Chapter 101 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 101


Lu Jingning found it challenging to engage in a confrontation with someone for the first time. No matter the angle he tried to attack from, Wen Xingchen seemed to anticipate it as if he could predict it in advance, swiftly formulating corresponding countermeasures. Similarly, when Wen Xingchen made a move, Lu Jingning almost instinctively responded, easily handling each move.


It could only be said that being too familiar with each other might not be such a good thing. For example, in their attempt to fight now, they found it difficult to really engage. However, the rare exchange of mobile numbers kept Lu Jingning on the edge of excitement, trying one tactic after another.


Hey, it’s quite interesting! The audience watched in awe as a variety of clever moves unfolded. Setting aside the feeling of being choked by dog food, it had to be admitted that the seamless duel between these two was a visual delight.


Commentator Brother Bean analyzed enthusiastically in the live broadcast room: “Everyone can see that both of them are indeed evenly matched. Although we don’t know why they chose not to use pheromones, from the current situation, whether it’s Lu Jingning or Wen Xingchen, their mastery of Qi usage has reached an extreme. We must admit that the two appearing on the finals stage today truly represent the highest level of this league. However, who will ultimately claim the title of champion is still something we need to eagerly anticipate!”


The barrage in the live chat rolled rapidly as if injected with adrenaline. Everyone was excitedly cheering, indulging in dog food and passionately supporting their favorites.


Although Lu Jingning gained more fans during the league with a series of impressive moves, Wen Xingchen’s fans still shouted their slogans loudly, creating a fierce competition in terms of momentum.


In the blink of an eye, the intensity on the field reached a fever pitch, even causing the officials in the tournament committee to nervously sweat.


One hour later, the tension escalated once again. Two hours later, the situation on the field intensified. Three hours later… both the audience inside and outside the venue rubbed their tired eyes.


The duration of this match was a bit too long; their throats were hoarse, and no matter how much water they drank, they felt a bit exhausted.


Yet, the two participants in the finals, Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen, continued each move with remarkable vigor. Such enduring stamina! It was enduring to the point that it became challenging for people to bear.


They knelt to the two “dads” on stage. Commentator Brother Bean put down a bottle of energy drink, watching the two figures passionately fighting on the field, tears almost streaming down his face.


He could feel that his professional career had once again encountered an insurmountable bottleneck. The longest individual match he had encountered before was only 40 minutes. Now, he had used all his expertise, and he was at a loss for words except for “keep it up.”


However, the two on the field continued to excitedly probe each other, continuously emitting the intertwined waves of their deep affection to everyone.


Bean was speechless and choked up, only able to cast a pleading look towards the committee’s viewing platform.


Oh my god! If this endless competition continued, he might actually die on this commentary stage! Someone, please come and take charge!


If Bean had sufficient vision, he might see that the people on the committee’s viewing platform all had serious expressions on their faces.


This match had gone on for too long, far exceeding their official expected time by nearly tenfold. Even if it was close to the match point, the problem was that the two on the field seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. After almost an afternoon, they showed no signs of fatigue. Their faces were full of excitement, as if the match had just begun.


The organizers’ leaders had long lost focus. At this point, they couldn’t remember how many times they had checked the time on the terminal. In their minds, they thought, it should be ending soon; it should be ending soon. After all, this intense endurance battle couldn’t possibly continue into the night, right?


Yet, they underestimated the strength of the two on the field. As night fell, these officials, one by one, wished they could go back and give themselves a few big slaps.


Damn it, served us right! Finally, the chairman of the committee couldn’t sit still anymore. He stood up abruptly, gathered all the officials, and headed straight to the reception room for an emergency meeting.


The departure of the committee members didn’t attract much attention from the audience.

At this moment, the thoughts of the audience had shifted from the excited “Oh my god, they are both so strong, a perfect combination made in heaven” to the more practical “Damn, why hasn’t it ended yet? Can we get a result already? I’m starving, I just want to go home!”


Inside the arena, Lu Jingning was oblivious to the strong complaints coming from various quarters. Up until now, he had tried 1001 attacking methods and successfully countered 998 intricate attacks from Wen Xingchen.


As the momentum of the long whip changed, he skillfully altered his approach, aiming for the blind spot below Wen Xingchen’s waist. Unfortunately, Wen Xingchen, with a faint glance, instantly grasped the intention and effortlessly evaded once again.


Lu Jingning clicked his tongue lightly, but his eyes lit up, “Wen ge, you’re so good at dodging. Try this move!”


Saying that, he once again assumed a stance. Wen Xingchen smiled faintly, “Sure.”


As the long whip approached, the lights around the holographic arena suddenly dimmed. The referee’s excited voice interrupted their focused sparring, “The organizing committee has decided to temporarily suspend the match. Both of you, please exit the virtual cabin.”


Lu Jingning: “???”


He exchanged a puzzled look with Wen Xingchen. Although they were not done, upon hearing the referee’s words, they both reluctantly stepped out of the virtual arena.


Back in reality, Lu Jingning realized that the entire sky outside had completely darkened. Glancing around, besides the brilliant lights, only the scattered starlight seeped in through the windows.


Before he could reflect on the fleeting passage of time, a group of people suddenly rushed in, surrounding him and guiding him towards the backstage. Lu Jingning was caught off guard by this sudden commotion. When he regained his senses, he found himself in a reception room, accompanied by Wen Xingchen.


The people in the reception room were all dressed in formal attire, suggesting some level of significance. Among them, he even saw his older brother, Lu Jiyuan.


Lu Jingning instantly understood; these were probably people from the organizing committee. However, why did they interrupt the match and bring them here?


The middle-aged man at the forefront was the chairman of the organizing committee. Clearing his throat, he spoke with a complex expression, “To be frank, the battle between the two of you has taken far longer than we expected. It’s evident that even if it continues, it will be challenging to determine a winner in a short time. Considering this highly unusual situation, we’ve held an emergency meeting, and we have a proposal. We would like to hear your opinions.”


After a moment of hesitation, he continued, “We wonder if… the idea of declaring a tie, having co-champions, is acceptable to both of you?”


This decision was truly a last resort. The league needed to produce a champion, but allowing the two to continue might lead to an indefinitely prolonged match. Considering the significant expenses incurred during the live broadcast, the audience’s viewing experience, and the overall impression of the event, the organizing committee, after intense discussions, reluctantly made this decision.


They could already imagine the backlash once the results were announced; there would likely be a storm of criticism. However, what other choice did they have? They were also distressed about it!


Lu Jingning didn’t expect the situation to take such a dramatic turn. He couldn’t help but laugh and blinked, “So, you mean, co-champions?”


“From the current analysis of various data, your strengths are evenly matched. Even if the match continues, it’s unlikely a result will be determined in a short time. Therefore, we made this proposal. Of course, the co-champion title is just a label; the final reward remains the same. If both of you are dissatisfied…”


The chairman paused, feeling a bit uncomfortable, took a deep breath, and said, “You can return to the arena now. We respect your choice.”


“It doesn’t matter about the prize…” Lu Jingning, who hadn’t felt much after the virtual arena, now felt the exhaustion from the intense battle. His stomach even made a growling sound involuntarily.


He casually stretched his muscles, not in a hurry to answer. He looked towards Lu Jiyuan, suggesting with a meaningful gaze, “I just want to ask Consultant Mr. Lu, if it’s co-champions, does it count as winning the ‘champion’?”


“… “


Lu Jiyuan remained silent for a while before expressionlessly responding, “Agreed.”


Lu Jingning turned to look at Wen Xingchen, “What do you think, Brother Wen?”


Wen Xingchen smiled faintly, “I’ll go with whatever you decide.”


Lu Jingning grinned and shook the chairman of the organizing committee’s hand sincerely, “We don’t want to cause trouble for the organizers. Co-champions it is, we’ll follow the committee’s decision!”


Just after the intense match, Lu Jingning hadn’t controlled his strength well, and the chairman felt a “click” in his hand, but the relief made him show a contented smile, “Thank you for your cooperation.”



The announcement of the organizing committee undoubtedly dropped a bomb, leaving the audience bewildered.


Co-champions? Who knew the Bounty League could be played like this?!


However, the thought of letting the two return to the arena and continue the seemingly endless match made everyone suddenly feel suffocated.


Forget it, this kind of match is just too unbearable; it’s better to end it early for relief!


So, after a momentary uproar upon hearing the news, the audience finally quieted down.


On the commentary desk, Brother Bean, almost trembling with joy, with the help of the staff, descended the stairs, “Quick, take me to the hospital… I… am a bit short of oxygen…”


The host quickly took over his duties.


A podium rose in the center of the arena, and the award ceremony proceeded almost seamlessly.


Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen stood side by side in the center of the stage, blinded by the flashing lights from reporters. Lu Jingning couldn’t help but squint, remembering something, and asked, “Brother Wen, what about our bet from earlier, with the tie and all?”


Wen Xingchen replied, “Of course, we both win.”


Lu Jingning blinked, a smile playing on his face. His gaze silently brushed over Wen Xingchen’s lips, “Oh? So, you mean…”


Wen Xingchen’s eyes flickered. Suddenly, he reached out, pulled Lu Jingning towards him, and without avoiding it, they entwined their hands around each other, and then he lifted his head, deeply kissing him.


According to the result of the bet, theoretically, Lu Jingning owed Wen Xingchen a kiss, and Wen Xingchen owed him a kiss. So, combining them resulted in a shared, passionate kiss. The logic was perfect, without any flaws.


After a moment of awkward silence, the whole venue erupted into cheers. The unexpected display of affection from the two champions on stage left the audience nearly blinded by the sudden flash of emotions.


Following the abrupt silence, screams echoed as if fireworks were going off. 


“Ah ah ah ah, luckily, I held on until the end!”


“This is the ultimate benefit of live broadcasting!!!”


“Champions of the league, so high! AWSL!!!”


“I can accept this. The ability runs in the family; let it be.”


“Although it’s a bit theatrical, right now, I just want to say, thanks to the organizing committee, sincere thanks!”


“The final dog food of the Cenjing CP, I recorded it!”


At this point, who was stronger no longer mattered. Under this harmonious scene of life, everyone felt completely fulfilled!



Under the stage, Wen Ye, watching this overly extravagant display, as an older brother, couldn’t help but frown slightly, “Too ostentatious.”


As soon as he finished speaking, his companion, Bing Yunlin, sighed softly, “I think it’s not bad. After all, they are young; it’s good.”


Wen Ye said with a hint of disapproval, “You spoil them too much.”


Bing Yunlin glanced at Wen Ye’s excessively serious expression, gently patted his shoulder, and said, “Don’t mind them. About our bet, what do you think?”


Wen Ye reminded, “But now, they are both champions.”


The implication was clear: since it was a tie, there was no winner or loser in the bet.


Bing Yunlin obviously did not agree with this interpretation and corrected in a calm tone, “You should say, this ending represents that we both won.”


Wen Ye furrowed his brows and fell into silence for a moment, “But it seems I don’t have anyone to introduce to you.”


“You don’t need to worry about that; I’ve already thought about it for you.” Bing Yunlin chuckled softly, speaking unhurriedly, “In a few days, you arrange yourself for a blind date with me, and I’ll arrange myself for a blind date with you. We can sit down together and have a good meal. How about that?”


Wen Ye, unusually stunned, raised his head in surprise, locking eyes with Bing Yunlin’s tender gaze, “You…”


“I’m not joking.” Bing Yunlin sighed lightly, “After all this time, haven’t you noticed?”


His demeanor, in this moment, was somewhat different from usual, as if he had removed a long-worn mask, leaving only a trace of sincerity.


He said, “A Ye, I like you.”


Amidst the bustling surroundings, these words seemed to possess a unique magic, isolating the noise. Each word fell clearly into Wen Ye’s ears.


He opened his mouth but, for the first time, hesitated, unsure of what to say.


Bing Yunlin, observing his reaction, simply smiled and said, “No need to rush to answer me. We haven’t even gone on the blind date yet. We can take things slow when the time comes.”


Wen Ye’s eyelashes drooped slightly, and finally, he softly responded, “Alright…”


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