Chapter 106


After Wen Xingchen finished bathing, he prepared to go to Lu Jingning’s room to find him. However, as soon as he walked through the corridor, he vaguely sensed the scent of pheromones lingering in the air.


His heart couldn’t help but skip a beat, and his footsteps quickened. It seemed like Lu Jingning had been waiting for him. Lu Jingning’s room was not locked, and the omega’s pheromones emanated from the partially open door.


Wen Xingchen briskly pushed the door open and entered. At a glance, he saw Lu Jingning curled up on the bed. Without hesitation, he walked over and scooped him into his arms.


Lu Jingning felt uncomfortable all over, unknowingly covered in a thin layer of sweat. His breathing became somewhat rapid.


Wen Xingchen’s appearance seemed to bring him a unique sense of comfort. The tightly furrowed brow slightly relaxed when he smelled the familiar pheromones, but Lu Jingning complained without reservation, “Took so long to bathe, did you drown in there?”


Wen Xingchen, lost in thoughts about their future, was somewhat absent-minded while bathing, inevitably taking more time.


Hearing Lu Jingning’s complaint, he casually responded, “My bad.”


Lu Jingning’s eyelashes trembled slightly, soft and boneless as he lay in Wen Xingchen’s embrace.


Wen Xingchen touched his cheek, lowered his voice, and asked, “Do you have the suppressant ready? Where is it? I’ll get it for you.”


As Su Qian had explained before, for Lu Jingning, whether it was the suppressant or the temporary marking of pheromones directly injected into the gland, neither could fully suppress the effects. Both had to be used in combination to achieve the desired results.


Since completely relaxing, Lu Jingning’s pheromones had uncontrollably leaked out. Wrapped around Wen Xingchen, it made his heart tighten slightly. His voice, affected by restraint, carried a hint of hoarseness, “Don’t you remember? I’ll go look for it.”


Perhaps sensing Wen Xingchen about to get up, Lu Jingning, instinctively dependent, subconsciously reached out to pull him, “Wen Ge, don’t go…”


In doing so, he lost balance and almost fell off the bed.


“Be careful!”


Wen Xingchen hurriedly turned back and caught him.


In this significant movement, inadvertently touching a switch on the remote control nearby.


Once activated, the blank screen floating in the air suddenly displayed a scene.


When the two entangled figures came into view, Lu Jingning’s somewhat dazed eyes gained a touch of confusion.


Is this the blockbuster his second brother highly recommended?


What’s going on? These two actors aren’t even wearing clothes? Has the production team really become this desperate…


Wen Xingchen, already heavily influenced by Lu Jingning’s pheromones, now unexpectedly faced a holographic adult film, an overly intense reality challenging his last line of defense.


He lowered his head and lightly kissed Lu Jingning’s gland.


Feeling Lu Jingning tremble slightly in his arms, Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but bury his head in his neck. After finally regaining control of his composure, he asked in a low, hoarse voice, “Is this the movie you wanted us to watch together?”


As the two figures in his sight finally collided intensely, even though his head was spinning, Lu Jingning realized what kind of extraordinary adult film was unfolding.


However, at this moment, he obviously had no intention of holding Lu Xuebai accountable.


In this scene, he could feel the surge of pheromones within him becoming more intense.


An inexplicable irritability finally pushed him to the limit. Turning over, he pressed Wen Xingchen onto the bed. Then, loosening his collar, he fully exposed the gland at his neck, offering it to Wen Xingchen’s mouth, “Wen Ge… do you want to taste?”


Wen Xingchen’s pheromones had long been provoked. At this moment, they domineeringly surrounded Lu Jingning.


The territorial sense of an alpha was fully demonstrated at this moment, as if declaring its sovereignty, unreservedly enveloping him.


However, even in the face of the intense stimulation of the five senses, Wen Xingchen did not forget the environment he was in.


He forcefully held onto the last strand of rationality, avoiding the gland so close, and reassured, “We’re in your home now. Be good, endure a bit, I’ll go get the suppressant for you, okay?”




Lu Jingning’s whole body seemed to be burning, already restless. Seeing Wen Xingchen unmoved, he took matters into his own hands.


Grabbing Wen Xingchen’s collar, he pulled it forcefully. With a “rip,” the new clothes he had just changed into were torn apart, revealing the man’s alluring chest.


Wen Xingchen hadn’t expected Lu Jingning to be so direct. It seemed that this bout of estrus was even more intense than before.


A faint shadow crossed his eyes, and as Lu Jingning’s kisses descended down his throat, he found himself losing control. Alpha’s pheromones burst out aggressively, causing Lu Jingning to let out a low, muffled moan as he instinctively softened in the warmth of Wen Xingchen’s embrace.


The two figures on the bed slowly merged with the holographic image. The air carried a subtle yet intense aroma of desire, fiery and scorching.


This wasn’t their first time; they were familiar with each other’s habits, mutually accommodating, and the release became even more authentic.


However, just when the passion was reaching its peak, a knock on the door interrupted them.


Lu Kongbin’s voice came from outside, “Ningzi, are you in? Your dad wants to talk to you about something.”


Silence was the only response.


Inside the room, the two hadn’t anticipated Lu Kongbin’s unexpected visit at this moment. Wen Xingchen, still aware of their surroundings, instinctively covered the nearly chaotic Lu Jingning. He had to forcefully suppress the overwhelming desire.


Lu Jingning’s breath was heavy, and the sigh that had reached his lips was blocked by the large hand covering his mouth.


Between Wen Xingchen’s brows, a hint of autumn water seemed to be present. Watching the person in front of him, who was restrained but also struggling to control his desires, a trace of a smile flickered in Lu Jingning’s eyes. Although silent, it didn’t hinder his body from continuing the provocative actions.


Wen Xingchen struggled to contain the sigh that had reached his lips. In this almost clandestine and thrilling scene, his entire body was uncontrollably covered in a thin layer of sweat.


In this silent tableau, the pheromones of both Alpha and Omega intertwined wildly in the air.


Lu Kongbin stood outside the door for a while without any response. He couldn’t help but mutter in confusion, “Is he already asleep? I’ll come back tomorrow.”


Even though he found it strange, he didn’t think much of it. He turned and left.


As his footsteps faded away, the two had reached the pinnacle of their patience and finally found release.


Wen Xingchen flipped Lu Jingning over and pressed him hard against the edge of the bed. The unrestrained teasing from earlier had forced him to endure, resulting in excessive self-control. Now, his eyes were almost involuntarily tinged with redness.


He could no longer continue to restrain himself. His voice tightened to the extreme, “Enjoying this?”


Although Lu Jingning had appeared satisfied with the teasing moments before, he wasn’t faring much better himself. Now, he couldn’t endure it any longer. He directly hooked his arms around Wen Xingchen’s neck, pulling him in forcefully.


The proximity of their bodies, almost colliding, allowed Lu Jingning’s heavy breath to blow over Wen Xingchen’s nose, “Xingchen, mark me…”


Wen Xingchen hadn’t anticipated that Lu Jingning would ask him to watch AO films. When the holographic scene appeared before them, the overly stimulating visual impact quickly evoked a response due to the surrounding pheromones.


At this moment, Lu Jingning’s eyes were slightly misted due to physiological reasons, giving his expression a more intense desire than usual.


Wen Xingchen’s heart warmed. He bent down and lightly kissed Lu Jingning’s gland. Feeling Lu Jingning trembling in his arms, Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but bury his head in his neck. After finally regaining control of his composure, he asked in a low, hoarse voice, “Is this the movie you wanted us to watch together?”


At this point, Lu Jingning also realized what was playing on the screen. His body trembled slightly with this kiss, but he didn’t offer an explanation.


He could feel Wen Xingchen’s pheromones being completely drawn out by him. At this moment, they invisibly enveloped him, intensifying the irresistible desire.


In the inexplicable restlessness, Lu Jingning finally couldn’t bear it any longer. He flipped over, pressing Wen Xingchen back, and forcefully pulled at the collar, fully exposing the gland hidden underneath.


A glint appeared in his eyes as he turned Wen Xingchen’s clean neck toward him, “Wen Ge… Do you want…?” 


However, Wen Xingchen still remembered the environment they were in. In the face of such an extreme provocation, he managed to hold onto the last strand of rationality, avoiding the gland so close. He comforted, “We’re in your home now. Be good, endure a bit, I’ll go get the suppressant for you, okay?”




Lu Jingning’s whole body felt like it was on fire, and he had long been restless. Seeing Wen Xingchen unmoved, he took matters into his own hands.

He grabbed Wen Xingchen’s collar and pulled it forcefully. With a “rip” sound, the once neat neckline was instantly torn apart under such absolute force, revealing the seductive curve of his collarbone.


Wen Xingchen hadn’t expected Lu Jingning to be so direct. The expression in his eyes slightly darkened as Lu Jingning’s kisses descended from his Adam’s apple, and eventually, he couldn’t control himself. Gently kneading Lu Jingning’s butterfly bone that protruded slightly, he whispered, “Not so rough.”


Despite the gentle touch, Lu Jingning felt a sensation that made him blush and a tingling warmth surged from within. His initially fierce demeanor instantly softened, and he let out a comfortable moan.


Yet, Lu Jingning’s hands continued their actions, not willing to be outdone. Following the contours of Wen Xingchen’s chest, they gradually moved downward, finally lingering in a certain area.


Wen Xingchen, affected by this move, let out a muffled groan, and the Alpha pheromones erupted ferociously.


Under the overwhelming invasive aura, Lu Jingning seemed to transform into water, suppressing the wild desires surging within. He whispered gently in Wen Xingchen’s ear, “Wen ge, you’re aroused, you want me too.”


His voice, unprecedentedly soft, accompanied by the subtle moans in the holographic video, became the background music arousing desire.


With the hands’ exploration, Wen Xingchen’s breathing became uncontrollably heavy. Unable to resist any longer, he grabbed Lu Jingning’s waist, pressed him down, and playfully kneaded, “In such a hurry?”




At this moment, Lu Jingning was extremely sensitive. Though it was a simple touch, it was enough to make him feel an intense pleasure. As the actions continued, his legs straightened involuntarily, and he subconsciously rubbed against the man in front of him.


In his moments of passion, Lu Jingning displayed none of his usual unrestrained demeanor. Instead, he was like a cat full of desire, breathtakingly captivating.


The pressure applied by Lu Wen Xingchen’s hands gradually intensified. After several encounters, he seemed to understand better how to make his Omega enjoy during intimate moments.


As all the desires unknowingly reached their peak, just when they were about to burst forth, a knock on the door interrupted them.


Obviously, no one expected Lu Kongbin to show up at this moment.


All movements instinctively halted, and the ambiguous atmosphere lingered silently. Lu Jingning’s cheeks were crimson, and his chest, tightly pressed against the other’s, trembled uncontrollably. Despite realizing what had happened, his instinctive reaction made him extremely dissatisfied with this sudden interruption.


He tentatively raised his waist, and the friction of their skin made his moans unconsciously roll to his throat, but Wen Xingchen’s hand covered his mouth tightly.


The sound that was about to reach his lips was completely blocked, but the more restrained he became, the more the desire within him brewed to the extreme.


In this overwhelming silence, the pheromones of Alpha and Omega, like a surging tide, intertwined wildly.


All moans were tightly sealed, excessive restraint made Wen Xingchen lower his eyes, and a hint of crimson, originating from desire, inevitably appeared at the corners of his eyes.


Until the footsteps outside faded away, all restraints and shackles seemed to be completely released, and the suppression swept over like a tide.


Wen Xingchen’s voice came, excessively restrained, “Was it fun?”


In this teasing, Lu Jingning had already fallen into complete chaos. At this moment, he pulled Wen Xingchen towards him, almost colliding with each other in close proximity. His heavy breath passed through Wen Xingchen’s nostrils, “Xingchen, mark me…”


Wen Xingchen didn’t respond.


The next moment, Lu Jingning felt a whirlwind, and he could sense himself flipping over completely under the pull of tremendous force. His entire face was buried in the soft quilt.


Just the friction between the skin and the bedding made his body shiver slightly. He grabbed the sheets with both hands, pulling them tightly into his palms.


In front of Wen Xingchen, this naked body was fully exposed. Now, the overly pale skin showed faint traces of redness from the earlier caresses, from the waist to the buttocks, creating a seductive allure.


As he leaned in, due to the excessively comfortable feeling, this enticing body trembled slightly, as if the wings of a butterfly were faintly stirring. Amid the sudden rush of scorching sensations below, Lu Jingning softly sobbed.

Wen Xingchen slowly pressed him down, listening to the heavy panting in his ears. He gently extended his hand, found the back of the other’s hand, and tightly interlocked their fingers.


The temperature between their fingers was unusually warm, causing Lu Jingning’s initially tense body to subconsciously relax. His waist became limp, completely entrusting himself to this man.


Wen Xingchen half-embraced him from behind, delving in gradually, exploring new territories and swearing absolute ownership.


With complete fusion, the emotions of both reached a climax. The intensity of their connection became more vigorous, and the vigorous movements caused Lu Jingning to groan in pain and bite his lip. Then, a rush of heat surged, and he instinctively tightened his grip, feeling an overwhelming pleasure accompanying it.


The intense desire reached its peak, and finally, they experienced a shared release.


When Wen Xingchen woke up, it was already the next morning. The starlight leaked into the room from the window, and the air still carried the lingering scent of blended pheromones, creating a peaceful atmosphere.


He tried to move but found an unusual heaviness on him. Turning his head, he discovered Lu Jingning, hanging on him like an octopus, in a stubborn sleeping position.


Wen Xingchen gazed at this sleeping face for a long time. A softness flickered in his eyes, and Lu Jingning slept soundly. Each time he fell asleep, he lacked the usual arrogance but remained dazzling, making it hard to look away.


Wen Xingchen lightly touched his face and then checked the time on the terminal. It wasn’t too early, but it was no longer late.


Remembering the training session he had arranged with Lu Kongbin this morning, his sleepiness dissipated by half. Wen Xingchen gently moved Lu Jingning’s hands and feet away from him, not wanting to disturb his sleep. Then, he quietly picked up his outerwear and walked to the door to leave.


The outfit he wore last night was obviously not suitable for wearing again, so he needed to return to his guest room to freshen up and change into a new one.


Since he had just woken up, he hadn’t heard the footsteps outside a while ago.


As he pushed the door open, Wen Xingchen saw Lu Kongbin standing at the door, quietly waiting for his precious son to wake up.


Caught off guard, their eyes met. Wen Xingchen’s opening of the door abruptly stopped, and a profound silence filled the surroundings.


Lu Kongbin’s gaze first lingered on his disheveled clothes, then gradually moved down to the outerwear hanging on him. Finally, he surveyed the surroundings with an expressionless face.


Although he didn’t speak, his actions seemed to confirm whether he had entered the wrong room. And the fact was, he hadn’t. This was indeed his precious son Lu Jingning’s room.


At this moment, everything spoke volumes. Regardless of the perspective, Wen Xingchen’s appearance was not hard to imagine from the previous night’s passion.


Lu Kongbin couldn’t help but feel a bit dizzy. Who was he, where was he, and what happened? From the moment their eyes met, Wen Xingchen maintained the posture of opening the door without moving.


If possible, he even wanted to rewind and close the door again, as if nothing had happened. He could keenly feel Lu Kongbin’s gaze turning increasingly ferocious.


For the first time in his life, Wen Xingchen felt as if a knife were hanging over his neck, sending a chill down his spine.


After a long while, he hesitated and said, “Uncle… Good morning.”


The silence was broken. At this moment, just with this sentence, Lu Kongbin’s near-explosive bomb seemed to have been completely ignited.


Suddenly, a furious roar, the voice soaring to the sky, “Who the hell is your uncle?!”


The commotion was too great, even waking up Lu Jingning. However, still in a daze, he rubbed his eyes.


Upon opening his eyes, the first thing he saw was Wen Xingchen standing at the door. Then, through the half-open door, he saw Lu Kongbin on the opposite side of the corridor, filled with raging fury.


Lu Jingning furrowed his brow, still processing the situation. “Dad, what are you doing here?”


It was like a hundred times more shocking blow. This was their home, and now he was being asked how he got here?!


After Lu Kongbin’s earlier furious shout, he felt a bit short of breath. At this moment, his body involuntarily swayed, almost fainting.


Medicine, medicine… Where was his medicine?

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