Chapter 102


After returning to school, everyone submitted the championship prizes they won in the bounty tournament. This made Bing Cang very happy, and he specifically gave them two extra days off to rest. 


Upon hearing that there was no need to rush to class, Lu Jingning’s eyes lit up, and he went straight back to the dormitory and slept like there was no tomorrow. 

In stark contrast, Yan Hebin, after returning to school, went to his own classroom for classes that same afternoon. After classes, he stayed in the library until late at night before returning to the dormitory.


These two days were the same routine. At this point, Lu Jingning had already entered dreamland, watching the figure walking into the dormitory without a care in the world. He yawned and turned to find a comfortable position to sleep again.


Scholars are scholars, and the joy of scholars is something ordinary people like them can never understand. When Lu Jingning comfortably slept for two days, he finally appeared in the classroom again.


After this bounty tournament, his already high popularity within the school skyrocketed once again. If in the past, many senior students only heard his name, now he was an absolute focus wherever he went.


Fortunately, this situation didn’t seem so severe within his own class. After all, they were classmates who knew each other well, and people didn’t dare to approach and watch. However, the gazes between him and Wen Xingchen unavoidably carried a strong sense of gossip.


Jiang Luan, as an insider and the behind-the-scenes promoter of the CP gossip building, couldn’t be too obvious in front of Wen Xingchen. Seeing Lu Jingning appear, he immediately approached, wearing an attitude of hiding his talents and biding his time.


Lu Jingning, feeling dizzy from being shaken by him, couldn’t help but pull him over and ask, “Jiang Luan, what’s wrong with you? Haven’t seen you for a few days, and you’ve developed hyperactivity in children?”


Jiang Luan’s expression almost couldn’t hold back, and his mouth twitched involuntarily. “Don’t you have something to say to me?”


Lu Jingning stared at him for a moment, then pointed to the hair standing on top of his head. “Did you roll in your bed yesterday? The hair on your head is all standing up.”


Jiang Luan quickly reached out and pressed down on the unruly hairstyle. “Damn!”


Wen Xingchen had already heard their conversation. He leaned in, patted Jiang Luan lightly, and said, “Alright, benefactor, consider this my favor to you.”


Jiang Luan finally felt satisfied. “Remember it well!”


Lu Jingning looked at him as he walked away humming a tune and then turned to Wen Xingchen, asking, “What’s going on?”


Wen Xingchen casually pulled a nearby chair and said, “Nothing much, just helped out once in a while. It’s inevitable to feel a bit inflated.”


Lu Jingning suddenly understood and didn’t say anything more. He walked over and sat down naturally.


He took out his unused backpack, flipped through it, and then froze in place. Wen Xingchen looked over, “What’s wrong?”


Lu Jingning cleared his throat. “Uh, what class do we have today?”


Wen Xingchen smiled, and after being stared at by Lu Jingning, quickly replied, “Aerokinesis.”


Finishing his words, he casually handed his own book to Lu Jingning. “If you didn’t bring yours, use mine.”


Lu Jingning hesitated for a moment and came up with a compromise. “How about we read it together?”


For Wen Xingchen, the content of these courses could be understood without textbooks. However, his words circled around his mouth and finally turned into a somewhat ambiguous smile. “Sure.”


Sharing one book inevitably brought them closer, and they could even feel each other’s breath faintly. The professor was earnestly explaining the course content on the podium, but Wen Xingchen seemed a bit absent-minded, unusually distracted.


Lu Jingning, who always got drowsy in class, couldn’t change his habit. Unconsciously, he had already fallen asleep with his arms as a pillow.


His long eyelashes drooped, and at such a close distance, Wen Xingchen could see the faint trembling arc. Compared to his usual bold and unrestrained appearance, there was a unique charm.


Wen Xingchen’s gaze slid across Lu Jingning’s eyebrows, then the nose, and finally, the collarbone revealed in the slightly open shirt. His eyes stopped there silently, without moving away.


Jiang Luan couldn’t remember when he had become accustomed to sitting alone in the front row. As he turned around to borrow some materials, he happened to see Wen Xingchen, who was blatantly… well, affectionately gazing at Lu Jingning. The words he was about to say got stuck in his throat as he choked.


Seems like sensing an external gaze intruding, Wen Xingchen felt his territory was being violated. His eyelashes trembled slightly, and he looked up with a calm expression. Jiang Luan couldn’t help but shiver under such a gaze, hastily gesturing a “please continue” motion, and with an unprecedentedly quick reaction, turned back.


Perhaps because Wen Xingchen’s previous look was too threatening, it took Jiang Luan a while for his heartbeat to slowly calm down. After that, a sense of grievance couldn’t help but curse in his heart. Damn! Wen Xingchen, this guy, is really something. After being brothers for so many years, he still can’t compete with Lu Jingning, the new love? Insane, heartless, and forgetful of friendship!


It seemed he had to end this single period quickly and find a new target. After all, this forcibly declared territory feeling was too damn uncomfortable!


Lu Jingning woke up right on time when the class bell rang, and in a daze, received a resentful look from Jiang Luan. Without waiting for him to speak, Lu Jingning left, leaving only a determined figure.


He opened his mouth, unable to resist asking Wen Xingchen beside him, “What’s wrong with him?”


Wen Xingchen: “Menopause, maybe.”


Lu Jingning: “Oh…”


That explanation seemed acceptable.


Lu Jingning stretched, and as his gaze wandered around, he exclaimed, “What’s going on? Today, Lao Wang surprisingly didn’t give us homework after class.”


“We’re done with all classes after this week, so why assign homework?” Wen Xingchen packed up his things, giving him a strange look. “Have you been sleeping too much recently and got drowsy? After this week, all classes for this semester will be over, and we can prepare for the holiday after the next exam week.”


Lu Jingning’s stretching motion paused in mid-air, and he stiffly turned his head to look, “It’s… the final exams already?”


He tried to recall his study achievements in this semester, but his mind remained blank. With one thing after another happening, having fun and forgetting about the insane existence of final exams, now he could only say, “How am I going to pass this? I’m screwed!”


Lu Jingning fell silent for a moment, then said heavily, “Lu Ge is dead. In case of any problem, burn some prayer papers for myself…”


Wen Xingchen looked at the expression like it was the end of the world and couldn’t help but laugh, ruffling his hair. “Don’t worry, after this week, there are no classes. I’ll help you review. You won’t have to retake anything; I guarantee you’ll pass.”


Lu Jingning opened his arms and sincerely hugged him, “Wen Ge, reborn parents!”


Wen Xingchen’s smile at the corner of his mouth deepened, “Isn’t this title a bit messy?”


Jiang Luan, in a fit of pique, walked out and waited outside for half a day without seeing the two catching up. At this time, he walked back with a disgruntled face.


As soon as he entered, he witnessed this scene that disgraced scholarly manners. He couldn’t help but cover his eyes with his hand and looked through two fingers, asking, “Two of you, hugging so comfortably, still planning to eat?”


“Eat, eat, eat!” Lu Jingning swung his backpack, propped on the table, and jumped out from a pile of desks, displaying a heroic posture. “Haven’t eaten in the school cafeteria for a long time, kind of miss it.”


Following behind, Wen Xingchen carried it, not too light or heavy, and said indifferently, “Listening to you, it seems like it.”


Jiang Luan: “…”


Damn, he actually thought of getting some benefits from these two? How naive!


Just as he was thinking, he saw Wen Xingchen in front suddenly reach out and pull Lu Jingning into his arms. His eyes slightly lowered, and with a smile that was neither a smile nor a laugh, he asked, “By the way, since I helped you review, should you thank me?”


A glint flashed in Lu Jingning’s eyes, and he raised the corners of his mouth, kissing him lightly on the face. “Thanks, Wen Ge!”


Jiang Luan: “……….”


Forget it, it doesn’t matter what to eat; after all, they’re already full.



The last week of the freshman year quickly came to an end.


Wen Xingchen fulfilled his promise. Taking advantage of the week of buffer time before the exam week, he grabbed Lu Jingning and entered the rhythm of devilish review.


In order to better catch the key points for Lu Jingning, who was a professional sleeper in class, he had already listed all the exam contents that needed attention in advance, evidently putting in a lot of effort.


Anyway, the goal of the final exam was not to get a high score. They only needed to pass and get the credits, avoiding retaking the course.


The targeted tutoring proved to be effective, and at least halfway through, Lu Jingning was no longer in a state of “it recognizes me, but I don’t recognize it” while looking at the questions. Of course, this rapid progress was not only due to Lu Jingning’s determined efforts but also closely related to Wen Xingchen’s irreplicable “teaching method.”


In a certain self-study room, two slender figures sat cuddled up in a corner.


Wen Xingchen held Lu Jingning’s hand, calmly gesturing, “Look, if I use my current strength to push you backward, you need to use pheromones to counteract the force. If you exert the force you used just now, the result would be…”


Suddenly, he leaned backward, and with Lu Jingning in a state of complete relaxation, he softly fell into his arms. The familiar scent surrounded them.


Wen Xingchen continued with a light laugh, “The result is that the balance will be completely disrupted. So, now you know which one to choose, right?”


Lu Jingning realized, “Choose option C!”


Wen Xingchen lowered his head, gently rubbing against Lu Jingning’s head with his jaw, “Hmm, our Ah Ning is indeed smart.”


Despite the fact that the two of them shamelessly engaged in public displays of affection, Lu Jingning, for some reason, felt a bit embarrassed when the voice brushed past his ear at this moment.


He subconsciously tried to wriggle out of Wen Xingchen’s embrace but felt a strong pull that tightened the hold.


Lu Jingning whispered, “Let go…”


Wen Xingchen replied, “Not letting go.”


Lu Jingning’s heartbeat, initially a bit erratic, strangely calmed down after hearing this. Then he smiled, “Wen Ge, this doesn’t seem like your style, does it?”


This time, Wen Xingchen remained silent.


After Lu Jingning finished speaking, he realized that he unintentionally gave the other some room to maneuver. In the atmosphere on the verge of eruption, he attempted to break free from Wen Xingchen’s embrace.


However, his view suddenly shifted, and he found himself pressed against the table.


Wen Xingchen leaned down gently, pressing on him. He lifted Lu Jingning’s chin with one hand, his eyelashes drooping slightly, and asked with a smile that was neither a smile nor a laugh, “So, does it resemble more of my style now?”


Lu Jingning: “…”


He could feel the Alpha’s breath enveloping him. His throat tightened involuntarily, and he reached out to stop the approaching body. Unable to resist, he reminded, “This is a classroom.”


Wen Xingchen turned his gaze towards the direction of the surveillance cameras, casually saying, “Hmm, I know.”


Lu Jingning: “……….”


As the breath of the other approached, his eyes closed instinctively.


However, the chaotic and messy scenes he imagined in his mind didn’t happen.


Wen Xingchen just lightly kissed his forehead, and then, as if nothing had happened, he let him go.


When Lu Jingning opened his eyes, he was still a bit dazed. Only when he saw the teasing smile on Wen Xingchen’s face did he realize that he had been played.


“What are you expecting, Ah Ning?”


Lu Jingning rolled up his sleeves and was about to explode.


Wen Xingchen’s deep eyes suddenly softened, “Ah Ning, how about we get engaged?”


Lu Jingning’s heartbeat unexpectedly paused for a moment. After a brief moment of blankness, his mind started working again.


After a while, he murmured, “I don’t have any problems, but… you need to settle things with Lao Lu first.”


Wen Xingchen: “After the break, I’ll visit him.”

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