him with all his might.


Two long swords collided with a resounding clang, echoing throughout every corner of the arena.


Bai Chen’s reaction wasn’t due to him predicting Wen Xingchen’s move but was purely a result of combat experience accumulated through rigorous training.


Despite being on high alert, his body’s movements were unavoidably slow for a moment.


In that brief instant, Bai Chen was struck with several consecutive blows.


Bai Chen was forced to retreat step by step, trying to find an opportunity to turn the tide, but his efforts were in vain.


Unbeknownst to him, his clothes had been torn apart by the sword energy, and blue blood was dripping onto the arena like spilled ink, a horrifying sight.


It wasn’t until Bai Chen could no longer hold on and fell to the ground that his expression was filled with disbelief.


It had been a long time since he had been in such a sorry state.


Even his partially translucent wings, indicative of his insect-like transformation, had been severed by a single strike and hung lifelessly.


However, what Bai Chen found most unacceptable was that he had been defeated in the very swordsmanship he had always been proud of.


The referee hesitated for a moment and then announced the result of the match.


Bai Chen remained in the same kneeling position, and a shadow loomed over him, looking down at him intently.


Bai Chen tried to say something but found his throat incredibly dry when his lips curled coldly. He coughed violently, feeling a tingling numbness throughout his body.


At this point in the match, the live broadcast had already switched to commentary and began analyzing the events of the match.


After the on-site cameras were completely turned off, Wen Xingchen didn’t exit the holographic map. Instead, he had one last thing to say to Bai Chen: “Lu Jingning isn’t someone you can covet. I hope you remember that.”


Bai Chen heard a strong warning in Wen Xingchen’s calm tone. His verdant eyes flickered, and as the figure in front of him gradually disappeared, he revealed a near-obsessive and resentful expression. “Hiss… Humans… I won’t just leave it at this!”



When Wen Xingchen emerged from the arena, he received a warm hug from Lu Jingning. In high spirits, Lu Jingning even hung on his neck and spun around, almost taking off.


According to the rules, after losing, Bai Chen would be disqualified from the upcoming matches. This meant that while he might not witness who would ultimately become the total champion of the tournament, at least the Bug Clan had completely withdrawn from the competition, and he didn’t have to face them anymore.


“Wen Ge, since I’ve known you, today is undoubtedly the most handsome day for you! Don’t blame the Omegas; even I can’t resist cheering for you!” Lu Jingning was overjoyed, turning into a rainbow fart with one set of compliments after another, almost wishing to film Wen Xingchen from head to toe, “Your swordsmanship, when did you learn that? If you have time, teach me too. You can show off your skills with our old Lu later. I guarantee you’ll be welcomed with open arms! Honestly, you are the most handsome and invincible Alpha I’ve ever seen! Come on, let me admire your heroic figure once more, so my dreams at night can also be filled with your unparalleled beauty!”


Yan and Bin: “…”


They couldn’t bear to listen anymore.


Wen Xingchen was truly blown away by the flattery. He had intended to keep up appearances, but in the end, he couldn’t resist and asked, “Who taught you all this?”


Lu Jingning tilted his head and said, “Do you really need to learn such heartfelt praise? I’m self-taught!”


Wen Xingchen replied, “Well, you’re really good at it.”


Lu Jingning modestly waved his hand, “You’re too kind.”


After gazing at him for a while, Wen Xingchen suddenly leaned in and said, “Since you’re so good with your mouth, do you mind if I taste it?”


This was the first time Lu Jingning had heard someone request a kiss so innocently. But today, he was in a great mood. He swung his arm and pulled Wen Xingchen’s shoulder, embracing him tightly, and then planted a passionate kiss on him.


The camera happened to focus on them, and the audience fell into momentary silence, then erupted with screams and cheers that threatened to bring down the roof.


“Ah, ah, ah, the Xing-Jing couple is serving some sugar online!”


“Lu Ge, do you remember you’re an Omega? How can you be so aggressive!”


“Darn, there’s absolutely no sense of incongruity!”


“ASDF! I’m suffocating! ASDF I’m reviving!”


“In front of such a huge audience, ah, ah, what kind of beautiful love is this?”


“Wow, is this the legendary kiss of victory?”


Wen Xingchen got the kiss he wanted, and after releasing it, he still couldn’t resist gently caressing the lingering sweetness at the corner of his lips. If the surroundings weren’t so noisy, he would have been very willing to take things further.



The morning matches were over, and while some were happy, others were disappointed, the fans of a certain couple were in a festive mood, their bellies filled with dog food as if it were a holiday.


After the event, they returned to the resting area for an afternoon nap, preparing to continue their support for Lu Ge, who had exploded with popularity.


On the official forum of the Tournament, many new posts had appeared regarding the morning’s matches. Among them were a detailed review of Wen Xingchen’s match with Bai Chen and match predictions for Lu Jingning’s duel with Lan Yuanzhou. One post even set up a betting pool, drawing a considerable number of onlookers.


Undeniably, Lu Jingning had accumulated quite a fanbase during the tournament. But Lan Yuanzhou had also been active in the Tournament for many years, and with this new post, supporters on both sides engaged in direct arguments.


—”Tsk, you couple fans, wake up! It’s not a talent show, and our Zhou Zhou is undoubtedly stronger in terms of combat power.”


—”Don’t be too presumptuous, you upstairs! Haven’t you seen Wen Xingchen’s match? The Xing-Jing couple never fails!”


—”Give it up, Wen Xingchen is Wen Xingchen, and Lu Jingning is Lu Jingning. An Omega who made it this far is already impressive, but it’s not a team battle, and the ring is different.”


—”A wise man speaks plainly; I also think Lan Yuanzhou can win.”


—”Just passing through this forum from the Imperial Navy. Can only smile and remain silent about the comments above, hehe.”


—”For those who continue to serve the Imperial Navy, you people really don’t understand the fear of being dominated by the light of Omega.”


—”Seems like there’s some juicy gossip? Spill the tea!”


In a hotel room, a figure was sitting on the couch. Lan Yuanzhou was reading through the comments in the forum, but he had a troubled expression, unlike the others who were high-spirited.


While he knew that he would eventually clash with Lu Jingning, he hadn’t expected that day to come so soon.


Lan Yuanzhou wasn’t someone who liked to avoid battles, and he wasn’t someone who couldn’t accept defeat. He would go all out as long as there was a slim chance, even if his opponent was formidable. However, facing Lu Jingning seemed to extinguish all hope from his life.


Whenever he thought of his body’s soft response when he first encountered Lu Jingning’s fragrance, he couldn’t help but feel like going offline.


So, how should he approach the match in the afternoon? Should he kneel before the entire audience?


He was a bounty hunter and an interstellar idol. In fact, a tournament of this scale was just one of his many performance venues. He couldn’t afford to lose his idol image, no matter what.


His head could be severed, his blood could flow, but he couldn’t lose his idol facade!


In any case, there was no way he would kneel in the arena, not in this lifetime.


However, it was difficult for him to ask Lu Jingning not to use pheromones during the match.


Lan Yuanzhou sat still for the entire morning, engaging in intense mental struggle, but ultimately decided to maintain his dignity.


He took out his communicator and called his agent, “Hey, hello? Yes, it’s me. Can you help me arrange something?”



In the afternoon, Lu Jingning, waiting for the match to begin, received a notification from the tournament committee. Due to Lan Yuanzhou’s withdrawal, he would win by default.


At the same time, several interstellar media outlets simultaneously released a statement expressing regret that the idol Lan Yuanzhou’s distant brother had suddenly developed an acute Flurnaz[/mfn]Some fictional disease lmao[/mfn] Syndrome and had been urgently hospitalized. Heartbroken by the bond of brotherhood, Lan Yuanzhou had no choice but to make the painful decision to withdraw from the current Tournament. He was currently on his way back to his hometown, hoping for the best.


Lu Jingning looked at the entire report that was full of absurd excuses and almost burst into a fit of rage on the spot.


What kind of idiotic excuse is this? Can’t they think of something more sensible? They even came up with this method. In terms of shamelessness, even I’m beat!

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