Chapter 121 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 121


The engagement banquet between the Wen and Lu families was probably the grandest event within the empire recently.


While Wen’s family’s status within the military needed no introduction, though the specifics of Lu’s family might not be widely known, the higher echelons were quite aware.


Aside from high-ranking military officials, notable figures from the political sphere graced the occasion. Glancing around, familiar faces from news reports populated the venue.


The banquet hall glowed softly with symphonic music providing the gentlest backdrop.


Guests from all walks of life moved through the hall. Rather than a betrothal ceremony for two rising stars in the military, it resembled more of an elite social platform, exuding tremendous grace.


The impromptu decision by Lu Kongbin resulted in such a grand setup within a short span, showcasing the stature of both families.


However, initially, when most received the invitation, it was quite a shock.


After all, Lu Kongbin’s long-standing enmity with Wen Muqiao was widely known. Suddenly becoming in-laws, beyond marveling at the whimsical nature of the world, many were at a loss for words.


Ye Ling dressed in light-colored attire engaged in lively conversation with Yu Zhi. Both were top-tier Omegas in appearance. Even as mothers, standing there, they remained a striking sight, drawing frequent glances from the guests.


While chatting, Ye Ling spotted the two approaching from outside the banquet hall and waved them over from a distance.


Today, Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen were both dressed formally, standing tall. Perhaps due to the festive occasion, they appeared slightly different from usual, a tad reserved yet exuding a composed demeanor that carried a trace of vigor in their expressions.


Ye Ling saw through her son’s inner anxiety at a glance but merely smiled without exposing it. She handed champagne to both, addressing Wen Xingchen, “Anning can’t hold liquor and has poor taste. When toasting later, keep an eye on him. He’s in your care from today. Remember to take good care of him.”


Lu Jingning scoffed, “Mom!”


Wen Xingchen chuckled, glanced at him, and replied, “Auntie, rest assured, I will.”


Yu Zhi teased from the side, “Still calling her auntie?”


Wen Xingchen hesitated for a moment, the curve of his lips lifted, and he casually followed the tide, “Mom.”


Hearing Ye Ling’s amused response, Lu Jingning felt a slight warmth on his face even before taking a sip of the drink.


At that moment, someone’s gaze fell upon him. Sensing it, Lu Jingning looked up, meeting Yu Zhi’s immensely expectant gaze.


Lu Jingning: “…”


He paused briefly, “Mom.”


Yu Zhi smiled, her eyes narrowed, “Ah.”


The two mothers spent a good while instructing and advising the two before finally letting them go.


Even as they walked away, Lu Jingning felt as if the buzzing words still lingered in his ears. He couldn’t help but rub his temples, feeling a slight headache. “Brother Wen, is it going to be like this all day?”


Wen Xingchen chuckled, “Don’t worry, I’m here with you.”


Lu Jingning didn’t feel reassured at all hearing this, but considering he wasn’t alone in this battle, he calmed down, silently boosting his morale, “Persistence is victory. Let’s begin!”


With luminaries from various fields present today, as the protagonists of the engagement banquet, taking turns toasting was inevitable. Lu Jingning’s words made it sound like heading into battle, evoking a rare sense of solemnity.


Despite no explicit instructions from Ye Ling, Wen Xingchen was well aware of Lu Jingning’s tolerance for alcohol and made sure he didn’t drink much. Quietly and seamlessly, those who could be shielded from toasting were shielded, and for those who had to drink, lower-alcohol fruit wine was substituted whenever possible.


After toasting the important figures one after another, when it came to their familiar friends, Lu Jingning finally breathed a sigh of relief.


As his childhood friend, Yu Qingcang, naturally had to attend. He looked quite dashing in a suit today. When he saw Wen Xingchen, without hesitation, he crisply addressed him, “Stepdad!”


Wen Xingchen: “…………”


Why did that sound off somehow?


Yu Qingcang came with Ren Jin. In fact, from afar, Lu Jingning noticed their overly affectionate demeanor.


Though Ren Jin always bore the responsibility of being the captain of his support team, Lu Jingning couldn’t recall when these two became so close.


When Ren Jin wasn’t paying attention, Lu Jingning discreetly pulled Yu Qingcang aside, seeking gossip, “Bro, what’s the deal between you two?”


Yu Qingcang, upon being asked, surprisingly bashful for someone usually rough around the edges, scratched the back of his head before reluctantly disclosing their past interactions.


Lu Jingning hadn’t expected that Ren Jin was the one who noticed Yu Qingcang first. Despite his usual soft and easily shy demeanor, when it came to pursuing someone, Ren Jin didn’t hold back at all.


After hearing from Yu Qingcang, Lu Jingning fell silent for a moment and asked, “So, you’ve completely given up on Yan Hebin?”


Yu Qingcang replied, “I’ve seriously thought about it. It seems we aren’t really compatible. The academic achiever might just be the unattainable moonlight for me, while Jinjin is the one who can always be by my side.”


Lu Jingning was surprised by Yu Qingcang’s newfound understanding. It took him a while to sigh and say, “Kid, you’ve finally grown up!”


In truth, he had always known that Yan Hebin didn’t quite ignite sparks with Yu Qingcang. Seeing Yu Qingcang finally come to terms with this was genuinely comforting.


However, there was one thing he hadn’t revealed yet. He couldn’t bring himself to tell Yu Qingcang that his moonlight might soon be whisked away by another good friend.


This, he thought, better wait until things settled between Yan Hebin and Su Qian, although it seemed imminent.


When the time came for the engagement ceremony, all guests were seated, and the lights shone upon the magnificent stage at the center.


As Lu Jingning found it bothersome, the final engagement process was kept quite simple.


During the signing of the engagement agreement, Wen Xingchen hardly glanced at the content above and directly wrote his name, just as he had promised, without a hint of hesitation.


Standing beside him, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but smile at Wen Xingchen’s focused yet gentle demeanor.


Occasionally, flashes lit up from cameras below, capturing moments of today’s ceremony. Some were journalists reporting on the grand event, while others were friends capturing this beautiful scene.


In these photos, the soft glow enveloped the two figures. Without needing many words, the faint flavor of happiness permeated through them.


The straightforward procedures didn’t take much time. The final step was exchanging engagement rings.


Lu Jingning lowered his gaze slightly, watching as Wen Xingchen half-kneeled and gently lifted his hand.


He could feel the cold touch of the ring sliding onto his finger and gazed at the man full of affection in his eyes, feeling somewhat dazed.


Unintentionally, he began to anticipate what the wedding might be like.


As the evening progressed and discussions at the tables shifted from their engagement to discussions about Bing Yunlin and Wen Ye’s wedding, Lu Jingning tugged at Wen Xingchen’s sleeve, and the two quietly slipped away.


The backyard appeared exceptionally serene amidst the night. All the noise was completely shut out by the gates.


Lu Jingning, dressed in formal attire, lost the formal demeanor he had inside the hall and leaned against the railing carelessly, muttering with a smile, “Damn, that President is such a sly fox, who knows when he’ll snatch my crush away!”


Wen Xingchen leaned against the wall, raised an eyebrow slightly at the comment, “If you still care about your crush, we can still amend the agreement.”


Lu Jingning thought for a moment, “Forget it, if that happens, tomorrow’s headlines will turn into a melodramatic tale of aristocratic love and hate.”


Wen Xingchen leaned closer, flipped him over, held his jaw, and lifted it slightly, “Do you really want to change it?”


Guided by such suggestive gestures, Lu Jingning met his gaze, tilted his head, and chuckled, “How could I, Brother Wen? In this life, I only want you.”


A sentence full of affection, yet he managed to say it so casually.


Wen Xingchen leaned in a bit closer, their lips almost touching.


Lu Jingning’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and as his gaze shifted downward, he first saw the man’s alluring Adam’s apple, followed by the gland emitting a faint scent of pheromones involuntarily.


With the fireworks in his mind and without waiting for Wen Xingchen to speak, Lu Jingning suddenly tilted his head up and lightly bit his lips.


This teasing action made Wen Xingchen’s heart skip a beat. The previously still situation suddenly seemed somewhat out of control.


He responded with a kiss, his fingertips sliding calmly, seemingly unnoticed, across the intricate buttons of his formal wear. But just as he prepared to unfasten them, the door behind him was suddenly pushed open.


Under the newcomer’s ambiguous gaze, the atmosphere became incredibly awkward for a moment.


However, Bing Yunlin not only lacked the self-awareness to not disturb others but also turned to Wen Ye with a smile, saying, “Look, this is how love should be! As an elder brother, you should learn a thing or two.”


Wen Ye pondered, “I’ll try my best.”


Lu Jingning, Wen Xingchen: “…”


If it weren’t for the inappropriateness of fighting at the moment and the high probability that they couldn’t win, they’d very much want to silence the intruder.


Yet, Wen Ye remained composed, “Father wants you both to see the guests off.”


Pausing for a moment, he added, “Some things don’t need to be rushed. After seeing off the guests, there will be plenty of time.”


His words sounded remarkably comforting.


Seeing both of them turn slightly red, Bing Yunlin couldn’t help but burst into laughter before pulling Wen Ye away just before an explosion occurred.


Wen Xingchen fell silent for a moment, took a deep breath, and stood up, “Well, let’s go then.”


Lu Jingning watched him refasten the two buttons he had just undone. Despite the rare annoyance on his face, a faint smile appeared in his eyes.


Just as Wen Xingchen turned, Lu Jingning grabbed his hand, suddenly leaned in close to his ear, and whispered, “Tonight, completely mark me, alright?”


Wen Xingchen’s spine stiffened slightly as he looked over, “Do you know what you’re saying?”


“Of course, I just want to give you everything,” Lu Jingning gazed at him steadily, softening his expression, “Congratulations on our engagement, I love you.”


All words eventually returned to tranquility.


The fireworks in the sky had quietly faded, leaving behind dazzling traces in the night.


A faint curve appeared at the corners of their mouths, followed by ink-like traces spreading gradually, forming a scenery.


Wen Xingchen said, “Anning, I love you too.”


Their hands, adorned with rings, gently clasped together as they walked towards the distant lights.


There would be an immensely long road ahead, and they would walk it together, hand in hand, forever.


In that moment, there was nothing else they desired; they only wished for a lifetime together.




Certainly, here’s the translation of the text:



After all the guests had left, the entire night fell into complete silence.


The suite had been prepared early on. Just as he pushed the door open, Wen Xingchen felt a force suddenly pulling at his tie, guiding him towards the bedroom.


In a split second, as he realized, a slight curve appeared at the corner of his mouth, “Are you that eager?”


Previously interrupted midway, Lu Jingning was already quite displeased. Now, in response to his words, without hesitation, he replied, “Yeah, extremely.”


A flicker of amusement gleamed in Wen Xingchen’s eyes. The moment he stepped into the bedroom, he used the tip of his foot to kick the door shut, smoothly pressing Lu Jingning’s shoulders backward, firmly pinning him against the wall.


In the next instant, he leaned in and deeply kissed those highly tempting lips.


Such a predatory move instantly ignited the desire within Lu Jingning, intensifying with the sinking depths of the kiss. The pheromones around them surged and diffused fiercely.


The insatiable feeling left his throat parched, waves of heat recklessly collided within him, and his tone, softened by desire, trembled slightly, “Hmm… aren’t you even more impatient than I am?”


Wen Xingchen finally relented, his deep gaze falling as he murmured, “Yeah, extremely impatient.”


Lu Jingning hadn’t expected him to repeat those words at this moment. Panting, he raised his head to glare at him.


However, such a look evidently held no intimidation in this setting. Witnessing Lu Jingning’s reaction, Wen Xingchen’s lips curled up. He reached out and gently caressed Lu Jingning’s cheek for a moment, his eyes tender, “Ah Ning, let’s do this.”


Just as Lu Jingning was about to say something, a soft kiss landed again, lightly brushing against him. Suddenly, his entire body felt light as he was effortlessly lifted around the waist and placed on the bed in the blink of an eye.


Wen Xingchen knelt at his side, swiftly discarding his clothes. Seeing Lu Jingning, so emotionally charged, his eyes holding such deep emotions, for a moment, unable to restrain himself, he unexpectedly reached out and caressed his thighs without warning.


Due to years of training, his fingertips had a thin callus. Touching such a delicate area caused Lu Jingning, already engulfed in fiery passion, to involuntarily emit a comfortable hum, and his member slowly engorged further with desire.


Wen Xingchen’s Alpha pheromones intensified by the moment, spreading overwhelmingly, dominating the surroundings. Despite being an overwhelming presence to Lu Jingning’s senses, it held a fatal allure, making him struggle to contain his rationality, refraining from immediately lunging at the guy.


To come on so brazenly from the get-go, shameless!


Yet, Wen Xingchen’s teasing gestures persisted. Under such “service,” what was initially direct stimulation turned almost torturous.


Gritting his teeth, Lu Jingning, unable to resist, straightened slightly, urging, “Faster…”


As he spoke, he responded in kind, openly reciprocating with his own pheromones.


A hint of crimson edged Wen Xingchen’s eyes. The person before him, in that moment, with an autumnal gaze, proved fatally enticing. Finally abandoning his teasing, he leaned down, lightly kissing his forehead, tracing down from his nose to his chin, slowly descending.


Each move, like a dragonfly skimming water, heightened the burning desire between them.


Finally breaching the threshold, utterly losing control, they fully embraced each other.


The moment Lu Jingning was filled, an involuntary, husky moan escaped him. Simultaneously, he rhythmically moved, feeling the fusion at their union, responding in sync.


His eyes, ablaze with passion, held not just vulnerability but an intense craving, a paradox of contradictions in harmony.


Wen Xingchen felt his own desires completely ensnared, the intense comfort causing his breaths to deepen. Amid their bodies’ intense collision and overwhelming emotions, as he reached the peak, he leaned down, firmly capturing the other’s lips.


Below raged a wildfire; above, their tongues intertwined.


In that fleeting moment, both lost themselves in a chaotic haze, with only one thought remaining: to completely meld the person before them into their lives.


Their passionate entanglement left them breathless. Lu Jingning, now taking charge, hungrily nibbled Wen Xingchen’s lips, hands roving his sturdy physique.


His legs tensed, body taut, indulging in the contours of the other’s perfect frame.


Not just proportional, it feels amazing.


In a daze, his subconscious murmured.


Seemingly sensing Lu Jingning’s distraction, Wen Xingchen abruptly lifted his sliding legs, thrusting upward.


Lu Jingning grunted, burying deeper into the sheets. The forceful and frequent thrusts intensified.


A blend of immense pleasure and pain caused his moans to growl low and intermittent. Uncontrollably, a tear traced down his cheek amidst the fervent scene.


Unleashing himself, he felt Wen Xingchen more intensely today than ever before.


“Did I hurt you?”


Noticing the haze in his eyes, Wen Xingchen slowed.


Lu Jingning hadn’t felt it earlier, but being asked this way, a warmth flushed his face. “Impossible, just tired of this position.”


Wen Xingchen’s gaze flitted over his stubborn yet desire-filled face, a soft tone, “Hmm, my bad.”


Lu Jingning, suddenly feeling something amiss, tried to process, but the overwhelming sensations dulled his thoughts. Then, as he regained his senses, he noticed Wen Xingchen withdrawing abruptly. As he blinked, the scenery had shifted to the bathroom. The two were tightly pressed together, facing the mirror on the vanity, his crimson-faced reflection vividly clear.


The desire that had subsided surged wildly upon seeing his own aroused expression.


“Satisfied with this position?”


Wen Xingchen leaned down behind him, blowing lightly in his ear.


The teasing tone nearly made Lu Jingning lash out, but before he could react, Wen Xingchen plunged back in from behind, and the sound at his lips turned into an utterly intoxicating moan.


The rush of pheromones within Lu Jingning made him feel somewhat weak from the overwhelming passion. His legs were giving in when Wen Xingchen firmly held him as he slid down, the figure behind him huskily murmuring, “Look at me.”


Lu Jingning’s gaze through the nearby mirror met Wen Xingchen’s eyes, both completely entangled in an embrace without a single stitch of clothing.


A certain indescribable sensation surged within him, followed by increasingly intense thrusts, waves of pleasure flooding his mind.


Under continuous stimulation, Lu Jingning clung tightly to the counter, under the influence of alcohol and pheromones, unabashedly moaning.


The relentless climaxing sensations brought the ultimate peak nearer. Just as he felt on the brink of release, sensing Wen Xingchen’s subconscious retreat, Lu Jingning suddenly grabbed his arm forcefully, almost embedding into his flesh.


“Wen-ge, mark me, completely mark me.”


Wen Xingchen hesitated momentarily.


Before Lu Jingning could say more, the desire surged again, overwhelming him. The intense sensation caused his neck to arch involuntarily, then a surge of heat flowed out from within.


Simultaneously, warmth spread within, engulfing the depths of his core, the excessive pleasure inducing a prolonged blankness in his mind.


Lu Jingning hadn’t anticipated that a complete marking would feel like this, never thought he’d experience such a moment of blissful detachment.


After the release came a profound sense of exhaustion. Just as he was about to collapse, a hand firmly supported him from behind. Amidst his foggy consciousness, he heard Wen Xingchen’s husky voice, “An Ning, shall we stop here?”


Almost instinctively, he replied, “Don’t stop, continue.”


This was a decision he had painstakingly made—he intended to completely surrender himself today.


The process of complete marking was intricate and complex, merging an Alpha’s mark entirely into an Omega’s body wasn’t an easy feat.


However, conveniently in the bathroom at that moment, after rinsing away the thin sheen of sweat with the dispersing hot water, they resumed against the bathroom wall, entwined in continued intimacy.


Repeatedly marking, one after another, neither remembered how many times they did it. Finally, without bothering to turn off the shower, they completed the entire marking process amidst the warm mist.



When Lu Jingning woke up, he found himself lying in bed. Trying to sit up, he felt a piercing pain in his lower abdomen, involuntarily sucking in a breath.


This movement caught Wen Xingchen’s attention. Opening his narrow eyes, he pulled Lu Jingning into his embrace, softly asking, “Is it hurting?”


Gritting his teeth, Lu Jingning replied, “Try it yourself.”


Wen Xingchen chuckled, countering, “So, how does it feel now?”


Lu Jingning was momentarily stunned, unable to come up with an immediate response.


The entire process of complete marking was lengthy and intense, but now, in the calm aftermath, it almost felt like a distant dream.


If asked what had changed, he couldn’t pinpoint it immediately. Yet, if asked if nothing had changed, he felt a subtle shift in the atmosphere between the two of them.


After a brief silence, a smile crept onto his lips. Coiling around Wen Xingchen like an octopus, he sighed, “Well, it’s probably like feeling attached to you?”


Wen Xingchen’s eyes softened, “Then cling to me for a lifetime.”

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