Chapter 40

       After Wen Jianing repeatedly teased Lu Jinlang a few times, Lu Jinlang reached out his hand to clasp his head and kissed him heavily.

       He put his arms around Lu Jinlang’s head and deepened his kiss. At the same time, his legs naturally parted to kneel on the edge of the bed.

       Lu Jinlang pinched Wen Jianing’s ass with his hands.

       He began to pant as he sat on Lu Jinlang’s lap, and the lower part of his body pressed close to him.

      They’ve reached this point, so the two of them had sex with each other before eating dinner to mark the beginning of their cohabitation.

       This time Lu Jinlang didn’t wear a condom.

       Wen Jianing was a little bit hesitant at first, but then it occurred to him that their private lives were very clean, and there seemed to be no problem.

       It was just that it was troublesome to clean up afterwards.

       Wen Jianing came out of the shower, and Lu Jinlang was already cooking in the kitchen.

       Today, he cooked Chinese food, fried two small dishes and boiled a soup. It was simple yet exquisite.

       During the meal, Wen Jianing felt a little hungry and couldn’t help but eat two more bowls. After the meal, Lu Jinlang still took the bowl and went to the kitchen to wash it.

       Wen Jianing felt a little embarrassed and said to Lu Jinlang, “Let me do the dishes.”

       But Lu Jinlang smiled and said, “It’s fine.”

       Starlight TV continued to broadcast ‘The Strange Fate of Hairpin and Phoenix’ at the pace of one episode a day. In the evening, Wen Jianing sat on the sofa and read a book, but Lu Jinlang watched his TV series with great interest.

       Wen Jianing in historical costume looked very handsome. In fact, if it was just based on Wen Jianing’s appearance, Xiao Zongyan’s cunning and insidious character were not suitable for him, but his acting skills have portrayed this character on point.

       There was a poll on the internet about the TV series, asking which character felt the closest to the original work. As a result, Wen Jianing’s Xiao Zongyan was far ahead. This similarity did not come from the similarity in appearance, but it dawned on them after watching his performance, oh, the original Xiao Zongyan was like this, and not the original one they thought he was.

       At the moment, the TV series was still playing the first few episodes. Xiao Zongyan was nothing but a playboy prince who was known to be a pest in the capital. Xiao Zongyan was fighting insects and catching birds all the time, making the whole palace restless. He acted in most of the scenes with  Yuan Qian as Ling Zhener and Wen Lin as Xiao Zongyi.

       Wen Lin couldn’t act properly for the first time, but fortunately, Xiao Zongyi was originally an introverted person. The character’s joy and anger was not visible, making Wen Lin’s lack of acting skill less apparent. However, Ling Zhener was a lively character by nature, and due to Yuan Qian’s limited expressive power, she failed to portray the character’s character well. Many people commented on the Internet that she was a stiff person, especially when she was with Xiao Zongyan.

       However, all kinds of comments on the Internet, whether they were praise or insults, couldn’t stop the rhythm of the show’s popularity at all.

       In order to facilitate the publicity of the TV series, Wen Tinghuan helped Wen Jianing to register on Weibo in the name of Ke Xinhang, but Wen Jianing was not willing to explore Weibo. He went to see Wen Jianing’s Weibo in the past. The last message was sent by his agent announcing his death. He predicted that the password hadn’t changed, but he didn’t dare to go up again.

       As for Ke Xinhang’s Weibo, in addition to forwarding TV series promotions, he didn’t post any private status, but it still attracted many people’s attention instantly. Every time he reposted on Weibo, it will receive a large number of comments and reposts.

       Wen Jianing felt another form of great popularity, which was different from the past when he slowly settled and finally gained the recognition of the audience. This time it was an overnight hit. It was more the worship and admiration of young girls, instead of the recognition of his acting skills.

       During this period, Wen Jianing and Wen Lin recorded another entertainment show to promote the TV series.

       This time it was a talk show. Wen Jianing and Wen Lin sat on a comfortable sofa and chatted with the host in a relaxed tone.

       Because Wen Lin was relatively silent, Wen Jianing had to take up most of the topics.

       The host asked him, “Do you have anything to say about starting out as a singer, but becoming popular after becoming an actor?”

       Wen Jianing smiled and said, “When I participated in the competition before, Mr. Lu Jinlang, who was a judge at the time, said that my acting skills were good. Later, I thought, maybe I was more suitable for acting.”

       The audience laughed warmly.

       The host also smiled and asked, “Didn’t you feel at the time that this statement was a blow to you?”

       Wen Jianing said, “Sometimes a blow is also an incentive, and now is it not also confirmed that what Mr. Lu Jinlang said is right?”

       For some questions about the TV series, the host decided to mention the rumours about their disagreement with Yuan Qian during the recording of the entertainment show.

       Wen Jianing said, “We and Ms. Yuan Qian are not in disagreement. We were very happy during the filming. The relationship between the crew is also very good. We usually go out to eat or eat together when we have nothing to do.”

       The host asked him, “Then what do you think of Yuan Qian?”

       Wen Jianing said, “A very simple and beautiful girl.”

       Hearing that he didn’t comment on Yuan Qian’s acting skills, the host did not follow up and asked Wen Jianing and Wen Lin respectively, “Now since the ratings of ‘The Strange Fate of Hairpin and Phoenix’ is very good, and the response on the internet is also great. What’s your next plan? Do you plan to make a sequel?”

       Wen Lin said, “There is no specific plan yet. If there is a chance, I hope to release an album.”

       Wen Jianing said, “The TV series has just started, and it is too early to talk about the sequel. I still plan to settle down and work on my acting.”

       “Do you need to practice acting?” asked the host.

       “Of course,” said Wen Jianing, “Because you will have a lot of ideas, but you don’t have the ability to fully express your ideas. It requires time and experience. If you act more, you can look back and see what your expression is in what scene, whether it is appropriate or not, and how to express it in this case next time, which is worth pondering and concentrating on.”

       The host nodded and asked him, “So you like Wen Jianing very much, don’t you? I heard that before, you performed a song and dance in the film in Wen Jianing’s memorial activities?”

       Wen Jianing nodded, and after a few moments of silence he said, “I think he is a good actor.” He didn’t like to say praises about himself in this form, but he always thought he was a good actor or at least a qualified actor.

       At the end of the talk show, the host asked the two of them, “You made your debut together on Starlight’s Voice of the Soul singing competition program, and now you’re filming together. I heard that your relationship is very good, is that right?”

       Wen Jianing looked at Wen Lin with a smile, and said, “Yes, I like him very much.”

       Wen Lin also smiled.

       There were young female members in the audience screaming with excitement that could not be suppressed. Because the studio environment was quiet, they were embarrassed after screaming, and they quickly covered their mouths.

       Wen Jianing looked at them and said, “What? What’s wrong with what I said? Why are you so excited?”

       Of course, no one would answer him.

       After the interview, the host got up and shook hands with them and took a photo together.

       Many audience members came to the stage to ask for autographs. Wen Jianing and Wen Lin fulfilled their request one by one.

       It had been two weeks since the official broadcast of this talk show. At that time, ‘The Strange Fate of Hairpin and Phoenix’ had broadcasted one-third of their series. Xiao Zongyan gradually began to show his true colours. He was no longer just the prince who idly spent all day like how it was in the beginning. The young man began to become ruthless and cold.

       Whenever Wen Jianing restrained his expression and showed his deep and shrewd gaze, he made many young girls’ hearts skip a beat.

       Every day, at the end of an episode of the TV series, someone would post pictures on the internet, and the girl who posted on Weibo would yell “The health bar is empty.*” And followed by all screenshots of Xiao Zongyan played by Wen Jianing, which caused a lot of reposts.

       Lu Jinlang followed the TV series episodes every day. That day, he suddenly stretched out his hand to pinch Wen Jianing’s jaw and made him look up at him.

       “?” Wen Jianing was not sure what Lu Jinlang wanted, so he put the tablet beside him.

       Lu Jinlang said, “I was thinking that if Xiao Zongyan really existed, he would probably be very pleasurable to fvck.”

       Wen Jianing turned his head and looked at the TV screen, and said, “If Xiao Zongyan really exists, I guess you won’t be able to fvck him.”

       Lu Jinlang smiled, “You can let me keep a little fantasy..”

       “What fantasy?” Wen Jianing asked him, “Imagining me as Xiao Zongyan?”

       As he said that, he stretched out his foot to press between Lu Jinlang’s legs, “Does it turn you on more?”

       Unexpectedly, Lu Jinlang denied it. He said, “You misunderstood. It is because Xiao Zongyan is you that I feel turned on.”

       Lu Jinlang was indeed sexually aroused.

       The two of them didn’t do it every day, but they often fvck when Lu Jinlang was excited. Wen Jianing planned to be a qualified pretty boy**. As long as Lu Jinlang requested, he would never refuse, even if he was already tired.

       But Lu Jinlang was also a considerate person. As long as Wen Jianing looked a little tired, he would never force it.

       So their sex life was very harmonious.

       Wen Jianing felt very comfortable living with Lu Jinlang, and the two of them hardly had any conflicts. Even when Wen Jianing lived with Wen Cuilan when he was a child, he was not as comfortable as he was with Lu Jinlang.

       And so, that night, Lu Jinlang didn’t even finish watching the TV series. He proceeded to pin Wen Jianing on the sofa.

       Wen Jianing was halfway done and suddenly asked Lu Jinlang, “Are you fantasizing about Xiao Zongyan?”

       Lu Jinlang couldn’t help laughing. He hugged Wen Jianing and let him sit on him.

       Wen Jianing reached out to touch Lu Jinlang’s chest because he felt the vibration of Lu Jinlang’s chest when he was laughing. He didn’t know why, but he kind of liked how it felt.

       Lu Jinlang said, “I’m not fantasizing about anyone. When I hold you, I can’t think of others.”

       Wen Jianing looked at Lu Jinlang’s deep and soft eyes. When you were being gazed at by him, you would always have the illusion of being loved by him.

       Yan Ruowei drowned himself in this illusion.

       But Wen Jianing didn’t want to drown, so he raised his hand to cover Lu Jinlang’s eyes, pulled out his emotions, and said in his ear, “Don’t look at my face, I am not Xiao Zongyan. I am me, and I am nobody else. Come and feel me.”

       Lu Jinlang was silent for a moment, then hugged Wen Jianing’s waist, and his thrust became more intense.

       The next morning, Wen Jianing was called to the company by Zheng Xin.

       While waiting in the lounge, he lay down on the table, feeling a little sore in his waist. This is the price of excessive indulgence, he thought to himself.

       When Wen Lin came in, Wen Jianing waved to him and said, “Come on, massage my waist.”

       Wen Lin walked over and stood behind him and stretched out his hand to help him massage his waist.

       Wen Jianing let out a comfortable sigh.

       It happened that Yi Nan also pushed the door in. When he heard Wen Jianing groaning softly, he was so scared that he almost closed the door immediately. After he saw the situation inside, he said angrily, “What are you doing?”

       Wen Lin innocently said, “Xinhang had a backache and I’m massaging him.”

       Yi Nan glared at them, walked over and sat down far away from Wen Jianing as if he was a plague.

       Wen Jianing ignored him. He was thinking inexplicably in his heart that since he and Lu Jinlang moved in together, Lu Jinlang didn’t like to wear condoms anymore.

       Since Lu Jinlang’s private life was clean, it didn’t matter if he cum inside Wen Jianing once or twice. But since that one time, Lu Jinlang seemed to have no intention of wearing a condom at all. Wen Jianing understood that men didn’t like wearing condoms in order to pursue a sense of pleasure and conquest, but Wen Jianing felt that there was some trouble in cleaning afterwards. Lu Jinlang was not the kind of person who just left after finishing, so the cleaning up matter was not just his trouble alone.

       But this was not a big deal. Wen Jianing struggled for a while and decided it was better not to dwell on it.

       During this process, Yi Nan kept watching him and couldn’t help but said, “What disgusting thing are you thinking about?”

       Wen Jianing turned his head strangely. He felt that he didn’t show anything on his face. How could it become a disgusting thing? So he asked, “It’s disgusting to make love without a condom?”

       Yi Nan almost flipped the table, “Who cares whether you wear a condom or not!”

       Wen Lin’s hand massaging Wen Jianing’s waist became too excessive, and Wen Jianing screamed in agony when Wen Lin pinched Wen Jianing, and he hurriedly asked him to let go.

       At this time, Wen Tinghuan came in, clapped her hands and said, “Comrades, get ready for the meeting!”

       Yi Nan was still angry and said, “Who is a comrade?” But he still stood up and followed Wen Tinghuan outside.

       Wen Tinghuan greeted Wen Lin, “Wen Lin is coming too. Zheng laoshi has something to tell you two.”

       Wen Lin asked strangely, “The two of us?”

       Wen Tinghuan said, “Yes, you and Yi Nan. Xinhang has other arrangements.”

       Wen Lin glanced at Wen Jianing, who patted him on the back, “Go ahead.”

       Yi Nan and Wen Lin went to see Zheng Xin first, and Zheng Xin explained to them their next work arrangements. The company planned to continue to invest in TV series, and followed the route of ‘The Strange Fate of Hairpin and Phoenix’ to find a well-known online novel or game to adapt the script. They were going to adapt the plot of the dual male lead, starring Yi Nan and Wen Lin.

       Yi Nan couldn’t help clenching his fist with one hand. He felt that this was his chance.

       But Wen Lin stood up suddenly, “Why is it still a TV series?”

       Zheng Xin asked him, “Do you have any plans for yourself?”

       Wen Lin said, “I want to sing.”

       “The TV drama theme song,” Zheng Xin told him without hesitation.

       Wen Lin shook his head, “I want to sing my own song.”

       Zheng Xin said to him, “It’s not going to work.”

       Wen Lin looked at Zheng Xin and wanted to say something, but he didn’t know how to say it.

       Zheng Xin said, “I’m not denying your talent in music, but the road now is too difficult for you to walk on. The company is not willing to make this kind of investment for you yet. Do you understand?”

       Wen Lin sat down slowly in silence.

       Zheng Xin said, “The series is still in the planning stage, I’ll put together a schedule for you guys to follow. Until then, keep going to acting classes for me, you have a lot to learn.”

       After Wen Lin and Yi Nan come out of Zheng Xin’s office, Wen Tinghuan invited Wen Jianing in.

       Zheng Xin’s attitude towards Wen Jianing was more relaxed, he said, “Now there are two movies, the company is in the discussion stage. Give yourself time to prepare your heart, when the negotiation turns out good, the script will be delivered.”

       “The company is in discussion?” Wen Jianing was a little surprised, “Can I ask what movie it is?”

       Zheng Xin said, “You don’t have to worry, We’ll let you know when it’s settled.”

       Wen Jianing didn’t understand, “Who will decide? Why don’t you let me know about it first?”

       Zheng Xin said, “Manager Bai said he will be the one who decides.”

       Wen Jianing was taken aback, “Manager Bai?”

       Zheng Xin nodded, “I’m just a messenger, and I did not handle this matter. All the specifics are only known by Manager Bai. He said he will give you the script directly.”

       Wen Jianing couldn’t hide his doubts, “Didn’t Manager Bai give all the management to you completely?”

       Zheng Xin said, ” I really don’t know the situation. If you want to know, I can help you arrange to see Manager Bai.”

       Wen Jianing hesitated, but said, “That’s fine, it’s not needed.”

       Zheng Xin looked at him.

       Wen Jianing had slowly begun to figure out that Bai Shengzhe wouldn’t do so many things for him, or even personally choose plays for him. It would definitely not be Bai Shengzhe, but Lu Jinlang behind Bai Shengzhe.

       After he came out of Zheng Xin’s office, Wen Jianing stood in the corridor and was silent for a while. It wasn’t that he was unhappy about this. He could feel Lu Jinlang’s good intention toward him, but he didn’t think Lu Jinlang knew himself better than him. He felt that Lu Jinlang should discuss this matter with him.

       When he went back that night, Wen Jianing decided to have a chat with Lu Jinlang. But Lu Jinlang did not go home.

       Lu Jinlang called him and said that he would not be coming back tonight.

       Wen Jianing said “Okay” and didn’t ask him what happened.

       This was the current relationship between the two of them. Although they stayed together, lived together, and had sex with each other, he did not have the right to interfere with each other or asked where he had been. Wen Jianing felt that it was too much of interference to Lu Jinlang. He didn’t want Lu Jinlang to be bored with him so early. He hadn’t bought a house yet, and Lu Jinlang hadn’t fulfilled the promise of giving him a male lead role.

*“The health bar is empty” is an online terms that originally refers to a state of characters in games who have lost all their blood and are about to die. Now it is often used to mean suffering immensely, internally devastated and on the verge of collapse.
**The pretty boy here means the sex pet

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