Chapter 6


Tang Xiyan furrowed his brows as he watched the person approaching. The girl’s scent was a mix of heavy perfume and pheromones, which was rather unpleasant. His body was filled with resistance. Seeing this, Qu Di quickly stood up, wiping his greasy hands hastily, and blocked the path in front of his artist. “Hello, this is a private room. It’s not appropriate for you to enter without permission.”


The girl didn’t seem upset; instead, she gave a coquettish smile and adjusted her curly hair. Without paying much attention to Qu Di, she looked at the person behind him. “Omigosh, it’s Yan Yan, I’m so happy! We just met not long ago, and now we have this chance encounter again. Isn’t it such a coincidence?”


Tang Xiyan’s good mood from eating crayfish was completely ruined by this unexpected visitor. However, he remembered he couldn’t show his anger in front of the fans.


He controlled his facial muscles and forced a smile while smoothly saying the words he had said countless times before, “Dear fan, thank you for your support. It’s my honor. However, we are having a meal, and you know the company doesn’t allow us to interact with fans privately. I hope you can understand.”


Normally, hearing such words, fans would leave on their own. But this girl had no intention of leaving. “My name is Xu Qisong. I was in the front row at your concert last time, and you shook hands with me! Also, at the Blue Sky Airport last time, I went to pick you up, and you bought milk tea for us. I received it from your assistant…”


The girl seemed eager to prove that she was close to him.


But in reality, those moments that were so special to her were not memorable to Tang Xiyan at all. At the concert, he shook hands with a whole row of people, but it was more of a high-five than a handshake. As for the milk tea, it was actually Qu Fei’s idea, and the company paid for it. It was meant to create an image of a considerate and caring idol towards his fans, but it ended up trending on social media the next day.


“Ah… really? Well, I kind of remember, but…”


“Really?” The girl’s eyes lit up. “You remember me? I buy your albums every time, three copies. One for myself, one as a gift, and one for my collection!”


Xu Qisong was about to step forward, apparently intending to give him a big hug. Qu Di couldn’t stand it anymore and grabbed her hand, gently pushing her outside.


“Miss, please restrain yourself.”


Seeing that all the oil from his hands had transferred to her clean dress, Xu Qisong slapped Qu Di’s hand away and lost her elegant and charming demeanor. “What do you think you’re doing? Do you think you can interrupt when I’m talking to Yan Yan? My dress costs two thousand! Don’t touch it with your dirty hands!”


Qu Di was a bit stunned by the slap but decided to get her out. However, the girl was determined not to leave.


At that moment, a waiter entered. Tang Xiyan quickly pulled Qu Di behind him, suppressed his anger and repeated himself. “Well, he’s my personal assistant. I apologize on his behalf. We’re in the middle of a meal, and you know that the company doesn’t allow us to have private interactions with fans. I hope you can understand.”


Instead, he offered to talk to her later. Hearing this, Xu Qisong smiled brightly. This way, she could contact her idol. Who wouldn’t want that? She felt a bit embarrassed but quickly recited her phone number.


“Can you remember it? Or should I write it down for you?” She wanted to ask the waiter for pen and paper, but Tang Xiyan stopped her.


“No need, I can remember it.”


He smoothly recited the phone number, and the girl left contentedly.


Qu Di rubbed his cheek with the back of his hand. Luckily, the slap wasn’t too hard, and it didn’t hurt much. However, his skin was clear, so any marks were very noticeable.


Tang Xiyan pulled him close, grabbed his chin to turn the side that was slapped toward him. “Tsk tsk, if it were in the past, I wouldn’t care if that person was male or female, Alpha or Omega, but I’d definitely make sure they couldn’t recognize their own mother. This is quite serious. How about we go to the hospital later?”


Qu Di pushed his hand away. “No need. It looks worse than it really is. I’ve always been like this since I was a child. I tend to get marks easily. I’ll put some ointment on it when I get back, and it will be fine in a couple of days.” He then raised his head to show his neck. “Look, the marks from when you grabbed my neck are still here. It’s not a big deal.”


Tang Xiyan rolled his eyes and went back to devour his crayfish. “If you don’t want to go to the hospital, you don’t have to. If I’m being nice to you, don’t be ungrateful. Don’t wait until tomorrow when your face swells up like a pig’s head. Let’s eat and then go back to the company.”


Qu Di asked, “Do you often encounter such situations?”


Tang Xiyan, having finished his meal, wiped his hands and said indifferently, “This is nothing. I have a bunch of people following me everywhere I go. Sometimes, they even block the restroom door. But you’re the first one who’s been slapped.”


“Ah… But what can I do? As a public figure, I have to set an example. I can’t say anything. Even if she slapped me right in the face, I still have to smile and advise her, ‘It’s not right to hit people, you know.’ I can’t express how much I’d like to curse her and her entire family.”


Qu Di sympathetically looked at him. No wonder he had such a bad temper at home; he must have been bottling it all up outside.


Tang Xiyan knocked his forehead. “What’s with that look? I don’t need your sympathy. You, an assistant earning a monthly salary of 5,000, showing sympathy to someone worth hundreds of millions, is your brain okay?”


Qu Di thought his words made sense. What’s wrong with not having privacy? He had money. What’s wrong with not having freedom? He had money. As for himself, he was just a working staff earning a monthly salary of 5,000, not even receiving the full amount after taxes.


Even when they were discussing how miserable he was, why did they end up making him sad?


In the afternoon, Tang Xiyan went to the company for rehearsal and then returned home. After the driver parked the car, he left, and the two of them walked, Tang Xiyan engrossed in his food delivery app.


“Yan Yan!” Suddenly, a person rushed out and almost pounced on Tang Xiyan, but he managed to dodge her.


Xu Qisong missed him and stumbled, almost falling into a nearby flower bed.


“I… Why is it you again?” He was on the verge of exclaiming “What the hell!”


“It’s just a coincidence. I didn’t know you lived here. I was just out for a walk after dinner,” Xu Qisong said.


A coincidence? Did she really think he was so naive to believe her?


“Is that so?” Tang Xiyan gave Qu Di a signal behind him. “Actually, I have something to do. I’ll head back first. You can continue your walk.”


“Tang Xiyan… Hey, why is it you again?” Xu Qisong exclaimed as she watched the person who had pushed her out.


“Uh… Miss, the area you’re standing in belongs to Tang Xiyan’s property. It’s considered trespassing to enter without permission. Please continue to support Tang Xiyan’s work, but also kindly keep your distance from his personal life.”


After saying that, he pulled Tang Xiyan into the house. When he looked back at the girl, he apologized, “I’m sorry, it’s company policy.”


Now, in the eyes of others, he was the idol who was forced to reject interactions with fans. Xu Qisong yelled, “I live in the next room to you! I’ll visit you when I have time!”


She stood there until the door closed in front of her, and she saw the curtains tightly drawn.


It’s unknown how long it took, but night fell, and there was no sign of her on the street.


Inside the house, Qu Di secretly stood by the French window, pulling the curtain open just a bit to look outside.


“Is she gone?” Tang Xiyan asked.


“She’s gone.”


“Phew…” Tang Xiyan breathed a sigh of relief. She wouldn’t leave, and he hadn’t even had dinner.


He took out his phone, thinking of ordering some good food. It had been a tiring day, and he needed to treat himself.


However, just as he was about to place an order, a hand covered his phone, and in the next second, it was snatched away. “No, you’ve already had crayfish today, and you didn’t go to the gym. So tonight, you’re having a meal replacement. Wait here, and I’ll go to the kitchen to prepare it for you.”


Tang Xiyan roared, “Qu Di!”


“Uh, I’m here.” He put the phone in his pocket and went into the kitchen to prepare tonight’s meal replacement.


Qu Di stirred the oats in the bowl. He turned around and saw Tang Xiyan in the living room, playing a game. It was as if he were taking out his frustration on his opponent, playing ruthlessly and knocking them out in a few moves.


He remembered the girl from earlier. This couldn’t be a coincidence; he had encountered her three times today. There had to be a problem.


If his suspicions were correct, this person might be one of those notorious “sasaeng [/mfn]obsessive, borderline-stalker[/mfn]fans,” who specifically seek information about their idols’ private schedules, intrude on their personal lives, and cause trouble. However, if they hadn’t taken any concrete actions yet, dealing with them could be complicated.


He couldn’t just report them to the police based on speculation.


He thought it over and decided to inform Qiu Fei, the manager. Qiu Fei assured him that the company would handle it, and he asked Qu Di to stay at the villa and accompany Tang Xiyan tonight.


As a personal assistant, it was common to stay at the artist’s home, especially when they had early morning schedules. A room was always reserved for him here, but he had never used it before.


He placed the meal replacement in front of Tang Xiyan. “I’m staying here tonight.”


Tang Xiyan picked up the bowl of oats and took a bite. “Why? Because of that girl?”


“So you know that she’s a security concern?” He thought that Tang Xiyan genuinely believed she was just an enthusiastic fan.


“You think so?” He still thought he could play it off as if she was merely a fan.

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