Chapter 115 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 115


On this planet, communication systems are unusable, so each team has brought very ancient signal devices to prevent the occurrence of such special situations. Due to the long distance, the intensity of the explosion seems quite fierce from this position. Although the blast point is in midair, the ground beneath still shows faint cracks after being affected by the shockwaves.


Lu Jingning’s expression became somewhat serious involuntarily. At least, this situation has indirectly confirmed that the insect race is still on this planet and hasn’t left.


Ji Xingchao condensed energy to his eyes, trying to maximize his vision. However, even so, amidst the billowing smoke and dust, he still couldn’t see the situation inside clearly.


Feng Pei’s face didn’t look good. “There are really enemies!”


Although they had just finished intense training, everyone present was, at best, still new recruits who had not experienced the battlefield. This sudden turn of events made them somewhat disoriented.


Lu Jingning glanced around and saw the anxiety in everyone’s eyes. After some thought, he made a decision. “Wen Ge, take them back to the spacecraft; I’ll go check it out.”


As he was about to take a step, a hand firmly grabbed him. Wen Xingchen said, “I’ll go with you.”


Lu Jingning knew Wen Xingchen was worried about him, but he looked at him and said, “No one can be sure where the enemy will appear. What we need to do now is get the information out as soon as possible. In case anything happens on the way back, with you in the team, it’s at least a bit safer.”


Wen Xingchen understood the reasoning, but he couldn’t convince himself. In a tone without waves, he repeated, “Captain, I request to accompany you.”


Others stood by, watching the two tug of war, and then, continued watching as they persisted in their decision. Finally, Feng Pei couldn’t stand it anymore. “Alright, you two go together! Just return to the battleship; we can take care of ourselves!”


He had had enough. He came to this remote place to be a soldier, and now he had to endure the spectacle of these two every day. What on earth was going on?!


Ji Xingchao also realized and added, “Captain, you go; we have two S-levels here. We’ll ensure the information is safely delivered.”


Fans of the Morning Scenery CP didn’t miss any chance to witness the CP on the scene!


Lu Jingning looked back at Yan and Bin, seeing them nod, he didn’t insist anymore. “Alright, take care of yourselves.”


As the two turned to leave, Feng Pei subconsciously spoke up, stopping them. “Is there anything else?”


Feng Pei remained silent for a moment, then awkwardly said, “Make sure to come back alive. I don’t want to lose the captain just as he enlisted.”


Lu Jingning was stunned, then smiled, “You better worry about yourself more!”


Saying that, he waved to his team, “I’ll treat everyone to a meal when we get back. Let’s go!”


The remaining people watched the two figures swiftly head towards the direction of the mushroom cloud, standing in silence for a moment.


Finally, someone seemed to disdainfully mutter, “Talking like there’s really meat in our base…”


Feng Pei’s expression showed some emotion, he silently tightened his lips, raised his hand, and said, “Let’s get ready too!”


And so, the members of the Star Gaze Team split into two groups, heading in completely different directions.



As Lu Jingning ran towards the incident site, he couldn’t help but tease Wen Xingchen, “After this, they might mock me for being a strict husband. It’s a loss of reputation; should you compensate me?”


Wen Xingchen raised an eyebrow, “I am entirely yours; how would you like compensation?”


Lu Jingning chuckled, “We really need to plan that properly.”


Wen Xingchen neither agreed nor disagreed, “As long as I can go with you, anything is fine.”


Although the two bantered, their movement speed remained unaffected.


In the blink of an eye, they were approaching the target area.


Scattered corpses began to appear in their field of vision, causing them both to fall silent unconsciously, becoming even more cautious.


Lu Jingning quickly scanned the area; for now, he didn’t see the familiar elite team uniforms, easing a bit of tension.


Because of their earlier speculation, they weren’t overly surprised by the appearance of these zerg-insect races.

As the number of corpses on the ground increased, the pace of the two gradually slowed down. Obviously, Tang Jiaze’s team had engaged in intense combat with the insect race here, and the surroundings were in chaos, indicating the fierceness of the battle.


After a moment, not far from a destroyed spacecraft, they saw the first silhouette of a teammate. If memory served right, this Alpha had come from the Federation, a child who usually loved to smile. Unfortunately, now lying on the ground, lifeless and cold, his face still wore a smile, seemingly proud of his heroic deeds before his death.


Lu Jingning walked over and gently closed his eyes. Glancing at the scorched earth around, he seemed to understand how the explosion had occurred just now. This elite member of the Alliance had sacrificed himself by launching the high-energy explosive devices from the insect race’s warship into the air, destroying them all, exchanging his life for a chance for his teammates.


This was war, where one never knew when they would meet their end.


However, it wasn’t suitable to dwell on sentiments now. Lu Jingning didn’t even have time to bury his comrade. He continued forward with Wen Xingchen.


He didn’t want to see another corpse.


With their active and swift search, they finally spotted the figures of the insect race in their field of vision. The opponents seemed to be searching for something. Suddenly seeing the two rushing out, they were momentarily stunned. Then, quickly reaching for their waists.


Lu Jingning abruptly changed direction, succinctly stating, “I’ll take the left.”


“Got it.”


Wen Xingchen understood and almost simultaneously headed to the right.


When the two insect soldiers raised their guns to shoot, all that could be seen was a blank space kicked up by dust. The two figures vanished from sight like ghosts, suddenly disappearing.


Before they could react, they felt a sharp flash of a blade, and a cold sensation on their necks. They barely avoided being cut by the sharp blade.


They had no time to think about when these two had circled behind them.


Wen Xingchen and Lu Jingning, in perfect harmony, chose to use cold weapons.


At this moment, both of their daggers were stained with blue blood. Without sparing a second glance, they turned and continued deeper into the area.


They avoided using guns to prevent attracting the attention of other insect races with unfamiliar gunfire. What they needed to do now was to find Tang Jiaze’s team as quietly as possible.


Lu Jingning could be very certain; they were close.


Nearby, insect scouts were everywhere, and their sheer number made him regret not bringing a bottle of insect repellent.


Unconsciously, his body was covered in blue insect blood, sticky and nauseating.


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but glance at Wen Xingchen. At this moment, he unexpectedly had a playful thought, “Wen Ge, what should I do? I’m no longer that fragrant Omega.”


Wen Xingchen replied, “It doesn’t matter. Even if you smell like Feng Pei, I only want you.”


A giant durian popped into Lu Jingning’s mind, and he twitched his mouth, “Compared to him, I think I’m quite a fragrant baby.”


Wen Xingchen chuckled, “Well, you’re the most fragrant to me.”


Lu Jingning’s mood improved, and his mentality became more positive.


Finally, near a desolate hill, they found Tang Jiaze and the others surrounded by a group of insect races.


At first glance, Tang Jiaze seemed more disheveled than ever.


Lu Jingning wanted to tease him, but seeing the insect races raising a row of energy guns, he tightened his heart and didn’t hesitate.


He directly exploded his pheromones, pressing heavily on the approaching enemy soldiers. Although unsure if it would trigger the same reaction as with Bai Chen, even if the insects went into estrus, he had his Wen Ge with him now. No worries!


At the same time, Wen Xingchen also took action.


The pheromones of the Omega and Alpha intertwined, as if an invisible hand descended from the sky, ruthlessly suppressing the unsuspecting insect soldiers.


A roaring gale swept through, overturning everything. Some soldiers couldn’t bear the immense pressure and spat out blood, fainting on the spot.


Lu Jingning’s heart fluttered slightly when he smelled the scent of mint smoke, but he quickly regained his composure and swiftly immersed himself in the finishing work. The entire squad of insectoid soldiers was wiped out in the blink of an eye. Lu Jingning dragged Tang Jiaze and others out of the cave. Seeing their pale and unsteady expressions, he couldn’t help but ask in confusion, “It shouldn’t be like this, right? Although they have more people, from what I can see, they haven’t encountered anything formidable. How did you end up in such a half-dead state?”


Tang Jiaze, catching his breath, almost fainted upon hearing Lu Jingning’s words. Suppressing the urge to kneel, he gasped and said, “C… collect your pheromones… collect them!” Although they were exhausted from the confrontation, they weren’t in such a miserable state. In fact, they were about to launch a concentrated attack when they were almost knocked out by Lu Jingning’s pheromones.


Lu Jingning, realizing his mistake, immediately controlled himself and sincerely apologized, “Ah, I’m sorry! I completely forgot!”


The surviving team members: “…………”


Could it be that he’s a spy sent by the enemy to assassinate them?! Despite having numerous complaints, everyone held their tongues at this moment. No one had anticipated encountering the insectoids here. Considering the current situation, it was evident that there was more than one squad on this planet. Before other bugs discovered them, they had to leave as soon as possible.


Gritting their teeth, they supported each other and stood up, their legs feeling weak. Lu Jingning reached out to help, clicking his tongue, “Captain Tang, are you okay?”


Tang Jiaze, infuriated, stumbled at Lu Jingning’s question. Damn, suddenly wanted to strangle himself for sending that distress signal!



Shortly after they left, a squad of insectoids appeared on the hill. A blue-haired scout, after observing the surroundings, reported, “Reporting to the commander, it’s indeed the Second Squad that lost contact before! From the scene, it seems they had a direct confrontation with some force. There are new arrivals on this planet!”


Before the scout finished speaking, the person in front of him slightly lowered his body, and he couldn’t help but feel puzzled, “Commander, is there a problem?”


“No, no problem.” The major with white hair and green pupils picked up a handful of soil from the ground, rubbed it between his fingers, and sniffed it lightly. Between the slightly narrowed brows, there was a sickly and covetous smile, “Truly, such a familiar scent…”

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