Chapter 110 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 110


The person speaking is named Feng Pei, a third-year student at the top military academy, Pingchuan Military School, of the Alliance.


If everything goes according to the normal rhythm, he only needs to get through this semester, and he can participate in the recruitment of major military corps. Unexpectedly, there was such a disturbance temporarily, and he felt stifled in his heart.


He is also a scion of a prestigious family who should have had an easy time. Now he has to start from the bottom in this inexplicable Alliance military, along with those ordinary students. Naturally, he is very unwilling.


These things can be tolerated, at least on the point of the so-called elite forces, it somewhat convinces himself.


But now, there are two Omegas from the Empire, which makes him feel even more slighted.

In the vast process of war, every link is crucial.


Omegas can participate in any department, but they are inexplicably placed in this elite team for important missions. What’s the difference from throwing a wrench into the works?


When Feng Pei spoke, the eyes of others turned towards him one after another.


Lu Jingning noticed that since he started dating Wen Xingchen, his temper seemed to have improved.


If it were in the past, in such a situation, he might have directly punched someone. But now, there was no ripple in his heart. He just looked at Wen Xingchen with a half-smile and asked, “Wen ge, what do you think?”


Wen Xingchen responded with a faint smile, “Some people just make noise. Just ignore them.”

Lu Jingning nodded and walked over without glancing sideways.


Feng Pei had never received such a cold treatment when he was at Pingchuan Military School. He was so angry that his nose crooked.


He forcefully bumped into his classmate Ji Xingchao and gritted his teeth, “Are you interested in giving these guys from the Empire a lesson?”


In recent years, the Empire has been advocating a strategy of avoiding battles as much as possible. In the actively war-oriented Federation, many people actually look down on it. Among the high-ranking families, the Feng family is one of them.


Although it is called the Allied Forces, in fact, the leaders of each school have privately hinted that the important positions in the new army should be taken down based on strength. Feng Pei was eager to move, but there was no response for a long time.


He suspiciously turned his head to look, only to see Ji Xingchao’s gaze still falling on the two people who entered the Empire team, but his expression seemed full of incredulous surprise.

Ji Xingchao seemed to suddenly come back to his senses and excitedly grabbed Feng Pei’s arm, “Quick, quick, do you have paper and pen?”


Feng Pei was confused by his question, “What do you need those things for?”


Ji Xingchao almost jumped up in excitement, “Haven’t you recognized them? That’s Morning Scene CP! My god, I’ve been following them for so long, and I actually encountered the real deal here! AWSL, do you know where I can get paper and pen? I want to get their autographs!”

Feng Pei looked at Ji Xingchao’s expression as if he were looking at an idiot, “What the hell is Morning Scene CP?”


Ji Xingchao was almost out of breath from his retort. After calming down a bit, he explained, “You should pay more attention to current events. It’s the Omega you just asked about and the Alpha next to him. They were the co-champions in the recent bounty competition. My newest star-chasing target! Ah ah ah ah, my god, I love the new legion!!!”


Feng Pei’s mouth twitched fiercely, “Bounty competition? Co-champions?”


Is this considered a current event?


From his current expression, it is obvious that he cannot understand Ji Xingchao’s excitement.

When he looked up again, the disdainful expression between his eyebrows and eyes became even heavier.


As a military academy student, how can there be time to participate in such chaotic competitions? Is it really just an idle scion of a prestigious family?



Tang Jiaze obviously did not expect that Lu Jingning would handle this unexpected situation so casually.


Seeing the two approaching, he spoke with a slightly complex expression, “During this time, you’ve changed a lot.”


Compared to the arrogance of stepping on him during the exchange competition at the military academy, it seems that Lu Jingning has learned how to quietly… drive people crazy.


“Hey, thanks for the compliment.” Lu Jingning indeed doesn’t have a good impression of Tang Jiaze. If it weren’t for the fact that the new recruits from the Empire are considered in the same camp, he probably wouldn’t even want to bother. Now he mockingly asked, “What about you? At your age, you ran here to be a rookie. Aren’t you afraid our captain will throw you out for hundreds of streets in the future?”


Tang Jiaze didn’t show the expected anger. He just calmly hooked the corner of his mouth, “I came here to surpass him.”


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but take a closer look at him.


It is clear that this annoying guy has also changed a lot.

Smoothed out those edges, even the mindset has settled down. Apart from still harboring the delusion of defeating Wen Ye, it has become more pleasing to the eye.


Unconsciously, the final batch of recruits also arrived.


The iron railing emitted a “creak” sound, and when everyone looked up, they saw a man with white skin and black hair walking out from inside.


The man was dressed in military uniform, and because of his overly distinctive appearance, one glance was enough to recognize his identity.


Among the new recruits, many were already excitedly restless.


Jiang Quan, the chief commander of the Third Army Corps of the Federal Military, never expected that such a figure would come to lead these new recruits.


After all, being a military officer from the Federation, excitement aside, there was some unease within the Empire camp.


No matter how noble the words were, people always had selfishness, fearing that there might be some bias in dealing with things.


Everyone quickly assembled and formed a neat formation on the open space, waiting for the first command after entering the military.


Jiang Quan swept his eyes over these youthful faces, his expression somewhat complex.


His task was to turn this new team into top-notch combat elites.


For a seasoned commander like him, this was actually a bit of an underutilization of his abilities, but the biggest problem now was that the time given to him was a bit too short.


To meet the goal on time, he couldn’t even guarantee that these people would survive until the end of training.


Feeling the gaze from everyone, Jiang Quan opened his mouth expressionlessly: “Hello, everyone. I am Jiang Quan, and for the next three months, I will be in charge of your team. I hope that by then, half of you can continue to stay.”


“Today is your first day in the army. Before assigning dormitories, we need to solve a very practical problem, which is to determine the captains of the three squads.” His sharp eyes scanned the crowd, “So, if anyone has ideas for these three captain positions, please step forward.”


As soon as he finished speaking, Tang Jiaze and Feng Pei confidently stepped forward.


Others hesitated for a moment and then walked out one after another from the queue.


Lu Jingning thought for a moment, then joined in the fun and walked out, not forgetting to greet Wen Xingchen: “Wen ge, join me?”


Wen Xingchen shook his head, “You go is enough.”


If he and Lu Jingning were selected as captains at the same time, it would mean that they would inevitably be assigned to different teams.


Compared to that, it’s better to be an ordinary team member.


After everyone walked out, Jiang Quan glanced around, looking at nearly 20 self-nominated people, and his expression softened slightly.


The youth are full of vigor, regardless of the final result, having the courage to give it a try is good.


Jiang Quan waved his hand, indicating others to step aside.


Soon, a clear space was left in the middle.


Jiang Quan briefly explained, “Wheel combat, the rules are very simple. If you can make your opponent unable to stand up, you win.”


Someone asked loudly, “Commander, unable to stand up means… regardless of life or death?”


A hint of cold smile flashed in Jiang Quan’s eyes, “Yes, regardless of life or death!”


As soon as these words came out, there was a sudden gasp around.


Although they knew that few would actually kill in this situation, setting up a life-and-death situation on the first day made everyone break into a cold sweat.


At this moment, they finally realized clearly that they were now in a real military, extremely brutal, not just for fun.


Jiang Quan raised his hand, indicating that the selection officially began.


Tang Jiaze stood up first.


From the Federation side, someone quickly came forward to challenge.


Admittedly, Tang Jiaze was sometimes annoying, but his strength was top-notch.


He won the first round, the second round, and won again in the third round.


After winning the third round, Jiang Quan interrupted, “This soldier, you can take a break temporarily, and someone else will replace you on the field.”


It seemed that to ensure fairness, a winning side would be given a brief rest every three rounds.


Lu Jingning was pondering the rules in his heart and did not notice the person who had just walked onto the field.


Feng Pei still had a lingering concern about the previous incident. Seeing Lu Jingning daydreaming, he felt displeased. Without waiting for others to step onto the field, he raised his voice, “Hey, Omega over there, come up and let me see?”


His voice carried a hint of provocation, showing no trace of embarrassment because the other person was an Omega.


Based on the situation in the first group just now, the goal was, of course, to win as effortlessly as possible. Only in this way could more stamina be preserved.


Coincidentally, this Omega was so arrogant. Feng Pei had long wanted to show some authority and took this opportunity to use him as a stepping stone.


Feng Pei’s wishful thinking rang loud, and he didn’t notice the dumbfounded look that Tang Jiaze cast at him from the rest area, nor did he see the wide-mouthed expression on his classmate Ji Xing, whose mouth could fit an entire egg.


Of all people, why choose him to fight against?!


Although Jiang Quan had no expression on his face when he heard this, there was a hint of scrutiny in his eyes when he looked at Lu Jingning.


Before coming, he had reviewed the information on everyone, including this Omega.


Seemed like quite an interesting individual.


Lu Jingning didn’t react at first. After a moment, he belatedly realized that he seemed to be the only Omega participating in the selection.


He blinked at Feng Pei, feeling a bit melancholic.


Where did this stubborn person come from? Wasn’t it good to live peacefully?

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