Chapter 7 – It's hard to escape from the Omegaverse trope!

Chapter 7


Tang Xiyan gave him a sidelong glance and said, “After all these years as an idol, do you think I can’t tell if someone is strange? I’m not dumb. I just didn’t expect my assistant to be so diligent. What? Is the company asking you to sleep with me tonight?”


Why did that phrase sound so strange?


“I’ll go make the bed first. You finish your meal, and I’ll wash up afterward.”


“Hey! Aren’t you going to eat?”


“I made dumplings, pork and corn filling.”


An artist eating a meal replacement, and he’s offering me dumplings? Tang Xiyan was both annoyed and amused. This guy was definitely doing it on purpose, just look at him, he’s definitely smiling!


During the night, the wind picked up, rustling the trees outside. Tang Xiyan tossed and turned, unable to sleep. Besides his growling stomach, there was something else… he felt uncomfortable all over.


He half-awoke several times, suddenly jolted out of his sleep. Finally, he grabbed his phone and checked the time: 3 a.m. He realized he couldn’t sleep because he was hungry, so he sat up, planning to go downstairs and find something to eat.


He wondered if there were any dumplings left from Qu Di’s purchase. He could secretly cook a few for himself. It’s not like Qu Di would mind if he found out the next day.


He picked up his phone, turned on the flashlight function, and as soon as he placed his feet on the floor, he looked up and noticed, through the window, a pair of eyes staring at him. The dim light from his phone illuminated the person, and the person slowly grinned at him.





He pulled Qu Di’s hand over and rested it on his shoulder, then wrapped his arm around Qu Di’s waist. He was a bit anxious, “Don’t fall asleep, you know? Talk to me, um… or listen to me. You didn’t feed me enough today, otherwise, I could handle her with one hand. Also, I have to report to the gym tomorrow. I’m thinking of signing you up for it as well…”


Tang Xiyan brought Qu Di into the room and placed him on the bed, locked the door, and then chatted incessantly with Qu Di while searching for his phone. He kept glancing back to see if Qu Di had fallen asleep.


“Don’t sleep. I’ve talked so much, and you haven’t said a word. Where did you hide your phone?”


“Under the pillow.”


Tang Xiyan reached under the pillow and found his phone. He checked it, and luckily, it wasn’t locked. He first called 120 and then 110 [/mfn]Numbers for the emergency services[/mfn].


Turning back, he tried to comfort Qu Di, “It’s okay, they will be here soon. You… you’ve lost a lot of blood.” Tang Xiyan hurriedly grabbed a sheet from the bed and twisted it into a makeshift bandage, trying to stop the bleeding from his wound.


“This should do, I think.”


Qu Di felt that his arm was numb, and his ankle, where he had been bitten, throbbed with pain. He decided to close his eyes for a moment to conserve energy, but as soon as he closed his eyes, Tang Xiyan patted his face a few times, not too gently.


“Don’t sleep.”


“I… just want to rest for a moment. Maybe you can try to be quieter. I have a headache.”


Tang Xiyan closed his mouth somewhat dejectedly, thought for a moment, and then covered him with a fallen blanket from the floor, fearing he might get cold. This beta really didn’t realize how well he was being taken care of. Did he know who was looking after him?


Tang Xiyan’s punch had been quite powerful. By the time the police and the hospital staff arrived, there was no further commotion outside. Later, it was said that the girl’s nose was crooked, and she had a mild concussion.


As for Qu Di, the injuries were not too severe. They were all superficial wounds, and after being bandaged, he could be discharged the next day. So when Tang Xiyan returned from the police station and saw him, he was somewhat surprised, but then his lips curled up, and he walked quickly to him, “You’re okay?”


“It’s just superficial wounds. After bandaging, it will be fine,” then Qu Di asked about his agent, “Does he still have to work today?”


“No need, take a day off. I’ve contacted the film crew, and we’ve moved the makeup photoshoot to tomorrow.”


Since there was no work, Qu Di didn’t plan to stay here any longer, “Then I’ll go back.”


“Hey,” Tang Xiyan grabbed Qu Di’s hand.




Tang Xiyan quickly let go of his hand, “Sorry, I forgot your hand is injured.” He scratched his head, not very naturally, “How about… I take you home?”


Before Qu Di could speak, Qiu Fei rejected the suggestion, “You take him home, and there may be paparazzi chasing you. I’m afraid his hand will be permanently damaged by reporters. Rest for a while, I’ll take him home.”


“…,” Tang Xiyan nodded in agreement. Indeed, there were a bunch of reporters outside the police station, and he had just managed to break through the siege to get back. But he really couldn’t help worrying about Qu Di; after all, he was partially responsible for his injuries.


Qu Di could see that Tang Xiyan wanted to make it up to him for last night’s incident, but he also knew that Tang Xiyan was a victim. Moreover, protecting his artist was part of Tang Xiyan’s job, so he didn’t want any compensation.


He smiled and said, “You’re tired too, rest and get ready for work tomorrow. I’m not missing any limbs; don’t be like this. I’m getting used to it.”


“Okay, I’m leaving.”


Tang Xiyan pushed Qiu Fei aside like a dog and opened the door for Qu Di. Qiu Fei rolled his eyes at him.


After Qu Di left, Tang Xiyan received a call from his elder brother. It was clear that his brother had been informed by Qiu Fei.


“How is it?”


Tang Xiyan slouched on the couch, picked up an apple from the fruit bowl on the table, and took a bite, “I won’t die.”


“What are they going to do with the woman?” Although his younger brother was quite wayward, he couldn’t just leave him to fend for himself in such a situation.


“I think she’s not quite right in the head.”


“Her family has already hired a lawyer. They seem to be planning an insanity defense. After all, the law allows for them to plead insanity.”


As expected, Tang Xiyan bit into the apple and finished it off in three or four bites, then threw the apple core into the trash can. “There are things we can’t do in front of the police, but it’s a different story inside a psychiatric hospital. They might as well send her to prison.”


“Okay, I understand. You should focus on your work,” he said, about to hang up the phone.


Tang Xiyan suddenly remembered something and stopped him, “Hey, brother, about my assistant, he injured his hand and leg! See… isn’t this a work-related injury?”


On the other end, his brother laughed softly and said, “Medical expenses will be reimbursed by the company, but this is considered part of his job. Don’t think about anything else.” Without waiting for him to respond, he hung up the phone.


It was the first time Tang Xiyan had been so disgusted with his brother, a capitalist who couldn’t resist any opportunity for profit. He thought for a moment, he had money, why not pay for it himself? It would be like reaching into his own pocket. So he transferred two thousand yuan to Qu Di’s WeChat.


“You can’t give too much; I’m afraid it will go to his head.”


Xiyan: [WeChat transfer: Bonus]


Qu Di: [What’s this for?]


Xiyan: [Your bonus for the work-related injury.]


Qu Di: [Why are you the one sending it? Besides, Fei-bro said it doesn’t count as a work-related injury.]


Xiyan: [Why are you so nosy? Tang-bro told me to send it to you. Others won’t know, so don’t talk about it everywhere.]


Qu Di: [Well, thanks. Please convey my thanks to Tang-bro.]


Xiyan: [Okay.]


Tang Xiyan had resolved a major issue that had been on his mind and was planning to take a refreshing shower and catch up on some sleep.


On the other hand, Qu Di, looking at the money transferred on his phone, fell into contemplation. Would Tang General really contact his artists privately? And why didn’t he give it directly but had to use him as a middleman? Could there be something between these two Alphas that wasn’t immediately obvious?


Qu Di felt like he had stumbled upon a big secret.


The incident of a sasaeng fan breaking into Xiyan’s residence and injuring his assistant quickly took over the headlines of various entertainment magazines and topped the trending topics on social media on the same day. In the afternoon, internet users had already dug up various private information about the culprit, and some even found her parents’ residence, leading to a crowd gathering outside their home, refusing to leave.


Qiu Fei brought the information to Tang Xiyan, “This person is one of your ardent fans. She isn’t wealthy. Three days ago, she borrowed tens of thousands to rent the villa next to yours and began stalking you. That’s why you kept encountering her so many times that night. According to her incoherent confession, she had actually been waiting outside your house that night. She initially wanted to leave once Qu Di left, but he didn’t leave until late at night. She started feeling resentful and developed delusions about Qu Di seducing her idol, so she climbed onto your balcony.”


“When will this trending topic be taken down?” Tang Xiyan was growing increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of his personal life being discussed and debated by the public for an entire day. Initially, it was fine for people to discuss it, but later, they began attacking Qu Di, questioning why an assistant was allowed to stay overnight with an artist. He had no choice but to post a clarification.


“The production team plans to keep it trending a bit longer. By the way, tomorrow, you have a makeup photoshoot, and we’ve arranged for a press release, so we need your cooperation. Try to appear tired and give the impression of smiling at the fans even when you’re worn out. You know what I mean? I’ve already informed Qu Di that you’re not allowed to have breakfast tomorrow to make it look more realistic.”



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