Chapter 104


Coming out of the last exam room, Lu Jingning felt like he had come back to life. Unable to restrain himself, he took a deep breath of air and burst into laughter, looking up at the sky.


Jiang Luan, standing beside him, shook his head, saying, “Ah, another person going crazy.”


Emperor Haijun did not have the habit of keeping international students on campus to wait for exam results. On that afternoon, students had already started leaving the school one by one.


Lu Jingning was energetically packing his belongings in the dormitory. When he lifted his head, he saw Yan Hebin sitting calmly at the table and couldn’t help but ask, “Top student, aren’t you going home?”


Yan Hebin responded, “No, I applied to stay on campus.”


Lu Jingning was slightly stunned, only now realizing that Yan Hebin had never mentioned his family.


When it came to staying on campus, Lu Jingning’s movements involuntarily paused. A figure flashed in his mind. He pushed the luggage aside, turned, and ran to the balcony, casually closing the door.


Wen Xingchen didn’t expect Lu Jingning to contact him at this moment. After connecting, he softly said, “Hey, is everything packed?”


“Not yet.” Lu Jingning touched his nose and looked towards the Alpha dormitory building, asking, “When do you plan to go home?”


Wen Xingchen fell silent for a moment and said, “Not determined yet.”


Wen Muqiao was at home recently, and Wen Xingchen didn’t want to go back. Originally, he should have spent this holiday with Yu Zhi, but his mother happened to be touring the interstellar space, experiencing the joy of traveling for the New Year. It seemed she wouldn’t be back for a short time.


In this case, he really didn’t know how to arrange his time. If nothing unexpected happened, he would probably apply to stay on campus.


Lu Jingning sensed something from Wen Xingchen’s tone. After hesitating for a moment, he casually asked, “If you have nothing to do at home, how about considering… coming to my place? My family is not as big as yours, but there are many interesting things nearby, guaranteed to be more fun than your high-profile family.”


There was silence on the other end of the phone for a long time. Lu Jingning waited quietly, hearing only his own breathing, accompanied by a slightly abrupt heartbeat.


This suggestion was completely impromptu, and he wasn’t sure if it was a good idea.


Wen Xingchen also didn’t expect Lu Jingning to make such an invitation. According to the original plan, he should have sent his boyfriend to the long-range light cruiser early tomorrow morning and then returned to the dormitory alone. If he felt bored during the holiday, he would visit Jiang Luan’s house.


Then, during the New Year, he would find a suitable time to visit Lu’s house.


Through the communicator, he could feel Lu Jingning’s concern. This softened Wen Xingchen’s heart, and a touch of tenderness appeared in his eyes.


With a gentle smile, he asked, “If you suddenly bring me home like this, will your uncle directly chop me?”


Lu Jingning just thought about not letting his boyfriend spend the long holiday alone. He hadn’t really considered this very realistic issue.


For a moment, he felt a bit stumped by the question.


After thinking seriously for a moment, he said, “It’s okay. Just stick close to me at that time. Even if Uncle Lu really wants to take action, he can’t hit me together with you.”


“That sounds like there’s some reason to it.” Wen Xingchen laughed, “What about the night? We’ll have to separate eventually. We can’t sleep together every night, can we?”


The low voice, with a unique magnetism, made Lu Jingning’s earlobes slightly hot. He almost wished that Wen Xingchen was in front of him now, at least so he could bite his vermilion lips fiercely.


Suppressing the itchy feeling in his heart, Lu Jingning pretended to snort and said, “Do you want to make a commitment? How about that? Can you resist?”


Wen Xingchen responded, “It’s my boyfriend’s invitation, how can I refuse? But since you brought me home, you must remember to take responsibility for me.”


Lu Jingning made a clicking sound, very readily agreeing, “No problem, I’ll take responsibility for you!”


Wen Xingchen replied, “Then, see you at the school gate tomorrow.”


After ending the call, Lu Jingning sighed deeply.


Just as he walked back from the balcony to the room, he happened to meet Yan Hebin’s gaze.

His footsteps slightly paused. Although there was a balcony door between them, at this distance, some information might still leak out.


Lu Jingning inexplicably felt a bit guilty and cleared his throat, politely asking, “Top student, how about you don’t stay on campus either and come back with us?”


Yan Hebin, upon hearing this, quickly withdrew his gaze, not turning his head, and said, “No need. The school is fine. The principal has a project that needs me to follow up on. You guys enjoy yourselves.”


His attitude was clear. Firstly, he wasn’t interested in being a third wheel, and secondly, he didn’t want to be fed dog food every day.


Thanks but no thanks.


Lu Jingning coughed twice, not very sincerely saying, “Ah, that’s a pity.”



Jiang Luan ran into Wen Xingchen packing his bags and felt like he was witnessing the end of the world. After inquiring, he learned that Wen Xingchen was going to Lu Jingning’s house. He suddenly realized and seamlessly switched to gossip mode, “Have you guys met each other’s parents? Round it up, when do you plan to get married?”


Wen Xingchen, busy as he was, looked up at him, thought for a moment, and said, “If you see me come back alive when school starts, then it’s soon.”


Jiang Luan pondered for a moment, finding this statement profound. He concluded, “Should I buy you life insurance in advance?”


Wen Xingchen didn’t answer but kicked him.


The next day, Lu Jingning waited early at the school gate. After meeting Wen Xingchen, the two boarded the long-distance spacecraft heading home together.


By the time they reached their destination, the sky was almost dark.


Lu Jingning’s second brother, Lu Xuebai, came to pick them up. When he saw the two coming out of the security check, a hint of astonishment flashed in his eyes, quickly disappearing. Seeing Wen Xingchen dragging Lu Jingning’s luggage, he calmly took it over.


Lu Jingning introduced them casually, one being his boyfriend and the other his second brother, making the titles clear.


Wen Xingchen politely extended his hand, “Nice to meet you.”


Lu Xuebai’s gaze swept from his hand, paused for a moment, and, under Lu Jingning’s deadly stare, he reluctantly shook hands, saying, “Hello, but it’s not the first time we’ve met.”


The three walked outside, and Lu Jingning curiously asked, “Second Brother, if it’s not the first time, when did you meet before?”


Wen Xingchen also looked puzzled. If they had met, he would definitely remember such a person.


Lu Xuebai, walking ahead, didn’t turn around, just chuckled slightly, “Some time ago, many colleagues were watching videos of the Morning Scenery CP. It’s hard not to know.”




Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen exchanged a silent glance.


Just making a splash in the Bounty League, and unexpectedly, they went viral?


The three boarded the floating aircraft waiting at the gate, heading towards the Lu family’s residence.


Lu Xuebai sat in the front row, glanced sideways, and, with a nonchalant smile, looked at Wen Xingchen, asking Lu Jingning, “Anning, have you told Dad about bringing your ‘classmate’ home?”




Lu Jingning was choked by this sudden and heart-stopping question.


Lu Xuebai instantly understood his expression, and with an ambiguous smile on his face, he said, “Second Brother wishes you both good luck.”


Lu Jingning: “…”


After a moment of silence, he couldn’t help asking, “So, Second Brother, whose side are you on?”


Lu Xuebai seemed to be stumped by his question, tilted his head, and thought for a moment, “Probably neither side. I hate trouble the most. Watching the excitement suits me best.”


Lu Jingning, hearing this, bit his teeth, “That really suits you, especially well! So fitting for you!”


Even now, he still didn’t quite understand. With this guy’s careless personality, how did he become a generation’s scientific genius? Shouldn’t he be a mediocre student like him?


Lu Xuebai felt his gaze and seemed to have a mind-reading device. He sneered and said, “Don’t look at me like that. I’m a genius. You can’t envy me.”


“Why envy you, a scrub? Haha!”


Lu Jingning angrily withdrew his gaze, ignoring him. The two brothers bickered, and Wen Xingchen couldn’t get a word in, just looking out at the rapidly receding scenery.


He still remembered the last time Lu Kongbin said he would chop him up to feed the pigs. Strictly speaking, his current actions were probably considered walking into the trap, or rather, delivering himself?



As they entered the courtyard, the robot Lulu happily approached, passing directly by Lu Jingning and rushing to Lu Xuebai, “PAPA, welcome home!”


Lu Jingning, seeing Wen Xingchen looking interested in this little thing, said sarcastically, “This guy is called Lulu, my second brother made it. So, as long as he’s around, his eyes have no room for others, especially selective. You’ll get used to it.”


Wen Xingchen laughed, “Are you jealous of a robot?”


Lu Jingning gritted his teeth, “You don’t know how much effort I spent to improve the favorability of this ungrateful thing! Now, thinking about it, I might as well have fed it to the dogs!”


Wen Xingchen gently rubbed his head, “In my eyes, there’s no one else but you. Wouldn’t that make you happier?”


After thinking for a moment, Lu Jingning indeed felt much happier, “That’s right! Our Wen Ge is much more likable than this broken robot!”


The “broken robot” Lulu happened to pass by, and its face display screen suddenly showed an angry expression, “How can you talk behind Lulu’s back like that? Joining forces to slander, shameless!”


Lu Jingning barely restrained himself from kicking it directly, “Can’t speak, don’t talk nonsense… Roll, roll, roll, quickly roll!”


Why does this little thing use idioms so infuriatingly?


Lulu, still wanting to retort, suddenly fell silent and the next moment displayed a grievance on its face, adopting a tone of complaint, “Master—!”


Lu Jingning looked up and saw Lu Kongbin standing at the entrance.


Hearing that his son had finally come home for the holidays, Lu Kongbin had been in a very good mood these days. He had tidied up the room several times, eagerly awaiting the heartwarming moment of father and son reunion.


Now, after clearly seeing the person standing next to him, the brilliant smile on Lu Kongbin’s face froze for a moment. A strange atmosphere enveloped them as the wind blew.


Lu Xuebai whistled, took Lulu’s little hand, and headed towards the house, “Come, PAPA will take you to eat delicious energy batteries.”


Lulu instantly became delighted, completely shaking off its previous sad appearance, and happily followed.


With the three of them leaving, it suddenly became quieter.


Lu Jingning remembered the promise he made to Wen Xingchen yesterday. Before Lu Kongbin spoke, he stepped forward and stopped in front of him, saying with a serious expression, “Dad, this is the first time I’ve brought my boyfriend home. Please be gentle with him. Don’t embarrass me, okay?”


Lu Kongbin couldn’t help but clutch his chest tightly. After not seeing his son for so long, the first thing he said was asking him not to embarrass him?


Lu Kongbin raised his head again, and when he looked at Wen Xingchen, there seemed to be a deep resentment as if facing a rival. He silently rubbed his fists.


This little brat, just wait for me!

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