Chapter 103


When the lower grades were immersed in the intense suffering of exam week, the seniors in their final year, facing graduation, appeared much more relaxed.


In fact, Bing Yunlin had wanted to implement the agreed-upon blind date arrangements long ago. However, Wen Ye, being involved in multiple roles, was entangled in various school affairs upon his return.


With Wen Ye’s meticulous nature in everything he does, he had to ensure that each matter was dealt with one by one to feel at ease.


The two of them busily worked for nearly half a month before finally settling down temporarily.


When asked for suggestions on the blind date venue, Wen Ye thought for a moment and simply said, “It’s up to you.”


In the end, Bing Yunlin chose a small asteroid nearby. It wasn’t overly prosperous, but it was picturesque enough.


The dining place was by a large seaside. Looking through the clean glass of the French window, the coastline extended to the end of the field of vision, seemingly endless.


On the day of the blind date, Bing Yunlin wore a white suit, a color that suited him well, accentuating his entire features to be even softer.


Perhaps due to the pleasant mood, a faint layer of sunlight seemed to envelop his expression, making the restaurant’s landlady unable to help but want to smile whenever she saw him.


At the appointed time, a tall figure appeared in Bing Yunlin’s field of vision. Even he, who was usually calm and composed, couldn’t help but feel his heart beat slightly faster.


Unexpectedly, Wen Ye had dressed up carefully today as well.


Although it seemed not much different from his usual attire, Bing Yunlin still noticed the meticulously combed hair, tidier and neater than ever.


His eyes couldn’t help but soften, and his smile became even gentler.


This was the man he liked, always standing in the most dazzling position, occasionally influencing his entire mood with a casual gesture.


Wen Ye had actually seen Bing Yunlin waiting for him at the door long ago. Although his face remained calm, deep down, he was not as calm as he appeared.


Since Bing Yunlin’s confession, although neither of them mentioned it again, he always felt a subtle atmosphere between them.


Strangely enough, he didn’t find this subtle feeling unpleasant.


Maybe it was because he and Bing Yunlin had known each other for too long, so long that he seemed to have completely accustomed to the feeling of having someone accompany him in everything.


Like a shadow, or a beam of light, or more accurately, it had become an indispensable part of his life.


Wen Ye couldn’t deny that he was indeed somewhat unable to imagine the days after Bing Yunlin disappeared from his side.


However, he was an Alpha, and Bing Yunlin was also an Alpha.


Although Alpha-Alpha relationships were not uncommon in military academies, Wen Ye had never thought about it before.


“Here?” Bing Yunlin’s attitude was quite natural. After entering the private room with Wen Ye, he casually took off his coat and hung it on the side. Pulling out a chair for him to sit down, he slightly raised his slender eyebrows, “I spent a long time choosing this restaurant, I hope you like it.”


Although it was a very ordinary tone, it sounded somewhat ambiguous to Wen Ye’s ears. He couldn’t help but pause for a moment before saying, “It’s good.”


Bing Yunlin had already ordered in advance, and the landlady soon brought the dishes to the table one after another.


Wen Ye just glanced at them, and his expression between his eyebrows swayed slightly.


Since childhood, his lifelong goal had been to become an excellent soldier, and he was not picky about food.


After all, there were many times during missions where he had to endure harsh conditions, and being too particular about food would eventually lead to starving oneself.


However, even though he never showed any preferences, Bing Yunlin still accurately seized his dining preferences.


The table was filled with dishes he liked.


Bing Yunlin noticed Wen Ye’s rare distraction and couldn’t help but laugh, asking knowingly, “What’s wrong? Don’t you like the dishes I ordered?”


Wen Ye looked up at him, as if wanting to say something, but in the end, he remained silent.


Bing Yunlin sensed his restraint, smiled gently, poured a glass of red wine for him, and raised his own wine glass in front of him, “Enjoy your meal.”


“Thank you.”


Wen Ye also picked up the wine glass, lightly clinked it with him, and took a small sip.


The red wine rolled slightly in his throat, and Bing Yunlin placed the wine glass back on the table. Slowly, he spoke, “Since today is a blind date, let’s follow the process, shall we?”


Wen Ye had no objections to this.


He was inherently a person who followed rules, and processes, to some extent, provided him with a sense of stability in areas where he wasn’t proficient.


Bing Yunlin watched him with a gentle smile, as if well-prepared. In a soft tone, he said, “I’m Bing Yunlin, a senior at the Imperial Navy Academy, and I’ll officially join the Third Corps for service next year. My favorite color is blue. I usually like to drink tea, and my pheromone level is S-class. I enjoy the taste of lemon black tea. I don’t have any special hobbies; I just like being a perpetual assistant to someone named Wen Ye. I prefer straightforward, rigid, but dedicated types. The ideal type for a future partner is the same. If possible, their nickname should be ‘Ah Ye,’ then it would be perfect.”


At first, it seemed normal, but as Wen Ye listened to the end, his spine subtly straightened. Although his face still maintained that expressionless look, Bing Yunlin was too familiar with him. Beneath this serious facade, Bing Yunlin saw a hint of shyness.


This made him feel somewhat curious. Unable to resist, he looked at Wen Ye a bit more before smiling and casually reminding, “I’ve finished. So, following the process, isn’t it your turn now?”


Wen Ye’s expression became more serious for a moment. While pondering, he said, “Wen Ye, a senior at the Imperial Navy Academy, will also join the Third Corps for service. Likes black, S-class, and…”


At this point, he fell silent for a long time. Finally, as if making a decision, he said, “Although not entirely certain, perhaps I can consider liking an Alpha named Bing Yunlin.”


Bing Yunlin had been listening to him with a smiling face, looking quite interested. He was also curious about how Wen Ye, a veteran, would present their situation.


This expression continued until he heard the last sentence.


In that moment, his thoughts slightly froze.


Like you, give it a try.


Wen Ye’s choice of words was still very precise, fully expressing the intended meaning. However, to Bing Yunlin’s ears, the two words “give it a try” already sounded like the most pleasant words of love.


Over these recent times, Bing Yunlin knew that Wen Ye had actually considered their situation for a long time privately. Now, he finally heard the result after careful consideration.


Wen Ye would never use the approach of half-hearted rejection. Since he decided to give it a try, it meant he had decided to let him into that small world.


The initially soft gaze turned into a pool of spring water in an instant, and the smile completely blended into his eyes.


Bing Yunlin’s eyes shifted, and the corners of his mouth distinctly curled up.


In the joyous atmosphere, the tenderness in the words became even more difficult to conceal.


Following Wen Ye’s words, he lightly responded, “Well, since it’s a blind date, it’s necessary to go through this process of getting to know each other.”


Saying this, Bing Yunlin stood up, reached out his hand to Wen Ye, and seriously said, “So, let’s have a pleasant courtship, my prospective fiancé.”


Listening to Bing Yunlin so naturally establishing his fiancé status, Wen Ye couldn’t help but chuckle at this opportunistic move.


However, despite sometimes blandly grumbling about this person, Wen Ye seemed to have no way to deal with Bing Yunlin.


It seemed that he had been eaten up completely, and Wen Ye, for some reason, only realized this belatedly.


At this moment, he shook his head with a hint of helplessness, and with a faint smile at the corner of his mouth, he also stood up and gently shook the hand that Bing Yunlin extended towards him, saying, “Well, let’s have a pleasant relationship.”

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