Chapter 12


Injury to an artist is not a minor matter. After reporting the situation to Qiu Fei, Qu Di received instructions. Qiu Fei told Qu Di to go to a private hospital and find Tang Xiyan’s personal doctor, and the company would later release the news about Tang Xiyan’s injury.


Tang Xiyan’s injury was on his back, and Qu Di dared not touch it carelessly. He could only let Tang Xiyan wear his coat. But Tang Xiyan also needed to wear a hat, a mask, and sunglasses, creating a look that attracted a lot of attention.


During the distance from the hospital entrance to the doctor’s office, many people, after some initial doubt, pulled out their phones to take pictures. Qu Di thought that it wouldn’t take more than an hour for Tang Xiyan’s photos to go viral on the internet.


As for whether people could recognize him, Qu Di wasn’t worried at all. It seemed like the fans these days had superhuman abilities and could determine whether or not their idol was present based on their walking style.


Arriving at the doctor’s office, Tang Xiyan could finally take off his mask and sunglasses. He said, “I told you not to come. Look, every time I come to the hospital, there’s a crowd of people taking pictures of me.”


“The company will handle this matter, and it’s not something to be ashamed of.”


The doctor’s name was Yu Zhiyuan, and he looked quite young, with delicate features and neat chestnut hair. The most eye-catching feature about him was the small mole just below his lips, giving him an intriguing charm. Coupled with his white coat and his upright expression, he seemed to exude a mysterious sensuality.


He was currently writing a report with his head down and didn’t even bother to look up. “What happened this time?”


Tang Xiyan didn’t seem to have the best relationship with Yu Zhiyuan. He didn’t even look at him and acted like a temperamental child. Annoyed, he said, “I injured my back.”


“That means you’re not dead. I’ll finish writing this report, and if you’re still alive by the time I’m done, I’ll take a look at you.”


“I need to get back to work! Ah…” Tang Xiyan accidentally touched a muscle on his back, causing him to grimace in pain.


Yu Zhiyuan raised his head and glanced at the doctor. He had a flat tone and said, “It’s just a few blisters. You can puncture them yourself and apply some medicine. It’s incredible that you came to the hospital for such a minor issue.”


Silence followed. The doctor was not quite what he had imagined.


“Do you think I wanted to come? Even if I were on my deathbed, I wouldn’t want to see your face. It’s all because this assistant insisted on dragging me here,” he said, pointing the blame at his assistant.


Yu Zhiyuan didn’t seem to be in a friendly mood, and Qu Di spoke carefully, “I’m sorry, Dr. Yu. I asked him to come. My main concern was the risk of infection. The wound has been closed for almost a whole afternoon. Would you please take another look?”


Yu Zhiyuan turned his gaze toward Qu Di. His tone was much softer than when he talked to Tang Xiyan, “Are you the new assistant?”


Qu Di nodded.


“Do you like dogs?”


Qu Di was puzzled, “No.”


“Then how could you stand being his assistant?”


Before he could react, Tang Xiyan jumped up from his seat, “Hey! Who are you calling a dog!?”


“Oh, you’re making some progress. You could tell that I was talking about you?” Yu Zhiyuan retorted.


“I… I…” Qu Di saw that Tang Xiyan was about to attack, so he quickly restrained him, “Calm down, you still have an injury.”


Yu Zhiyuan looked at his computer screen, typing with one hand while speaking, “He’s tough. Don’t worry too much. The nurse will clean the wound later, and I’ll prescribe some antibiotics. Take them and apply ointment for a week. Avoid pulling on the wound and exposing it to water, and keep the wound clean.”


Then, he handed over the prescription to Qu Di, saying, “Take this to get the medication from the pharmacy later.”


Next, he looked at Tang Xiyan and started to dismiss him, “You can leave now.”


The two of them were inherently incompatible, and Tang Xiyan made an obscene gesture at him, “I’m going to replace you starting tomorrow!”


“I couldn’t hope for anything better.”


Qu Di took the prescription to get the medicine but met an acquaintance on the way.




Fang Yingying was standing at the beverage vending machine, planning to buy something to drink when she heard someone call her name. She turned around and saw Qu Di, whom she hadn’t seen in a long time.


However, there was no joy of reunion on her face; she seemed rather distant. “Qu Di, why are you in Y City?”


“I’ve come to work here. What about you?” Fang Yingying had been running that flower shop, and it was unlikely she would come here to struggle like him.


She hesitated for a moment and said, “My boyfriend works here, so I followed him.”


“Really? Congratulations. By the way, how’s your flower shop doing?”


“It’s doing fine. My family is helping me run it.”


“Your family? Weren’t you always worried about them asking for money when they visited your shop?” Fang Yingying’s father was a gambling addict and had visited her shop several times to ask for money. She had always been on guard against him.


Fang Yingying played with her hair uncomfortably and said, “Actually, a company noticed me and I’m going to participate in a talent show. The flower shop is not that useful, and I’m not renewing the lease when it expires.”


She had never lived a decently comfortable life, and although she felt a bit uneasy seeing Qu Di, she couldn’t help but show off the enviable life she was living now.


Qu Di finally noticed her expensive jewelry. Although he didn’t understand, they didn’t look fake. It seemed she had truly found her luck. He congratulated her, “Congratulations.”


“By the way, why are you here at the hospital?” Fang Yingying had come to the hospital for a follow-up due to a throat infection that had resulted from a fever a few days ago.


He waved the prescription in his hand, “I… I came to get medicine for a friend.”


Fang Yingying, who had become more at ease since she saw him, gave a sweet smile, “Let’s stay in touch more often. I have something to do now, so I’ll leave.”




Fang Yingying quickly left and got into a low-key black Rolls-Royce after exiting. She sent a message to Tang Chaobai to let him know she was heading back.


Qu Di returned to the hospital and left with Tang Xiyan. On the way, he seemed to want to ask something but hesitated. Finally, he asked, “It seems like you don’t get along well with Dr. Yu. A private doctor in a regular family shouldn’t be so confrontational with the employer.”


“Did you offend him?” After comparing the two, one being Tang Xiyan, who spoke without thinking, and the other being the seemingly cold and refined doctor, Qu Di thought that Dr. Yu must have been driven to this by Tang Xiyan.


With a disapproving look, Tang Xiyan immediately spilled the beans about Dr. Yu: “Don’t be fooled by his appearance; he’s actually a star chaser! His home is covered with posters, and he buys merchandise every day. He’s the kind of ‘beta’ who shouts ‘hubby’ at pictures of his idol on the computer!”


“… Really?” Qu Di clearly didn’t believe it. Couldn’t you come up with a more believable lie?


“Hey, what kind of look is that? Why would I lie to you? He lives next door to me, and he started idolizing stars since he was a child. Later, he became a doctor and toned it down.”


“I thought you and he had such a falling out because he’s petty! He must have lost his brain in his mother’s womb!”


“What did you do?”


Tang Xiyan grumbled, “I didn’t do much. When we were in college, he liked Luna, the pure and innocent female star of that time. You know, right?”


“I know.” After starring in a time-travel drama, she became popular, but her career didn’t take off afterward. Her resources were limited, and her acting skills were subpar, so she gradually faded from the A-list.


“I told him that Luna’s personal life was chaotic, and he was downcast for weeks. Then he fell in love with a young idol group called Once, always shipping them and losing his mind. He would inexplicably burst into laughter while reading medical books. Ha-ha-ha, really like a brain-damaged patient!”


“Cough, then I told him that the group members fought for resources every day and wouldn’t speak to each other off-camera. They even wanted to twist each other’s necks. Finally, two years ago, he became infatuated with Zhou Zhou, that seemingly super-A aloof Omega…”


At this point, Tang Xiyan suddenly stopped, and his gaze became evasive.


“Go on!” Gossip mongers hated it when someone told only half of the story.


“Well, that guy, behind the scenes… He seemed interested in me




Tang Xiyan was still annoyed when talking about this, but he couldn’t bring himself to say that an Omega had touched his butt.


“Touched what?” Qu Di accurately seized the key point. If someone likes you, you don’t have to beat them up, do you?


Tang Xiyan’s gaze flickered. “He didn’t touch anything. I misspoke. In the end, I just gave him a beating and sent him straight to the hospital. Damn it!”


Qu Di knew about this incident. It had made headlines for a whole week, causing a big stir. Legally, assaulting an Omega as a non-Alpha was a serious civil offense. Initially, everyone condemned Tang Xiyan for not being an Alpha and even breaking an Omega’s arm, even saying he should be sent to prison.


However, unexpectedly, someone later revealed that Tang Xiyan had also been hospitalized and that it was actually Zhou Zhou who had acted first. Plus, Zhou Zhou had publicly apologized on social media, waived the chance to hold Tang Xiyan responsible, and announced his retirement. After that, public opinion shifted, and everyone sided with Tang Xiyan. That’s when things settled down.


Now, it seemed that the situation wasn’t as simple as it had appeared.


Tang Xiyan didn’t reveal one thing: he had been sent to the hospital not by Zhou Zhou but by his older brother. He dared not retaliate, and at the time, he felt quite wronged. He had been harassed, but his brother still wanted to beat him up and had sent him to the hospital. The next day, public opinion shifted in his favor, and he knew it was probably because of his brother.


After hearing the whole story, Qu Di seemed to understand. Repeatedly tarnishing the image of one’s idols would undoubtedly make their fans angry, and Dr. Yu had clearly not had any luck with Tang Xiyan ruining things behind the scenes.


Qu Di greeted the director, and they didn’t have any more scenes with Tang Xiyan to shoot that day. They returned to the hotel, but at the entrance, they ran into Shu Yi and his assistant, Zheng Siyi, who were also returning.


Shu Yi walked over to them, and they entered together. “How are you feeling? Are you better now?”


“It’s nothing serious. I can go home tomorrow.”


“Don’t push yourself too hard. We can shoot scenes without you for now.”


Tang Xiyan seized the opportunity to change the topic. “Weren’t you supposed to shoot two more scenes? Why is it ending so soon?”


Based on the previous schedule, he thought they’d be filming until late at night.


Shu Yi sighed, saying, “There’s been a problem. Wen Gu and Yang Ji had a conflict, and the director had no choice but to stop filming and let them cool down. We’ll continue tomorrow.”


“Yang Ji?” He actually dared to clash with Wen Gu. Everyone in the industry knew that, although Wen Gu had a good temper, he was strict about acting and often made his co-stars cry. He was scarier than the director.


“One scene just couldn’t satisfy Wen Gu, and they’ve already redone it nearly ten times. Wen Gu got angry and walked off the set.”


“The past few days went smoothly, didn’t they?” There was just one scene, but it was highly rated, and they got it right on the first take.


Shu Yi pointed out the issue, “The previous scenes were easy to act, like daily life. It was easy to do well. But this scene focuses on emotional expression and progression, and Yang Ji’s acting is too superficial. He doesn’t see the depth of the character. Those who understand acting can tell that he doesn’t grasp it.”


After Shu Yi said this, he noticed Qu Di was quite interested, listening intently. He joked, “You seem quite interested. Do you want to learn acting too?”


Under Shu Yi’s deep gaze, Qu Di’s face felt hot. “Shu Yi, please don’t tease me. I… I was just thinking.”


“Oh, really?” Shu Yi seemed to be thinking about something, and he glanced at Qu Di thoughtfully, then returned to his normal self and bid them farewell.

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