Although Xu Rujing’s husband was a middle-aged man who was going bald, the diva was obviously satisfied with this marriage. When they exchanged rings, she covered her mouth with one hand and shed some tears.

       At the end of the wedding ceremony, the bride threw the flower bouquet in her hand, and her bridesmaids and some young female guests were trying hard to grab the flower bouquet.

       Unexpectedly, Xu Rujing threw the flower ball farther than expected and landed on Lu Jinlang sitting in the front seat. Lu Jinlang just reached out and hugged it.

       The camera of the live video immediately aimed at Lu Jinlang, and Lu Jinlang smiled.

       A girl wanted to come over to him but felt embarrassed, so she went around Xu Rujing and asked Xu Rujing to ask Lu Jinlang.

       Xu Rujing smiled and asked Lu Jinlang for the flower bouquet, saying that this should be given to a girl.

       Lu Jinlang joked and said, “Give me something in exchange.”

       Xu Rujing hesitated and handed Lu Jinlang a pair of white bears on the wedding cake in exchange for the flower bouquet in his hand.

       After the banquet was over, Wen Jianing received a call from Lu Jinlang when he was about to leave, asking him to go to the parking lot and go back in his car.

       “I drove here,” Wen Jianing said.

       Lu Jinlang said to him, “Let Yunan drive your car back.”

       He walked to the underground parking lot, and Wen Jianing saw Lu Jinlang’s car flashing its light from a distance. He walked in that direction, opened the door and sat in the passenger seat.

       Lu Jinlang gave him the pair of white bears that he asked from Xu Rujing, and said, “I’m giving this to you.”

       Two little bears, one in a suit and the other in a wedding dress, looked innocent and very affectionate.

       Wen Jianing smiled, separated the arms of the two little bears, and then handed the little bear in the wedding dress back to Lu Jinlang, saying, “How about one for you and one for me?”

       Lu Jinlang took a look and said, “Are you giving yourself to me? Fine, please help to take it back for me and put it together.”

       Wen Jianing put the two little bears on his lap, and then asked Lu Jinlang, “Are we going home?”

       “Yes,” Lu Jinlang continued, “When you finish filming this movie, let’s go on a trip.”

       Wen Jianing nodded without asking where they would go.

       Back home, Wen Jianing placed the two bears beside the bedside table in the bedroom, one to the left and one to the right, and holding their separated hands back together.

       He had a short break, which was the final preparatory stage before the ‘Springtime Dream’ filming begins.

       Wen Jianing was reading the script at home and asked Lu Jinlang who was watering the flowers on the balcony, “If it were you, how would you play this role?”

       Lu Jinlang also read over the script and knew what kind of personality Xue You had. He said, “According to Cao Songquan’s style, he needs Xue You to be a funny character. A man with feminine characteristics is originally a comedy setup.”

       In fact, Wen Jianing understood what Lu Jinlang said. He had expected what kind of effect Cao Songquan wanted, but he didn’t want his performance to bring such an effect. He didn’t want to play this role to be completely seen as a funny clown.

       Lu Jinlang put the watering can on the balcony, he walked into the living room and sat down beside him, and said, “But if I were him, I wouldn’t ask you to play the role. I would find an actor who looks taller and stronger, wearing unisex clothing that has a very strong sense of contrast, so that the comedic effect would be more obvious.”

       Wen Jianing looked at him, “Didn’t you get me the opportunity to even skip the audition?”

       Lu Jinlang seemed to be in a good mood and smiled, “Yeah, I had to call some people to tell the producer about it, Cao Songquan can’t even do something about it.”

       Wen Jianing couldn’t help laughing because of his delinquent tone.

       Lu Jinlang continued, “So all that nonsense aside, tell me what you think?”

       Wen Jianing said, “I hope to portray him as a man with a somewhat feminine character. The so-called feminine character is not a character who is easily startled and jumping around to create a problem, but he acts like an ordinary woman who is helping her girlfriend to pursue a man and advising her from time to time.”

       Lu Jinlang felt that the idea was interesting and couldn’t help saying, “Go on, try it.”

       Wen Jianing took the script and read it for a while, probably to memorise the lines, and put the script aside. He then put his feet together and stepped on the sofa facing Lu Jinlang’s direction, one elbow on the knee, the palm supporting the lower jaw, and said in a somewhat light-hearted tone, “Did you dream of him again?”

       Lu Jinlang didn’t speak.

       Wen Jianing went on to continue the act on his own, and said, “And you say you’re not in love, damn girl!”

       It was clearly the gesture of a young girl.

       He went on to say, “Go after him! What are you afraid of, ah? If it were me I would go after him already!”

       Lu Jinlang nodded.

       Wen Jianing asked him, “Do you think the comedy effect has been weakened?”

       Lu Jinlang said, “It only depends on how Cao Songquan sees it.”

       Wen Jianing also knew that this might not be the effect Cao Songquan wanted.

       Lu Jinlang put his hand on the instep of his feet*,  “Although it was not easy to win prizes for this kind of romantic comedy, it should not affect the actors. So play it well.”

       Wen Jianing nodded.

       Lu Jinlang suddenly held his foot.

       Wen Jianing looked at him and said, “Mr. Lu, the sky is still bright. Is it appropriate to do this kind of thing?”

       Lu Jinlang didn’t speak, and slowly held his ankle upwards and pulled him to his side.

       Wen Jianing had to reach out and hold the sofa for support.

       Lu Jinlang grabbed Wen Jianing by the ankle and dragged him over, and said, “Are you not going to continue acting?”

       “What to continue?” Wen Jianing asked him.

       Lu Jinlang said, “Continue to talk to me in that tone you used just now.”

       Wen Jianing was annoyed and amused and asked him, “Say what?”

       Lu Jinlang lifted Wen Jianing’s feet, and even kissed them gently with his lips, saying, “For example, ‘don’t touch me’ or something…”

       “…” Wen Jianing suddenly was speechless, “Are you a pervert?” Despite what he said, Wen Jianing’s heart beat faster because of what he did just now.

       At this time, Lu Jinlang had already stretched out his hand to unzip his pants, unbuttoned them, and then grabbed one leg of his pants and pulled it out.

       Wen Jianing’s trousers were mostly loose, and as soon as Lu Jinlang pulled them, he quickly pulled off the trouser leg, revealing his underwear.

       As he looked down at his underwear, Wen Jianing remembered one thing. Xue You mostly used tight pants. He felt that he should think of something more convenient than stuffing socks.

       Lu Jinlang was a little surprised, “What are you thinking?” He didn’t understand why the other party could still be distracted in this situation.

       Wen Jianing raised his leg and tore off the other leg of his trousers freely, then stepped over Lu Jinlang’s leg and knelt in front of him, and said, “Look.”

       Lu Jinlang looked at the spaces between his legs, and after some thought, he said, “Very cute.”

       Wen Jianing didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and said, “Some of Xue’s pants are tight pants. I stuffed socks into them the last time I tried them on.”

       Lu Jinlang immediately understood what he meant. He reached out and pinched Wen Jianing’s little thing through his underwear and said, “The socks are not clean. Let’s think of other ways.”

       Wen Jianing waited for him to think of a solution.

       Lu Jinlang said, “I’ll find a way, and tomorrow I’ll ask Yunan to find out if there’s anything suitable.”

       Wen Jianing smiled, lowered his head to hug him and kissed him.

       Lu Jinlang stretched out his hand to hold his hip in one hand and reached under the hem of his clothes with the other.

       Wen Jianing remembered the request made by Lu Jinlang just now, and said in a perfunctory tone, “Don’t touch me.”

       Lu Jinlang was a little amused. He stretched out his hand to grab Wen Jianing’s shirt, pulled him down, kissed his lips, and said, “What if I have to touch it?”

       Wen Jianing heard the words, closed his eyes, looked nervous and shy, and said, “Well, whatever you say then.”

       As soon as he said that, Lu Jinlang rolled him over and pressed him onto the sofa.

       Two days later, Wen Jianing didn’t know from where, but Lu Jinlang managed to get him some underwear with a sponge cushion that wrapped his front comfortably. Even if he was only wearing underwear, it didn’t look unnatural.

       Wen Jianing was very satisfied.

       After the filming officially started, Wen Jianing entered the crew a few days later.

       All of his earlier scenes were filmed in a studio on the outskirts of the city. Most of his scenes were with the heroine Mu Huaqi in a small rental house shared by the two of them.

       Before the filming started, Wen Jianing went to say hello to director Cao Songquan.

       When Cao Songquan saw him, he just asked, “Fang Wei recommended you to me last time, right?”

       Wen Jianing said, “Yes, but Director Fang is speaking too highly of me.”

       Cao Songquan nodded and said nothing more.

       Wen Jianing’s first scene was when he went into the bathroom in his pyjamas at night, only to find a c0ckroach and ran out with a scream, then the heroine Mu Huaqi rushed in and killed the c0ckroach.

       This was a pretty long shot. Facing the bathroom door, in the middle of the shot was a living c0ckroach fixed on the faucet.

       Wen Jianing wore a set of pink pyjamas, with a towel around his neck, his hair was sprayed with water by the makeup artist, and his face which was patted with water was bright red.

       The director told him to twist his waist and walk inside, but in the first scene, he walked inside without making an exaggerated and deliberate gesture. Just like an ordinary girl, wearing slippers, walking slowly while dragging her steps.

       Cao Songquan kept staring at Wen Jianing on the monitor. The assistant director had planned to stop him, but he didn’t move. Because he could see clearly from the monitor, that the young man with red lips and white teeth, water dripping on his head, red cheeks, soft eyes, and that walking posture, really looked like a girl.

       Then he seemed to notice the bug on the faucet, frowned slightly, and looked closer, then his face seemed to turn pale in an instant, he gave a heartbreaking scream, turned and ran outside.

       The whole studio was quiet, and Mu Huaqi, who was supposed to rush into the bathroom, didn’t react. She was completely frightened by Wen Jianing’s scream.

       At this time, Cao Songquan can only shout, “Cut”.

       Everyone present was waiting for his response.

       Cao Songquan replayed the scene just now, and the assistant director whispered, “Would you like to tell him about how the scene should be?”

       Cao Songquan rubbed the stubble on his chin with one hand, shook his head, and said, “No, I would like to think about it.”

       The shooting was paused.

       Wen Tinghuan took a coat and put it on Wen Jianing, and said, “Is your voice hoarse? You scare me.”

       Wen Jianing smiled, “Isn’t that how you reacted when you saw a c0ckroach last time?”

       Wen Tinghuan said, “fvck off! Do you have nothing to do? Why are you peeking at me?”

       Wen Jianing said, “Ting jie, you are actually quite feminine.”

       When the filming started again, Cao Songquan said to Wen Jianing, “Just keep acting as you did just now. Huaqi, don’t freeze. Respond quickly.”

       So Wen Jianing wetted his hair again, this time there was a little more water, and the drops of water slid down his cheeks and dripped on the collarbone.

       The assistant director watched from the side and suddenly gulped.

       Wen Jianing walked through the scene again, and Cao Songquan stared hard at the monitor, making sure he didn’t bump into it but still did it anyway.

       Although there was a gap between this and his expected comedy effect, Cao Songquan felt that this kind of performance was also very good. He was not a director who followed the sleazy routes in directing. He also pursued the aesthetic and artistic sense of the film instead of being blindly cheesy and funny.

       In fact, it was of course not only Cao Songquan who noticed Wen Jianing’s acting skills but also the staff on the scene.

       After the scene was over, several people on the scene were talking in low voices, saying that Ke Xinhang really looked like a woman, and some people said that he seemed to be sexier than Mu Huaqi.

       Of course, this was somewhat due to the role setting. Xue You was originally a man who was more sassy than a woman.

       Cao Songquan called Wen Jianing over, and Cao Songquan asked him about his understanding of the character.

       Wen Jianing said, “I think he is a man who is a woman at heart. He will be a little bit coy in front of others. Because he has to withstand attacks from the outside world, he will make himself behave more exaggeratedly. The purpose is to conceal the damage caused by others’ attacks on him and to show his indifference. But he is just like an ordinary woman in private, especially when he is with a girlfriend who understands him.”

       Cao Songquan thought what he said was reasonable. He nodded all the time and finally asked Wen Jianing, “Did you study acting?”

       Wen Jianing shook his head, “I have acted in a TV series, and I have some experience.”

       Cao Songquan said, “I just finished that Chinese historical movie recently. I know my daughter is watching it too. No wonder Fang Wei wants to recommend you to me. It’s very good, young people are good. Develop well.”

       Wen Jianing smiled and said, “Thank you, Director Cao.”

       The first few scenes were filmed in that pyjamas.

       Wen Jianing sat on the sofa and painted his nails with Mu Huaqi. For this scene, he deliberately consulted young female employees in the company and learned nail painting techniques.

       After he finished painting the nails, he stretched out his hand, spread his five fingers and raised it in front of him to take a look. In the camera, his fingers are fair and slender, and his nails are clean and round. Then he bent his fingers carefully while listening to Mu Huaqi telling him about her spring dreams.

       Although Mu Huaqi was not very beautiful, she was a skilful actress. Her character was a simple girl who didn’t know how to dress up. She wore a T-shirt as pyjamas and her hair was messy. When she talked excitedly, she squeezed her hands into fists to block her face, and screamed, “What should I do—”

       Wen Jianing listened very seriously, accidentally took the nails that are still wet with nail polish to his mouth and took a bite. Then he was shocked and shouted, “My nails!” Then he frantically searched for nail polish remover.

       It was late at night when the filming of the first day ended.

       Wen Jianing felt very tired and almost went to sleep with his eyes closed when he got in the car.

       Only when he was driven to the gate of the neighbourhood, did Wen Tinghuan gently push him to wake him up, “We’ve arrived.”

       Wen Jianing opened his eyes and thanked her.

       When he got home, he thought Lu Jinlang had gone to bed, and he didn’t expect that there was still a light in the living room. Lu Jinlang was lying on the sofa holding a laptop and surfing the internet. When he saw him coming back, he got up and said, “I’ve cooked some food for you, and let me warm it up for you.”

       Lu Jinlang went into the kitchen.

       Wen Jianing stood in the living room and was stunned for a while. He followed him up to the kitchen and hugged Lu Jinlang’s waist from behind.

       Lu Jinlang patted his hand, “I have steamed two shrimp dumplings and they will be ready soon.”

       Wen Jianing leaned his head on Lu Jinlang’s shoulder, murmuring something, but his voice was too soft to be heard.

       Lu Jinlang asked him, “What?”

       He shook his head, closed his eyes and said, “It’s nothing.”

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