Chapter 114


The so-called “a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers.” After arduous training for so long, the first mission finally arrived, and everyone was very excited.


Lu Jingning, who knew some inside information, appeared much calmer. He repeatedly studied the mission details and remained on high alert.


It was reported that a new energy source was discovered near the G663 galaxy. The area had been under the responsibility of the Empire’s Second Legion because the surveyed range was too extensive, and their forces were somewhat insufficient. This time, it was an opportunity for the newly formed elite teams of the Alliance Army to assist. Although the task was not particularly difficult, the main purpose was to allow these new recruits to gain valuable experience.


Many people knew that both the Empire and the Federation were actively searching for energy sources recently, but the specific reasons behind it were unclear. However, as soldiers, knowing the mission details was sufficient; everything else was not their concern.


According to the Second Legion’s arrangement, the three elite teams of the Alliance Army were assigned to a life-sustaining celestial body on the edge of the galaxy.


Although it was called a life-sustaining celestial body, it was inhabited by low-intelligence species, and there was no civilization. In a sense, this made it filled with unknown dangers.


Before departure, Lu Jingning carefully inspected the team’s equipment to ensure everything was in order.


According to the itinerary, in the first phase, the three elite teams would simultaneously search on the Kaidos star in the galaxy. Although Jiang Quan did not mention any competition or assessment, the teams were always silently competing. This time, everyone was determined to be the first to discover the whereabouts of the energy source.


Although the legendary energy source might not necessarily exist on this planet.


The next day, Lu Jingning and his team landed on Kaidos star. As they descended from the spacecraft, they could see a desolate landscape around them, as expected. However, it was a bit strange that there were no signs of any low-level life forms, as the legends had suggested.


In the distance were continuous mountain ranges. When the wind blew, the yellow soil around them flew in the air, covering the thin vegetation with a layer of dust.


If not for the dense jungle at the end of the field of vision, one might not see the edge.


Yan Hebin had organized all the information about this planet the night before, quickly confirming their landing position and planning their route.


Considering their main search target was the energy source, although its specific form was unknown, one thing was certain—if it truly existed on this planet, the area around it would undoubtedly be full of vitality.


Lu Jingning didn’t know where the other two teams had landed, but he didn’t pay much attention. Leading the team, they began their survey along the way.


During this process, Wen Xingchen stayed close to him without much communication. However, feeling the familiar aura beside him, Lu Jingning felt reassured.


Their first major search point was the conspicuous forest in the desert.


Soon, Jixing Chao, who was scouting ahead, returned to report: “Captain, no water sources have been found nearby. It seems like something completely drained them.”


Lu Jingning nodded, “Continue to explore.”


After a while, Jixing Chao reported again, “So far, no signs of any life have appeared. Should we consider changing the route?”


Lu Jingning thought for a moment, “No need, continue.”


A moment later, Jixing Chao eagerly ran back, “Captain, wise decision! There seems to be some creatures appearing in the forest ahead. Do you want me to investigate?”


Lu Jingning shook his head, “No need, the situation is unclear, and it’s too dangerous for you to go now.”


Jixing Chao saluted, “Thank you, Captain, for your concern.”


Seemingly unable to bear it any longer, Feng Pei, who had been fishing around behind the team, finally pulled him over when Jixing Chao stopped for a moment, “What’s wrong with you? You’ve been in the military for so long; can’t you get rid of your sycophantic behavior?”


Jixing Chao clicked his tongue, “What does my time in the military have to do with this? I’ve sworn to be a lifetime CP dog for Captain Jing!”


Feng Pei: “…………”


To be honest, although the recent interactions had changed his view of Lu Jingning to some extent, looking at this classmate’s situation, he really felt that there was no hope for recovery.


Perhaps the vastness of space affected their judgment, and it took more time than expected to reach the forest. However, it had little impact on the search process.


Due to the natural magnetic field of this planet, all communication devices became completely ineffective the moment we landed. To prevent getting separated, Lu Jingning instructed each team member to pair up, taking care of each other. He emphasized the importance of not straying too far from one another.


Before long, the group led by Jixing Chao and Feng Pei made the first discovery. It had to be acknowledged that Jixing Chao was indeed an excellent reconnaissance soldier with impressive speed and keen observation skills. Despite the leaves covering the ground, he still noticed the dried footprints concealed underneath.


The team gathered around the footprints and fell into silence. Cen Junfeng scratched his head, feeling somewhat uncertain, “I remember this planet only has low-level life forms, right?”


Yan Hebin replied, “Mammals are extremely rare, mostly amphibians and reptiles.”


Cen Junfeng continued, “Then…”


He tentatively extended his small foot, comparing it to the footprints on the ground, “Don’t you think these footprints look like ours?”


Feng Pei said, “Impossible. The General clearly stated that no teams have surveyed this area. No one should have arrived before us.”


Another team member, Tong Yongwang, speculated, “Not necessarily. Maybe the other two teams reached here first?”


Yan Hebin squatted down to examine carefully and denied, “It can’t be them. Judging by the drying time of this soil, it’s been at least three days.”


The group exchanged glances. Who could it be?


Humans inevitably panic in the face of the unknown. The team members subconsciously directed their gaze towards Lu Jingning. He seemed deep in thought, his eyebrows furrowed as if contemplating something.


Feeling Wen Xingchen patting his shoulder, Lu Jingning lightly patted back on the hand. Like Yan Hebin, he also knelt down beside the footprints.


Bending down, he leaned in, bringing his nose close and sniffed lightly.


Combining recent events, he had a speculation. Unfortunately, although faint, even as he approached, he still caught a trace of a distinctive scent in the soil.


This scent was somewhat different from the one on Bai Chen, but without a doubt, it belonged to the insect race.


Lu Jingning stood up expressionlessly. In a slightly solemn tone, he made a decision, “Prepare to return.”


The appearance of the insect race on Kaidos star needed to be reported to Jiang Quan as soon as possible. Due to the planet’s magnetic field, they had to evacuate early from the affected area to perform this effective operation.


The sudden decision left the other team members bewildered. “Return?” Feng Pei didn’t seem to understand the decision, “We just arrived here, and now we’re going back. Are we abandoning the mission?”


Lu Jingning looked at him with narrowed eyes, “Trust me, this mission is beyond your capabilities, recruit.”


According to Yan Hebin’s information, the insect race had been appearing on this planet three days ago. If he wasn’t mistaken, it wasn’t a coincidence. They came here for the same reason—the energy source.


If it were only Lu Jingning alone, it might be different; he could take the risk. But now, he led a team. Although it might be an excellent opportunity for merit, without knowing the exact number of the enemy, excessive confidence was evidently not a good thing.


As Jiang Cang said, they knew more, and they had a duty to safely bring the others back.


In a moment of reflection, Lu Jingning figured out all the steps. However, unfortunately, Feng Pei didn’t understand the situation. When he heard Lu Jingning calling him a recruit, his nose twitched in annoyance.


Damn it, just because you’re a captain, don’t think you’re all that. Aren’t you a newbie yourself?!


Lu Jingning could feel the confusion among the team members but was somewhat troubled about how to explain. Since the formation of the team, Jiang Quan had occasionally hinted at information related to the insect race, but he had not formally delved into deeper aspects.


Although it seemed that the commander did not expect them to encounter the insect race so soon.


Lu Jingning was unsure whether revealing everything at this moment was appropriate. Wen Xingchen glanced at his tightly furrowed brows and calmly stated, “Reporting an unknown target found on the planet to headquarters is necessary.”


Cutting to the chase, going straight to the point, Wen Xingchen’s words were quite eloquent. Feng Pei found this explanation acceptable, but he still had some doubts, “Since it’s an unknown target, it may not necessarily be an enemy. Is it really okay to return without clarifying the situation?”


Lu Jingning looked at him with a half-smile, “If we wait to confirm the identity of the enemy, do you think there will still be a chance to go back alive?”


As he finished speaking, Feng Pei felt a chill down his neck and instinctively shrunk back, choosing not to say anything further. As a young master from a prestigious family, he didn’t have grand ambitions. Survival through each mission was more important than earning merit.


Seeing that others had no objections, Lu Jingning decisively halted their progress and began retracing their steps. According to the plan, they only needed to cross the desert again to return to the warship.


However, just as they exited the forest, a loud explosion captured everyone’s attention. The intense force of the blast caused the entire ground to tremble faintly.


At the moment of the explosion, a mushroom cloud rose into the sky. Simultaneously, colorful smoke trails soared into the air, swirling for a while before dissipating in the cold wind.


Everyone instinctively stopped in their tracks, and a sense of anxiety crept into their eyes.


It was the rescue signal sent by Tang Jiaze’s team.

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