Chapter 5 – The night is still young*

The night is still young*

*Contains NSFW content.

In Eudora’s palace bedroom , Uther lowered his head to kiss Eudora. Due to Uther’s tall physique, Eudora had to stand on his tiptoes and crane his neck to kiss Uther. Uther’s kiss felt just like how he was, gentle and irresistible. A silver thread was drawn between them when their lips and tongue separated, some dripping from the corner of Eudora’s lips onto his fair neck before running down his collarbone. The two didn’t realize it as they were lost in their lust and slowly moved towards the large bed in the middle of the room. 

After Eudora was pushed down onto the bed, he raised his arm above his face to cover his eyes. It was just too embarrassing… after kissing Uther, he felt like he would drown in his arms. He heard some shuffling. Uther… Uther should be undressing at this moment right? Eudora felt his face turn even redder when he thought about it. After Uther had undressed, he saw that Eudora had covered his eyes, with his reddened cheeks, a trace of drool at the corners of his lips and that his mouth was slightly agape. His lower half felt constrained and throbbed painfully. Leaning against Eudora, he kissed his neck gently before whispering into his ear, “Baby, don’t be shy. I’ll make it feel good for you, okay?” One of his hands stripped off Eudora’s pants while the other rolled his shirt up, revealing two pink nipples on his chest. Uther licked the left one till it turned pink before tracing it in a circle with his tongue, nibbling it with his teeth from time to time, making Eudora moan uncontrollably. 

When Uther finally let go of the poor nipple, it had already been sucked tender, resembling the color of pomegranate seeds against the skin of his milky-white chest. The member on Eudora’s lower half stood at half-mast despite the lack of attention it received with precum dripping from the slit of its c0ckhead. “Does it feel that good when I play with your nipples?” Uther pulled away Eudora’s arm that had been covering his face as he guided those same hands to touch Eudora’s member. Eudora himself glared at Uther with reddened eyes and wanted to withdraw his hand but he was forced to wrap his hands around his thing and stroke it up and down.

“Does it feel good, Eudora? Make me feel good too, I’ve waited for so long… I’m so hard right now.” Uther peeled off his pants, revealing his fully hard c0ck as he rubbed himself against Eudora. With their hands still encircled around his member, Eudora felt embarrassed and quickly withdrew his hand as though he’d been scalded. But Uther moved faster, catching his wrists and bringing them between the two of them before moving it up and down to placate their dripping hardness. The pleasure slowly built up, growing more and more until Eudora started bucking his hips against Uther’s own without realizing it. Uther who was on top of Eudora didn’t miss his change in reaction, allowing the other to move himself to completion. He came with a sob, trembling as his fist had tightened around the bed sheet while his other hand was still trapped between the two of them.

As he was still panting slightly, he realized that Uther’s member was still hard, and that he was the only one who had reached orga-m just now. Uther reached out towards the head of the bed where a bottle of essential oil had been resting upon, causing the lower part of his body to hang directly above Eudora’s face for a bit. The dragon’s long and girthy member then leaned against his abdomen, still stained with the cum that he just released. Its thick c0ckhead and slightly upturned shape made it all the more frightening. Eudora was shocked for a moment as he struggled to prop up his body with the intent of escaping. Just how would this fit inside him?

Before he could fully sit up, Uther had turned him around and pressed into the bed. “Baby, where do you think you’re going?” Holding both of Eudora’s hands behind him, he had asked in a low voice. Eudora glared at the other defiantly and replied: “I don’t want to do it with you, you’re too big!” Unfortunately, his reddened eyes had been clouded with lust, and Eudora’s slight resistance against him only continued to fuel his raging desire. “I guess I’ll treat that as a compliment. I’ll make you feel good in a bit.” After speaking, Uther covered his index finger with the essential oil and used it to trace a line following the outline of his vertebrae, from Eudora’s back all the way to his hole. After rubbing the pucker, he reached inside, ”Mmm…” Eudora writhed uncomfortably, but as he got used to it, another digit was pressed inside him, causing his head to spin. “Ah!” Eudora moaned as though he had been electrified, feeling the middle finger pressing into a strange place. Uther started to focus on rubbing that same spot until that small entrance eventually swallowed up three fingers easily before pulling his fingers out. Eudora felt light-headed as he was pressed down again, his loosened hole slowly closing back up. 

“Relax baby. It’ll be okay, don’t be scared,” Uther had whispered into his ear, pressing into Eudora. Wrapping one hand around Eudora’s waist, he lifted his hips slightly as he supported his c0ck with the other and pushed it in. 


 Uther firmly pressed himself inside but was met with some difficulty.

“Baby, it’ll be alright in a while, don’t struggle and let me in?”

“Really hurts… ah… don’t… don’t want you… don’t come in… too deep…”

“But baby, if you touch this here… you’ve already swallowed so much of me up, it’s almost all in. Just relax…” Uther took Eudora’s hand and brought it to where they were joined together. The originally small hole had now been stretched so taut that its wrinkle around the entrance had disappeared. Being deeply penetrated made Eudora think that he might actually die from sex. Knowing that there was still some part of Uther’s c0ck that still hasn’t entered him yet, he pushed back at Uther’s chest, trying to stop him from coming even deeper inside.

“Don’t.. come in, there’s no more…nuhh..p-please…” Tears spilled from the corner of Eudora’s eyes. Uther’s lower half couldn’t be compared to just a few fingers because the dragon race has indeed always been endowed with great specs.

“If it really is uncomfortable, then I won’t go in… but just relax okay?” Uther’s c0ck twitched slightly as he coaxed Eudora. Finally feeling that tightness wrapped around him beginning to soften up, he grabbed Eudora’s waist and drove the rest of himself inside.


“It hurts… hurts… y-you said you won’t come in… you liar…”

“Baby, apart from when we’re doing it, I’ll never lie to you again.” Uther leaned in closer and kissed away Eudora’s tears as he whispered in his ear. “I love you… I can’t bear it anymore, this might hurt for a bit but then I’ll stop and be satisfied for a good while, okay? I promise. I love you, baby.” As he spoke, the aching desire from his lower half could no longer be contained. It twitched wildly as the wet hole below wrapped itself tightly around him. Due to Eudora reflexively clenching it from pain, it felt like there were multiple little mouths sucking him off. Despite feeling uncomfortable himself, Uther knew that Eudora was in more pain than him, but couldn’t hold it in anymore. Every time he pulled out most of his c0ck, he pushed it back in as he caressed Eudora.

“You… ah… ah… hurts…”

“Not so deeply… it hurts… my stomach… too deep…”

“Ugh… too big… please… ah.. be …gentle…” Eudora had been trapped under Uther, unable to break free, so he could only hold onto the sheets and take his c0ck. Uther had his arms wrapped around his waist and his body felt like it was being skewered by the black dragon’s c0ck every time Uther thrusted himself in and out. It felt like his insides were getting turned inside out. Through the throbbing pain, he could even feel the outline of the protruding veins on Uther’s c0ck as it brushed against a strange place inside him, causing a new feeling to rise inside Eudora. His own member in front had also begun to spill out some transparent fluids as it stood semi-erect.

Eudora wanted to reach out to touch his member but Uther had pressed him too close to the bed so he could only get some friction when it rubbed against the sheets. “Mmm.. Ah…” Eudora began to moan lewdly. Uther felt the other’s insides getting wet as the small mouth below started to constrict around his c0ck which was growing harder and larger. Sitting up and pulling Eudora along with him, he reached out and began to stroke Eudora’s member as he lifted the other by his hips so he could continue thrusting against that small bump inside him.

The sudden change in posture caused Eudora to take Uther’s c0ck deeper into himself, and the feeling of being comforted in the front again after cumming a while ago caused him to lie weakly in Uther’s embrace. He could only grasp onto Uther’s arm with his head tilted back as he was repeatedly forced to take the c0ck inside him. After a while, Eudora felt his mind go blank as the muscles in his body tensed up before he came again. The heat that had been enveloping Uther’s c0ck suddenly tightened around him, and after a low growl, he tightly hugged Eudora and started to thrust inside him fast and deep with the intent of emptying his sack inside him.

After Eudora had ejaculated, he couldn’t even scream as he was greeted by fierce thrusts followed by Uther’s growl by his ear as the c0ck inside him started to spill inside him. Before Eudora lost consciousness, he only remembered the feeling of fullness as hot semen started filling his insides as well as Uther’s repeated “I love you’s”. The next day, Eudora woke up feeling sore all over, especially in his bussy, which he felt was still loose. He only vaguely recalled, albeit dumbly, that Uther had taken him to the bathroom after their vigorous activities, and that it had taken a long time to clean the mess they had made inside him. Halfway through the wash, the pair had become entangled again but Uther knew that Eudora couldn’t take another round so they only soothed each other before Eudora was wiped dry and carried to bed where he immediately fell asleep.

When Uther came in with breakfast, he spotted Eudora dazed and seated on the bed as he was half-covered by the quilt. His upper body was naked and the little red marks left by Uther last night could still be seen.

“Good morning baby, here, try to eat something.” Uther placed a soft pillow behind Eudora so he could lean on it, scooping a spoonful of congee and bringing it towards Eudora’s mouth. His gentle and compassionate behavior was nothing like how he was in bed last night. “You… cough cough” Eudora found that his throat was dry and scratchy, so he glared at Uther and said, “Isn’t there… something…. you should say to me?!”

A wide-eyed Uther only handed him a glass of honey water, helping him drink half the glass before he said, “If I was too rough on you last night, I apologize. But baby, I can’t promise that I won’t be like this next time. It’s really hard to hold back, I love you.” He said, wiping the excess water on Eudora’s lips with his thumbs as he tilted his chin and kissed him. The kiss comforted Eudora, which made him feel less angry. After eating Uther’s breakfast, he began to feel sleepy again but he wanted to get up and to see his parents. Seeing this, Uther laid down next to Eudora and coaxed him to go back to sleep: “I have already told them about us. Don’t worry about it, baby. You’ll always have me here. Go to sleep. I’ll handle the rest when you wake up.” Eudora gradually closed his eyes after hearing Uther’s whisper and fell into a deep sleep listening to his powerful heartbeat as well as the reassuring rise and fall of his chest.


T/L notes: ლ(´ڡ`ლ) Huh… what am I doing? What was I typing? Where am I? Was that just an entire chapter of smut? Hehe, the wait is over my comrades! From here onwards, every chapter will be filled with the wet sounds of lewdness!

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