Chapter 16


This post vividly describes a beta consumed by materialism and vanity. It reveals that Qu Di, while in college, shamelessly pursued an Alpha who eventually became his partner.


The article explains that during their time together, Qu Di constantly compared his boyfriend with others, openly cheated, and often made his boyfriend spend money on luxury items. Their living expenses were also covered by this Alpha.


Three years later, as graduation approached, Qu Di began to consider his future. To secure a life supported by a wealthy Alpha, he decisively broke up with his boyfriend, announced their separation, and later tried to reconcile when he couldn’t find another Alpha. He then applied for a job as Xi Yan’s assistant.


Tang Tang Tang Xiao: This is disgusting. Are all betas like this nowadays? They don’t even consider what they themselves are and yet expect Alphas and Omegas to be interested in them.


Life is Meat: So much gender discrimination, is it interesting? Which industry doesn’t rely on betas nowadays? You folks who only go into heat, even if there were no betas, you noble Alphas and Omegas could live on your own.


Today I Crave Hot Pot: Isn’t anyone curious about who his ex-boyfriend is? This is so miserable.


Three Four Five Is Me: I feel like this gossip will entertain us for a long time. Patiently waiting.


Skeleton Flower: Is this Qu Di a mess? Shamelessly clinging to Alphas whenever he sees one. I’d kick him back to his ancestors with one swift kick and tell him to go dance at his family’s grave. Such a disgrace and he still wants our Xi Yan.


Half Sugar No Ice: Sisters, speak more if you can. We could even publish a book.


Is Qu Di Dead Today: I like you, hot-tempered elder sister.


Reborn Pancake Vendor: A person who’s been thoroughly messed with, really thinks highly of himself.


Milk Macchiato: I recommend the death penalty for people like this. Even if he doesn’t die, we salty fish won’t let him off.


Mao Jing Jing Loves Dancing: Add our Shu Fei Lei to the list. He caused trouble for our Shu Yi before, and while we’re laid-back, we’re not without a temper.


Bring Another Bottle of Wahaha: This time he’s done for. He’s angered Shu Yi, Xi Yan, and Weng Gu’s three fandoms. Spectators, get ready for the fight!


Unicode: Is this even a person? Categorized as harmful waste in waste sorting and it’s an insult to harmful waste.


No Kissing Allowed: He’s mastered this very well.


A Bunch of Short Stories: Don’t you find it strange? They haven’t released the investigation results, but you’re all making a fuss. Pretty impressive to jump to conclusions without evidence.


Mosquito Sucking My Fat: Isn’t the one above a friend of Qu Di’s? He’s been in there for so long, and if there was nothing, they would’ve released him already. Do you see anyone daring to bail him out?



After one night, public opinion had mostly aligned. No one doubted that Qu Di was the culprit.


Videos of people throwing stones at Qu Di’s parents’ house in protest were posted online. Some reported his stepfather for improper conduct. Some of his friends also faced media harassment.


For those many, this was just a topic of conversation, occasionally making a fuss for the sake of justice. For the fans, it was a “battle for their idol.”


Tang Xiyan lay in bed, nearly tearing his hair out as she read the unbearable comments, and there were even fans among them.


He glanced at Qu Fei, who was looking at his phone on the side. He wanted to quietly say something to Qu Di, but found that he couldn’t log into his account.


Qu Fei coldly said, “I changed your password. Give up, I’ll take care of it until this is over.”


Tang Xiyan threw his phone on the bed and confronted him, “Don’t you like him? Do you really believe he did this?”


“Irrelevant if I believe it or not. The key is that the public’s opinion is against him. This won’t end easily. I admired him as an assistant before. You have to remember, he’s just a small assistant, replaceable at any time. I won’t let him ruin you.”


“You…” Tang Xiyan wanted to say something but found herself unable to utter a word. After all these years, he wasn’t the hot-blooded child she used to be; this world was inherently unfair.


“Pack up, and we’ll go back tomorrow.”


Due to the damage to the crew’s morale, Tang Chao decided to postpone the production until this matter was resolved. Everyone knew this wouldn’t last long.


Qu Di spent two days in detention. He was taken out for questioning five times. He went from initially defending himself to later falling silent. They just wanted to find someone to blame, and who it was didn’t matter. They got him involved.


He huddled in a corner of the room, staring blankly at his feet. He hadn’t eaten in two days, his stomach starting to ache. He didn’t know how long he could hold on, worried he might give up.


The door opened again, the same officer came in and said, “Come out.”


Qu Di slowly lifted his head, thinking they were taking him again. He was so tired, but he managed to stand, only to find out they were letting him go.


He stood there, incredulous. “You’re releasing… me?”


“Yes, someone came forward to bail you out. I don’t know who it was, but our chief agreed to it.”




“But it might be better to stay inside.” The officer sympathetically looked at him. There were many fans outside the police station, all demanding justice. They had blocked the entrance, causing a major headache.


To avoid unnecessary commotion, they arranged for Qu Di to leave through the back door. A car was waiting for him there.


Qu Di didn’t expect that someone would bail him out. He stood bewildered at the back door. The car was parked in front of him, and the window rolled down, revealing Zheng Siyi, who gave him a meaningful look. “Get in.”


He got into the car, still feeling dazed. He had been out of sorts for the past few days, and he had barely slept. Now, all he wanted was a good rest. Everything else could wait.


He slept straight through from 11 in the morning until 9 in the evening. He didn’t even realize how he got out of the car.


He stared at the ceiling for a while, then realized he wasn’t at home. He sat up abruptly, but his head throbbed, his temples pounding with an intense urge to vomit. He covered his mouth and rushed to the bathroom, but due to his unfamiliarity with the surroundings, he accidentally kicked the laundry basket at the bathroom door.


He didn’t have time to think about it and went straight to the bathroom to vomit. He hadn’t eaten for two days, so he could only bring up a bit of sour water. His throat was burning from stomach acid. Despite that, he felt much better.


Upstairs, Shu Yi heard the noise, turned on the light, and saw Qu Di sitting by the toilet, his face not looking too good.


“Shu Yi?” Qu Di tried to stand up, but he was so weak from fasting for so long that he stumbled and lunged forward, and Shu Yi took a couple of steps forward to catch him.


“Be careful.”


“Thank you…” Qu Di didn’t know who had bailed him out. He had been so weak and hadn’t eaten for two days, and he couldn’t figure out how he got here.


Shu Yi grabbed a bowl of congee that had been prepared downstairs and brought it to him. He put the bowl and two small dishes on the bedside table and handed him the congee. “Have some. It’ll help settle your stomach. We’ll make something more delicious for you tomorrow.”


Qu Di held the steaming bowl of congee and, after what seemed like an eternity, said, “Was it you… who bailed me out?”


Shu Yi gave him a smile and said, “Yes, I was worried about you in there.”


“But… this matter, if you intervene…” If the outside world found out, they might throw mud at Shu Yi.


“I followed the proper procedure to bail you out. They can’t say anything.”


“But…” Qu Di still had some doubts. He had been so sure that there was no way they would let him out.


However, before he could think further, Shu Yi took his empty bowl and said, “You’re full now, aren’t you? If you’re not, there’s more downstairs.”


“I’m fine, thank you.” Strangely, after not eating for so long, he could barely eat.


“In that case, rest a bit more. We can talk about everything tomorrow.” Shu Yi went to the door but then turned back to remind him, “Your phone is in the top drawer.”


Shu Yi, after tidying everything up, called his brother-in-law, Lu Huayan.


“By the way, how’s it going with the case?”


“It’s been investigated, and I had them disclose the information to the police. We should have results soon.”


“Thanks, we’ll treat you to a meal next time.”


“Thank you, we’ll do it another time.”


“Ah, Yi!” Lu Huayan called him.


Shu Yi leaned against the kitchen refrigerator, looking upstairs at the room where Qu Di was sleeping. There were clearly mixed emotions in his eyes. “I know what you want to say, but you also know my answer.”


“After all, you’re Shu Man’s brother…” He couldn’t just stand by.


Hearing Shu Man’s name, Shu Yi’s eyes turned cold, and his grip on the phone tightened gradually. His tone seemed to restrain his anger. “It’s because I’m her brother that I can’t let him go!”


“If you really want to deal with him, why did you help him this time? Letting this situation unfold, that beta won’t have a good outcome. Ruined reputation and imprisonment isn’t enough?”


Suddenly, Shu Yi smiled, not like his usual warm and gentle smile. It was a cold and mocking smile. “Crushing something that’s within his grasp right in front of him, isn’t that even more despairing? I want him to never have a chance to turn things around. I want him to become a handful of mud underfoot, ready for anyone to step on!”

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