Chapter 2


Qu Di originally planned to take the bus back, but early in the morning, he surprisingly didn’t catch the bus. He was afraid Yang Ji would be worried, so he gritted his teeth and called a taxi.


He had always been frugal when it came to spending on himself, considering any extra spending on himself as a luxury. He actually liked sweets but found desserts to be both expensive and unnecessary, so he rarely indulged. However, on Yang Ji’s birthday, he was willing to spend two thousand yuan to treat him to an expensive Western meal, all because Yang Ji liked such romantic places.


Qu Di came from a small town and was a beta, so he had always felt somewhat inferior. He believed he could never find a partner as perfect as Yang Ji, and that’s why he cherished this relationship so much. When Yang Ji approached him, it only took two weeks for him to agree to date him because no one had ever been so kind to him.


Speaking of it, at the time, Yang Ji just brought him milk every day, occasionally bought him snacks, took him to see a movie once in a while. Upon closer inspection, these were just small favors, combined with the fact that Yang Ji was an actor and quite handsome, it had enchanted Qu Di. He even once thought that Yang Ji choosing him was the luckiest thing to happen in his life.


The two officially got together in the second semester of their freshman year. At that time, Qu Di’s classmates saw that he had found an Alpha, and many of them expressed their envy. An Alpha was generally proud, and they tended to prefer Omegas as partners, which were equally rare, while betas typically ended up with betas.


Due to this, Qu Di believed even more that Yang Ji was a great Alpha who didn’t care about gender, and he cherished this relationship even more.


Thinking about their future together, building a life and owning a house for themselves, and maybe having a child, Qu Di couldn’t contain his excitement. The first thing he needed to do was tell his mother and stepfather that he was moving out for good because Yang Ji mentioned that a performing arts company in Y city was planning to sign him, and they would probably move there together.


“I’m back…” Qu Di still had the sushi from Yang Ji’s favorite Japanese restaurant in his hand, but when he entered the house, he saw a chaotic scene. There were boxes everywhere, some already sealed, giving the appearance of moving.


Qu Di felt a sense of panic and put down the sushi. He walked towards the bedroom and found Yang Ji crouched in front of the closet, searching for his things. He heard footsteps and turned to see Qu Di, who appeared not flustered at all but asked naturally, “Where did you put my winter clothes?”


Qu Di hesitated and answered, “In the boxes up there.”


Yang Ji clicked his tongue and stood up, saying, “Help me bring a chair over. Why did you place things so far off? I can’t find anything.”


Qu Di finally snapped out of it and asked anxiously, “Yang Ji, are you moving?”


Yang Ji looked at him for a few seconds and said, “Yes, didn’t I tell you before? I’m going to Y city. My flight is this afternoon.”


“But… But you said it was in July… It’s only March now, and I haven’t sorted out many of my graduation procedures…”


“Qu Di.”


Qu Di seemed to know what he wanted to say, but he still couldn’t believe it. Not long ago, they had envisioned their future together. At that time, Yang Ji had gently patted his head and said, “Wherever I go, I will take you with me.”


But now, this person wanted to leave him behind, and he only found out as he was about to leave.


Yang Ji was getting impatient, but Qu Di had been with him for these years, and he was somewhat attached. Moreover, he was sure that if he persuaded Qu Di properly, he would willingly let him go. This fool still believed that an outstanding Alpha like him would genuinely be interested in him.


Yang Ji sat on the edge of the bed, patted the space next to him, and after some hesitation, Qu Di sat down.


He tried to keep his tone gentle. “Qu Di, I wanted to tell you this a couple of days ago, but you were busy with your graduation project, so I didn’t find the right moment. There’s a casting going on for a theater production over there, and the company is urging me to go as soon as possible.”


Qu Di quickly said, “I can go with you!”


“No… The company asked me, and I told them I’m still single. It wouldn’t be appropriate for you to come with me.” In today’s world, especially for newcomers like him, having a single image was crucial. Who would want to be his fan if he wasn’t single?


Qu Di was well aware of the complexities involved.


“So, you want me to stay here and wait for you?” That’s the only interpretation he could glean from his words.


But Yang Ji didn’t leave any room for hope. He bluntly said, “Qu Di, I know I’m not being fair to you, but I want to suggest that we take a break.”


Yes, a break, not a breakup. Leaving aside other things, Qu Di’s personality, which treated Yang Ji as the center of his world, was quite useful for an Alpha like him. He always liked to leave himself a way out, and Qu Di was that way out.


Qu Di’s reaction was intense. He stood up abruptly, his eyes red, as if he was about to cry at any moment. Just when Yang Ji was about to console him as before, Qu Di pushed him away.


“Are you saying that this is the end of our relationship? Yang Ji… We’ve been together for three years… Are you really giving up our feelings so easily!?”


Qu Di felt his whole body shaking. “Do you even know what you’re saying? Can’t you think about it from my perspective? Is everything I’ve done for you over the past three years worth nothing to you?”


Yang Ji lost his patience. He furrowed his brow and his face darkened. “Do you want me to give up the opportunity at Tang Yi for you? Do you think that’s possible?”


Qu Di fiercely wiped away a tear that was about to fall and said, “You said you would make it on your own. In today’s society, exposure is the key, even if you have talent. Have you not realized that after all these years of education? Only a fool like you would believe those teachers’ grand theories!”


Yang Ji didn’t bother to argue with him. He crossed over him to pick up the box of clothes behind him. If he couldn’t get through to him, then so be it. He didn’t need this beta.


Qu Di grabbed him, trying to salvage the three-year relationship. He said with his head down, “Yang Ji, can’t you…?”


Before he could finish, Yang Ji shook off his hand. “Are you willing to spend your life holed up in this rented house, cooking market-bought vegetables in a greasy kitchen? I’m not. If you’re willing to endure it, then you go ahead.”


“You said… You would marry me.” He had even said last semester that after graduation, he would take him home to meet his parents…


“Haha.” Yang Ji seemed to have heard a joke. He laughed and said, “Qu Di, you’re a beta, and you want to marry an Alpha? Are you dreaming?”


Qu Di raised his head abruptly. “What do you mean?”


“What do I mean? When I first saw your soft, delicate appearance, I thought you were an Omega. I never expected you to be a beta. If you weren’t somewhat good-looking, I wouldn’t have bothered playing with you.”


“Just playing with him?” They had been together for three years!


As he reached for a box containing clothes on a chair, Yang Ji said, “Originally, I thought I’d just use you and discard you, but you turned out to be more complicated than those Omegas. You insisted on waiting until marriage. Do you really think you’re someone special? If it weren’t for the fact that you were naive and could give me money, I couldn’t have put up with you for three years.”


Finally, he turned around and sneered, “Do you even know what you are? A beta? And you want to marry an Alpha? I don’t know whether to call you foolish or naive.”


“Yang Ji, you bastard!” Qu Di said, and as he did, he raised his hand but was grabbed by Yang Ji. Yang Ji scornfully lifted a corner of his mouth. “Don’t stir up trouble. Can’t you save some face for yourself? Why tear things apart?”


Gritting his teeth, Qu Di felt that this person before him was utterly repulsive for the first time, and even the days of intimacy they had shared became nauseating.


Yang Ji shoved him onto the bed, picked up his clothes, and left.


Qu Di was left panting heavily, knowing that his tears were now quite worthless. They would only provide that person with an opportunity to mock him. He felt completely drained of strength.


He lay there like that, listening to the sounds of packing outside. After a while, he heard someone’s voice, and not long after, the door closed, and the house returned to silence.


He checked the time; it was only 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Was there really such a need to be in a hurry?


He rubbed his dry eyes, and after being hungry for so long, his stomach finally protested. He rubbed his stomach, then turned to the bedside table to search for the stomach medicine he usually kept there. He often had irregular meals, and his stomach wasn’t in great shape, so he always had stomach medicine on hand.


He walked out to pour some water, and the living room was now clean, with just some trash left behind. He planned to take the sushi he had brought back and eat, but to his surprise, it was all gone.


“…” You can’t even leave without going hungry, huh? How did I not notice how shameless he was before?


After that day, Qu Di got sick, and no one took care of him. He even had to call a taxi to go to the hospital, dragging himself in slippers. He hung up his registration, waited in line, and waited for half an hour to see a doctor. His fever was at 39 degrees, which even startled the doctor.


After recovering from the illness, he was busy with graduation matters. Almost everyone around him knew he had been dumped by Yang Ji. When he returned to the school for the graduation ceremony, people often pointed and whispered.


“Hey! You haven’t contacted me in ages.”


Qu Di greeted lethargically, “Hey, Shan.” Then he lowered his head to wrestle with his tie, something he had watched tutorials on for a long time but still couldn’t master.


Qi Shan was an Omega, but she was tall at 1.8 meters, had long hair down to her waist, and she walked with confidence. She was even on the basketball team. Otherwise, you would think she was an Alpha from some prominent family.


Their relationship was quite good. Initially, no one talked to Qu Di, and Qi Shan, unable to relate to the other Omegas who chatted about makeup and beauty all the time, set her sights on him.


She was the only classmate who could chat with Qu Di, so she could be considered a friend.


“I’ll do it for you.” Qi Shan took his tie and began to recall the tutorials she had seen.


“By the way, have you found a job yet?” Qi Shan asked. Her family had already arranged one for her.


“Not yet…”


“Your graduation project is quite good. Why not try applying somewhere? You might get noticed.”


Qu Di shook his head. “The professor said my topic is too sensitive, so it might not be feasible to shoot.”


Qi Shan continued, “So what are your plans then?”


“I… I want to go to Y City.”

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