Chapter 13


The next day, they didn’t continue with the previous day’s filming. Instead, they focused on Tang Xiyan and Wen Gu’s scenes. Qu Di noticed that Yang Ji didn’t show up.


Yang Ji’s assistant did come for a moment but left after talking to the director. 


Due to Tang Xiyan’s injury, the director rescheduled his bedridden scene. He just had to wear a white coat and lie under a blanket while Wen Gu delivered his lines.


This scene took place indoors, and Qu Di, along with others, watched from outside. Shu Yi was dressed in costume and stood nearby with a small fan in his hand.


Qu Di discreetly created some distance between them. Shu Yi seemed oblivious to this and started a conversation.


“I heard you’re not from Y City.”


“Well, I’m from P City,” Qu Di replied.


“P City has the sea, right? I went there a couple of years ago for an ad shoot. It’s really beautiful, and the air is good. By the way, you must be great at swimming since you’ve lived by the sea.”


Qu Di blushed a bit and admitted, “Actually… I don’t know how to swim.”


“Oh?” Shu Yi looked surprised, then laughed, saying, “I thought people who lived by the sea would definitely know how to swim.”


“I didn’t grow up there, and I’ve never been to the seaside. I… uh… I lived in the mountains when I was a kid. I only moved to P City with my mother when I was a bit older.”


“I see.” Seemingly understanding that Qu Di wasn’t very interested in this topic, Shu Yi changed the subject. “So, did you graduate from Rong University? There aren’t many options for universities related to this field in P City.”


“Yes, I studied screenwriting at the university.”


Shu Yi glanced at Tang Xiyan in the distance and asked, “Then why did you become an assistant? From what I know, most screenwriting graduates either study abroad after graduation to improve their credentials or use connections to get into the industry directly.”


Qu Di didn’t avoid the topic and said, “People say that graduating equals unemployment. Right after graduation, it’s a bit tough to find work in screenwriting. So, I thought I could learn and gain some experience as an assistant. It might help in the future.”


That was the truth. In the current industry, without connections, even if you had exceptional talent, it was challenging to get recognized.


Shu Yi pondered for a moment and said, “If you don’t mind, you can show me your scripts. I’ve been in the industry for many years, and I can give you some feedback. And… if it’s suitable, I might be able to help you find an investor.”


Qu Di couldn’t believe his ears. He was about to grab Shu Yi’s sleeve but thought better of it, considering Shu Yi’s expensive outfit. He asked, somewhat hesitantly, “Is that for real? But… wouldn’t it be a bit troublesome for you?”


After all, they were on vastly different levels in the industry. Qu Di was just an ordinary assistant.


“It’s just a small favor, and right now, the market is so frenzied. Good scripts are too rare, and I don’t want to see good scripts buried. Plus, if you succeed in the future, just remember to look me up.”


“Are you serious?” Qu Di was a bit incredulous. He was aware that, even if his work was adapted into a film or series, he might not be able to afford someone of Shu Yi’s caliber.


Shu Yi gave him a serious look and spoke with a low, emotional tone, “I’m not joking. If it’s your script, I genuinely want to be a part of it.”


Qu Di was taken aback and couldn’t help but feel moved. He even felt Shu Yi’s hand on top of his head, patting him twice, as Shu Yi’s magnetic voice softly whispered, “Consider this my reward.”


He stood frozen in place, unable to comprehend what this meant. He didn’t have the confidence to tell himself that Shuyi had taken an interest in him.


“What are you staring at?!” Tang Xiyan took the small fan from his hand and only then realized it was out of battery. “Tsk, didn’t you charge it last night?”


“What?” Qu Di snapped back to reality, checking the fan, and indeed, it was out of power.


“I think I forgot… There were too many things last night, and the hotel has spares. Shall I go back and get one now?”


“Forget it, I’m not that fussy.” He grabbed a big bottle of water. “What were you thinking just now? I called you several times, and you didn’t respond.”




Tang Xiyan looked at his slightly flushed ears and muttered, “Why do you look like you’re in heat?”


He often used crude words like these, but this time, it seemed like he had poured gasoline on a fire in his heart. Qu Di, acting out of character, gave his arm a punch. “Stop saying nonsense, I’m just… a little hot.”


He didn’t know that this reaction, which seemed rather suspicious, actually diverted Tang Xiyan’s attention. 


“You hit me so lightly. Haha, not even as strong as some Omega I’ve seen before! Need me to teach you a thing or two?” He began playfully throwing punches.


“You need to put more effort into it; otherwise, how can you hurt someone? Hey! Are you even listening to me?”




Thanks to his intervention, Qu Di’s thoughts were extinguished by his silliness, and he looked at him with a perplexed expression.




Tang Xiyan might have touched on the wound on his back, which made him stop.


“I told you not to move.” Qu Di tugged at Tang Xiyan’s clothes, trying to see his wound, but Tang Xiyan clutched his collar tightly.


“There are so many people here! Do you have to lift my clothes?”


“I just wanted to check the wound.”


“I know it myself, I’m fine!”


Just as he said that, someone passing by calmly said, “You’re bleeding.”


Tang Xiyan: …


All the ointment provided by Yu Zhiyuan had been given to Tang Xiyan. He had promised to take his medicine and apply it on time, but the reality seemed to be different.


Tang Xiyan argued, “How can I reach my back to apply the ointment? Are you out of your mind?”


“You can call me. Didn’t I tell you to contact me if you need anything?” They both lived in the same hotel, so it was convenient. “If that’s not possible, you can ask the people in the next room for help.”


Tang Xiyan suddenly asked him as if he had heard a joke, “Are you serious?”


His neighbor was the prominent figure in the entertainment industry, a big brother, and the next one was Yang Ji, whom he didn’t get along with. And beyond that was Wen Gu, an Omega. It didn’t seem appropriate at all.


Qu Di had forgotten that they weren’t in their college dorms anymore, and they had just started getting to know each other. It wasn’t easy to ask someone to come over in the middle of the night to apply ointment.


“What about your medicine?”


Tang Xiyan honestly said, “I didn’t bring it.”


“… Such artists are really worrisome.”


“Did you take your medicine?” Dr. Yu specifically mentioned that he had to take the anti-inflammatory drugs, or he would have problems with inflammation.


“I did.”


Next, Tang Xiyan had another scene to shoot, and the hotel wasn’t too far from the set. Qu Di took his room key card and went back to fetch it for him. He quickly arrived at the hotel, greeted the receptionist, and headed straight to the 53rd floor. Wen Gu was in room 5315, while Tang Xiyan was in 5316.


When Qu Di passed by Wen Gu’s room, he noticed that the door wasn’t properly closed; it was slightly ajar. He knocked on the door and called out, “Is anyone there?”


However, there was no response from inside. He was about to close the door when a cleaning lady stepped out of Tang Xiyan’s room. It seemed like Tang Xiyan had ordered room service, but both of them were startled.


Qu Di smiled at her, nodded, and closed the door on his way out. The cleaning lady pushed her cart away, and when she turned the corner, she glanced back at Qu Di, who had used his key card to enter the room. She didn’t ask any questions; after all, she was accustomed to seeing various assistants and managers accompanying big celebrities.


Tang Xiyan had invited Wen Gu and Shuyi to have dinner with him today, and he suggested, “I saw a nearby Hai Di Lao 1A very famous hotpot branch restaurant! restaurant. How about I treat you to some takeaway hot pot? We can have it in my room.”


It had been a while since he had finished shooting so early. Tang Xiyan was excited to order takeaway, and he and Qu Di began making selections. Fifteen minutes later, Qu Di glanced at the total, and he had ordered nearly a thousand yuan worth of food…


He advised him, “Don’t eat too much tonight.” The food here was quite expensive…


“We are three men plus a female beta. This little food won’t even fill the gaps between our teeth!”

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