Chapter 37

        When Wen Lin left, Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang didn’t say anything more. One went to the bathroom and one went back to the award hall.

  When Wen Lin saw Wen Jianing return, he obviously hadn’t recovered from the shock and stared at Wen Jianing with wide eyes.

  Wen Jianing patted him on the shoulder.

  Wen Lin couldn’t hold back, and approached Wen Jianing and asked in a low voice, “Aren’t you angry when he talks about you like that?” In Wen Lin’s view, Lu Jinlang’s movements and words were too frivolous, and even a bit insulting.

  Wen Jianing smiled and said to him, “It’s nothing, just a joke.”

  The award ceremony was still going on, but it had nothing to do with them. This time, Wen Jianing felt that he had become a real audience and would not have that kind of excited anticipation.

  In the middle of the ceremony, the guest performers invited by the organizing committee came to the stage and sang two songs. It was from a very popular and powerful group recently. The sound was loud and the songs were passionate, which set off a small climax in the award ceremony.

       Generally speaking, there was nothing too unexpected about this year’s Academy Awards. Before the award ceremony, many media made predictions one after another, and the final result was almost the same as the general direction of the prediction.

  The best actor goes to a veteran actor who has acted in movies for many years but had not won the little golden man. The best actress was a young actress who was only twenty-six this year, young and beautiful, with unlimited possibilities.

        By this time, the awards ceremony, which lasted for nearly three hours, was reaching the end.

  At this time, the host came on stage and announced that there was a special achievement award to be presented to a special guest tonight, and invited Lu Jinlang and Zhan Yi, who were the guests of honour, to come on stage to present the award.

  Zhan Yi was the female lead of ‘Duel’. She played Wen Jianing’s girlfriend who was pregnant and killed by Yu Fenglin, played by Lu Jinlang in the movie. Although she was the female lead, this movie was actually a man’s drama, and Zhan Yi’s role was not critical.

       When he saw the two of them on stage, Wen Jianing suddenly understood for whom this special achievement award was prepared.

  Sure enough, Lu Jinlang and Zhan Yi announced that the winner of the Special Achievement Award was Wen Jianing, and then the host invited Wen Jianing’s mother, Wen Cuilan to the stage to receive the award.

  Wen Cuilan burst into tears uncontrollably and thanked the Organizing Committee and all his friends and fans on behalf of Wen Jianing.

  At this time, the whole audience stood up and applauded, and so the host announced that the Academy Award ceremony was officially over.

  Wen Jianing followed and stood up to applaud, but all his thoughts were on Wen Cuilan, who was crying on the awards platform above.

       The time just after the ceremony was the most chaotic, the award-winning stars had to go to the reception hall outside to be interviewed by reporters, while some others were either going to the celebration banquet after the award ceremony or going back by car. All the people in the whole venue were vacating the hall.

  Wen Jianing walked outside in a hurry, and Yi Nan grabbed his arm and missed, asking, “Where are you rushing to?”

  He shook his head and didn’t answer. He just wanted to see Wen Cuilan.

  When he saw Wen Cuilan so sad, Wen Jianing suddenly wondered whether his thoughts were wrong. Even with a new husband, the existence of a son should be irreplaceable for a woman. Since he was still alive, he should let his mother know, at least to make her less sad.

       Wen Cuilan would not attend the press conference, nor she would go to the celebration banquet. She was going to go straight to the special passage, and then leave by car.

  Wen Jianing knew where the passage was, so he hurried to that direction.

  The corridor seemed a bit crowded at this time. He was the only one who moved hastily, causing many people next to him to look at him.

  When he saw Wen Cuilan, Wen Cuilan was already standing at the exit of the passage. A car stopped in front of her, waiting for her to get in.

  It was her foreigner husband who drove, and there was a white girl in the back seat, the daughter of her husband and ex-wife.

  Wen Cuilan got into the car. The girl hugged the back of the chair and leaned her head to talk to her. Her husband hugged her for comfort, and Wen Cuilan finally showed a smile on her face.

       Wen Jianing just stood there and didn’t go over until the car drove away. Now he felt he shouldn’t mess around so much, at least not at this time.

  Many people came from behind him, waiting for vehicles to leave at the exit of the passage.

  Wen Jianing stood in the same place for a long time, and he took out his mobile phone and found several missed calls on the phone that had been muted before the opening, from Wen Lin and Wen Tinghuan.

        He called Wen Tinghuan back, and she hurriedly asked him where he was.

  Wen Jianing said the place, and soon the car drove over to pick him up.

  As she saw Wen Jianing getting in the car, Wen Tinghuan asked, “What the hell are you doing?”

  Wen Jianing shook his head.

       Seeing his somewhat disoriented appearance, Wen Tinghuan turned her head and asked Wen Lin and Yi Nan, “What happened to him?”

  Wen Lin and Yi Nan were both at a loss.

  However, Wen Lin remembered what happened to Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang outside the bathroom at that time. He gave a soft “Ah” and thought that there was something wrong between Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang, but when he saw Wen Tinghuan looking at him, he closed his mouth and shook his head.

       Wen Tinghuan didn’t ask any more questions, and said, “Manager Bai has already gone to the dinner party. We’ll go there now.”

  When she saw Wen Jianing still dispirited, Wen Tinghuan patted him on the shoulder, “Xinhang, don’t forget what you said to Zheng laoshi, cheer up!”

  Wen Jianing nodded.

  The address of the celebration banquet of the Academy Award ceremony was in the banquet hall of a five-star hotel very close to the award hall.

  After Bai Shengzhe arrived first. He waited for them to come before entering together with them.

  Wen Jianing saw Lu Jinlang as soon as he entered the lobby. He was standing with Zhan Yi to talk. Neither of them won any prizes this year, nor did they need to attend the press conference. They came here early as soon as the awards ceremony ended.

  There were so many astounding stars here like it was at the awards ceremony. Of course, in addition to the stars, there were many other well-known filmmakers and a large number of big bosses in the entertainment industry.

       The atmosphere was warm and peaceful, with people talking and laughing everywhere. It seemed that the entertainment circle was actually a small circle, where everyone knows each other and knows them well.

  Lu Jinlang had been surrounded by people to talk and clink glasses. He was calm and polite, and he always listened to others carefully.  He only took the time to look at Wen Jianing but did not come over.

  After Bai Shengzhe walked away from them, Wen Lin seemed a little uncomfortable, and Yi Nan didn’t seem to like these parties. He went to the table, took a glass of red wine and drank it alone.

        Bai Shengzhe beckoned Yi Nan to come over.

  And so only Wen Lin and Wen Jianing were left.

  Wen Lin looked around and said, “Is there a place to get some air?”

  Wen Jianing pointed to the stairs. There was a big terrace between the first floor and the second floor.

        Wen Lin walked in that direction upon hearing this.

  Wen Jianing wanted to tell him not to hurry to hide, but he didn’t stop Wen Lin. Because Wen Lin was already impatiently heading towards the terrace.

       He was feeling a little helpless, but there was no way to stop Wen Lin. Wen Jianing glanced around and saw Fang Wei who was talking to Li Jiazhen. He picked up a glass of red wine and walked in Fang Wei’s direction.

  Fang Wei obviously still remembered Wen Jianing. When he saw him, he smiled and greeted him, “Xinhang.”

  “Director Fang,” Wen Jianing respectfully toasted Fang Wei.

        Wen Jianing asked Fang Wei about the progress of ‘October Fireworks’. Fang Wei was obviously in a good mood when talking about the movie, and he pulled Li Jiazhen to talk with Wen Jianing in detail. Soon, there were a few more people around them. Naturally, they all came for Fang Wei.

  Fang Wei suddenly grabbed a short and plumpy middle-aged man and said, “Old Cao, didn’t you ask me to recommend someone to you? Come on, this is Ke Xinhang. I think he meets your requirements. Think about it.”

  The full name of the middle-aged man that Fang Wei called ‘Old Cao’ was Cao Songquan. He was a director who has filmed many comedies. He was an old partner with a producer in the circle, making a comedy film every two years, which was a blockbuster filled with so many stars.

        Cao Songquan looked at Wen Jianing, but asked Fang Wei, “You recommend him?”

  Fang Wei nodded, “I recommend him.”

  Cao Songquan said, “Okay, if you recommend it, it’s fine, I’ll take it!”

       Although Cao Songquan said so, it sounded more like a casual joke between friends to Wen Jianing, so he didn’t take it too seriously. He just respectfully toasted Cao Songquan a glass of wine, and then left silently when he saw that Fang Wei was engaging in small talks with others.

  The whole banquet hall was getting more and more people, since the award-winning actors rushed to the celebration banquet after being interviewed, and became the main spotlight of the banquet. Especially when the new Film Emperor and Queen came to the banquet hall, people’s attention was drawn to them.

  Wen Jianing turned to look for Lu Jinlang but found that he couldn’t find him, and he didn’t know if he went to the bathroom.

  After standing in place for a while, Wen Jianing planned to find Wen Lin, because until now, Wen Lin was still hiding on the terrace above and refused to come back. He also considered tonight’s trip to be in vain.

  Wen Jianing walked along the stairs towards the terrace, and when he got closer, he found that the two doors that were originally open were actually slightly closed at the moment. He thought that Wen Lin was inside, so he glanced into the crack of the door and saw Yuan Qian and Yan Ruowei standing on the terrace talking face to face.

  Slightly surprised, Wen Jianing simultaneously heard Yuan Qian’s angry curses, “Shameless!”

        Yan Ruowei turned his head and said, “Miss Yuan, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

  Yuan Qian repeatedly vented her anger, and she said, “I said you’re shameless! Being a man yet you are giving in to another man!”

        Yan Ruowei said, “I think you might have misunderstood something…”

  Slap!’ Before he finished his words, Yuan Qian slapped him in the face. She was obviously slapping so hard that Yan Ruowei’s head even tilted.

  Yuan Qian said bitterly, “Are you crazy about being popular? What do you want from Li Rong? You think I don’t know? Li Rong is just playing with you! Don’t be so delusional!”

  Yan Ruowei looked at Yuan Qian, suppressed his anger and did not do anything to her. He said, “I said you misunderstood!”

       Yuan Qian didn’t believe him at all, she suddenly reached out and grabbed Yan Ruowei’s clothes, constantly cursing words like “shameless” and “disgusting”.

  Yan Ruowei was obviously very patient, and grabbed Yuan Qian’s hand to let her let her go, but it was not possible to say whether it would strike Yuan Qian’s hands.

  When he saw this, Wen Jianing turned back and looked down the stairs and found Li Rong in the crowd.

  Li Rong leaned back against the wall and drank wine casually. He was a little absent-minded when several young actresses next to him were talking to him.

  Wen Jianing hurriedly went downstairs, walked quickly in the direction of Li Rong, grabbed Li Rong’s wrist and said, “Come with me.”

  Li Rong was a little baffled.

       Wen Jianing could no longer care about the strange look of the people next to him. While pulling Li Rong out of the crowd, he whispered to him, “Your girlfriend is dealing with Yan Ruowei, I’m afraid they’re making a big noise.”

  Li Rong immediately frowned and followed Wen Jianing quickly up the stairs. He rushed to open the door of the terrace and saw Yuan Qian already grabbing Yan Ruowei’s face and hair.

        Yan Ruowei’s face was scratched, but he still restrained himself and didn’t hit Yuan Qian.

  Li Rong stepped forward and hugged Yuan Qian to drag her away from Yan Ruowei. Wen Jianing followed behind and closed the door back.

        Yuan Qian was still so hysterical that he turned around and slapped Li Rong in the face.

  After doing that, she herself was stunned. She took a deep breath and said nothing.

  With a cold face, Li Rong asked, “Have you had enough?”

       Yan Ruowei looked at Li Rong, raised his hand to touch the wound on his face, and then looked at Wen Jianing behind Li Rong.

       Wen Jianing saw that the atmosphere was a little tense, he wanted to persuade Li Rong to take Yuan Qian away first, but before he had a chance to speak, he heard Li Rong yell, “Who is that? Get out!”

  Several people were taken aback.

  Then Wen Jianing saw Wen Lin cautiously come out from behind a big vase. He didn’t mean to hear it on purpose. He also felt very flustered.

       He just heard someone coming. In order to avoid talking with others, he wanted to hide behind the vase. However, he didn’t expect Yuan Qian and Yan Ruowei to quarrel as soon as they came inside. When he heard the content of the quarrel, there was no way to go out even more.

        Li Rong didn’t know Wen Lin, so he looked at him coldly.

  Wen Jianing quickly said to Li Rong, “He is my friend. He won’t talk nonsense.”

  Li Rong turned to Wen Jianing and said, “Thank you, I will take her away first.” After saying that, he dragged Yuan Qian away by the wrist.

        Wen Jianing, Wen Lin and Yan Ruowei were left in the room.

  Wen Jianing looked at Wen Lin and raised his jaw to signal him to leave.

  However, Yan Ruowei suddenly said, “Do you think Lu Jinlang loves you?”

        Wen Lin suddenly stopped, and Wen Jianing also looked at Yan Ruowei.

  Yan Ruowei still had bloodstains on his face and the corners of his mouth were swollen. He looks a little miserable. He then said, “Don’t be naive, that’s just an illusion, Lu Jinlang loves no one but himself.”

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