Chapter 107


In the living room on the first floor, Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen sat side by side on the sofa. Seated across from them were Lu Kongbin, Ye Ling, and Lu Xuebai.


Except for the bubbling sound of Lulu making tea, the atmosphere was silent. A figure appeared at the doorway. Lu Jiyuan walked in, putting away his communicator while sensing the gazes of everyone. In a calm tone, he said, “I’ve consulted Su Qian, and indeed, the situation is as stated.”


As he spoke, he glanced at Lu Jingning with an uncertain expression. He had been urgently summoned back by Lu Kongbin this morning due to some matters in the nearby star system, leading to this seemingly solemn family meeting.


Although it was said to be the mating season, he hadn’t expected these two individuals to be so audacious as to engage in such activities right under their father’s nose.


Later, Lu Jingning explained the special situation of his pheromones. Initially, Lu Kongbin thought it might be an excuse the two came up with to escape blame. With the intention of exposing them, he had Lu Jiyuan inquire with Su Qian. Surprisingly, the confirmation left his expression even more somber.


While Lu Jingning remained silent, he closely observed Lu Kongbin’s expression. It seemed that, from his father’s appearance, he almost wished to take out the cherished S546 energy gun and shoot Wen Xingchen on the spot.


In the tense atmosphere, Lu Kongbin managed to control his emotions after taking a few deep breaths. When he looked at Lu Jingning again, his expression became somewhat complex.


Lu Kongbin, accustomed to missions in remote star systems, had long become accustomed to it. Initially, he didn’t feel that anything was amiss until now, realizing that he might not have fully fulfilled his responsibilities as the head of the family.


At least, he now learned about the issue with Lu Jingning’s pheromones. Although it wasn’t explicitly explained, given the current level of medical development, Su Qian’s statement about needing Alpha’s temporary marking to calm the mating heat was sufficient to indicate the seriousness of the problem.


Lu Kongbin’s initial rage had faded as time passed. At this point, instead of anger, it seemed more like he was sulking, mixed with a sense of frustration.


Their precious child had unknowingly endured so much, and he hadn’t known at all. If it weren’t for the presence of outsiders, the old father even felt like shedding a tear or two.


Ye Ling, initially surprised by the boldness of the two, thought that the young people’s fiery nature was normal. Admiring their daring attitude, he looked at Wen Xingchen even more appreciatively.


Their child was not an ordinary Omega. The young man’s decisive actions in this regard indicated a promising future in other aspects as well.


Noticing the intense gaze from Lu Jingning, Ye Ling cleared his throat, breaking the silence and playing the role of the peacemaker. “Alright, Ninging has explained everything. Let’s not dwell on it. We are a reasonable family. Since there are reasons for what happened, let’s not be too harsh.”


Beside them, Lu Xuebai chuckled lightly. “Young people, passionate and impulsive. It’s normal to lose control during the mating season. Quite normal.”


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but glare at her. Blame that poisonous thing Lu Xuebai gave him, the GHS! His second brother was as venomous as he was in childhood!


Lu Xuebai whistled lightly as if completely unaware of the resentment.


Seeing Ye Ling mediate, Lu Kongbin, aware of her attitude, couldn’t discern any emotions on her face. In reality, he couldn’t really chop Wen Xingchen off, considering Su Qian’s explanation. In the future, Lu Jingning would rely on this lad’s pheromones for his mating seasons. Even if it was just to leave a walking marking tool for his Ninging, he had to keep this fellow alive.


However, under the current circumstances, it seemed like their family really couldn’t do without this surnamed Wen.


This made Lu Kongbin feel a constant tightness in his chest, making him uncomfortable.


If eyes could shoot daggers, just by the way he looked at Wen Xingchen, Lu Kongbin could have sliced him into pieces.


No matter what, playing around with an affair right under his nose, it was as if they didn’t regard him, the head of the family, at all!


Lu Kongbin took a deep breath and looked at Lu Jiyuan, asking, “How do you see this matter?”


Lu Jiyuan replied, “I have signed an agreement before, and Wen Xingchen has fulfilled the terms. From a strength perspective, I can approve. Therefore, I don’t oppose it now.”


Lu Jingning secretly praised his big brother’s stance. Now that’s a position! Quite impressive!


Lu Kongbin: “…”


He turned his head to look at his second brother.


Lu Xuebai was playing with Lulu, and upon feeling the gaze, he innocently said, “Dad, although I’m his second brother, this is Ninging’s own matter. I don’t feel right expressing my opinion. You decide, no need to ask me!”


Lu Kongbin felt like his blood pressure had reached its lifetime peak.


Wen Xingchen, who had been silent, seemed to have made up his mind. He suddenly stood up, earnestly saying, “Uncle, please agree to let us be together. I swear I will treat him well for a lifetime.”


Lu Kongbin’s gaze fell on the almost perfect face, even among Alphas, and he coldly asked, “Did I ask you to stand up?”


Lu Jingning quickly pulled Wen Xingchen back, “Yeah, yeah, just talk while sitting. Sit down and talk.”


Caught off guard by another show, Lu Kongbin felt a bit numb.


Seeing that no one else in the family opposed, he sat in his place expressionlessly for a while. He looked up at the hands of the two people opposite, tightly clasped together.


For some reason, he felt like he resembled a malicious stepfather from ancient melodramatic series, beating up a couple in love.


Lu Kongbin took a deep breath and suddenly said, “Didn’t we agree to continue training at the training ground today? Why aren’t you coming with me?”


Standing up under everyone’s gaze, he walked to the door. When he turned around, he saw Wen Xingchen still standing there, seemingly lost under this sudden change of topic. Unpleasantly, he asked, “What, afraid to come? Still expecting me to hand over Ninging to you?”


Ye Ling, watching from the side, chuckled and reminded him in a gentle tone, “Your father-in-law is calling you, what are you still standing there for?”


Lu Kongbin heard his wife undermining him, hummed heavily with a dark face, and the ferocious scar on his face trembled slightly. He secretly clenched his fist.


In a while, he estimated he would have to have a good talk with Wen Muqiao about the engagement of the two families.


But before that, there was one thing he had to do.


Otherwise, it would be difficult to resolve the hatred in his heart!


Seeing his old man finally relent, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but show a smile between his eyebrows. He escorted Wen Xingchen to the door, reassuring him in a very considerate manner, “Brother Wen, you’ve worked hard today. We’ll prepare the best healing medicine for you later. You can rest assured and not worry!”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


This sounded really reassuring.



Lu Kongbin, accustomed to long journeys outside, was exceptionally energetic. Skipping lunch was a common occurrence for him, and he didn’t have lunch this afternoon.


Returning from the training ground in the evening, his mood seemed much better than when he left in the morning.


Presumably, the sandbag served him well.


Indeed, in his world, there was no problem that couldn’t be solved with a good beating. If there was, just beat twice.


Lu Jingning waited for Wen Xingchen to return, but he eventually went to the training ground with Lulu.


From a distance, he could see a figure lying in the center of the spacious field.


If it weren’t for the faint rise and fall on the chest, one might suspect that the person had died.


Approaching, Lu Jingning could see that the person’s clothes were in disarray, and his face was unusually pale, as if he had never been so pale before.


It seemed that due to excessive beating, his arm that was lying limp at the side was still trembling slightly.


Previously, Wen Xingchen had only heard that many people in the military were like monsters. Now, for the first time, he associated this term with Lu Kongbin.


Very strong, frighteningly strong.


He had almost no strength left in his whole body now. Even though he vaguely heard the footsteps approaching, he was too tired to even lift his head.


Lulu fully played the role of a versatile robot, placing the medical kit beside him and starting simple medical procedures.


Lu Jingning, who had been beaten by Lu Kongbin from childhood to adulthood, had never experienced such a miserable beating as Wen Xingchen.


Approaching, he couldn’t help but feel a bit distressed, “Why does this old man hit so hard?”

Wen Xingchen lifted his heavy eyelashes upon hearing his voice, tiredly curling his lips, “Feeling sorry for me?”


His throat was extremely dry, and even his voice was unusually hoarse.


Lu Jingning crouched down beside him, watching Lulu busy with his care, carefully assessing his condition, “Wen Ge, are you okay?”




“Where does it hurt?”


“Everywhere hurts.”


Lu Jingning frowned, “What should we do then?”


Wen Xingchen coughed lightly, “There’s a way to make me feel a bit more comfortable.”


Feeling Lu Jingning’s gaze, he laboriously waved at him.


Without much thought, Lu Jingning bent down, and in an instant, he was pulled close by the person in front of him.


The next second, a soft touch appeared on his lips.


Wen Xingchen’s lips were severely chapped, and this kiss had a distinct friction.


Lulu, caught off guard, was fed a dose of dog food. Its mechanical claws symbolically covered its face, “Ah, not suitable for minors! You two have no shame!”


Upon hearing its shout, Lu Jingning instantly realized and, both annoyed and amused, pushed Wen Xingchen away, “There are still people around!”


Wen Xingchen, falling heavily back to the ground, couldn’t help but chuckle, “This little thing, does it count as a person?”


“???” Lulu was angry, “Are you insulting me?!”


The red light on the display bottle blinked warningly, and it angrily hugged the medical kit and ran away.


Humph, how could a robot not be considered a person? PAPA always treated it like his own daughter!


Feeling wronged, Lulu decided not to accompany these shameless two and let them fend for themselves!

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