Chapter 109

After the start of the new school year, Lu Jingning’s days remained as calm as ever.


Classes were attended when necessary, and if a nap was in order during lectures, he would sleep as usual.


Perhaps due to the effective last-minute cramming for makeup classes at the end of the previous semester, he became even more carefree.


What was there to fear? With his boyfriend and soon-to-be fiancé Wen Xingchen at his beck and call, makeup classes were remarkably ther4p3utic!


Exams and such were just minor inconveniences!


As a self-proclaimed underachiever, Lu Jingning himself felt the inflation of his ego.


However, after about a month into the new semester, a confidential report arrived at the principal’s office where Bing Cang worked.


He quickly read through it, and a hint of weariness appeared on his face.


Despite secretly engaging in the ongoing battle against the insect race, Bing Cang didn’t expect this day to come so soon.


In a remote star system unknown to the public, a small-scale war broke out a few days ago.


In this battle, a highly concentrated energy source transported by the Empire was intercepted midway, resulting in heavy casualties for the special operations team responsible for the transport.


While the battle didn’t seem to cause much commotion, anyone with a bit of understanding knew the significance of the energy source falling into the hands of the insect race.


The time they had for human preparation would likely be shortened by at least ten years.


Ten years, for them, was already dire.


As a result, the urgency of conscription became evident, and the Imperial Military Department officially issued orders, instructing major military academies to recruit new soldiers and formally begin the formation of a joint alliance army.


In a sense, this move officially marked the first step in the war against the insect race.


Considering that most fourth-year students had already been recruited by various legions, this conscription primarily targeted students in their third year or below.


When the school announced this information on the campus website, it was like a massive stone dropped into a calm lake, creating instant waves.


These students on campus naturally had no idea about the gravity of the situation.


For them, the ultimate goal of entering a military academy was undoubtedly to secure a place in the military, and currently, this was an excellent opportunity.


Those with a bit of ambition showed considerable enthusiasm.


Lu Jingning should have been very interested in such matters, but as he looked at the crowded registration area, he couldn’t help but frown in confusion, “Something seems strange.”


Wen Xingchen, not having strong opinions on the matter, agreed to accompany him since Lu Jingning wanted to come. Now, hearing his sudden remark, he asked, “What’s wrong?”


Lu Jingning pointed to the propaganda posters outside, “The Empire hasn’t openly recruited on such a large scale for a long time, and this new legion is unexpectedly formed in collaboration with the Federation. Don’t you find it a bit unusual?”


Wen Xingchen’s gaze swept over the poster, and after a moment of silence, he said, “The need to establish a joint force by both countries to resist an external enemy can only mean…”


A flash of insight appeared in Lu Jingning’s eyes, “The insect race.”


Although the Empire and the Federation had maintained a facade of friendly diplomatic relations, it was nothing more than surface peace.


Those high-ranking officials had never truly trusted each other, engaging in numerous power struggles behind the scenes. Now, the fact that they decided to cooperate could only mean one thing – an external threat powerful enough to make them wary.


Given their previous experiences, the answer was almost self-evident.


Lu Jingning stood still for a moment, not heading towards the registration area. Instead, he lightly patted Wen Xingchen’s shoulder, “Let’s go, Brother Wen.”


Wen Xingchen, with a half-smile, looked at him, “Alright.”



When Bing Cang received the list of applicants in recent days, he unsurprisingly found the names of Yan Hebin, but not Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen.


He raised an eyebrow, unable to suppress a smile, “These two rascals, are they waiting for me?”


But since he had no intention of hiding the matter, he directly sent a message, summoning the three of them to the principal’s office.


When Lu Jingning arrived, he saw Bing Cang holding a list, standing with his back to the door near the French windows.


He knocked on the door and called out, “Principal, we’re here!”


Bing Cang turned around, smiled, gestured for them to sit, and personally poured a cup of tea for each of the three.


Such treatment inevitably made them feel flattered.


Lu Jingning, however, wasn’t fooled at all. He smiled with narrowed eyes and asked, “If you have something to say, just say it, Principal. Why bother with formalities?”


Bing Cang didn’t take offense at his words; he simply handed the list to them, smiling amiably, “This is the application list for the Elite Team. Take a look.”


Lu Jingning quickly scanned through it, finding many familiar names, “Elite Team?”


He hadn’t expected that, besides the large-scale recruitment outside, there was also this move.


Although the students who applied would undergo various evaluations and screenings, they couldn’t compare to the directly selected Elite Team.


Bing Cang nodded, “Whether it’s the Empire or the Federation’s major military academies, they will submit a part of the list during this time. As for whether they pass or not, that’s a decision from above.”


After a slight pause, he continued, “Although it’s not suitable to reveal too much, I think you should have some understanding of the nature of this joint force. It’s not just to keep you vigilant but also to ensure the safety of your fellow students. Do you understand?”


Wen Xingchen responded, “Please rest assured, Principal. We will be cautious.”


Bing Cang nodded and glanced towards Yan Hebin.


From the beginning until now, he had been staring at the list, seemingly lost in thought. His expression changed slightly, and Bing Cang called his name.


Yan Hebin seemed to snap out of his thoughts, “Yes, Principal?”


After a moment of silence, Bing Cang said, “I know you’ve been waiting for a chance for a close encounter with the insect race for a long time. But you must remember, in the face of personal feelings, you are first and foremost a soldier. If there are any disagreements during the mission, everything must obey Lu Jingning’s arrangements.”


Lu Jingning, caught off guard, blinked, “So, I have the highest authority?”


The more he thought about it, the more beautiful it seemed. Unable to resist his curiosity, he asked, “Principal, have you finally discovered my potential as a commander?”


Bing Cang couldn’t help but feel speechless at his self-love and didn’t dismantle his fantasy, “You can think that way if you want.”


During the conversation, he cast a discreet glance at the person beside him, who was smiling without saying a word.


He had heard some rumors about their relationship. The reason for entrusting the final authority to Lu Jingning’s hands, in a way, was because he knew that with Wen Xingchen by his side, they could handle it with great discretion.



Perhaps due to the higher priority of recruiting for the Elite Team, the military department quickly provided feedback. The selected military academy students were instructed to report to the new legion internally.


A total of ten students were selected from the Imperial Navy Academy, including the three from the special task force. Among the familiar faces, Lu Jingning recognized Cen Junfeng and Qin Yuankai, who had previously accompanied him on a mission to the Watcher’s Isles.


Cen Junfeng seemed excited and greeted them from a distance, “Hey, Brother Lu! We are true comrades from now on!”


Lu Jingning scanned his enthusiastic face with no expression.


Indeed, ignorance could breed fear. Looking at his excited appearance, someone unaware might think they were embarking on an interstellar vacation with public funds.


The gathering point for the new legion was a nameless asteroid at the border between the Empire and the Federation, with the code SY9989.


To establish this new legion, the military department had long begun preparations.


When Lu Jingning and the others arrived, they could see dark-colored buildings situated in a desert-like area. It looked solemn and indifferent, exuding the unique oppression of a military legion.

Even from a distance, it was enough to make their spines subconsciously straighten, feeling the imminent reality of becoming true soldiers.


As the Elite Team, the first batch of new recruits to arrive, disembarked from the spacecraft, they were met with a desolate and lifeless landscape, almost devoid of any human presence.


The early arrivals were gathering in an open space outside the military base. Upon seeing the new landing spacecraft, they instinctively turned to look in their direction.


The glances held curiosity, but more prominently, wariness and inquiry.


This was a normal state of mind; after all, everyone was starting from scratch. Despite being called comrades, there was an inherent sense of competition among them.


Although they were all elites, no one knew who would be the first to stand out.


The new recruits assembled today included individuals from both the Empire and the Federation. Due to the different colors of their military uniforms, it was easy to distinguish between the two factions.


Moreover, humans, being creatures that naturally form groups, had unwittingly chosen their respective camps.


The white faction of the Empire and the white faction of the Federation each formed a circle. Although they were part of the same alliance army, two factions had inevitably emerged.


Lu Jingning wasn’t particularly interested in the strangers from the Federation.


What surprised him was that, although he knew top military academies like Silver Star Interstellar University would surely recommend candidates, he didn’t expect to see Tang Jiaze among them.


Tang Jiaze noticed Lu Jingning, curled his lips, and made an ambiguous sound.


In fact, as a senior in his fourth year, he had already been accepted by the Fifth Legion. However, as one of the few informed individuals at Silver Star University, he considered it carefully and ultimately chose to voluntarily join the new legion.


Although being part of the Fifth Legion offered job security, the strict rules and regulations made it difficult for someone of his background to advance.


The new legion was different.


If he wanted to climb to the top sooner, sometimes, he had to bear corresponding risks.


Only by truly standing on the battlefield could he rise higher.


A flicker of surprise crossed Lu Jingning’s eyes. After all, Tang Jiaze was a familiar face, and encountering him in this remote place was quite unexpected.


He was about to go over and greet him, but then he heard a disdainful laugh from nearby, “Which military academy sent this student? Isn’t this the Elite Team? Why is there an Omega among them?”


Lu Jingning’s steps paused slightly, and a hint of an enigmatic smile appeared in his narrowed eyes.


Well, this feeling of familiarity, it had been a long time coming.


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